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ATXIII: Pilot Flying For Two Teams Gets Banned

August 26, 2015

CCP Logibro released a statement earlier today announcing that CCP was banning Joran Jackson of Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork and Kip Redrum of Test Alliance Please Ignore. Both characters were found to be flown by the same person, which is against tournament rules. They have subsequently been banned from this years tournament, however, they will be free to enter again next year. Or at least one of them will.

The full statement reads:

After running our checks to see whether pilots have been flying for multiple teams, we have identified one person that has flown for several teams. Under the rules for Alliance Tournament XIII, “As a player, you may only compete for a single alliance, regardless of how many player-accounts you own.”

As a result of breaching this rule, the pilot in question has been disqualified from Alliance Tournament XIII, and may no longer participate on either team with any characters they have access to. Subsequent breaches of this rule by this player will result in a permanent ban from the tournament.

In this instance we have not found evidence that either team has sanctioned this action, nor evidence that this is a widespread practice by either team. Additionally, teams do not have access to information that allows them to check whether a player controlling a particular character also has characters in another competing team. As such, we have decided to not take action against either team.

The characters in question and the teams they are participating on:

Joran Jackson – Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork
Kip Redrum – Test Alliance Please Ignore