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Cloud Ring: I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth Loses Capital Force to Pandemic Legion

August 6, 2015

5-MLDT system, Cloud Ring region. On the 5th of August 2:29 EVE Standard Time, forces belonging to Pandemic Legion [-10.0] and Northern Coalition. [NC] destroyed a I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth [J4LP] Capital force in the system.

The fight began with [-10.0] and [NC] forces organizing a joint 125 pilot Proteus Strategic Cruiser fleet. The force assembled in [-10.0]’s staging after receiving information on possible Black Legion. [MEN.] form up for a fight around the Cloud Ring region. As time went by, reports of Capital movements and Titans being positioned by [MEN.] strengthened this assumption.

However, as it turned out, [MEN.]’s fleet headed into Low Security space. Yet as it bridged out, intelligence of [J4LP] Capitals assembling in a nearby system to [MEN.]’s came through. As it turned out, the Capitals and their Zealot Heavy Assault Cruiser escorts jumped out as well. A quick check of active cynosural beacons led [-10.0] Fleet Commanders to conclude the possible target system: 5-MLDT in Cloud Ring.

Quickly, Interdictors were sent first as the fleet mobilized through Wormhole space to reach the target system. The [J4LP] force, estimated at 40-50 pilots was busy reinforcing towers in the system. The Interdictors descended upon it as its Dreadnoughts were exiting their siege cycle. The Capitals were quickly tackled, interdiction probes preventing their escape. The Zealots attempted to clear as much of the Interdictors as possible, but by this time the main [-10.0]\[NC] fleet reached the system.

The combined Proteus fleet warped on grid and forced the Zealots to withdraw, inflicting heavy casualties upon them. With the Capitals left undefended, the [-10.0]\[NC] fleet made short work of them, the behemoths yielding to the overwhelming firepower of the Strategic Cruisers.

With the last Capital ship destroyed, the fleet departed system, managing to return to its staging system without further incident.

Battle report for the 5-MLDT system can be found here.

The fight lasted 10 minutes from start to end with system staying at around 200 pilots in local and Time Dilation not reported as a major issue.

[-10.0]\[NC] lost 7 ships, all of which were Interdictors, for 0.42 Bil ISK damage. [J4LP] lost 23 ships including 4 Dreadnoughts and 2 Carriers for a total of 23.42 Bil ISK of damage.

While [J4LP] suffers another setback in its attempts to regain the Cloud Ring region from Lethal IronBoards coalition, [-10.0] forces proved once again that despite the attempts to nerf the Wormhole Highways, its still very much alive. As one [-10.0] Fleet Commander commented “can’t nerf us”