QC-YX6 system, Delve region. On the 3rd of August 19:40 EVE Standard Time, forces belonging to Northern Coalition. [NC] and Pandemic Legion [-10.0] clashed with the Imperium over a tower in the system.

With both Imperium and [NC] forces deploying recently to the Delve region, the area has been heating up considerably. [NC] forces assembled a 150 pilot Loki Strategic Cruiser fleet with Super Capital support. The goal of the fleet was to reinforce towers in the Delve region in order to provoke a fight. As the fleet was organizing, [NC] forces caught wind of the Imperium forming a fleet of its own, an approximately 100 pilot Machariel Battleship fleet.

[NC] Fleet Commanders informed [-10.0] of the development and had their fleet leave their staging system, bridging into the Delve region and reinforcing towers. [-10.0] for their part started forming a 90 pilot Proteus Strategic Cruiser fleet with Dreadnought support and 30 Super Capitals on standby.

The first clash occurred on the LUA5-L gate in the QC-YX6 system, as [NC] forces entered the system in order to hit an EON Alliance [EON] tower located within. Imperium forces were waiting for them and a short brawl ensued, both forces exchanging close range fire. [NC] forces ended up losing many Lokis to the Machariels, but managed to fend them off with the assistance of their Super Carriers, whose fighters chewed through the Battleships, forcing them to withdraw.

After this first skirmish, [NC] forces warped to the [EON] tower and started reinforcing it. At this point Imperium forces once more attempted to engage the [NC] fleet, warping in and attempting to volley ships before warping out again. This process repeated itself several times until at last the two fleets collided. One of Heavy Interdictors on [NC]’s side was given the order to link with the [-10.0] fleet and burn into the middle of the Machariel fleet and light its cynosural beacon.

As this was done, [-10.0] forces bridged into the middle of the Machariel fleet. A second cynosural beacon was lit further away from the Machariels and in came the [-10.0] Dreadnoughts and Super Carriers. As Proteus tackled Machariels, the Dreadnoughts and Super Carriers quickly made short work of the Battleships, volleying them off, with [NC] helping in spreading tackle further and adding its considerable firepower to the mix.

The Machariels now facing two fleets and innumerable Capitals and Super Capitals chose the only possible course of action; to retreat. Quickly, the Machariels burnt away from their enemies and warped out, conceding the field. With the battle won, both [NC] and [-10.0] forces returned to their staging systems with no major incidents, ending large scale hostilities in the region for the night.

Battle report for the QC-YX6 system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted nearly an hour with less than 400 people in local and Time Dilation reported as mostly tolerable.

The Battle from Pandemic Legion’s Logistics POV, Courtesy of fin1712 of Hoover Inc.

The Imperium lost 42 ships, 36 of which were Battleships, for a total of 36.82 Bil ISK. [NC] forces lost 44 ships, 29 of which were Strategic Cruisers, for 24.48 Bil ISK. [-10.0] lost 6 ships, 3 of which were Strategic Cruisers, for 2.6 Bil ISK of damage.

As both the Imperium and [NC] deployed to the Delve region, it is safe to assume the coming weeks will see more clashes between the two, as the Delve region proves to be one of the last regions to provide any meaningful content in the post FozzieSov universe.


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