Welcome once again to this week’s Super Capital kills summary. You can find the previous week’s summary posted here.

Due to the end of the month approaching I decided to combine the remaining days of the month into one post so therefore this report will include Super kills which occurred between July 20th and July 31st.

22/07/15 – 1 Revenant destroyed – 112.1B ISK

A Revenant piloted by Double G from Original Masters [CO5], was destroyed by Pandemic Legion [-10.0] in the system of S-6HHN, Delve.

A link to the full article can be found here.

23/07/15 – 1 Nyx destroyed – 28.7B ISK

A Nyx piloted by Silvio McFredric from Polaris Project [POCT], Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA], was destroyed by #REKKINGRUSKI in the system of Isid, Aridia.


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Rad1st from #REKKINGRUSKI provided the following:

Nothing special, we was just watching the previous owner of Nyx. The new guy wanted to jump out and move too fast. But he is a good guy and I’m feeling sad for killing him. But previous owner didn’t give us any chance.

At the time of writing no response has been received from the pilot.

24/07/15 – 1 Nyx destroyed – 26.1B ISK

A Nyx piloted by Sieur NewT from Teutate raiders [S.A.V], DARKNESS. [DARK.], was destroyed by Pandemic Legion [-10.0] and Confederation of xXPIZZAXx [PIZZA] in the system of I1Y-IU, Querious.


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Stephan Schneider, former pilot of [PIZZA] and new member of [-10.0] provided the following information:

We found him ratting and decided to go for it when he warped to the next site – tackled him and lit the cyno next door for dreads to come in and kill it.

At the time of writing no response has been received from the pilot.

27/07/15 – 1 Aeon. 1 Nyx destroyed – 57.3B ISK

An Aeon piloted by republicov from treu republic [T.REP], Silent Infinity [AFK], was destroyed by Pandemic Legion [-10.0] in the system of G-AOTH, Catch.


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penifSMASH from [-10.0] provided the following information:

He moved his Aeon to a system two hours before two POCOs were coming out of RF. We took a WH chain to a bridge titan within range of the system he was in. After he started shooting the first POCO, we had a cyno warp to him and try to light but he didn’t notice the cyno inhib up so he died instead. Instead of warping off, republicov finished killing the first POCO then warped to the next one. I jumped a backup cyno into system and warped to the next POCO after he warped off. He put up a mobile cyno inhib on the 2nd POCO after he landed but there was still 30 seconds left before it finished onlining, so I lit cyno after landing and that’s all she wrote.

The pilot provided me with the following information:

I reinforced a few POCOs a few days back and this morning I was like oh yeah I still need to kill them. As I had also been using my super alot from dropping [NC] dreads, to the RvB ganked event where I got a shit ton of kills and some POS stuff, I had a mobile cyno inhib ready.

As I started on the first POCO a hound decloaks but because of the cyno jammer he can’t light it so we kill him and continue finishing off the POCO. After that I warp my alt to the next POCO and start onlining another cyno inhib knowing there is someone there trying to catch me.

Also Wrick once told me no-fear so that’s what I did but before the cyno inhib went online we were already warping in with 20 to 30 ish seconds left so they decloaked a tengu which I called as primary and a loki then warped in and I knew it was too late.

We started neuting HICs and we were dying fast so we got the people out who we could but it wasn’t enough of course. So yes mistakes were made and I hadd fun and one day I will do it again once I get about 30-35B ISK together which may take some time.

Props to pl and it was fun so gf :P. Also, they were nice enough to kill the POCO so op success! ^^ Oh and I will take donations for a new one!

A Nyx piloted by alco82pl from DUST Expeditionary Team [3UST], Good Sax [MMMMM], was destroyed by Spectre Fleet and friends in the system of WBLF-0, Stain.


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QuickSwipe Collier, FC of Spectre Fleet provided the following:

I was running a standard spectre fleet when I received intel in the public channel regarding potential intel. Apparently there was a Nyx cloaked in stain with a wormhole route to hisec that was 1 jump out from him.

Seeing as we had nothing to lose I rage-formed bombers from Spectre Fleet and Bombers Bar and proceeded to follow the wormhole route to null. After the intel source in a sabre confirmed tackle, it was only a matter of time before he went down.

During the engagement the Nyx eventually killed the dictor, with replacement en route, and managed to warp off. But because fighters warp around (I think) when he reached the gate, he was still aggressed and at that point he was in low enough hull to where we could kill him. He then proceeded to die on the gate where many congratulations were had among the pilots

I can also confirm that the intel came from inside the alliance and it was in fact a inside job.

At the time of writing no response has been received from the pilot.

28/07/15 – 1 Aeon. 1 Nyx destroyed – 56.6B ISK

An Aeon piloted by Guraan Skir from Tell Your Mum To Call Me [YRMUM], Get Off My Lawn [LAWN], was destroyed by Snuffed Out [B B C] in the system of Vaaralen, Black Rise.


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The pilot provided the following statement “I plan on losing many more. My wallet did not shed a single tear.”

A Nyx piloted by Harriet Winfield from Risky swarm [R S W], ONLY FOR FUN [OFF], was destroyed by Snuffed Out [B B C] in the system of Hysera, The Citadel.


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At the time of writing no response has been received from the pilot.


Following on the last summary the overall status of New Eden is the same with a lot of groups being quiet over the summer for various reasons and that has led to a reduction in the total kills taking place. Clearly as this summary covers more than the usual length the statistics aren’t completely comparable. With this in mind the total destroyed reached 280 Billion ISK, 60 Billion ISK less than last week, showing that there has been a clear drop off in the number killed. When compared to last week the most proficient killers have changed from #REKKINGRUSKI, who only managed to secure one, to [-10.0] and [B B C].

We are currently debating the need for this summary. However we shall continue to provide information relating to the most expensive and interesting kills.

Update: Clearly mistakes were made which have been removed :D. Troll successful!

Feel free give your feedback in the comments below or contact me via [email protected] or via an in-game mail.


  1. Crashtec

    Sure love how paquito report informations hahahah

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  2. bla

    No news from the init NC. dunk?

    Or from the 3 hels from LowSechnaya Sholupen?

    August 3, 2015 at 18:50 Reply
    1. Amymuffmuff

      The above states the time frame this is involved in. The other articles are currently ongoing.

      August 3, 2015 at 22:22 Reply
  3. Reality

    This is one of those PL/NC. biased sites… cant be making NC. look bad on evescribe or anything…

    August 3, 2015 at 18:55 Reply
    1. Amymuffmuff

      If someone fucks up I’d happily make them look bad. But things still follow a time line on when stuff gets posted.

      August 3, 2015 at 22:23 Reply
      1. brathahn

        which time line ? your week is 11 days long, 20th … 31th July …
        in the first sentecense you you week like it would be a normal week, from monday to sunday.

        but yeah, reality is right

        next week will start on monday the 3rd LOL

        August 3, 2015 at 22:52 Reply
        1. Amymuffmuff

          I wasn’t referring to the time in this article but more when things were posted. This was about July. The nc and LSH losses both occurred out of this month and also likely warrant their own post which are being worked on.

          August 4, 2015 at 11:05 Reply
  4. IzItSrS

    LOL comms director from BBC

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  5. Goobah

    … and nothing to see here, either. Supercaps are, thus far, useless in the Age of FozzieSov, so folks are just letting them burn without so much as a wimper. Hardly the stuff of great game play and not a healthy indicator for the future of the game, either. Call me when Fozzie gets his arse fired. CCP can do better.

    August 3, 2015 at 19:41 Reply
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    republicov aproaves this post :p

    ps shit happens its just a game lets do it again ^^

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    Paquito the comms director for snuff. I had a good chuckle out of this.

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  8. Ratinnmakitchen

    Paq was always the best snuff FC in my opinion.
    This article is pure gold tho 🙂

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  9. Polska Kielbasa

    the real story here is…..
    Minmatar Brotherhood Forever
    Forever Minmatar Brotherhood
    Long Live Ushra’Khan

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