Let’s take a look back at the end of an era. Not only have the great wars been silenced, but one of the greatest conflicts in EVE’s history has ended as well. The conflict between mostly Russian alliances; Legion of xXDEATHXx (X.I.X.) and SOLAR FLEET (Solar) raged over the last four years and included some historic fights that drew in alliances from all over EVE. With the end of Dominion sov, originally released in late 2009, the feuding enemies have decided let the past grudges go with Dominion in order to embrace the future.

Note the distinct ending to the Dominion Trailer, as “Dragon Fleet” enters the battlefield. X.I.X and Solar are among the groups depicted as “Dragon Fleet” [3:00 mark]:

You can imagine Mactep as the Russian Commander, and Edera Raine carrying out the order to “Burn them all.” Also note the uncanny resemblance of  the voice of Talon Fleet’s FC and that of CCP Nullarbor.

Because EVE is an international game, news reporters face language, timezone, and cultural barriers covering the whole of EVE. This is especially true for the sizable Russian community that does not use English. Thankfully, Fafer, CEO of Tr0pa de Elite. and rental manager and military adviser for Brothers of Tangra (B0T) and X.I.X has stepped up to give us some insight into the conflict and the negotiated end to it.

For clarity here are some of the people you will read about:

Fafer – CEO of Tr0pa de Elite (manager of B0T renting alliance)
Edera Raine – Solar Fleet Diplomat (notable, winner of “Miss EVE-RU“)
Garst Tyrell – Leader of Triumvirate.
Mactep – Longtime Leader of Solar Fleet
UAxDEATH – Longtime Leader of  Legion of xXDEATHXx
Karer – Second in command at Legion of xXDEATHXx
I Sam New leader of the Solar Fleet
Kira Kami Distinguished member of Solar Fleet


Hello Fafer, can you give us some background on the war.


This may be long read, so people can listen to this music that I like to relax myself with: [play music]

While there is historical background between the X.I.X and Solar conflict, and there were several Solar attempts at Drone Lands sov during last 2 years, we will fast-forward to the moment few months ago. Solar+BL. (Black Legion.) with allies were attacking X.I.X sovereignty, but PL (Pandemic Legion) swiftly made BL. retreat from the conflict, leaving Solar alone. After a few days of consolidation PL left the area and there were few weeks of uneasy peace. Following that, TRI (Triumvirate.) started to attack Etherium Reach, with Solar joining in order to make another attempt at Drone Lands sov, having their focus on Cache, Spire and Outer Passage.

TRI were slowly gaining, system by system, mostly uncontested or encountering weak resistance from the renters. That did not sit well with TRI leadership, as they were expecting more content from the X.I.X. Meanwhile X.I.X were fighting CO2 (Circle-of-Two) in Perrigen Falls over the MTO pocket, and due to changes in jump mechanics, were not able to fight on two geographically distant fronts. X.I.X allied entities and militias (such as AOF, P0CA, AA, SOD and others), slowed down the TRI progress during that period, as was possible by their capabilities.

However, the MTO conflict was resolved quickly, and X.I.X turned attention towards Etherium Reach and Cache. X.I.X was able to stand alone against combined enemy forces of TRI and Solar in the EU time zone (TZ) , however problem for X.I.X was TRI USTZ activities, as X.I.X had no USTZ presence at that time.

TRI and Solar attempted to capture system of LXQ several times, only to be met by solid defense from various combination of X.I.X, allies, NCdot (Northern Coalition.), and CO2 who came several times. Around that time, IRC (Intrepid Crossing) choose to join the forces with TRI and Solar.

Then, several key members of X.I.X leadership got RL (real life) matters to attend to that occupied their time, so X.I.X forces become less proactive and less present on the field. In retrospective, this was good development for X.I.X as it enabled their tired forces to rest, however at that time it represented a serious problem. The solution was found in hiring the Nulli Secunda (S2N) to fight against TRI in the USTZ and TRI+ SOLAR in the EUTZ. Nulli Secunda was evicted by PL from their sov in the east, and it was the circumstance that helped them to accept the X.I.X contract offer. Acquiring their services helped the X.I.X to achieve parity in the USTZ, too.

This situation lasted for some time, with TRI and Solar advancing in the USTZ, using distributed attacks against several regions, while combining fleets when possible. Notable was TRI and Solar use of small groups of supercarriers, or even solo, who were gateing around unopposed with minimal subcap support along with TRI usage of Rattlesnakes that enabled them to fight reasonably outnumbered many times.

Additionally, recently resurrected MC (Mercenary Coalition) was contracted too, in order to fill some gaps and perform special tasks. With that, a rich PVP arena was created in the area of Etherium Reach and The Spire that also attracted the attention of wormhole travel capable entities such as PL and NCdot, and in final stages of the war, Razor. PL and NCdot added to the content by coming either on their own and 3-waying the fights, or keeping to the sacred rule of respecting the temp blue for local forces who invited them and set a trap for enemy capitals and supers.

While Nulli and TRI were engaged in Etherium Reach, under the regular “airstrikes” by PL via the wormholes, Solar lost systems conquered in Oasa by combined forces of smaller entities; renters and with the help of NCdot airstrikes, which continued over the period of Solar residual advance in Outer Passage.

Finally, as absent X.I.X leadership members returned to the game, X.I.X become fully active again, and it was obvious that TRI and Solar would lose all territorial gains very soon, and lose the war. That helped diplomats to bring TRI and Solar to sit at the negotiation table and make a peace treaty with the X.I.X, which ended the war.



Tell us about the first steps in negotiations, the TRI – X.I.X treaty.


My corp was a member of the previous incarnation of TRI and we still have a lot of friends and connections inside. That enabled me to understand the TRI internal processes and mindset, and to have a chat with Garst Tyrell, the leader of TRI at the start of the war. We talked about passive income and different approaches to the game itself. I was also not happy with the fact that I needed to coordinate activities against my old alliance, however I also knew that with each problem there is also an opportunity. That is why I felt good when Garst poked me on the Skype, few months later, and from that moment on, the negotiations ended very fast in the deal that was presented to the X.I.X leader UAxDEATH and his second in command Karer. The deal may look surprising and counter-intuitive at the first glance to the casual observer. Perhaps it is best to quote Garst himself about the reasoning behind the Treaty [Garst’s statement].

Of course, this treaty left Solar Fleet alone, deep in the Drone Lands.



How did the X.I.X. – Solar treaty come to pass?


I can definitely recognize when someone has had a hard path, as my corp’s path was hard in the past, and Solar’s path was indeed one of the hardest, as Mactep, leader of Solar, said.

They had steady membership, and during their hardcore path did not significantly lose members like more typical alliances do when they lose a conflict. It is always a pleasure to fight such opponents, regardless of the outcome. The future was very clear at that moment, and that was Solar’s staging again in Konora. I felt a bit sorry for the Solar pilots as they had CTA’ed for nothing, again. I wasn’t alone in that sentiment, as Garst asked me about the possibility of making a peace treaty between Solar and X.I.X, and introduced me to Edera Raine, the diplomat of Solar. At first I wasn’t sure if my subconsciousness was playing games with my mind, as this sounded too good, but we started to talk. Since my days in White Noise, I knew the history of the conflict and I was very well aware that it was almost impossible to achieve such a treaty. Quick survey between X.I.X middle management and pilots only confirmed what I knew: it was not just the usual hostility, it was deep grudge. Same results on the Solar Fleet side. But, by that time I was invested and I did not want to let go easily, as a peace treaty between Solar and X.I.X would change the EVE landscape, and would be clearly advantageous to all sides involved. While Garst and Edera went to talk with Solar, I went to consult X.I.X leadership, and while skepticism was expressed, arguments in favor of such treaty could not have been ignored, so I got a tentative “go ahead” to continue with feasibility consultations.

Garst and Edera did not bring good news. Solar leadership was divided by different opinions, some of them fiercely opposed to the very idea of peace with X.I.X. Same opinion was prevalent in the ranks of the X.I.X leadership. Next few days went without any progress. A different approach was needed, so I decided that more personal contacts should be made, between various parties involved, and to talk to unrelated things in order for people to get to know each other better in order to attempt to break the vicious enchanted circle of mistrust. During that period Edera spent lot of effort to convince the skeptics on both sides, and her song about the home in Drone Lands helped a lot to understand the motivation of Solar pilots.

Edera’s Song:

Slowly, a consensus started to emerge between the council of Solar directors, however there were strong reservations among many, so Edera once again made her magic like a true Witch of Dathomir, and I was able to chat with Mactep, with Edera as translator. That resulted with the start of official Solar-X.I.X leadership negotiations, which included I Sam (new leader of the Solar Fleet), and Kira Kami (distinguished member), for the Solar Fleet side, and UAxDEATH (leader of X.I.X), and Karer (second in command) from X.I.X side.

The reasoning behind the decision to start negotiating is best described by Mactep in his forum post, translated here [Mactep’s post].

The peace process was difficult, and lot of additional consultations were needed, first with Solar council of directors, and then with X.I.X high leadership.

Finally, a miracle happened! An anonymous author, or group of authors, released this statement: [Peace Agreement]

SOLAR FLEET SotA [Audio Recording]

Special thanks to Redwyne Vyruk (B0T and X.I.X rental manager) for materializing the standings list in a matter of minutes, and to the rest of Tr0pa de Elite. for all the background work.



So the future of Drone Lands includes renting?


Indeed, entire area is opened for the renting. B0T and X.I.X have systems ready to rent out, and TRI and Solar are following. Space is mostly consolidated, so we all hope to offer good old Drone Lands experience and service to our customers.



Any thoughts on the ancient conflict, the last big one of the Dominion era?


Last Dominion war was beautiful arena of multidimensional warfare, with main sides in the conflict, and additionally the mercenaries, smaller entities and 3rd parties. Unlike other wars in the past, everybody is victorious this time: defeated parties did not end up in lowsec, but instead with space. Mercenaries fulfilled their contracts, smaller entities enjoyed the asymmetrical warfare and got rewarded, and 3rd parties got the content. Above all, it was fun for everyone. The content and the outcome is fitting for the end of an era, and represents a gift from myself and people who worked on this to all who participated.

A song to leave you with: [music]


  1. WN

    An interesting read. It’s this kind of background political story that has always attracted me to EVE, although I guess it still stands that sometimes EVE is better to read about then to play. 🙂

    July 26, 2015 at 10:40 Reply
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    If CCP thought the new SOV system will change shit, well, it doesn’t…Bigger blue doughnut emerged !

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    1. bs

      Non invasion pacts from cloud ring to Insmother

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    2. Goobah

      More like a big, blue “dogpile”… lots of puppy humping… behold, the legacy of FozzieSov.

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  3. James

    Best war I ever had 10/10 would “grind” again gf to all you lads

    July 26, 2015 at 11:00 Reply
  4. asd

    Beautiful last words coming from MACTEP

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    Good read.

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    When will the first Fozziesov war begin??

    July 26, 2015 at 17:39 Reply
    1. ilovetits

      It’s been raging in few regions but mostly between small groups. It’s hard to tell which alliances are using Fozzie sov to farm fights or which ones are seriously wanting to hold space.

      July 26, 2015 at 17:51 Reply
      1. trollsroyce

        I’d say the one coalition that has thrown the gauntlet on holding SOV is The Imperium. Everyone else is in a position to be stomped back to “looking for goodfights and burning down stuff” while The Imperium lives or dies by being on the map now.

        CFC even had to some extent a way out, a history of being “bad” and nonchalant.

        Prehaps Providence would still be the one place The Imperium could exist in without being on the map officially.

        July 27, 2015 at 08:31 Reply
    2. rando

      probably wont for a while, sov is kinda aids right now

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        “right now” ?? I guess dominion sov was HIV … maybe in another 6 years…

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          6 years? Wait so they found a cure for aids?

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            Yea, about 2-3 years ago. Imagine that.

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  7. Goobah

    Sadly, it truly is an end of an era. More and more folks are turning out the lights and closing the door, because it’s no longer the EVE they grew up with.

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    1. Matterall

      All perception is personal. I think EVE is thriving because my old friends are returning.

      July 26, 2015 at 20:03 Reply
      1. Deltaguy

        then your disillusional.

        July 26, 2015 at 20:16 Reply
        1. concerned whiteman

          A lot of small gang capital fleets and medium gang warfare is afoot . Eve is about more than the blob again . Get over it

          July 26, 2015 at 20:43 Reply
          1. Deltaguy

            The small gangs dont keep ccp from going under

            July 26, 2015 at 21:19
      2. Goobah

        Then I think your experience is a minor exception to the ongoing, documented trend. By all means, enjoy, but don’t be surprised if the trend continues.

        July 27, 2015 at 23:31 Reply
        1. Matterall

          I asked CCP Fozzie about the downward trend (last podcast, part 1) — he said null was more active than last year, same time. The losses (inactivity) are generally in high-sec activity. He went on to say that CCP new why some that was occurring. I think that points to an overall shift EVE as an active game with less alts needed, and alts being turned off. But what CCP does to stave off inactivity will tell you where the problem was – if there was one that wasn’t perception based.

          July 28, 2015 at 17:31 Reply
          1. goon

            That’s because all of goonswarm lives in high sec ganking freighters and other shit

            July 29, 2015 at 02:30
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    Who cares about some cripples bashing each other in the assend of the universe.

    You need to write more about what the WINNERS of Eve are doing and the Imperium has conquered the entirety of nullsec.

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    1. Matterall

      Good idea – my next report will be on how “Honorable Third Party” are cleaning SMA’s clock

      July 27, 2015 at 03:45 Reply
      1. SMA member

        No troll here, could you quote me on that one: “Darwinsim at work”?
        I was telleing ever1 via Intel: Hey guys, that dude Atamora Green brings up to 10 Black Ops BS in, dont fuckin do anything… and yeah, what should I say

        July 27, 2015 at 08:13 Reply
        1. Jump and Kill

          i like how u droped from SMA is elite to SMA member, gives riders closer look on your elitism

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      2. SMA is elite.

        Already replaced. It’s a sign of how elite we are that we literally DGAF about losing ratting carriers.

        It’s like pleb alliances such as gentco and provi losing a frigate, who cares when you just replace it so easily with our wealth of income and elite levels of r64 moons.

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    Now instead of wars you get interceptors 24/7 and troll griffins taking sov RIP sov RIP null

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    1. SMA is elite.

      Not in the glorious Imperium space.

      0 timers because we are so elite.

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        yeah I know……..must be fun having 0 content and having to go 20+ jumps to find anything

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        1. SMA is elite.

          I can’t hear your over the mountains of isk I’m raking in running 6 carriers.

          Not to mention 2 super alts, a titan alt and a 13 figure wallet.

          No poors allowed in the great Imperium.

          July 27, 2015 at 02:42 Reply
  10. Vaximillian

    The most hilarious thing about this entire deal is Garst Tyrell’s spin on the deal he made.

    “In the end regardless of this resolution TRI DID fight against all odds for the entire spring, and this is not a fighting spirit that disappears with a new blue and some sov. Its who we are, and we will continue to seek out tough opponents and new campaigns to challenge ourselves with. There are plenty of coalitions and alliances to fight other than XIX next to us.”

    This from the guy who constantly railed against anyone fighting on the XIX side as supporting the blue donut and ruining EVE. This from the same guy who led rattlesnake and supercap fleets against people doing what they could in fewer numbers sometimes in battlecruisers with a couple of carriers in support all the time yelling in local of how much they sucked being scrubs. TRI did well fighting against small alliances like POCA (of which I was a member at the time) who were HEAVILY outnumbered in both manpower and ships but who STILL showed up and yeah got ass kicked but still showed knowing it. Reinforcing TRI towers and guerilla warfare for months losing slowly but still showing up and doing what they could. There were others but they can tell their own story. Bragging about how “TRI DID fight against all odds for the entire spring” when even as Fafer said they had no resistance from XIX or any decent sized entity to keep them from soloing with supers etc is not much to brag about. Once entities of the same size as TRI started actually showing up they started getting their nose bloodied. And now they agree to be a part of a blue donut in the east that they so ridiculed and flamed anyone earlier on for working with XIX as being a part of.

    In the end meh it doesn’t make a difference right? I’ve since left POCA 3-4 months ago and left EVE itself a month ago when I realized nothing changes with Fozziesov. I just don’t like reading someone bragging about beating up the little kids on the playground and then taking a deal and re-writing history to claim how big his balls were in the spring when no one was around who was big enough to actually kick them.

    July 27, 2015 at 03:35 Reply
    1. I'd like to stay anonymous

      In case you didn’t know: Garst is an ex-CIA agent who was working on destabilizing USSR by inciting national movements in East Germany/Poland. After the fall of Berlin Wall he lost his job (a victim of own success) but not his will to fight communism. This is why he uses Russian allies to fight Russians, he just can’t lose that way and this is why he’s a master of spin. I’m inclined to think that UaX is on Garst’s payroll as well, but alas we might never know how widespread his web is.

      July 27, 2015 at 11:56 Reply
    2. fat bee

      Tri hardly had anyone contest them until close to the end. When that happened, they obliterated in every fight and Garst even had to beg groups like hard knocks for help. Your surprised Tri joined the blue donut? I’m not..

      July 27, 2015 at 15:59 Reply
  11. Darrk wolf

    I wonder if red allaince will join the DRF

    July 27, 2015 at 09:35 Reply
  12. Andrew M

    Does anyone have a translation for that song from Edera?

    July 31, 2015 at 01:46 Reply

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