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July 15, 2015

Disclaimer: Since the original SotA is in Russian, a translation was commissioned. As to its accuracy, EN24 staff cannot attest to.

In an announcement both on forums and Teamspeak, MACTEP, the executor of SOLAR FLEET [SOLAR] resigned from his position. He went on to discuss the current state of [SOLAR], its recent achievement and its possible future.

According to the recording, [SOLAR] will become a full and equal member in the Geminate Coalition, though it may not be blue to all member alliances as well as hold Outer Passage for the coalition. MACTEP himself will remain in [SOLAR] but will have less time for EVE and return to his old corporation – Solar Dragons. Among the topics discussed, the return of R.I.P. Legion to [SOLAR].

For many this is viewed as an end of an era, as MACTEP appeared as the old face of EVE Online, a game fueled by petty grudges and long standing feuds. He actually addresses this change in the SotA, talking of the increasing polarity in EVE Online. Regardless, his contribution both to the game’s politics and the Russian EVE community cannot be underestimated.

Below is a translation of the SotA and the original soundcloud recording:

S- SAM (Presumably I Sam911 Serious)

M: Look at it guys, we have such cool meeting today I should say. There are 158 people on TeamSpeak. I can say only one thing: if it was always like this, we wouldn’t be having this meeting.

M: We will wait 5 minutes for those who are missing.

M: Ok, I’ll start. At this point I posted everything on the forums. You can read it, thread is there. To be fair, I’m not in the mood for such kind of meeting in the moment for stories and etc.. In general everything as I described is in the forum.

M: Its hard for me to talk atm, so wouldn’t for now.

M: Sam* will talk now, for now ask some questions what you are interested in, after we will discuss it – Sam* the mic is yours

S: Thanks

M: Sam will be new CEO of the Alliance, I’m fully supporting and having  my trust in him. – Sam please speak.

S: If there will be background sound, I’m sorry about that. MACTEP said already about the bad news. But I want to say that do not rush with conclusions. Our war was long, tiresome, continuous. With some time outs.

S: But our last War was how many months? 6-7, maybe 8. I hold an secret, but we also heard about it to late. That Triumvirate left the war.

S: But you all understand, that further war with on our own (SF) that is slowly and 100% losing it. So at this point we were defeated in this war.

S: After everything  became clear with our allies. We asked ourselves what to do, to proceed as usual for us we always can, nothing can’t stop us from doing it

S- But consider our life force was spent, especially for the last 6 months, funds, nerves, our asses sitting on the night timers and etc, and 3-4 CTA per day, we decided to start a conversation with Geminate Coalition

S: Results of those conversation was hard at this point, and now I understand MACTEP why he lead such kind of Policy

S: Politics work is a tricky business and you need to have another set of mind for it and its ofc inherent to MACTEP and its very hard being managed by me.

S: following consequences, we setting a blues standing with GemCo, not with everyone. With those ones who will not want to set standing we would be only happy about that.

S: Basic agreement: we are getting Outer Passage, couple of systems in The Spire and one of our agreement with the Geminate Coalition becomes the Defense of the Drone Regions

S: So what can I add something in general what can I say. I know your attitude to GemCo and GemCo to us, but…. but staying and behaving normally differing from another Alliances but lets stay so despite all our differences. Please be despite all our differences stay behaved, be polite in chat, in forums in local even if you getting faxes.

S: About good news I can say that RIP Legion is going to join our Alliance. Yes Kir? -Kir- Yes

S: We had a long discussion with all directors and etc. Its not like I made the decision by my self. We had it discussed and consider it for the interest of this Alliance.

S: Not specifically for someone, but for the Alliance. One of the promises I can give, that those ground not to be some grounds, so everyone call us RMTers, and the first direction I can forward you is that to make life of the PVP pilot easier. I have something in my mind but I’ll share that later and we are thinking about some funding to this program but I’ll share that later. So that was from me for now.

M: I want to recall… a lot of time flew just in a blink, in the time when someone else speak, you understand the shortage and understand how hard is to explain something, and hear the inconsistencies and etc. But I still wanted to correct you. That we weren’t totally defeated and the main agreements were addressed to us. Another thing that it was unacceptable for me. But I also understand that you cant think about yourself, you also need to think about everyone who is in the Alliance. I could pull Alliance in the Konora if I would knew that I could pull it somewhere else. But I don’t know that and can see it, maybe after month I will get an idea or something in my mind about some kind of terror or traveling to some other territories and etc. but its something need to be done in future and we need to decide now. It would be fine with me when 2-3-4-5-6 pilots would say its fine with em, but it wouldn’t take the opinion of the whole alliance.

M: We really took a long way, not that we were less, but always in losing position, we didn’t had any sponsors or overlords, as 3- Alliances which can take any timer.

M: Eve online was split 2 years ago and its split right now. From the start what I wanted to say that the agreement proposal came from the start come in neutral manner, lets live peaceful and as friends.

M: If not, then we going to fuck each other brains. As result it will lead to nothing and nowhere. -So who need it? Don’t know -I would personally would do nothing

M: After a month I would spread couple FC and we could terrorize the drone in 5-6 groups. To what it would lead? No idea. But still we would probably not hold space for the alliance or some kind of relaxation for the alliance, conversely more

M: There was some kind of option to move out, but for as alliance leader to move alliance to Querious or in KDF (Presumably the Catch region) but if there wasn’t bigger opposition of the CEOs of the corporations, we would have stayed here EVE has changed long ago, or at least how we play or playing under my policy.

M,S: What I wanted to that we are joining  the GemCo as a full partner, not as a pets,  as they will write a lot of shit on the forums, let em as they will write a lot of shit

M,S: As discussion with GemCo that we are going to join GemCo as a full partner. How it will go it will depends from myself and from everyone else

M: Lets say it so, I’m not leaving that everyone is disgusted by me or I hate someone, I don’t give a shit that fight PL or XIX. In this alliance SOV Claim is the main priority,  If here in this space were some other alliances we could still have war against em.

MSX: MACTEP are you leaving the game?

M: No, I’m not leaving the game.

M: As you can see in my thread (forum) I’m going back to my main corp where I started SDG (Solar Dragons), but the only thing that in near future I’m not going to be very active, till the end of the month. After that my activity maybe will be going only to some roaming and etc. And still I want to see how much will move to the corp and as I posted I’m not calling anyone to come with me. For the 7 years I was with SF, half of the time I intended to bring max quality/activity/quantity of the fleets. And I think the results are higher then anyone can think about. And SF fleet the only alliance who could bring full fleet only from 1 alliance not as coalition. alliance only (250 pilots)

M: In other RUS alliance nobody could form full fleet from only alliance members, maybe except DD, but still DD had 4 alliances inside one. Except our (SF) and DD I never seen another RU alliance to form a full fleet.

*Editor’s Note: Due to translation being from Russian to English, some changes were made to the original translation to make it easier on the reader.

Salivan Harddin writes for The EVE Scribe, Providence Bloc’s News Portal. When he isn’t busy writing articles, he listens to SotA in Russian and not understand a thing.