corebloodbrothers, one of the main Fleet Commanders for Providence Bloc and a high ranking member of The Volition Cult [VOLT], has resigned his seat on the Council of Stellar Management (CSM) X. corebloodbrothers was elected to represent the interests of Providence Bloc and Null Security space, and can be considered the only NRDS representative in the council. His resignation comes as a complete shock to many.

Below is the resignation letter, as it was handed to CCP Games:

*Dear CCP_Leeloo,

I want to inform you i am resigning my place in CSMX. For me mixing the CSM spot, with running my allaince and RL has become too the point where i feel i cant manage all to the best of my abilities. I dont like to do a CSM half arsed, as it is an amazing position and oppertunity too get involved too the game i love till the day i die or closes.

Its maybe the dumbest decision, and i know we had a chat winter summit that helped me alot, and i am very greatfull for the trust you have put in me. I miss the meetings and such because of work, and feel by spamming confluence with a ton of ideas and posts isnt the best way forward.

For the haters and conspirators, CCP did not force this or ask this, i am not leaving disapointed in the CSM as a process and a instituition. The opposite is through, having met and seen the dedication of the devs working at CCP, and people in other parts of the compagny, i feel they deserve 100 % of me, and i cant give that, even if they dont ask it, i feel i should.

Summit, fanfest, evesterdam, its been crazy. Especially these times, seing CCP make decisions they never deared, and so many more too come, its been a pleasure and a honour too see Seagull lead CCP and throw out release afther release, People dont realise how spoiled they are with CPP, and i wish you could all see what we have seen.

Is it all peace and love, ofc not, sometimes its hard too mix, being a player, allaince leader, passionate idea volcano and IT-er my self with being “just” a CSM. sometimes i like too yell harder, or wish i coudl have a mini summit more often. Cause the love for the job you guys have is there, even if we disagree on content and path towards it. Communication is hard there. the balance of a road map and freedom for teams is one that will settle hopefully. I foudn it hard sometimes when as a CSM you have the feeling you not heard, but then Rise showed he does read it all ;). I want to scream, fix boosts, make reps stackable, look into wh highway and so on :), bu screaming seldom works.

I feel strongly on a phase 3 for null, which doesnt only involve a rebalance of use of supers and keeping pilots happy but also introduce a space with more decisions for players and from that a sense of ownership. Buildable sov is a term often used there. Who knows what lies ahead.

Too the players: this is your EVE, you can bitch about it, moan at CCP or get involved at a level, You can spamm the buddy link through your facebook and inform people this is the game you love. As a corp you can tie people too your social group, and through that also tie people too this game. Eve is a small community, it dies with you or lives and grows with you. If you recruit 1 person or keep him entertained, then EVE can double.

Too leaders of all levels, you have a responsibility, your members give you great power and wealth, social status and alot of entertainment, make EVE grow, dont kill other allainces off, remember, you need enemies, tie your people too EVE, inside and outside EVE.

For myself, not tired of EVE, the opposite is true. I am getting a huge providence crowd too show at Evesterdam, looking forward too breaking the 70 of last year. I am very curious what fozzie sov will bring. I am still loving fc-ing as best job ever, aiming 20k kills this year. I love building up my allaince, 1800 and counting, and know i will regret not being in the CSM as it is exciting, but i also know myself and how i tick from the inside, and the feeling will keep creeping up, and i rather make way for someone else and still love EVE and work for it, as my facebook toon “corebloodbrothers”and other stuff i used will still be active for EVE Online.

For Falcon and Leeloo,
finally but not least, thank you for the time you invested, you opnened your house for us last year, and always had the time for a quick hi or chat, even though you live a online social live that doesnt stop aftehr work. big slow clap for you both.

Though announcement of a replacement will take place tomorrow, it is safe to assume that the following candidate; Lorelei Ierendi, who┬árepresents the interests of High Security space, will take corebloodbrothers’ position on the council. How will this effect the CSM is yet to be seen, though it was informed by CCP Games of this development.

*Editor’s Note: This was the letter handed to CCP Games, it was not altered or changed in any way shape or form.

Salivan Harddin writes for The EVE Scribe, Providence Bloc’s News Portal. When he isn’t busy writing articles he usually spins his ship in station.


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