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Burn Amarr Confirmed, Date Set

June 17, 2015

Burn Amarr has been confirmed and is scheduled to go ahead from the 19th of June onwards, according to unnamed sources. The event will see GoonSwarm Federation [CONDI] and their allies using disposable ships in order to suicide gank ships in the Amarr system, Domain region.

Unlike the usual suicide gank which is after high value ships and cargo, this event will see ships targeted regardless of cost. Since the Amarr system is one of the busiest trade hubs in New Eden, the operation is certain to disrupt logistics across the region, as well as the South and South-East of New Eden, as the hub is used to supply these regions with the equipment and materials needed to maintain fleets.

This event is considered a precursor to the Imperium’s invasion of the Providence region in order to uproot loyalists of the so-called False Empress. Pilots flying under the banner of Providence Bloc are advised to use alternative trade hubs and avoid the Amarr system entirely as long as the event continues. Stocking on ships and equipment before the event starts is recommended as well.

Below is the post released by [CONDI] leadership:



A Life’s Work, Ending Lives

The Ministry of Love was founded three years ago, just after the original Burn Jita, an event so inspiring and powerful that it spawned a renewed and powerful passion for suicide ganking, well beyond that of past jihadfleets or ice interdictions or Hulkageddons. Each year, we’ve gotten cheaper and better at grinding Jita’s freighter and jump freighter traffic to an utter and unequivocal halt – as evidenced by the following destruction figures:

– Burn Jita Classic: 518.47 billion ISK all up

– Burn Jita 2: 578.35 billion ISK all up

– Burn Jita 2014: 586.7 billion ISK in freighters, jump freighters, and Orcas alone.

And now, as the Imperium, we turn our eyes to that other trade hub, home of the false Empress (no, not the crappy 0.5 hub that would be a sheer joke to interdict). The Imperium will not tolerate heresy, and it is our duty to purge all unbelieving and unrepentant fools that choose to inhabit or otherwise utilize this apostate bed of false idols. And, with Amarr burned to the ground, we will move on to the next great victory – Providence, where Unbeliever moneychangers toil and hoard their measly specks of property.

Preparation for the Second Coming

The God-Emperor needs you ready to spread his wrath. Take careful heed to these directions (seriously read this shit it’s really crucial to our success).

 -Staging, Security, and Other Preparation-

Staging: Our fleets will be running out of Amarr VIII (music) – Moon 4 – Expert Distribution Retail Center. Ensure that you have a jump clone at that station far in advance of the 19th, and ensure that you set your medical clone there before you begin spreading the Word. (This is crucial – you will get podded. Non-implanted clones are welcomed and advised).

Security Status: I give not one half a flying fuck what your security status is. Miniluv has, in the past year, adapted to leading fleets composed mainly of -10 security status pilots. If you feel you need the shield of a good security status, feel free – but leaving because “oh my sec is too low” will not be a thing.

Other Prep – Skill Training: Extremely important – ensure that you train this brief skillplan IMMEDIATELY in order to participate in Burn Amarr

Other Prep – Overview: Download this overview pack and put it into your c:/Users/{username}/My Documents/EVE/overview folder. You will want to import it and activate it before Burn Amarr.

Other Prep – Instadock bookmarks: If you warp to the staging station at 0 normally, you will die – trust me. While you are setting up your medclone/jump clone, undock from the staging station, and make a bookmark where you are in space – name it Burn Amarr Staging Instadock. When you need to get into the staging station, warp to that bookmark instead of the actual staging station, then manually dock.


We will be running from June 19th (Friday) after downtime (1100) to downtime on June 22nd (Monday), or, more likely, until we run out of Catalysts.

-Ships and Training (*important*)*-

You will be provided as many Catalysts as you can use, free of charge. The Ministry of Love, my SIG and the premier highsec ganking entity in all of EVE Online, has prepared over 15,000 fitted Catalysts for your use.

Extremely important – ensure that you train this brief skillplan IMMEDIATELY in order to participate in Burn Amarr

You are welcome to bring your own stock of ships! We recommend any of the following:

– T1 or T2 blaster Catalyst
– T1 or T2 autocannon Thrasher
– T1 artillery Thrasher
– Coercers of any flavor (because Amarr supremacy – watch out though, faction crystal cost per suicide is somewhat prohibitive)
– T1 artillery Tornados for the extra-rich

Fits for some of these can be found on the extremely helpful Miniluv wiki link).)

Reimbursement is:

Reimbursement for Burn Jita Amarr is posted to the affordable care app.  Reimbursement for GSF is as follows:

– Catalyst: 10mil
– Brutix: 50mil
– Tornado: 60mil
– Talos: 85mil

Given the fact that we are handing out 15,000 catalysts for FREE, yes, you can get paid for showing up and shooting bads.


Support Roles and a Call for FCs-

As with every year, Ministers and non-Ministers alike playing support roles are key to the success of any Burn event. We ask you to consider providing the following support:

Handing out ships: We have more than 15,000 hulls that will need handing out over the Burn Amarr weekend. A single player can only hold about 1000 per hangar. Ya dig? SP requirement: None

Cargo/ship scanning: We would like to know what cargo we’re ganking and what fits our victims have – that’s where you come in. Recommended scanner fit here. SP requirement: 1-day train’s worth of SP Requires non-wardecced, non-killright character

Bumping: Just what it sounds like. Grab a Typhoon, Panther, Machariel, or whatever suits your fancy, and knock some freighters around until we’re able to nail them. SP requirement: Small, 20-day train Requires non-wardecced, non-killright character

Hauling: Grab a Deep Space Transport (sample fit here), get a ton of Mobile Tractor Units, and help us scoop delicious loot. SP requirement: Small, 20-day train Requires non-wardecced, non-killright character

FCs: If you know it, you can do it. If you can do it, we need your support. RSVP with me and let me know when you can do fleets (CLEAR YOUR CALENDAR). SP requirement: butt

Intricacies of Amarr’s Geography

Amarr is a trade hub, but it’s also a transport hub – there is a lot of movement out to a lot of more minor local hubs that goes through Amarr. Jita, by comparison, is where EVERYTHING flows to. That means that Amarr will provide for interesting route interdiction.

On Amarr’s security: the 1.0 CONCORD response is very much like the 0.9 Jita CONCORD response. Dunna’ worry.

On “lawd the Goons is dead can’t even burn jita:” Really, Goons and the Imperium put out more actually fun events like this one than anyone else in EVE Online. If we are dead, then we are dying laughing.

That’s it. Get ready. Fuck ’em up.

Providence Bloc leadership responded to the news with the following video

You are Provibloc!!! from Christopher Schmidt on Vimeo.

Salivan Harddin writes for The EVE Scribe, Providence Bloc’s News Portal. When he isn’t writing articles, he usually looks forlornly at a black login screen.