At approximately 1815 Eve Time a Fidealas Constans [FCON] Leviathan class titan self destructed. The Leviathan, located in Z-K495 and belonging to Angust 800, was self-destructed over a grievance with the alliance directors. The Leviathan was flown by his alt by the name of Benzaiten Aya. This grievance was caused by the alliance directors changing the corporation starbase roles to allow anyone in the corporation to online/offline modules. The directors claimed that this change was caused by CCP changing the feature but no evidence exists to support it.

The titan was bought with personal ISK and used to bridge corporation fleets around. It was announced that the titan would be self-destructed in his corp chat as well as on teamspeak and with jabber pings. Angust 800 was given multiple offers to buy the titan but he was set on destroying it. The titan finally exploded at 1815 Eve time. No kill mail was generated as no one shot at the titan. However the fit used can be seen below along with a video of the destruction.

When asked about his plans for the future Angust 800 had this to say:

Seek and Destroy CBC. We will do just everything that we can to destory them, not sure yet what exactly.

When reached for comment the alliance executor of [FCON] Tarkinius had this to say:

Dude went crazy, decided to go out with a flourish. I have no idea what he was upset about, it was probably a corporate level thing. I believe he is already kicked or left.

This brings the total death toll of CFC supers up to 3 titans and 4 super carriers in the past few days. Do you think this is a trend that will continue? Let us know in the comments.

  • Jack Morrison

    hmmm okay….

  • Kin

    I wisht there would be more guys like him in the CFC, by the hundreds……

  • bot stupid

    stupid is enough to describe him?

  • Reaver

    The Imperium*

    • yoyo


      • imperialCitizien


        • qwe


          • Ogast


          • ghjk


          • Ogast

            Only for you. <3

          • qwe


          • I know change is hard, but Imperium

          • Random CFC Grunt

            CFC, I’m not changing my name on disqus just so Mittens can make his circus more PC.

          • yeah you are a strong independent women who does not need to change your name for anyone!

          • Random CFC Grunt

            If – after looking at the picture – you think I’m a woman, I really do feel for you :). BTW – Imperium is gay as shit. They might have as well called it The Mighty Imperium or Mittani’s Imperium – something a 5 year old kid might think of when creating his first “guild” in any online game.

    • Dick Hauser

      They should have a nice civil war to decide on who they are; CFC or The Imperium.

      • It can be a civil war if everyone in the former CFC now called the Imperium is calling it the Imperium.

  • BitterVet

    DEATH TO EVE……YAY!!! Another over sized pixel bank dead.

  • User joined your channel

    So long retard…

  • Alogatas

    Apparently Maximus is not inspiring loyalty. 😛

  • hmmm

    “This grievance was caused by the alliance directors changing the corporation starbase roles to allow anyone in the corporation to online/offline modules. The directors claimed that this change was caused by CCP changing the feature but no evidence exists to support it.”

    The directors were partially right.
    When CCP made changes in the last patch to the corp role interface, it caused allot of, but not all peoples roles to be reset. What the FCON directors failed to realise or perhaps it was just inexperience, was that with some playing around, roles were able to be restored to pre patch status and the above situation resolved, without any safty issues for supers or titans.

  • CFC Support

    OMG this dude is so stupid, i have no words 😀

  • Knork

    Ever< corp director got an email from CCP regarding the problems that were present with roles for about 24h. If you actually read the mail and acted accordingly, no harm would have been done. So this problem with roles originates in the mosaic release, yes, but it is failure of your CEO / director if anything got screwed up after that. CCP sent out emails exactly to make directors aware of that.

    • daf

      hmmm you sure i got no mail,

      • Another Director

        Yep, gote one…

    • Pinky

      It was his personal choice, why are you all so retardedly butthurt?
      Is he NOT allowed to selfdestruct his stuff?
      Should not the aliance provide stuff like titan bridges?
      You people are so mad cause of…… ?
      EVE community… literaly Hitlers 😛

  • exe


    1- I didn’t see a countdown..
    2- Where is the pod after self destruct?

    3- what happened to the Titan wreck animation-still?

    • daf


      1- there was a timer

      2- warped of fast?, i did not see it

      3- when you pop a wreck it disappears

  • Mariusz Trynkiewicz

    Now I’m deeply ashamed since I’m from Poland too.
    They sound so retarded, you can’t even imagine. Cringeworthy award of May 2015. Congratulations. You deserve it.

    • YoMama

      GTFO u Pedo…
      Tak serio to jemu coś poprostu odwaliło 🙂
      “I Wanna go out in style” troche mu nie wyszło… Byłem na tsie i znam sytuację dokładnie…

      • Awesome Moderation

        Loving how a comment accusing someone of being a pedo is allowed to stay. Pretty much sums up this shitcunt of a website.

      • Pinky

        OMG you are from poland? that explains a lot tbh….
        i feeel sorry for you…

        Get a life and dont be butthurt cause of a game you tool hahaha

  • Michele Manfredi

    i am enjoy…-1 stupid ppl in alliance.

  • Credo Akios

    As a CBC Member I must admit that I am not aware of a reason of the action. However I find warning in it. If you take EVE too seriously the dark side of force may come upon you and immerse your mind in insanity. That is just what happened there. Guy suddenly went insane :/

  • Jaime Gomes

    It’s his titan. His problem.

  • Imperium member

    As far i know topic with the roles was fixed very quickly looong before hes crazyness with no harm to anyone . Dude goes completly psychotic within last 2 days withow any warning. If someone will hear him on TS he would realized that this dude isn’t definitly sane :D.

  • CBC Groupie

    Well CBC is know in PL community as pro null carebears corp. They have big paranoia about spies so proly it was spy Titan :D.

    • D.M.

      Im from cbc… And this has made my day ;’D

  • xPreatorianx

    Jesus…I hope this isn’t a trend. I just joined FCON awhile ago. Love the corp I’m in so far and the alliance is awesome! I hope this crap doesn’t continue!

    • YoMama

      Fcon is cool…
      Fcon is fun…
      This selfdestruct was done by an drama queen so screw him 🙂

      • Random CFC Grunt

        At least one of those statements is true…

        • YoMama

          Hate fcon much? 😀
          We are always loyal like in the name 🙂
          We are cfc shield :’D

          • Random CFC Grunt

            I was in FCON. I know who and what you are. Spare me the bullshit, I’m not a tourist…

          • YiMama

            Nobody gives a fuck who you are and what u think… Gtfo

          • Random CFC Grunt

            Yup…that’s exactly what FCON is like.

          • YoMama

            Nope.(Dot of hate)

          • Pinky

            U mad brah?
            Butthurt much?
            FCON is a laugh but a sad one muhahaha
            U R ALL BAD 🙂

        • Random antirandom CFC Grunt

          you butt hurt bro ? Get a life. Its a game. Fcon have really cool people inside

    • Tyrone Pigbottom

      Don’t worry, it’s not just a trend. It’s a necessity. More to come!

  • Sold

    What a moron. CCP very publicly announced that they had fucked up POS roles in exactly the manner the corp directors indicated. It would only have mattered if any roles were changed during that 1.5 day period.

    Big todo about nothing.

  • lol whot

    I am an FC in CBC and from my point of view, dude just wen’t nuts. He was Steam Roling this drama for two day’s over nothing.

    He was a very cool guy and supported the corp in many way’s. Thats a Huge loss for corp to lose such a Great active member 🙁
    People Go crazy some times, nothing we can do about it.

    He also Took his Wife with him, she was a warm and forbearing person, it makes me sad she had to leave with him.

    • Trisco

      someone doesn’t just lose their shit for no reason, there is a backstory missing. Also, amazing number of players there to blow up the wreck before anyone could loot or salvage it.

      • D.M.

        Yes they do… Its not his first drama… In the past all the dramas he cause he was backing them from the shadows… This time he has taken an different approach…

      • fdsafewafdsa

        In the history of our corporation (which, in the way of EVE, is approaching a decade) we have had two people leave for reasons related to sudden mental breaks. One was related to the game, the other was something going wrong in real life. As it turns out, yes, people do in fact actually go batshit sometimes.

  • ass


  • What a Diva.

  • D.M.
  • Tyrone Pigbottom

    He did the right thing. Sometimes what is necessary is not always apparent. This man is a hero and inspiration.

    • Cat Hast

      Purge supers

  • Easier to SD it and build a new one IN YA0- then try and move it :/. TY Space AIDS.