• SkiD-MaRk

    coming 2020

    • Really?

      You are quite the optimist.

    • Vladimir

      Don’t worry, this content will probably get a 80% nerf when Mittani batphones CCP and starts crying.

      • Sieveboy

        Why? Mittens will spam these things everywhere he can.

        • Kharnakh

          I don’t think they’ll be deployable in H1Z1

          • Sieveboy

            I am sure a batphone to John Smedley will correct that oversight.

      • unary

        That is if he can figure out how to use his phone. He obviously does not know how to make a proper site layout.

    • DaReaper

      except placeholder info is on sisi, according to the guy on twitter who post server info he finds

  • concerned whiteman

    doomsday structures let the tears begin

    • guess

      If they are getting structure DD weapons might want start asking why.
      Which points towards supers and titans revamps

      • concerned whiteman

        I agree . Think the titan is going to be a mobile structure from the looks of it

  • “This particular weapon type is going to revive the torpedoes of old since they release an AoE blast on impact.” I just creamed my pants.

    • Nerdgasm

      … l smoked a cigarette afterwards.

  • silent witness

    this sounds too good… if not unbelievable πŸ™‚

  • trollsroyce


    Citadel stasis field generator. Grid wide web (and freighter align webber).

  • BOB

    What about W-space?

    • xPreatorianx

      This most likely includes W space as well dude. I HIGHLY doubt CCP is going to restrict these structures to K space. It wouldn’t make any sense! As alot of the new structures being talked about sound absolutely FUCKING PERFECT for W-space. Specifically the market/office hub types. Those would truly make wormholes amazing and would turn our POS into true homes away from homes.

      • BOB

        Yes yes, awesome… “New WH, let’s jump in! Oh… 50 Outposts on d…. how do I warp to them? oh, ok, I just have to combat scan them all… but which is currently in use? and why are there no ships in here? Oh, that should mean nobody’s there (uncloaked) I guess? *BLAP*”…

        • Gosti

          So, where is the difference between 50 POSes and 50 Outposts. I guess that this will change nothing, except you donΒ΄t see the people AFK under the FF

      • trollsroyce

        This citadel thing is supposed to be a cozy home. The intention about WH’s is as far from a cozy home as possible.

        I’d be really surprised if these are available in w-space. Most of them at least.

        “Let’s give w-space cozy homes with doomsday for good measure. Later on we shall give them cloakbuster intel posts to get rid of that delayed local horror.”

  • hmm

    must say this looks pretty cool

  • meh

    while those models look nice they look very caldari like. cant wait to see what variations the other 3 races and factions will offer

    • Sieveboy

      If the minmatar citadel isn’t modelled off a gigantic pile of rusting scrap found in a scrap yard I will be most upset.

      • meh

        they could model the mimatar stations off the wrecks of other race’s stations lol

  • mining guy

    Time to start stock pilling minerals

  • EasyKill

    Thats not a moon!

    …Eve gets a death star!

  • silly

    When you couple all this destructible crap with huge apex forces available to certain entities, I’m pretty sure this will lead to most corporations staging from low sec. I can’t imagine anyone seeding a market to any great extent either.

    • notanalt

      CCP has been discussing asset protection even after outpost destruction, instead of complaining and crying doomsday in the comments here, go post on the forums about your grievances.

  • Trip

    More non-symmetrical designs please… symmetry is quicker to design with, but after awhile everything starts to look the same.

  • lol

    Jam it out…

  • Dracvlad

    Well after looking at that fuck K-Space its WH space for me…

  • fermaguel

    We’re gonna let you destroy them, but make it a waste of time as you only get cheap useless suit in loot. And the vast wealth of dead space and officer mods sitting inside will be perfectly safe, meaning defenders won’t even have a reason to defend.

    Brats ccp, you made something that’s a bigger structure grind than pos’s but without an of the reward.

  • Ummmm

    “Scooping a structure will require it to be offlined first. Offlining a structure will immediately put it into a vulnerability window (to avoid players bypassing the timer altogether). If a structure already was in a vulnerability mode while being offline, the duration will be refreshed to its full value.”

    I would of thought that CCP would learned from the existing POS system.
    Having to go through this type of thing pisses people off & is hugely time consuming.
    Speak to anyone ever involved in pos logistics, and they will tell you, the most annoying thing is the whole time it takes to anchor,online, offline and scoop things. For the love of God, please don’t wind the clock back and make us have to go through this crap again!!!.
    If your going to replace current starbase forcefield’s, then there should be no restrictions on if capitals can use/dock at these new structures. In fact I totally support allowing super capitals to dock at X-Large sized Citadel structures. But I totally disagree with “All structures will show on D-scan, can be probed, and will be scan able to see their fittings and contents”. if you want people to use them and store stuff in them, then revealing their contents through a scan represents a unacceptable risk. People will just use NPC stations instead & if CCP thinks the community will allow them to remove those, they had better think again.
    I note while CCP talks about how big these things are going to be, there is a noticeable lack of info on how exactly we are supposed to be able to haul these things around. I mean seriously, in the case of large and XL, are we going to be going back to the days of having to use regular freighters to haul these big ass structures around low and nul sec ? because if that’s going to be the case, you may as well just forget it right now, no one wants to have to do that, especially given the scale CCP is talking about them intended being use.

    • Rly?

      I was going to call you a bitch but mid-post, I had this realization:

      that it should be able to be constructed on site like an actual building…

      The “egg ” mechanic needs to be changed. Have multiple jump freighters with the components inside to build it.

    • starcommander

      Current station mechanics require you to use a Freighter to move the Egg around, and still have a JF with you for all the other stuff. The Egg alone is 750k m3 in size, I would think the XL station would be the same and require you to use a freighter to move/deploy it. The Large I would think should fit in a JF, making things easier for smaller alliances, as its intention.

      I agree fully on the offline/online part…..that shits just gotta go.

    • nullbears pls go

      “But I totally disagree with “All structures will show on D-scan, can be
      probed, and will be scan able to see their fittings and contents”.”
      Could you be any more risk averse than this?

      • Ummmm

        Let me clarify, I think CCP needs to clarify exactly what they mean by the term “contents”.
        Maybe I have this wrong, but the way I read it, was to mean, people would be able to cargo scan a structure to reveal what people have stored in it e.g ships, items ect.
        You can’t do that with the current POS’s or stations to see into hangars or arrays, why change that now ?
        Do you really want anyone and everyone to be able to scan & know exactly what you have and where on a toon ? Because we all know the meta will change and there will always be people out there, that will go around scanning structures to find out & build up various toon profiles, which will reveal exactly that, just because, they can.

        I hope I am wrong & CCP meant to use that word, in a different context, but if I am right, then I disagree with it.

    • Deifirtep

      You are missing one crucial part: You are offlining a single structure, not multiple structures such as with the current POS mechanics. Since these structures will be set up like ships – with slots instead of deployable modules, there is no requirement to offline and scoop anything else.

      However, I have to agree with this: two hours to offline? That seems excessive.

      Now, what I really wonder is: if a CEO offlines a Citadel corp members have belongings in, what happens to those belongings?

  • Candyman

    Power creep… XL “citadels” guarantee NOBODY will be fighting over Sov (in any shape or form) once key constellations are fortified up the fucking wazoo by the largest entities. Well done CCP, you just broke EVE.

    • Bittervet since ’04

      Not so much, it just keeps the “local naggers” out.

    • Deifirtep

      And you currently have no more information regarding the XL structures than anyone else, so I don’t see where you are getting this paranoia from. What restrictions will be in place for this type – and you can be certain there will be some given their nature, will be announced sometime in the future and more than likely AFTER the Medium and Large Citadels are in the game and CCP sees how they are used and abused.

  • Trisco

    If this goes into effect, outposts should become destructible. Get that garbage out of game, just use this version for stations.

    • Matterall

      Their master plan has a timetable in which both will exist before the old ones are removed. Estimations are they will be removed after 2-3 years, if this stays on schedule.

      They cannot simply make anything disappear. Players returning to see the new features would be sad/mad, and wholesale moved to Highsec might be be a database migration nightmare. imo

  • Welp

    Meh nothing for me to worry about, I am not that loyal. If my alliance gets fucked up over this I just move on.

    Anyhow. Changes are always exciting. I wonder if they are finally going to pimp those station interios as well. Would suck to have a XL Kick Ass outposts with Amarr Flags hanging of the ceiling.

  • MC

    Simple question… will these stations finally have WINDOWS that you can see what’s outside not needing to undock? πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

    • Random CFC Grunt

      As ridiculous as it seems from an Eve player’s standpoint – this actually should be a feature.

  • Codo

    I think the idea of having a station like structure that can be destoryed is great but that fact that they are saying the loot will only be collectable by the owner is terrible.
    Also that will make camping the loot a thing which sucks too.

  • Looks cool but meh.

    While I am all for destructible stations it will lead to all wars becoming who can perma camp and blow up the enemy staging first.
    It will also lead to the death of most production in null as no one in their right mind will want to build a manufacturing/trading empire in a station where it will all be lost and not even have the possibility to be sold off.

    • Random CFC Grunt

      Apart from manufacturing, this will mean a mass relocation of assets from every single outpost to the nearest npc station… I personally did that when I heard that CCP was planning to introduce destructible outposts at some point in the future (and they did say that I believe on the fanfest in 2014…). I’m not taking any risks here and quite possibly a large majority of nullsec inhabitants will do the same.

      • Umgawa

        Yep. Destructible stations will simply mean everyone just leaves Nullsec. And if even CFC pilots think that, you can guarantee that all the smaller alliances will too.

        • notanalt

          CCP has been discussing asset protection even after outpost destruction,
          instead of complaining and crying doomsday in the comments here, go
          post on the forums about your grievances

          • fermaguel

            in other words, structures will never be destroyed, because its all the time/effort of POS warfare currently, or outpost capturing, without ANY of the material rewards. heck, with the new system you arent even denying the enemy access to their assets, as theyll either have it teleported to the nearest “safe” station, or put in a can only they cna warp to.

            in other words, nullsec, and wormholes too since they are getting the same structures, will be even safer than before.

  • ashurman

    i think I just did a sex noise at work….

    • :P

      as if anyone who plays this game knows what sex is…

      • Loke

        Gonna need a towel …

      • Dick Hauser

        We may not have any practical experience, but i assure you we have watched many “documentaries” and “training videos”…

  • Jones

    where is my death star?

  • Afk

    I’m guessing the player gates/new space idea has been filed away with wis as something that will never happen.

    • Jay

      Nope, CCP has got the idea of “Lets change everything” and wonder why their subscriptions are shrinking along with their revenue. Why not show us how successful you’re new expansion cycle has been by releasing you’re subscriptions numbers before and after as you did post 2008? πŸ˜€
      CCP days are numbered! Everyone start counting.

      • The14th

        People have been saying subs are dwindling and EVE is dying for almost a decade now, you got some new info the rest didn’t Nostradamus?

        • yup he must be right this time

          it’s not opinion this time , it’s a fact, just check eve-offline :)))

          • The14th

            Just looks like the summer slump to me

          • Jay

            maybe you should get your eyes checked, the latest numbers are as low as they were in 2008.

            CCP might want to think twice about their next few expansions because it might be their lasts, but don’t worry, CCP will go down in history as a one hit wonder game company that destroyed one of the greatest game ever created πŸ˜€

          • The14th

            Fine, summer slump plus bot account freak out. Talk to me if it gets to 30k, that would actually be news.

          • Gizan

            i personally dropped 30 accounts after the Capital class jump changes. I for the most part have not played eve much since. I re-sub for a month here and there to talk with friends, but thats about it.

          • The14th

            If you had 30 accounts and were scared by the cap changes then you’re probably part of the problem anyways. Good riddance.

          • unsure

            Realistically, allot of people are playing other games, because we are in a new stagnant holding pattern until the new sov mechanics finally come out.
            That aside, I think CCP dropped the ball in dealing with all these changes and their implementation, by not bring out the structures first & then bring in the new sov mechanics. If they had of, it would of made for a smoother transition and inter weaving of core game mechanics, with any tweaks being able to be more easily exposed and fixed. I find CCP’s approach to be like, putting the cart before the horse and asking the cart why it isn’t carrying its fair load.

          • The14th

            The thing is, the structures probably didn’t fully gel until the new sov mechanics were added in. And since Null-sec is on life support anyways, they probably didn’t see the harm in pushing forward now rather than waiting a year.

          • Mr Banden

            OMG YES, you are right. If the current trend of the last 3 months continues then eve will be dead in 3-4 years! O M G, women and children in the boats first please. It definately could not be a slight dip in the numbers for whatever reason like there has been 300 times before. On the other hand if we look at the graph from the high point of january 2011 and on then Eve might be dead some time after 2030, oh noes….

            Graphs are just baffling to you right?

      • Mr Banden

        So you are saying that change is bad and they should just have done nothing? Wow, that is some amazing insight there, please let us have more of your brown nuggets of wisdom, oh great one.

        Btw, it’s “your”, dumbass.

  • Bawk Bawkbagawk

    anyone notice that the first pic after the heading “drones and fighters” looks very much like a robotic vagina?

  • nice but wrong

    Awesome ideas with the new structures, I love adding the weapons etc as any space station should have it’s own defences and it’ll help when your corp or alliance numbers are a bit low.
    But for the love of God – to be able to blow up such a massive structure while 3 systems away using a magical mind lazor on a Command Node is just wrong!!!!! this is a game of guns and launchers and drones!!! Kill my stuff with that, or be able to crash your ships into it, but please please please not the mind lazor wizard magical potion stuff.