For many members of BRAVE Collective, today is a day of remembrance,ย for Eve players that have been lost to us over the years. For BRAVE this event is an anniversary of one member in particular, John Bellicose.

In his announcement to the Alliance, head of HR and CSM X member Cagali Cagali wrote on the BRAVE subreddit,

92888420_256My Dear Friends.

I know You’ve all been desperately hanging out for this event, and It’s going to be GLORIOUS. This is a celebration of all the people we’ve loved and lost in the game, from John Bellicose to that guy who told that awesome joke that time, that you’ve never heard from since.

This game is all about the people, and it’s the people that make it special.

Now the bad news, and you’re going to hate me when I say this:

I’ve had to push the fun and celebratory Event Back a little bit.

Multiple reasons, but mostly that I couldn’t secure an appropriate system in time. Not going to half ass this thing – We need this done right, so we’re going to change the date a little bit, and hold the massive New Eden Wide Mega Splash Celebration on the 30th of May, 2015*.

The Event will kick off at 0001 on that day (eve time), and there will be craziness all that day until 0001 on the 31st.

I ask your patience and understanding at the delay.

I apologise wholeheartedly.


The Passing of John Bellicose, and the kindling of the Broadcast for Reps flame in New Eden will not go unmarked, and so here is the deal.

We will be keeping a cyno lit in YZ-LQL from downtime to downtime.

Cynos have been used in memorial services across new eden forever, and this one will mimic the eternal flame. I expect people to try to come kill it. I expect people to defend it. If it goes out, we relight it instantly. I expect people will come to visit and light their own tributes.

This is going to be our chance to remember our fallen friends, to broadcast for reps, and to have a little bit of fun with it.

So: As the server comes up after Downtime on the 29th, someone will undock a boat and fire it up. It’s up to the rest of us to keep it alive until the server dies on the 30th by hook or by crook.

We will be supplying free Cynos and free Ozone.

Thanks m’lords and ladies,

Hope to see you there.

As of downtime today (29th of April) the first cynos were lit to mark the start of the 24 hour vigil until downtime on the 30th of April.


Cagali Cagali tweeted at the start of the event

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 14.17.00

If you have Eve friends that you have lost and want to remember them, light a cyno in their name or contact Cagali Cagali either via twitter @Cagali_Cagali, or ingame and BRAVE will light one for you.

*Editor’s Note: The mistake was in the original post and was transcribed here.

  • Seawolf21

    Things like these set eve apart from every other game, and why we remember details from events years after they occur…Unlike every other MMO i’ve played. It’s only half pixels. The other half is real people, a few of which you will form a bond with well beyond the screen.

  • Venerable

    This. This. This type of thing, is why people play Eve. No other game forms bonds where people will commit their free time to remember the passing of their brethren. People are what matter.

    Nice Tribute Brave.


  • that guy

    wow.. people in this game surprise me every time.

  • jgray1979

    word brave, word.

  • Jay

    This is what makes eve great!

  • Parthannun

    I applaud this event well done

  • N3_Grunt

    John Bellicose, Vile Rat and all those we have lost along the way, may they rest in peace and shoot blues wherever they are now. o7

    This event is awesome!

  • Frans Bovens

    Fly safe, forever

  • guest

    I hope they wake up in station soon o7

  • Pliskkenn


  • Rinthas

    o7 Dan North, AKA PuppyUK. You’re missed buddy

    • oidche

      made me laugh long after he was gone 7o

  • meh

    place an anchorable container near the cyno where players can place any frozen corpses of these players

  • Lee Thrace

    o7 Underbalance. We hardly knew yee. May your ghost haunt Feythabolis forever.

  • Jim Rheic

    Unfortunately the event has been slightly marred by Black Legion dropping a battleship fleet on our memorial and destroying it.

    • abc123

      Black Legion TWINKS & FAGS will be just that. They don’t know how just to mind their own business.

      • goat attacks cow, cow loses

        hey now, just because you are a self hating member of the lgbt community doesnt mean you have to be such a knob. Plus if they were really gay im sure they wouldnt be so base as to ruin a memorial service…They probably make stick sticky no no time with the frozen corpses they find (after they microwave them so they arnt as stone cold as their significant others frigid hearts.)

        • TheNotSoNotEvenNearRedBull

          then bull eats goat with milk for breakfast

    • Black Legion Twink

      Hey now, just because you think everyone should be “honorable” doesn’t mean they’re going to be! Dropping on you n00bs while looking like sad lost puppys is amusing as feck ๐Ÿ˜› LONG LIVE TROLLLEGION DogOfWar for EVE Troll master!

      • Saltpastillen

        lol. silly little girl. Keep believing you are awesome.

        Anyways, obvious troll is obvious.

        • BRACK REAGION!

          Silly little jelly like blobby wobble, BL are the kings of asshattery, it will never change they live to shit on people, Brave fed them tears thus BL will do it again and again until Brave go “fuck this noise” and stop responding ๐Ÿ˜›

          Also well done for pointing out that obvious troll is obvious when “the little girl” made it clear troll was troll, or are you “trying” to troll the troll who was obvious about being a troll for the trolls that frequent this trolly place?

          • Saltpastillen

            “or are you “trying” to troll the troll who was obvious about being a troll”

            Well it looks like it worked too. This is what comment sections are for after all. Am I right?

    • Cristian

      What a bunch of twats. If brave allow it i will bring a BS and who i can to defend the cyno’s later.

    • Mira

      You talk of BL marring the event, yet your people shot my cyno ship without any reason. Not cool

      • Mira

        Scratch that, just a misunderstanding

  • ncdude

    arty cynabals at the ready

  • KM’s of Jerks

    I shoot every1 everywhere, but when event is on dont be JERK like BL or similar who kill the idea for event, kill respect for friends not with us anymore…

  • Random neutral

    I came to honour the fallen, and was shot by brave the moment I lit my cyno. Great attitude guys. If a Velator km is worth it for you….