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Hel Pilot a Lilmad in Derelik

April 25, 2015

As reported here Lowsechnaya Sholupen [-LSH-] have had a recent spate of killing 3 supercapitals. However it doesn’t quite match the tally of the #REKKINGCREW who have now reached their 4th in just over 10 days.

The most recent of these kill is a Hel piloted by Phoeniix of the Cosmic Encounter [QPIC] corporation in the Mutually Disinterested [MEH.] alliance who was caught in the Lilmad system of Derelik.

Similar to all kills related to the #REKKINGCREW the leader, RoCkEt X of Pandemic Legion [-10.0], was contacted to determine the details of the event and he provided the following.

The target in question was sitting around in the target system cloaked for a while though we weren’t exactly sure he was flying a Hel. However some of his former alliance mates have recently joined PL so we asked a few abstract questions and found out that the guy definitely had one, but they weren’t sure who the pilot was. We looked up Phoeniix on eveboard, as he was in local and sure enough he had the skills to fly the ship.

Suddenly he decloaked – We think he was trying to safe log, but paniced when he saw the probes and cloaked up again. Unfortunately for him we’d already probed him, but our prober got excited and accidently warped at 50km. We sent a HIC there but had no luck decloaking him – but we figured he might be close. We had the prober sit at his 50km bookmark, then had him burn towards where he thought the target would be (travelling in a straight line from the direction he’d warped in from).

After he travelled his 50km, we had him light a cyno and jumped in the 40 man #REKKINGCREW subcap gang. We estimated he’d be within 20km, when we did eventually decloak him about 2 minutes later he was about 30km off the estimated zero point. He could have decloaked and cyno’d out at any time during the 2-3 minutes he was sitting there with us on grid… we have no idea why he didn’t. Just panicked i guess.

The kill was more difficult than it could have been because of the initial probe not going as smoothly as it normally does. Nonetheless, a kill is a kill 🙂


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This clearly shows that not all kills go to plan though fortunately for them it still worked out and was likely due to the panic of the pilot as mentioned above. Both the regions of Aridia and Derelik are becoming a very dangerous place for unaware and lone supercapitals to be travelling as there seems to be 2 types of #REKKING gangs working in the area. It will be interesting to see if these ever come into contact with each other especially after the new changes happen as there is a good chance that even more supercapitals will be moving to “safer” ground in lowsec and they could end up hunting the same target.

A video of the kill can be shown below:

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