1st April 2015 / 9RQ-L8 / Stain

In what appears to be a refreshing change to the “Titan Dead” April foolery of the day: It has been confirmed that an Ev0ke Titan has been destroyed earlier today in Stain, in what appears to be a moving operation gone wrong. Pandemic Legion we able to capitalize on the opportunity to tackle the vulnerable titan which lead to its destruction.

View of Kill

Eveli, the Pandemic Legion pilot responsible for the catch was available to give the following insight:

Eveli > okay so
Eveli > we noticed evoke moving capitals after an aeon and avatar cynod in next door to LGK in MB4
Eveli > we started doing some research and found them moving alot of capitals from their home in Tenerifs towards stain
Eveli > with evokes past we knew they were more than likely to move big shit at DT, especially right next to us
Eveli > we knew the alts they were using so we began stalking
Eveli > we discovered the next mid after the titan bridged a fenrir from Mb4 to the new system
Eveli > after this it was a matter of watching the locals and the pos in system
Eveli > we watched the avatar cyno in 12 seconds before downtime at a ping off the pos, about 13000km off
Eveli > with how late it was we were 90% sure he had not made it off his cyno spot
Eveli > we logged a dictor off on the spot and had round the clock bombers watching the spot
Eveli > then it just became a waiting game


It appears that this Titan was attempting to move within 4 jumps of Pandemic Legion’s staging system of LGK-VP which some may say is a relatively risky endeavour, however with the timezone tipped favourably towards the local Russian Alliance’s operating times, it’s worth mentioning that a supercapital operation around this area from Pandemic Legion also carries significant risk in terms of the numbers the Russian based alliances can put together compared to Pandemic Legion’s.

Included in the report, Eveli’s Archon was also destroyed, falling to the power of the Avatar’s “Judgement” Doomsday super-weapon. Eveli had the following to say regarding his Archon loss.

Eveli > we didnt have any dics ready on a titan
Eveli > so i suicided a ghostrider to guarantee he wasn’t getting out


Eveli > it was a team effort and wouldn’t have been possible without everyone’s help

“Ghostriding” is the act of jumping into a system in a carrier, launching a ship from the carrier’s bay and then boarding the ship. Ghostriding generally refers to launching heavy interdictors or light interdictors and boarding them, to save time setting up a titan bridge. It has become a less used form of tackling supercapitals since the changes to jump ranges and the introduction of fatigue but was used heavily by Pandemic Legion and other alliances prior to that.

A spokesperson for Ev0ke. was not available for comment at the time of writing.

A link to the kill can be found here.

  • [SNIGG] Rocket X

    29 sleepless hours later :3 OP SUCCESS

    • darwin

      You are doing my work. Thanks

  • machin

    hey op, newsflash: ev0ke is part of n3 so StainRUS way more hostile to them than PL. Also the last time StainRUS had more active supers than PL was never.

    • U-T

      Ev0ke is NOT N3.
      If you would tie them to a powerbloc, they are more CFC when they sold out to Ncdot in the Tribute war.

      • N3 grunt

        they are part of N3. they joined 2 months ago when they helped gentlemens club, nulli and NC. defending immensea. N3 gave them space in tenerfis for that. next time inform urself better 😉

        • U-T

          Nope, they are not.

      • LOL you have no idea

        wow you are clueless, they were fighting CFC in fountain before being moved into northern tenerefis to assist N3 with the RA/DRF/INIT invasion of detorid. They are a member or a pet of N3, pick your poison

        • U-T

          Ev0ke is CFC, they just have a no-take-moons-and-sov pact with goons.

    • Ryu

      do you know what timezones are?

  • Stain4life

    yeah, somethin goes wrong, Ev0ke staging POS destroyed yesterday thanks to C0ven and RUS
    so thats why Titan probably stayed behind.

  • gert

    how many supers/titans has PL killed from their former “allies” since B-R ???

    • Ryu

      when was ev0ke EVER an ally?!

  • gast

    fortunately they didn’t catch Tom McCash