EVE Players await the imminent arrival of CCP’s second phase of changes to the game’s sovereignty (sov) mechanics. Two lengthy dev-blogs were forecast by a sheepishly grin-faced CCP Fozzie and should arrive any day now. Clearly, CCP is bracing itself for a torrent of feedback from the player-base that will create a flurry of activity, sweeping right into the Harpa on March 19th.

These Sov changes may be the most anticipated changes in EVE’s 11 year history. The sandbox is in delicate transition from the “future vision” of walking-in-stations and Dust 514’s link (see trailer), to a trifecta MMO experience: Players will be able play in New Eden as a capsuleer (EVE), a planet-side merc (Legion), or a fighter pilot (Valkyrie). All three games on PC, with one launching point, and real impact on New Eden. They will also share one economy. This is probably why CCP is moving to Aurum as a central meta-currency, away from PLEX.

Additionally, CCP has to worry about the competition. There are several real Sci-Fi MMOs that appeal to the EVE demographic in the form of Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, and others. The stakes are high.

At the center of EVE’s viability is Null-sec, outlaw space, where players carve out a home for themselves. Drastic changes to Null-sec have been on the board for a while (2011), and we are finally on the verge of seeing the fruits of CCP’s labors.


Phase One, Review

In November of 2014, we covered the “phase one” changes (jump drive nerfs and jump fatigue) introduced in Phoebe’s expansion, and made some predictions in the article, “Brave New World: A Look Into the Future of Null Sec,” with the disclaimer “nobody knows” how this will shake out. The article started by predicting the sov holding landscape by using analogy:

EVE started with apes wielding bones (neanderthals). Then nomadic players emerged and began working together in corporations (family clans). Those were overtaken by tribal warlords (Khaaan!), who fell to the disciplined war machines of mega alliances with pets (Rome). That model was defeated by large numbers of players forming coalitions (fat feudal kings) who raised armies by renting lands to harvester serfs. The new model, if history is a teacher, should be power centers with satellite power centers (colonization).

Soon, real “capital” stations will become the seats of sov power, with “colony” stations in strategic locations, each housing massive fleets and an army of sleeping clones.

Pre-Pheobe, sov holding alliances moved fast:  the CFC vacated the Delve area. Half of N3 (NCDOT, Darkness and The Kadeshi) moved in, while the other half  (S2N, GCLUB, and others) moved a few regions away to Immensea and Feythabolis, perched and eyed everything around them. Pandemic Legion sold off their sov interests as nomads do, while xXDeathXx made plans to take over large amounts of Drone region space, as slum lords do. Nullsec alliances scrambled to find a “home,” like so many schoolkids in musical chairs. Everyone seemed prepared to hunker down and weather the new world.

Just before Phoebe hit, however, CCP, under pressure from players, partially reversed course and postponed the travel limits to industrial ships and jump freighters. This concession made a world of difference: Sov holding alliances could keep their logistical lifeline to Jita’s trade hub, and plans to divert gaming hours to the local harvesting of resources were jettisoned. Tech 2 would continue to flow into null-sec from empire space, for now. The constriction of outlaw empires in null-sec was limited to a military travel nerf, which was not enough to dissuade them from continuing to overextend.

Post-Phoebe, the big sov holders dealt with the travel changes by securing key border systems, allowing them to gate jump into a neighboring region, then cyno jumping once in the region. The fatigue mechanic (Le Tired, or Space Aids), did force pilots to save their jumps. Stern guidelines on cyno jumping were issued to keep everyone’s fatigue the same, in order to avoid the fragmention of fleets. Alliances paid probers to find wormholes for transportation purposes, and devised “travel fits” for capital ships, to quickly move them through gates. With all these adjustments, sov holding alliances still had to learn some hard lessons:

Goons painfully learned that moving giant fleets long distances, just to be blue-balled by N3 in Fountain, would burn their guys out. They also learned that alliances in deep space, left without support, lose morale fast.

Kadeshi found out the hard way that wormholes meant your supers were never fully safe, even inside your own borders, when PL followed Lazerhawks into Delve to kill some Kadeshi supers.

NCDOT learned they could not effectively fight on three simultaneous fronts (Fountain, Querious and Catch), losing 4 supers to goons while trying to save PL in Catch.

Black Legion. learned that massive battles like B-R5RB were a deadly strain when they mobilized to engage PL in Catch, and lost the capital fleet on the return trip. They also learned that wormholes were a gamble that could instantly cut your fleet in half if their masses were miscalculated.

N3 learned that conscripting renter alliances to defend territory they paid to live in was a hard sell, and ceded a lot of ground to break-away renters and pro Russian alliances in the east.

By and large, however, the sov map remained nearly the same, with only a few inspirational sov attempts by small alliances. The expected colonial age has yet to appear, but the coalitions are now a step closer, subdivided: The CFC has Northern (Deklein) and Southern (Fountain) navies, while N3 has Western (Delve) and Eastern (Immensea) navies. Each coalition has capital systems for each of their alliances, and stockpiles of ships in different strategic “prefecture systems.” The prediction that the flat strategic game would become a multi-level one is coming true, albeit slowly.


The next phase will probably be in the Scylla expansion (March 24th), depending on Fanfest feedback, and should further constrict sov holding alliances to less space, and ultimately encourage smaller alliances to flourish in null-sec.

 Phase Two

At this hour, nothing has been announced. Many highly-visible players have weighed in on what they see CCP doing to “un-lock” nullsec and their ideas range from the “occupancy model” to a sov-less model. Public suggestions, like the “null deal” put forth by notable alliances are counter productive. CCP cannot embrace nullsec’s own remedy.

CCP has to balance the advantages of the sov holding alliances; “boots on the ground” mechanics favor alliances with tens of thousands of members, while “structure intensive” mechanics favor high skillpoint capital fleets that are usually the domain highly exclusive veteran alliances. CCP has to limit mechanics that help big alliances while keeping the “little guy” from getting tangled up in those changes. Whatever drops, it will have been hotly debated and worked over before it was released to the public. The scale of the dev-blogs (7,000+ words) indicate that there is a lot of explanation required to frame the problem, dismiss some solutions, and to explain their solutions. The fact there are two blogs also hints there are new mechanics that will be broken out to a second dev-blog

CSM member Xander Phoena, who famously “doesn’t break NDA” with what he says, but skirts that line with what he insinuates with suggestive word choices, inflections and issue framing, recently indicated that the changes will make a lot of current sov holders angry. This probably means CCP didn’t elect a full occupancy model for sov (which most alliances are pushing for).

Whatever CCP decides, there will be a lot of discussion leading up to Fantfest, which is exactly what they want. The only thing that is certain is they will weather this storm.

  • Irya

    Seriously in order to shake 0.0 but not stomp them it will be hard
    but some solutions already in game can be set to 0.0 mechanics like

    -Collapse Suns ( like carolina’sstar ) so system will disappear ( make alert signs Weeks before the explosion)
    -Delay Local : you know why ^^ or remove local in systems <-0.5
    -Rethink Planetary interaction and put some Dust or project legion whatever ;in it !!
    -Give 0.0 belts juicy belts and when i say juicy i mean juicy.

    And for BoB sake Walk in station Or On Planets you know .. to ride some Ponies!!! eve need this ! 🙂

    • Nullsec Resident

      Delete local is bad idea. Because you choose to live without local in wormhole space doesn’t mean have to. If they were to delete local- they need to make nullsec as profitable as wormhole space and be able to print 200m+ isk hourly per toon/pilot. We’re now it’s good if you hit 70m hourly with a rat fitted carrier/super.

      • Jack Morrison

        Deleting might not be the best idea, but nullsec is where players should rule and make choices. Make the ‘local’ a system upgrade (like jump bridges) and you have one more toy in the sandbox for both the attackers / defenders.

        • Sieveboy

          See Irya, this idea I can get behind.

          • Irya

            humm pretty the same thing, and FYI i said delay or remove, i stick for the delay and yes why not put the local as system upgrade , you can attack and put down without timers !

          • Sieveboy

            If I attack a sov structure it’s to take the space, not to be a little irritant to the locals.

          • Dave

            attack a structure ….without generating a mail? : )

        • Tia

          I like this idea

        • muh

          you know that ‘local’ system upgrade already exists? its called a system scanning array and ccp removed the use of those things years ago

          • Jack Morrison

            honestly, i had no idea, maybe they will reuse it with the sov overhaul (even if highly unlikely)

        • Senex Legio 1

          Yes, provided an attacker can disable it.

      • Irya

        yep this is why i asked for more juicy belts and why not more juicy rats too ?

        • Sieveboy

          If you want local deleted in null sec, the income potential needs to be buffed to WH levels as Nullsec Resident correctly noted. “Juicy belts” doesn’t cut it, put some more effort into the reward side of exponentially expanding null sec risk (unnecessarily) without addressing sov issues before you spout tired and outdated dumb idea.

      • andreas reinhauer

        so when everyone makes more money the only thing that happens is inflation which you’re not getting more bling for the isk.

    • GrouchyOldGamer

      Deleting local would be nice, but, I don’t want DUST or Legion anywhere near 0.0.

      I really hope CCP move towards a city state type null sec where groups can own smaller areas of space and make a living from it. Anything that breaks the renter mechanic and makes it harder for mega groups to scale is worthwhile in my book.

    • Sieveboy

      Delay/delete local is the pussy excuse for those pathetic idolators who worship at the altar of small gang, thinking they are king shit ganking a ratter or miner, but run faster than there portly masses should physically all when a home defense fleet shows up. Nope, its a cop out and it is not going to fix anything in null sec, except to make vacuous blow hards like ripard teg think he has some ability beyond running his little 300 man no name alliance. At the end of the day, those that hold the space earned the right to own it via there superior application of force or spai’ing in some cases, or having the ingame resource to otherwise acquire it. Elite 1v1 ebushido bullshit at the sun isn’t an appropriate way to settle something like sovereignty.

      • Irya

        removing local has nothing to do with ebushido or epen or whatever.

        but the problem of local chat in 0.0 is the fucking advantage given to defenders , they see you coming too easily and passively

        Sov has to be dealt with sov mechanic and , yes people who had earned the right to get their cake should have benefit of it , but if people want to poke them , the game must be set in order to make the confrontation take place; because now if you want to do something at small scale , you have to deal with TIMERS !!

        CCP should put something not really Bad that force defenders to defend but not based on timers or shooting structures.

        Just something pain in the ass for the Holder but something which doesn’t touch the Sov itself.

        • Sieveboy

          Timers… timers exist because guess what, we don’t all live, play and work at the same time. If you propose we remove timers, then prepared to get your shit pushed in by the group with the largest presence in the quietest time zone (AU, you know the time when CCP likes to fuck up hardware swaps so all us AUTZ players pay for the privilege of not playing eve).

          Conversely, the groups with the largest timezone coverage, will not be movable.

          Glad you acknowledge the right for the better organised to own space…

          Finally, your demand that sov holders form up and fight just because you decided to grace them with your presence entirely misses the point, me blue balling you to frustrate you. It is a valid and legitimate tactic with much history. Starving out an aggressor of their desire is cheap and effective and it generates lots of great content for me, your tears.

    • Really?

      Move to a WH and add Dustbunnies, then you have the game you just outlined. Leave changing 0.0 to those who live in it every day.

      • teamnodaughters

        Yeah because they’ve done such a fine job in it, lol

  • mmm

    The players that own null do so because they are more dedicated, more skilled and work harder than the players that don’t. Whatever changes are made, the better players will still be better players and they will use those changes to their advantage.

    • Sieveboy

      “The players that own null do so because they are more dedicated, more organised, better managed and work harder than the players that don’t. Whatever changes
      are made, the better players will still be better players and they will
      use those changes to their advantage.” Fixed it for you.

    • Bittervet

      More dedicated:
      -show up for one timer with overwhelming force as opposed to attackers who have to grind multiple timers through multiple days
      more skilled
      -this is so subjective it hurts
      work harder

      -see: more dedicated

      fact is, taking sov is such a bother as opposed to defending it it’s not even funny. Only way you can take sov nowadays is to show up with 3+ times more people which in current days of blue doughnut is nigh impossible.
      TL;DR: player that own sov do so because they have it easy and there’s more of them.

      • Sieveboy

        Military doctrines have long noted that the ratio of attacker to defender needs to be 3 to 1:, note this analysis shows it only needs to be 3 to 1 at a focal point of the battle, i.e. locally overwhelm the enemy.

        • Bittervet

          Exactly. But the fact still is if you’re independent alliance your numbers are up to 1k (with alts) and you’re going against a coalition of 50k+ people AND their blues. And like I said, not only that, but you’re looking at grinding SBUs, IHUB and god forbid station, which is 3 timers in itself. You’re essentially in that system grinding sov for almost a week, whereas the defender only has to show up on final timer and if they win you’re looking at another week of grinding sov.

          Currently the best defense isn’t offense or even large numbers or superior doctrines, it’s the fact that grinding is so annoying and people simply get burned out after a month or so.

          • GrouchyOldGamer

            That is a null sec issue and it is what drives the existence of large coalitions. The tricky problem facing CCP is how to be you may 0.0 attractive enough that small groups want to carve out a system or two to own and defend …. but … stop mega groups monopolizing that same space?

          • Sieveboy

            Not even the CFC is 50k strong, the 2 largest non rental alliances in the game, BNI and GSF are around 10k to 12k with alts. But I digress, an 1k alliance taking on a heavily entrenched group like the cfc deserves to get its shit pushed in for being deluded enough to try and take that sov. Now, if they dealt with the cfc at diplomatic level they might get somewhere.

            Thst being said, Phoebe Freeport Republic has gained sov, it can be done.

          • 1337 PVP FTW

            “An 1k alliance taking on a heavily entrenched group like the cfc deserves to get its shit pushed in for being deluded enough to try and take that sov. Now, if they dealt with the cfc at diplomatic level they might get somewhere.” Now that especially the last part is everything thats wrong with eve. But good at towing the status quo you retarded mother fucker. Most of us are pretty fucking tired of nips, coward agreements and other bullshit. I think most of us would leave if there was another game like this but there isn’t so were going to no noisy about fixing this one.

          • Sieveboy

            Beat that chest any harder and you might break a rib. Go read about the earliest days of Eve as described by the orange haired CEO. Politics and agreements have existed since the earliest days of the game and the first player corporations. Seeing as your elite and all, come 1v1 me at the sun in VFK.

          • Awww

            I Miss the old days of the South vs North, Max Wars…… just saying.

      • bob loblaw

        See I hate people who see pvp like this.

        Its not about fair “skilled” pvp, and no you are not so skilled that if they made pvp some arena BS you would rise to greatness.

        Eve is about strategy. If you are grinding through timers only to get blobbed at the end, you failed strategy, the, the blob, out skilled you with strategy, mainly because you were too dumb to see the numbers on the other side coming, and never prepared for it.

        EVE is more a grand strategy game than anything else, each player is a piece on the board so to speak. Yes large groups of veterans will dominate, however too large and they always fall apart.

        Small scale fair pvp is for friendly skirmishes. If the fight is ever fair, both sides of the fight failed the strategy part of the game.

        People like you, who sit there in their tiny “highly skilled pvp” group that goes out stomping noobies and morons, putting the fights up on youtube as vindication, play your part of the game, sitting there steaming that others are better at the strategy aspect because you are too elite to get allies and friends and prepare for the number game that will always exist.


  • guest

    Why is everyone speaking about other games as alternative to EvE and as possible competition?
    I don’t thnik CCP should really worry about that… after all these years there isn’t any other game that can be compared with EvE (at least in the long run).

    • Dracvlad

      I have played Elite Dangerous and am waiting for Star Citizen, Eve has greater depth in terms of economics trade and the butterfly effect, that means its always going to be interesting. Elite Dangerous is currently too shallow for co-operative play, though Star Citizen looks like it will be a threat should they get it up and running based on the designs they have detailed, but the market is not player derived and that makes it less interesting, but it will be an excellent simulation and will likely remove all the hated carebears from Eve.

      Eve will however still have its niche.

    • Dave

      “Why is everyone speaking about other games as alternative to EvE ”
      You sound like the guy who is driving is car on the wrong side of the highway…and wondering why the other drivers are driving on the wrong side.

      • guest

        … Or you sound like guy who is driving in wrong lane (from my point of view) 🙂
        If you don’t like EvE – go and try other games… in the end many players take breaks from EvE but usually come back (and thats why I think there aren’t real alternatives). For me, SC or ED don’t have anything attractive enough to play them for years.

        • Dave

          YOU are the one who said: “Why is EVERYONE speaking about other games…” : )
          So I’m pretty sure I’m on the right side of the highway. : )

  • yoyo

    “There are several real Sci-Fi MMOs that appeal to the EVE demographic in the
    form of Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, and others ”
    You can not compare those 2 games to EVE as EVE is the only game that exists in 1 ‘universe’.
    The other 2 are either instanced lobby pvp games and/or singleplayer with optional multiplayer and switch back.
    In neither of those games can you claim sov etc, adding to that those 2 games are FP shooters.

  • Necromonger

    There is no competition to Eve Online.
    All other Sci-Fi “mmo’s are single player or partly multiplayer where you cannot eve claim “sov”

    And Star Citizen will never ever be in the same league as Eve…this is pretty obvious as its just a air bubble and even if it gets completed it doesnt have the vastness or industry backbone like Eve.
    SC will have NPC seeding market hubs….or just pull your wallet and buy super ships directly.

    Its sad to say but CCP has zero competition.

    • Dave

      It is sad to say…Eve’s CPU has been dropping as of late. You also should see the number of (current or ex) eve players that are posting on Elite’s forums. A lot of them even posting with their Eve avatar (which is hilarious).
      So yeah….Eve has NO competition at all !

      • teamnodaughters

        Eve CPU, lol

        Elite has been out for a while now… I don’t see the exodus everyone was talking about… if anything it is said that ED (good name) is a mile wide and an inch deep.

        Eve’s main problem is new player experience, boring pve, and stagnation in null… if they can clear that up things will look bright

  • Thatguy

    Whatever they release, it will be a chaotic rush to understand how to best get back to a “comfort zone” that nullsec continues to complain about. Its what happens when players are smarter / more creative than the mechanics in place or when they’ve had them so long, that they have learnt all the tricks over time.
    Hopefully CCP are able to release something that can easily be expanded or altered, otherwise in 5 years they might find themselves in the same spot having to reinvent the wheel all over again.

    Or a miracle happens and CCP legitimately manage to release decent long-term mechanics that fairly function for small organisations and large ones alike.

    To people pointing out competition. Yes, there’s no game like eve (for good reasons). But there doesn’t need to be. Anything is competitive with eve, if it takes your time and money away from CCP.

  • Dave

    Whatever CCP does to sov mechanics….I expect tones of tears to flow on the various forums covering Eve.

    • Afk

      Keep an eye on the forums as the man babies rage sale their supers (again).

      • Ozone06

        I’d buy a super for $20

  • hmm

    I hope this time they seriously don’t right and stop allowing alliances to hold shit.loads of space and just rent it and do fuck all just because e they have 5000 supers. They problem is the rental community. If it’s all about living in the space yiu own then the renters do.this for them. Therefore nothing changes.

    • Matterall

      in a way the rental empires are the best way for some people to play – relaxed, no pressure, and high end content to farm (or build in), without having to worry about evacuating every other week.

      For people with demanding RL, this is not a bad way to play.

      • teamnodaughters

        Demanding RL players can play in highsec/lowsec/low class wormholes if they can’t handle what supposed to be Eve Hard mode, null is for the dedicated that will hold their sov.

  • Shieldfire

    Querious is an excellent example of all that’s wrong with sov null. An empty waste land, no one lives there and no one gives a shit. It’s just a blob with NCDot/NA ticker on it.

  • Truth sayer

    CCP is trying but not in the right direction! CFC and N3 are the biggest reason why this game is the way it is… they want to have these major coalitions to keep there rmt going… Vince how does the trillions of isk you made off the renters look… you mind sharing where the isk went?

    • Ashesofempires

      On both sides it’s likely invested heavily into capitals, super capitals, and SRP.

      • Matterall

        A lot of ISK goes to these programs. There were heads of alliances that did RMT, I’m looking at you AAA (some of your old leaders), and there is likely some now, but you cannot dismiss how much it costs to keep people in Tengus and supers.

        The active alliances are less likely to be RMTing than the large sov holders that sit around, quietly hoping no on e is looking in their direction.

        • Ashesofempires

          Pretty much. People really underestimate the costs of running SRP on T2 or better ships. Sure, if you’re doing it right you’re building your own stuff, or at least contracting with an industrial group in bulk to keep the prices down, but it’s still incredibly expensive.

          Even insurable, suicide capitals require a decent outlay for modules and fighters. And while supers aren’t lost very often, they are still something that every alliance that has the means, tries to build for their members because they are such a huge force multiplier.

          Also, sov bills and fuel costs for these vast empires aren’t cheap.

  • Just another 0.0 guy

    I think its really funny all the high sec care-bears and shitlord lowsec groups talk about not wanting to wait for the tears of 0.0 sov holders when the patch comes out. the fact is if you stop and ask 98% of the people who own sov (provi not included) they would tell you they hate it and welcome a excuse to get rid of it. owning sov is allot of work and i am sure most of the pilots and people in charge of dealing with it will be more than willing to do away with it. i mean how much isk do u think these big alliances have stocked up its not like they have to spend it on jump fuel anymore 😛

    • Truth sayer

      0.0 gy saying they dont want sov than leave go to low sec… but you enjoy renters paying your srp….

    • Candyman

      Yeah, life is rough for that 98% in Sov space because you’re too bloody stupid to realize you’re being constantly fucked over by the other 2%. Now *THAT’s* really funny, because …mmmmmmmmmm… y’all look so darn cute in your shiny leather gimp suits.

  • Mark

    There will be tears guaranteed, many will threaten revoking subscriptions CCP will push on. There will be bitter vets with Trolling 5 skilled in local/help chat talking about the real eve or vanilla eve. Or that Eve is dieing because the game went in a direction they disapprove of.
    However the vets won’t actually leave the game since they have so much in assets and real time/money in skilled not skillful characters to start over in a new game. The other sci-fi mmo’s appear to be a shallow npc bounty chasing system as their content compared to the strategy of Eve. Don’t get me wrong Eve doesn’t have content in pve either. It’s player based content that makes Eve great in the form of click wars production and destruction. If you have more skills trained to level 5 than your opponent you win the fight. Vets by default will win more than someone with less skill time in the game.
    Elite Dangerous turns Eve upside down and requires the pilot to actually have real time skills. I could see low sec pilots making an exodus exploring Elite Dangerous looking for the gud fights,and an actual bounty system that works but that’s about it. The care bears will stay in Eve where it’s safe and null bears will stay where they have the skill tree advantage.

  • Dalai’lak

    Forget about taking away local from null that’s just ignorant. “It gives players unfair advantages” ….. Rrrrealy? Anyone hear of homefield advantage? Unlike w-space, and it’s Madmax style where nobody “owns” everybody “roams”, null-sec is all about carving out your piece of land. And just like it’s always been, people who own land look out for it, scout it, prospect it. Back in the days we had watchtowers for instance. That’s what local is. A head’s up to the defenders. BUT!!! Seeing evil people inbound on the horizon gives an early warning and lets people hide from raiders!?!!? THAT’S FINE ! Because the real issue lies with what one dude mentionned. The fact that he can just dock up, blueball and harvest tears…. Apart from being overwhelmingly pathetic, it’s fundamentally flawed. Why? You want to hide behind your castle walls, station walls, church/synagogue/mosque walls? Fine!! However instead of being all smug and finding yourself awesome harvesting tears from blueballed people, you should be the one crying your heart out while the hostiles burn your fields, raid your stores, destroy your crops, poison your wells. Sure you won’t die behind those walls, but by being a complete panzy, you should in no way deserve to own anything, let alone have the slightest possibility of being smug. Out in null, you want something, you claim it and then defend it. If you ain’t willing to work the “defend it” part, go back to high-sec. Null ain’t about surprising potential targets to gank. It’s not about luring a lone ship out to die. It’s not about preying on trade lanes for in-and-out hit and runs. It’s not about dodging detection until you can land a surprise attack.

    Null is about all the opposite! It’s about riding (flying) in, banners high, horns blowing, dust bowls rising in the back, letting all the land owners know that YOU ARE HERE, and you’re gonna burn and pillage unless someone stops you!! Shouldn’t even imply all out conquest (so please leave all the grinding talk for another discussion). The goal is not always to tear down the castle, most raiding parties didn’t have the siege equipment to do so in the first place. But if the land owners were complete panzies (like most are in Eve nowadays) that raiding party could cause SERIOUS issues. Sure you’ll be safe behind your castle walls but BOY you sure as hell shouldn’t be smug when, after the evil people leave, you come out of cowering and realize that, not only is your land destroyed and wrekted, but it no longers has the infrastructure to allow you to maintain your nice and nifty castle!

    Would pay to see the look on your sorry faces when the raiding party comes back only this time, you can’t get the drawbridge up cuz the chains are broke and the blacksmith’s shop was destroyed, him killed and his wife raped and taken away during the last raid… You know? That raid you did nothing about cuz you were cowering behind those castle feeling (for some reason that goes well beyond my capacity to understand) …. smug?

  • The hype as reached critical mass!

    • Matterall

      it’s going to be huge. it will take some time to scour through the details to be able to report on it. Kind of like the supreme court (US) handing out a verdict to reporters.

  • Senex Legio 1

    I think your term “Colonial Age” was an inspired one. That is what this game needs.

  • Provi Miner

    change is good, and it needs to be followed through on. Always change the dynamics. When I started if you were not in a drake your side lost. Now its who ever gets the right ship their first wins. Let the wind of change blow away the old and dried up bitter vets let the game capture those looking to make their own way using the past as a learning tool. I say shake the whole thing up break up the regions make the jumps longer and enjoy the new opportunities.

    • Fartolio

      …how about work a bit for your “win”?

  • Syress Spora

    Is there a problem with Sov or is it the major blocks with superior fire power that out gun 90% of the normal player base. Since Pheobe the russians returned in force ( Thumbs up ) and general low sec pvp is far better without getting hot dropped.

    The problem with Null isn’t the Sov that CCP gives you, its the people living in the SOV that use the best game mechanics available to achieve goals, deny the good fights with minimal losses. Strategic Objectives

    A few things i would change – Carrier’s – Don’t give them bonuses to them unless they are in triage – i.e. cant receive reps. This prevents the use of 50 of them in mass groups and the ability to actually fight against them.

    Supers – Change the concept of use – ECM burst ( remove it ) Make drones fighters or bombers. Reduce Cap Regen. They are too OP in groups of 30+ with no direct counter.

    Control Towers – Make POS towers hackable with a low percentage hit rate – Silo’s can be accessed, Hardeners offlined and reactions interrupted. We live in an era where moon goo and staging towers are critical.

    Stargates – Introduce them or even better direct Black holes to the Chinese Server……

    • Fartolio

      …basically hand out the keys to the kingdom to small bullshiteers without any work. Because without CCP handing it there’s no chance some are willing to try to get it.

      • Syress Spora

        You talk like SOV was intended for massive power blocks? The reason why null is able to control large areas is purely down to jump mechanics. I appreciate that some corps/ alliances have worked hard and that is why these guys own the best and most expensive ships current to offer. However it doesn’t change the fact that EVE is a sandbox game and more should be offered to challenge that.

        • Fartolio

          ofc. it needs challenge. by people. and somehow the less willing to work are mostly the loudest whinners.

      • Matterall

        @ troll, There’s a lot of “protection to investment” that CCP gives veterans, so it is not as easy as saying “come and get it.” Even very, very skilled pvpers (Lowsecheya) cannot earn a place at the table.

        There are free intelligence loopholes in the meta game that newer or smaller outfits don’t yet know how to exploit. There’s massive profiteering from renting space and moon mining that buys layers of protection.

        The only thing that will break down established null-sec is, established null-sec itself. But they have inherently agreed not to topple each other (until after these sov changes, maybe). Whether it is RMT purposes for the heads of states, or simply the unwillingness of the null players to risk their homes, the null-sec lock is real and not a simple problem.

        • Fartolio

          is not about risking your home. is about forcing you to play shit games in cheap paperplanes by overpowering those. and a lot of such. also best pvp guys i saw were not by far “lowsecheya”. VERY skilled MECHANICS pvp players, yeah, thats something i can give them. never said the nullsec lock is not real. is about the “come get it”. thing wich most won’t do except is uber-easy and favouring JUST the attacker. nullseccers won’t attack themselves is a issue? then do a little math about the costs of a sov attack. before whinning how expensive interceptors are. this game needs locktime, dps and range nerf. here goes your “fun”. make people be able to lock on ships in a timely manner, give them the ability to hit and dps to kill and remove kiting. there goes your alive and kicking null. rest is just utter bullshit and hypochrisy. before i get a answer on that i must precisate: i don’t care about butbut’s or non-viable exceptions.

          • Matterall

            ok man thanks for explaining.

    • UltraCobra

      “Stargates – Introduce them or even better direct Black holes to the Chinese Server……”

      Introducing black holes to the Chinese Server is actually impossible, because the Chinese government.

    • Nc.guy

      I can tell you havnt spent x amount if years to fly carriers or supers so why don’t you shut the fuck up they gave already been nerfed to shit and they cost a ton of isk they should be fucking op saying small alliances should be just given some kind of special treatment to fight bigger ones is retarded its natural for small groups to band together to form bigger ones its happened all through history if you really want to fight a big alliance go make one if youre own otherwise quit whinging and keep ratting in your Ishtar

      • teamnodaughters


        Fuck them honestly, they stifle growth/fights. Look at lowsec since the jump nerf fights are pretty good without the “PL supers in 3, 2, 1…” issues to worry about. Anything that stops fun IN A GAME, needs to be nerfed into the ground HARD.

  • AFK

    Hope this is the death of 40000 man coliaation and renter tundra, and all who think renting and bluesec is great because “oooh it’s emergent”; fuck off you joyless cunts, ITS MEANT TO BE A GAME.

  • Brian

    How can people say current null is fine with a straight face? Current null is the pinnacle of risk aversion. Everyone keeps beating their chests about how good and skilled they are but when you take a trip into sov null you’re greeted with 20+ anchored bubbles on gate, bot intel reports and skynet. And then they have the nerve to say people who don’t just line up and take it up the ass are bad for blueballing them?
    I say remove sov alltogether, nothing good has come out of it anyways. Shake things up a bit.

  • Candyman

    The more that things change, the better. Bring forth the shitstorm in all it’s glory, because I want the entire map to burn and then see who is left standing when the smoke clears.

  • quesa

    Where did NCDot, “[cede] a lot of ground to break-away renters and pro Russian alliances in the east”? We continue to hold and rent the regions we intended to hold when Phoebe changes were announced, so I’m not sure what lands were lost? Renters killing hostile SBUs was mostly a plan to give renters an incentive to help keep the regions clean while we were deployed.

    • Matterall

      “N3 learned that conscripting renter alliances…” and their were many emails pointing to rebellion in the renter ranks. Looking at a sov map now, territory ceded (abandoned) to Gorgon Alliance, Red Alliance, Rebel Alliance of New Eden (former renter) and Dreamfleet owning 4 regions between them that were pre-pheobe NA territory. I wasn’t aware N3 wanted to give those regions up. There was no public statement, like the CFC offered over Delve.

      Yes, sources indicate rewards were offered to renters for killing SBU’s but not sure that contradicts the assertion.

      • quesa

        Because you ‘assert’ that because renters wouldn’t shoot down hostile SBUs were were forced to give them up. That’s a pretty bold assertion. NCDot had already decided on what regions we were going to hold and it was widely known that renter territory would be chunked up quite a bit after Phoebe.

        • Matterall

          I didn’t ready anything on N3 (or NCDOT) calling out space they would not defend. The CFC, very publicly, did.

          But you are partially right – N3 could not conscript renters to defend “other poeple’s” regions because they refused and wanted to defend their own. Eventually they made deals with the encroaching powers (Russians)

          Nelios Ran, Rebel Alliance of New Eden:
          “I am pretty sure the conversations had by both Hellion and myself with Progod consisited of RANE and .PEST stating that they would work to defend, Wicked Creek, Detorid, Scalding Pass and Insmother. All regions local to where we live.

          We wanted to secure our space before we even consider doing any type of Deployment with N3. Yet neither of our spaces were secured…” (c)

          and this german renter corp —

          Aidan Warden, IGC
          “To: Northern Associates.,
          We have, funded by our rent for months your fleets.
          We have developed several systems for the Alliance.
          We have built a station.

          And what we have received from you in return. Correct NOTHING. You have left us in every way down. The Russians block overwhelms everything… you have FAILED in every respect. The coalition will go under and it will be YOUR fault. The way how you’ve treated the members of the Alliance is a SHAME.” (c)

  • trollsroyce

    The pressure to run a sov revamp is high on ccp. I wonder though, will they be able to make s better system? EVE has the best large scale tested sandbox on the market.

    I’d really like to see minor changes and/or just less of a management burden for groups. This lessening of burden, perhaps through easier and simpler systems and interfaces, would allow more for small entities who can’t have the leadership structure of large ones. Simultaneously it would make running large ones easier and incentivize splitting, as you don’t need to have 50 sub managers to splinter off.

  • Kinis Deren

    As a simulator of late 20th century global politics EVE Online has done a great job in the past few years. The fomation of coalitions, puppet states (rental areas) and the suppression of aggressive invasion through MAB (mutually assured boredom from EHP grind) mirrored the NATO/Warsaw pact IRL situation. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make for a very good PVP centric game.

    No, we don’t want a real life simulator, we want a game of city states all aggresively going after each others’ resources. Will the eagerly anticipated dev blog deliver such a scenario? I doubt it to be honest. CCP’s recent structure questionaire would appear to suggest that the EHP mountain is the thing that will most likely be addressed in the sov null Phase II changes. At least we don’t have long to wait to find out.

    • teamnodaughters

      Yeap thats what I was saying… peace is great in real life, but terrible for a pvp game

      Like I said the most effective way to get people fighting is to makes resources scarce and make entities want to “collect them all” to maintain itself. As of now everyone has everything and wants for nothing.

    • Matterall

      Nice post – i agree with teamnodaughters too (great name btw) on chasing resources. I’m thinking they follow the PI surveying model and put a dynamically changing heatmap on the whole cluster so groups are forced to send out armies to forage – like ants.

  • Irya

    looks like the storm will come in June :))