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EvE Online nominated for BAFTA Award.

February 15, 2015

Eve Online Phoebe has been nominated, alongside titles like Destiny and League of Legends, in the ‘Persistent Game 2015’ category for the British Academy Games Awards 2015.

Eve Online has a great history of winning awards, having won over 55 since 2004 including Best Veteran MMORPG 2013 from MMORPG.com and Global Champion in the World Summit Awards for E-Content and Creativity. 

This year’s British Academy Games Awards will take place on 12 March, showcasing and rewarding the  very best games of the past 12 months. A total of 51 games have been recognized across 17 categories, with Alien: Isolation gaining the most nominations.


The ceremony will take place on Thursday 12 March at Tobacco Dock, London following a day of games talks and activity at the EGX Rezzed festival.

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