24th January 2015 – Singularity (Test server)

Reports are coming in today that sleepers have been spotted creating what appears to be a wormhole on the test server. This is a new AI behavioural development that could introduce the prospect of new gameplay and travel mechanics.

Test server features are generally quite interesting because they provide an insight into what may be to come on Tranquility. In this case, it is particularly interesting given the Day 3 notes from the Winter CSM summit which highlighted CCP’s desire to introduce advanced AI features gradually over the coming patches and releases.

Reddit user tgl3 shared his experience and some screenshots. Credit for these images goes to him.

What are these structures? Will they be destructible? Will they drop loot?

The user then goes on to report on twitter that he was able to take some screenshots before the server was taken down.

Initial reports suggest that the wormhole at this stage was labelled “Unidentified Wormhole” and players are unable to enter. A new “Drifter Battleship” was spotted however there exists no in-game model as of now except for a red cross.

The current located sleeper “wormhole spawns” appear to be guarded by a sporadic mixture of sleepers.

As far as NPC news goes, this is really good stuff. We’ve already had reports of Circadian Seekers on Tranquility following players around, and Pandemic Legion member JEFFRAIDER reporting an attack on a POS via twitter. It’s clear a lot of work has gone into the AI behaviours and it seems we have more to look forward to.

  • AFK

    Chance that this will cause some tears and ragequitting?

    • Spooney Bard

      Yeah, prehaps if they put some features in their releases.
      *CCP adds new thing.*
      *Little things.*
      GOD, when will we receive some features.

      • Egh??

        You are a moron, and are not worth the effort to explain to you why you are a moron.

        • College Prof

          Do not feed the trolls

  • Yagsi Tros


    • Bawk Bawkbagawk

      if you get your Teschan for free you wont really value it.

  • CommonSense101

    If anyone rage quits over AI behaviour enhancements, then I laugh at them. They can go play WoW for all I care.

    • FU

      Not that I care for WoW but… fuck you moron. Drop that god aura.

      • U-T

        apparently him bashing wow did cause some trauma with you?

  • Leicester

    If nullsec incursions don’t cause people to quit the game I doubt that these sleepers will.

  • alx

    I’m sure that test server rules forbid this entire news. Hope Evenews don’t get into trubble.

    • Matterall

      We are not under NDA, and the test server is often encouraged for players to experiment with new stuff – like new NPC mechanics. Which is what these represent. That said we should probably put a big spoilers sign up. Some players still like surprises.

  • 0.0 grunt

    These unknown structures are already in tranquillity 0.0

  • Tiago D’Agostini

    Would be more funny if Sleepers opened WH and then gate camped the other side with massive fast tackle DPS 😛