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Major Fighter, Fighter-bomber Scan Resolution Nerf in the works

January 5, 2015

CCP has announced a major reduction to the scan resolution of fighters and fighter bombers coming in Proteus next week.

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CCP Fozzie wrote:
Hey everyone. Hope you’ve all had a great holiday season. Most of us are back at the office now, and we’re putting the final preparations in place for the Proteus release next week.

One of the tweaks we are making in Proteus is to the scan resolution of Fighters and Fighter Bombers, both of which are being reduced quite significantly.

The primary goal of this change is to ensure that rapidly scooping and relaunching fighters and fighter bombers never gives a dps advantage. This practice has not been widespread thus far, but any possible advantage gained this way would both provide imbalanced DPS and cause significant server load so we want to nip it in the bud.

The changes will also have the effect of delaying the initial alpha strike of fighters and fighter bombers, especially against subcaps. Although it is not the primary purpose of the change we are not displeased by this effect, and we do not believe that it will make fighters or fighter bombers underpowered.

I know that some people who are hoping for a major nerf to assigned fighters will be unhappy that this change will only have a small-moderate effect on that activity. We have been keeping a close eye on the way fighters are used ever since our recent rounds of drone rebalancing and we aren’t ruling out any potential future changes at this time. However we are not going to rush into any larger changes to fighter mechanics.

The new numbers are:
Type – Old Scan Res – New Scan Res
Dragonfly – 200 – 100
Einherji – 350 – 175
Firbolg – 250 – 125
Templar – 300 – 150
Cyclops – 250 – 27
Malleus – 300 – 29
Mantis – 200 – 25
Shadow – 225 – 30
Tyrfing – 350 – 31

Thanks everyone, and happy New Year!

Here you can find the stats for fighters:

While the fighter reduction is substantial the bomber reduction is huge at less than 10% of the previous values on the Tyrfing and Malleus. CCP is aware this will affect all fighters and bombers ability to target sub capital ships but this is currently acceptable to them.

Feel free to add your comments and thoughts on the matter below!