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NOC Nyx Stolen Using Exploit

December 10, 2014

Here is the video:

Ok so what is happening here?

Well I managed to have a chat with the person who captured this video, Jayarr Altol, of Psychotic Tendencies.91282513_256

Jayarr Altol > The ship was apparently due to a fault by a GM resolving a stuck bug. What I was told after the events shown in the video. It went at a ludicrous speed, they needed webs and rigs to even get it slow enough. It was late so I was roped in to “help” and they directed me to get a warp in on a nyx coming out of a pos shield. In this case however, it was being extracted by the use of an exploit that I condemn entirely
Mail Lite > From what I can see the large ship was webbed into warp, and while still entering it’s warp tunnel managed to bump the nyx out of the POS, after hitting the POS tower. What ship was used, and why was there 5 webs on the ship, is this to slow it’s entry into the warp tunnel?
Jayarr Altol > Thats not what happened, The ship, a Brutix was going at over 40kms. They started a long way back, I think you can see it in the video
Mail Lite > How do you get a brutix that fast, I don’t think you can, can you?
Jayarr Altol > They did. As a result of something, they told me a GM petition for a “stuck request”
Mail Lite > ok so they posted a stuck request, a GM gives the brutix stupid speed as a result to ‘help’ with the request. They then use this to bump a Nyx out of a pos. Have they been banned yet? and do you know if the Nyx has been given back by CCP?
Jayarr Altol > No. No the Nyx bumped was used to kill the titan
Mail Lite > ah yeah there it is… Protaa in a Nyx, so was it mostly HORN doing the theft and you just happened to go as camera man?
Jayarr Altol > Yep
Mail Lite > Whose op was it?
Jayarr Altol > AndrejL’s, Protaa is his pilot

Thats right, according to Jayarr the Ninja Unicorns with Huge Horns (HORN) pilots petitioned CCP with a ship stuck request, whether or not the ship was indeed stuck at some point has not been established. However, once the ship was unstuck the GM should of taken the ability to move this quickly away from the Brutix, however he/she seems to have not done so for whatever reason.

If this series of events is correct , HORN realised they had the ultimate bumping ship in their hands so started looking for promising targets and found the NOC Nyx unpiloted in a POS in Covryn, Placid. Instead of looking for the shiney killmail, which would of been immediately reimbursed by CCP anyway, they decided that stealing a ship was a better way to use there 40km/s Brutix battlecruiser.

I managed to get hold of some chatlogs from the day in question, Tinkerhell confirmed that the POS was owned by a one man corp and was using a random password, not the corp password.1259355159_256

TinkerHell > ye it was in a pos
TinkerHell > of a 1 man corp
TinkerHell > with a personal pass
TinkerHell > with no one knowing the pass
TinkerHell > so we are thinking exploit

The video seems to show the ship slowed down with the use of 5 webs and apparently some rigs, while they get it lined up with their target. They then release the webs and away the ship goes. I thought it was to do with warp tunnels to start with, due to the acceleration of the ship and it’s overall speed and I was slow on the uptake to what happened during the interview and have to ask again what was happening. The ship, travelling extremely fast, bumps the Nyx which then ricochets off the POS tower and out of the forcefield.

If any of this is true then what action CCP will take will be very interesting. Using the petition system and a GM modified ship in this way is very definitely prohibited. And then as we saw back in September, when members of Soul Takers were banned for bumping a semi out-of-shield titan so that they could destroy it, CCP takes a dim view on bumping ships if they are protected by a forcefield and you have not entered the forcefield password before hand.

We also have to question the acts of the GM and whether he failed at his job by allowing the ship to continue to do that type of speed after it was ‘unstuck’. The GM failed his duty in putting the ship back to it’s normal speed after the fact and has allowed this to happen. If you give someone in this game that type of tool, then they are going to use it for this sort of thing. Fact. However before we go too far I also spoke to Andrejs L, CEO of Ninja Unicorns with Huge Horns about the incident.639319407_256

Andrejs L > I know a nyx was stolen and some wild stories have arisen, most of them are of a defamatory nature. The root of such stories are coming from members of TISHU who would very much like to see me gone since the loss of their titan earlier today. I’m pretty sure I heard you already spoke to Jayarr?
Mail Lite > Indeed, he mentioned something about a GM petition and 40kms Brutixes
Andrejs L > Haha, a Brutix… He is a fantastic liar, and i’ve seen the video he’s posted, his voice is mostly removed from it, its been edited a bit.
Mail Lite > Ok how did you bump the Nyx from it’s forcefield then?
Andrejs L > I boarded the Nyx mate
Mail Lite > After it was bumped out of the shield?
Andrejs L > Correct
Mail Lite > Who by and how was it done?
Andrejs L > How? You would have to ask Jayarr, he is the man behind it and Lex in some regard, after the Nyx was outside the pos I boarded it. I’m actually trying to find a recording of details from a TISHU perspective, mind you this all happened a very long time ago.
Mail Lite > When did it happen then?
Andrejs L > OoOoooh bout October, around then maybe before. Definitely a fair few month ago. (Just a note the incident actually occurred on the 11th November 2014)

Andrejs L is adamant he did nothing wrong, all he did was board a Nyx, as he was asked to by the leadership of TISHU. Andrejs L has been named as the mastermind behind the incident by members of TISHU however he maintains that Lex Arson, CEO of Adversity. and his corp mate Jayarr Altol are the ones responsible for any questionable activity.

The character who boards the Nyx once it has been bumped out of the forcefield is Protaa, who is an alt of Andrejs L and he can be seen using the Nyx on this kill, which happened this morning. And funnily enough was also involving the main players in this drama.

While the video is interesting evidence in itself, it is not the be all and end all in the argument. The video does not show conclusively who bumped the Nyx and what ship or speed they were doing. According to TISHU it was a GM mistake which left an overly fast ship in the hands of the HORN group. However Andrej L has stated that he was not involved in any such activity and openly calls Jayarr Altol a liar. Video editing can be done and very well by people with very general knowledge, so it is not impossible the the video has indeed been edited by the original poster.

One thing is certain though. The video shows an unpiloted Nyx being bumped from inside a force field. The ship used, manner of fit and possible GM mistake notwithstanding, the fact that the ship was bumped by someone who did not have the POS password and while protected by the shield is more than enough for CCP to bring penalties to the person or persons who were involved.

A link to a recent GM post regarding POS bowling and bumping ships out of force fields without the POS password.

I am sure Niraia, who was the rumoured owner of the Nyx before the theft, will be looking to petition his loss with this new information.

If you have anything that you think should be reported on EN24, please contact me at @mail_lite on Twitter, email at [email protected] or EvE Mail me in game.