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A New Front Opens: Solar Fleet vs Legion of xXDEATHXx

December 10, 2014

A new front has opened between Russian alliances with Solar Fleet deploying to Legion of xXDEATHXx space in an attempt to take over.

Solar Fleet previously attempted to headshot the Capital system owned by Legion of xXDEATHXx but failed due to lacking the numbers to secure the system. They learned from this failed attempt; this time they are bringing Red Alliance and Dream Fleet to the party as their new allies.

Northern Coalition. and Pandemic Legion, both of whom previously flew alongside xXDEATHXx, have stated that they do not yet plan to coordinate defences but as we can see in the battle last Sunday, that doesn’t mean that they can’t join in for fun fights.

Stainwagon, who are a known Russian bloc living in the Stain region, stated that they will only join the attacking force if NC. and PL become more involved in the defence against Solar’s incursion.

Legion of xXDEATHXx held a SOTA in which they informed their members about this new war and it came down to the following bullet points:

– ”Nothing beats the feeling you have when your enemy fails to overthrow you and asks someone he hates and even spits on for help”
– SOlar is not much of an ally after it has met its goals and they their new allies will regret what they are doing right now
– We are faced against Dream fleet, Red Alliance, Solar Fleet, Gorgan Empire and potentially Euro goons. This will mean that we can only win under one condition which is to get everybody back active.
– Get three or four ships ready of our doctrines and resub your carrier and dread alts.
– Our budget is 400bil for SRP, this doesnt cover our tengu doctrine but we can extend if we have to
– We wont ask for help, We have offers and we will accapt them if its becomes necessary
– Win 5bil by creating the best Propaganda!

Russians in fighting mode tend to be brutal so I can’t wait to see the upcoming brawls!