Today is a sad day indeed, we have been sent back to the dark days of completely worthless T2 insurance. For those of you who had not realized, after the Crius patch the value of T2 insurance increased, this increase has now been reverted back to almost it’s pre-Crius amount.

The increase in T2 insurance pay out values was not a deliberate change made by CCP, it was more of a knock on effect from other changes implemented in the Crius patch, further details and explanations can be found here. Regardless of the origin of this change, it was one very much welcomed by the players. Insurance previously on T2 ships has always been seen as not worth it, with the very low payout not being anywhere near worth paying the initial cost for.

The system has now reverted this change and the T2 insurance values are back to the low they were at before the Crius patch. CCP Fozzie had this to say:

Hello folks.

Some of you will have noticed that insurance payouts for T2 ships have decreased starting today (December 3rd). This is an intentional change, designed to counteract the higher-than-desired increase in insurance payouts that resulted from the Crius industry changes.
You should expect insurance payouts for Tech 2 ships to now be a bit closer to what they had been pre-Crius.
This change isn’t tied to any release since the insurance values recalculate on Tranquility on their own. Today just happens to be recalculation day.

The original forum post can be found here

This is not good change, which unfortunately stands out against all the very positive changes coming from CCP lately. Now let me first explain that this is not a manually made change by CCP, their system works independently, where the system calculates the value based of mineral cost, an in-depth explanation can be found here.

Even though this was an automatic system which implemented the change, one still feels that CCP could have had more of an influence. T2 insurance should be worth using, unless CCP do not want T2 ships to be insured, in which case that is even more of a negative approach. T2 ships cost more than their T1 brethren, and yet when they die the insurance hardly reflects their increased cost.

It would seem that the decrease is about 65% meaning T2 insurance payouts are down to 35% of what it was overall before the rollback. For example an insurance pay out that would have given you 100mill for your ship post Crius will now only give you around 35mill, which is a massive blow. It also seems to have affected the Gnosis insurance quite substantially:

Let us know what you think of this decrease in T2 insurance payout values.

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