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Rhea: Pulse Lasers and Scorch

November 28, 2014

Hey everyone.

We’re making some tweaks to Pulse Lasers of all sizes in Rhea, as well as Scorch ammo.

At the moment Pulse Lasers are quite reliant on T2 Scorch ammo to be viable and powerful. The main goal of these changes is to reduce the reliance on Scorch for Pulse Lasers, making other ammo types a bit more useful. Secondary goals are improving the balance between different tiers of Pulse Lasers and improving the quality of Capital Pulse Lasers a bit.

The basics of the change are:

  • The base optimal range of all Pulse Lasers is being increased by 5%.
  • The falloff range of all Pulse Lasers is being increased.
  • The optimal range bonus provided by Scorch ammo is being reduced from 50% to 40%.

The result is that optimal range for Pulses without Scorch will be increasing 5%, and optimal range for Pulses with Scorch will be decreasing by 2%. The percentage increase in falloff is different between the different sizes of Pulses, which helps even out the power levels of the different Pulse laser tiers slightly.

Falloff increase per Pulse type is:
Small Focused Pulses, Heavy Pulses, Mega Pulses: +25%
Dual Light Pulses, Focused Medium Pulses, Dual Heavy Pulses: +33.3%
Gatling Pulses, Giga Pulses: +100%

These changes are on SISI for your testing pleasure, feel free to give them a try and let us know what you think!