Probably one of the most active of all the older alliances, Ushra’Khan is celebrating its tenth-year anniversary next week.

Created on the 25th November 2004, Ushra’Khan are a dedicated role-playing alliance who pride themselves as being the sword and shield of the Minmatar Republic and fight against the forces of the Amarr empire. Ushra’Khan formed from members of the old and informal alliance called ‘The Friends of Matar’ and was the among the first capsuleer created alliance in EvE Online, with Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) being 3 days younger than Ushra’khan. CVA is the Amarr loyal alliance and as such have fought against U’K throughout their respective histories.

I sat down with DeT Resprox, who is the current CEO of Ushra’Khan and asked him 151515810_256to give me a brief history of the alliance;

Ushra’Khan was originally formed by a group of corporations dedicated to fighting the Amarrian incursions, we originally embedded ourselves in Molden Heath, forming a coalition known as “The People’s Republic of Minmatar” who were primarily fighting corporations such as PIE Inc, Blacksheep Squadron, 1st Praetorian Guard and a few others, Oracle would go on to form Masuata Matari and Ushra’Khan was born, myself and others being the originals founders. A few days later, PIE Inc would go on to become the CVA. There would be wars across the systems from Molden Heath to Amarr as Ushra’Khan and CVA went hammer and tong against each other fighting for each others causes. These were the original corporations and alliances to be involved in such conflicts between factions.

In the early days, Ushra’Khan moved to the Great Wildlands, where we attempted to establish our first base in null (hence our Thukker historical connections). However, at the same time the great Exodus as it is known happened which, unfortunately, saw a lot of our number falloff. I myself chose to leave Ushra’Khan at this time and to take SMaK Enterprises directly to war with Sarum supporters long before she came to power. I came back to U’K during their fight to hold Providence. I lost a Machariel in an epic fight outside what was then Unity station. CVA would take the system and Ushra’Khan eventually moved to Curse/Catch. I again moved off (due to a number of reasons) and Ushra’Khan would then move to Faction Warfare – having seen none of the original founders were around anymore and seeing Ushra’Khan fighting once more for what it stands for, it felt good to be back ๐Ÿ™‚

During it’s history a number of other well known alliances have worked along side U’K due to finding themselves united against common enemies. Groups like 0utbreak, who have historically excelled at the Alliance Tournaments, Ev0ke, The Establishment and Against All Authorities have all found themselves flying alongside U’K in the past.

I asked DeT Resprox what his number one moment within U’K would be;

The whole entire Karin Midular thing, where we spelt out ‘Freedom’ and placed a bounty on Midulars head – this put a monster wheel in motion, effectively seeing Shakor coming into power as we had wanted and setting up what we see today. It’s being a part of history of the backstory to the scene setting of the wars between Minmatar and Amarr which for me is massive. Escorting Shakor himself in order to unite the tribes was also highly significant In YC106, Midular called for the banning of the Khumaak, a grave mistake, the Khumaak carries a huge significance to the Matari. It was these moments that led to Uhsra’Khan ‘being.’

Starting on Tuesday night around 20:00 there shall be a fireworks display in Rens outside the Rens VI – Moon 8 – Brutor tribe Treasury. We also have a number of fleets which shall be in operation around the warzone. We have a mission to liberate slaves from Amarr itself. I also wish to make it clear, that any rumors about Ushra’Khan planning to attack CVA cannot be confirmed at this time. We shall be celebrating through the week right through to Sunday. Rens shall see celebrations on more than one occasion though

Anyone fighting against the Amarr is welcome to join any of our fleets, or on one of our null ops – in-game channel ‘Voices U’K’ is the place to be – or drop by Rens Tuesday 25th @20:00 to watch the fireworks ๐Ÿ™‚

Live coverage of a lot of the anniversary celebrations will be streamed live through twitch, to watch this go to and click ‘live broadcasts’.

Ushra’Khan EvE Wiki page

History of T.R.I.A.D link

If you have anything that you think should be reported on EN24, please contact me at @mail_lite on Twitter, email at [email protected] or EvE Mail me in game.

  • Thatguy

    UK are alive? All i recall from them is how they were given space by -A- and would afk in bombers.

    • smokingman

      That is not dead which can eternal lie.

      • Thatguy

        Yet with strange aeons even death may die.

        • Jack Morrison

          Jack Morrison slowly walks out of the room and hopes the guys carving their visions on the walls don’t take notice of him.

  • Slevin-Kelevra

    I would have loved to see these guys in their prime, unfortunately the time I spent in both amarr and minmatar faction warfare saw UK being very inactive and relatively unimpactful on the war-zone,

    • Thatguy

      Their prime was kind of lackluster, they were never really a serious bunch. They had space but it was only because it was given to them as a buffer. When war kicked off they were the smacktalkers propped up. And they just kind of vanished after my alliance moved away from Provi and started a real nullsec life. I always thought they were just a tribute alliance now, existing as memory.

      My point is, their prime was mostly cruiser gang roams and stealth bombers, anyway. But hey! Maybe EU wasn’t their time to shine.

      • Daniel Grist

        UK took space on its own before -A- even existed, UKs prime was fighting CVA in the early days of alliance mechanics.

  • Condor Amarr – CVA

    DeT – Awesome to see you guys around. Congrats on 10 years mate. No small achievement, especially in a “flavour of the month” environment like Eve promotes.
    Look forward to spending the next 10 years shooting U’K ๐Ÿ™‚

    • DeT Resprox

      Cheers Condor ๐Ÿ™‚

      Definitely more pew to come.
      I feel old :p

  • GitReqT

    Ewwww role players

  • What I have always wanted to know how did you they come up with that name?

  • Polska Kielbasa

    Long live Ushra’Khan….
    Minmatar Brotherhood Forever
    Forever Minmatar Brotherhood.
    Never forget.
    Never forgive.

    • Guest

      Still losing freighters in lowsec?

      • DeT Resprox

        Haters gonna hate
        Potatos gonna potate!

  • Kraiklyn Asatru

    o7 Ushra’Khan

  • 2.4

    Roleplayers are cool……except if you roleplay Amarr, that’s kinda sketchy and you should be reported for child abuse!

  • Digby

    Congratulations, well done. Iยดm glad to see you are still around and may EVE and UยดK be here for another 10 years .


    UยดK, well what can I say… PVP with them was fun, and if they could have fitted cloak to their stations they might still be relevant in 0.0

  • lazors

    Amarr Victor! oh wait

  • naz

    Yesterday was a lot of fun flying around firing fireworks, started training into minmatar now ๐Ÿ˜›

    • khan

      You should join up buddy