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Leaks: The Initiative. Alliance Update

October 22, 2014

I just received the official alliance update of The Initiative. These intented to be read by internal alliances members only so take it with a grain of salt!

TD:LR = INIT. will not be defending Querious and will be moving to a new area. Sister Bliss email:

Leadership Update #26, 22/10/2014 “”Exchange Mechanisms””

For what we are given, something is always taken away, of equal worth, according to the law**

I wrote in the last update that the Phoebe potential impact is going to be huge, tearing down the fabric of bloc warfare, regionalising and localising conflict. The first parts of a new map are already beginning to unfold as players stake their claims and place their bets.

With the long-distance travel changes and fatigue, maintaining large swathes of space are no longer viable; consequently we are witnessing the beginnings of the dissolution of large-scale renter empires and blocs downsizing. Over the past weeks we have been discussing the impacts & outcomes and have decided on our next step response.

Residence in the south-west is non-viable. We have been anchored down here, helping maintain the borders of a vast empire but time has come to unmoor and set sail. The CFC have re-drawn their southernmost defensive borders at Fountain, which is an expected and practical decision with the coming mechanics, however leaves the south-west indefensible. Single-handedly we will not be able to defend 3 desirable regions largely on our own against an attacking force of N3 (who are seeking to relocate from their previous homes in the East). This (Phoebe) is also a great opportunity to get back on the front foot and go shoot some people in their faces.

I’m sure everyone will have already taken note from the last update and secured any assets waywardly left in sov space, but if not then you have a limited time to pack and retrieve assets to a safe harbour.

Starting today we will be leaving 319-3D in Delve and begin moving ops to a new assembly point (destination will be specified during the first move op) to centralise assets and prepare for Phoebe and subsequent 0.0 changes (including the anticipated occupancy sov model). With so many upcoming (and as yet unknown changes), we are in no rush to make hasty decisions or long term plans, so stay tuned and enjoy the ride (so far, all options for the future remain open).

After we have moved everyone to the assembly point, we will forward deploy from there for combat ops on a new deployment this weekend (information TBD, see next post).

Please make sure you do the following with immediate effect:

1. Make sure you have 2 dedicated jump clones set in the Delve area. These will be needed for specific ops so make sure you create them now and plant them in a nearby station. If you want to create more to assist in cloning back to pickup spare caps/ships, then do so, but you need to keep 2 spare jump clones for planned alliance ops (see 2 & 3 below). Of course, death cloning is also an option if you are so inclined.

2. Ishtar fleet will be the last to leave, so put your Ishtar* to one side for the final extraction op (*or scimi/recon/command ship etc.). Final Ishtar fleet will be posted on forums and named ‘Nightwalker’, so do not move your Ishtar* until this op. Timescale for this op will likely be on the weekend. You will use one of your dedicated clones (1) for this op.

3. Rattlesnake fleet will use the other dedicated clone (2). If you can fly a Rattlesnake or Scorpion Navy Issue, then you will be flying an alliance ship out. If not, then please keep a recon/scimi/command ship of your own for this op in 319 (this is obviously in addition the requirement in 2. above). Op will be named ‘Green Mamba’ and timescale will likely also be the weekend.

4. Tempest Fleet Issue / Armor BS fleet will be departing by foot on a scheduled op, so you do not need to transport these by Carrier.

5. Pack your Carrier with Tengu, Legion, Sac/Ashummu + other cruiser/T3 hulls. Fuel requirements will be specified in the relevant op.

6. Pack your Dread for travel. Fuel requirements will be specified in the relevant op. If you do not have a dread, then get one – check alliance contracts in 319 and Chamemi and pick up a good deal while they last (about 25 cost-price dreads up for grabs).

7. Any remaining ships, transport them to a low-sec station along the route and consolidate them to the assembly point when you have time. There is no requirement to leave any assets in Delve, though you are welcome to leave a roaming ship etc.

8. Supercaps are being moved separately and there will be no announced / public ops. All super pilots should already have been contacted by their CEO and asked to co-ordinate via an out-of-game channel. If not, ask your CEO or check to make sure he/she is not dead.

9. You are free to milk any moons as long as you like, leave a skeleton crew behind to dismantle towers at your leisure.

10 . Outside of scheduled move ops, feel free to keep a cynochain open along the route for carriers/dreads/JF’s. Check to see if there it an INIT. Logistics fleet open and if not, create one for everyone to use (obviously beware of fake fleets :). Please also lend a hand to those who are needing help with carriers and so on. Routes will be published after first move op.

11. No doubt we will have many people away on holiday or whatnot and who will come back to having to extract their stuff. We will arrange some ops to help, as usual please approach your corp in the first instance for help extracting. We will arrange some alliance ops where we can.

12. If you have capacity, leave spare jump clones in Querious mainline stations to help anyone who wakes up out of a coma and finds they have caps (for whatever reason) docked.

13. More as it happens…