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Northern Coalition Consolidates assets in lowsec

October 12, 2014

Yesterday, Vince Draken held an Alliance meeting in which he informed his alliance about the near future. Unforutually none of the EN24 guys was able to record (or find one off) the meet. However, Vince Draken agreed to sit down with me to talk about what was said in their meeting:

Bobmon: Hey, Could u tell us what you told your alliance in the meeting u had yesterday?
Vince Draken: I can run through a few points if you wish? the main one is that we are moving everyone assets to lowsec near catch and querious
Vince Draken: previously it was over in maila
Vince Draken: then we wish to sit and watch until around the 2nd November to see what other groups do then we will move again
Vince Draken: until then we wish to make INIT cry and we can shoot some Brave and CVA
Vince Draken: We ain’t interested in dropping sbus or taking sov just looking to create content where possible
Vince Draken: We made changes to our SRP Capitals will now be replaced with fitted hulls not isk
Vince Draken: DPS ships will have their srp reduced and logis increased
Vince Draken: We have Dread and carrier Caches we need to place before the patch which we will do the day before patch
Vince Draken: We getting new services IRC & Mumble
Vince Draken: That was pretty much it and we moved 1030 people during our move op with over 430 of them were supercapitals
Bobmon: Alright, Thanks for telling us the main points of your Alliance meeting!

Video of the NCDOT move op