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Re-Watched: The EVE Online o7 Show – Episode 1

September 30, 2014

Here is something to watch during the client update. In case you missed it last week, this is the re-run of the first episode of the EVE Online o7 show now on Youtube. Make sure to pay attention around the 32 minute mark when the talk shift to Sov and Power Projection and how Null-Sec “It has got kind of stagnant out there, people have, the major coalitions have basically solved the game and figured out how to win, and now they are winning and now it is boring for everybody”. For many of players, this is the “genesis” of the whole “Occupancy Letter” and it appears to have far more repercussions than the ones elaborated by CCP Guard.

Show Summary

  1. Changes Coming in Oceanus (Dev video)
    1. Module Tiercide (CCP Fozzie)
    2. More Burner Missions
    3. Notification System (CCP Rise)
  2. Review of Crius and Hyperion (CCP Mimic, video)
    1. Increased Industry Activity, More People Involved
    2. Plex to Other Accounts Feature, Successful
      1. 90% Gift PLEX Going to alt Accounts.
    3. Burner Missions, success
      1. More player ships destroyed by these NPC’s than any of the top 10 Alliances.
      2. 50% missions run solo.
    4. Shareable Overview Settings
  3. Player Gathering Schedule
    1. EVE Vegas (Oct 17-19)
      1. Pub Crawl – Almost Sold Out
      2. EVE TV
  • EVE Valkyrie
  1. CCP Presentation and Keynote speakers
  1. Paris Player Gathering (Oct 2)  Sold out, waiting list
    1. EVE MOMA art exhibition from New York
  2. EVEsterdam (Oct 12)
  3. EVE Down Under (Nov 21-23) Interview with RDNx and Bam Stroker, organizers
    1. Tickets available; over 250 expected
    2. CCP Presentation and Keynote speakers
  • PVP Tournament
  1. Trailer Team
    1. New trailer will focus on gameplay – taking “Voice Comms” submissions)
  2. Null sec changes coming through ‘0.0 Working Group’ (CCP Greyscale, CCP Nullarbor)
    1. Full Dev blog 2nd week in October
    2. Stage 1 – quick changes before the end of the year
      1. Long range force projection nerf – long range capital movement slowed down.
    3. Stage 2 – medium changes coming early next year
    4. Stage 3 – grand changes coming next year
  3. CSM Minutes coming out October 31st
  4. Contest Winner – Levi Currit, won signed Collector’s Edition EVE Package.