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Storm in Kamela, the Unholy Alliance. PL and SHDWC vs Spectre Fleet

September 29, 2014


Spectre Fleet formed up last night and brought a large fleet to Kamela in The Bleak Lands. Having at least 100+ Battleships and another hundred assorted smaller ships the night started well for them when Shadow Cartel brought their 60 man shield BS fleet, consisting mostly of Rattlesnakes. Even though Shadow Cartel dropped a number of carriers it was soon apparent that the 200 man Spectre Fleet was more than a match for the tanks on the Shield fleet that Shadow Cartel had brought and, after losing a few ships, Shadow Cartel docked up and conceded defeat.

It is also worth mentioning that Bombers Bar were present and on neither side of the fight, there purely for the enjoyment and killmails.

A while later Pandemic Legion decided that they would go up next against the Spectre Fleet and brought in their normal doctrine of Armour T3’s, they also contacted Shadow Cartel and asked if, for this one fight, whether it would be worth forming the most unholy of alliances. Using the their titan bridges Shadow Cartel headed home and reshipped into their own T3’s and awaited fleet invites from the PL Fleet Commander.

Once in Kourmonen the fleet invite came and PL, who had been harassing the spectre BS fleet in Kamela, called for Shadow Cartel to get on the Kamela gate. The Spectre Fleet warped to the Kourmonen gate and started their cap chain, PL started the engagement on their side of the gate and the Shadow Cartel fleet jumped in and supported the PL fleet, looking for some payback for their earlier losses.

In all 49 battleships of Spectre Fleet were destroyed along with two of their carriers, a Archon and a non-triage Nidhoggur and 11 T2 logistic cruiser and 10 T3’s as well as a few smaller ships.

In return SHDWC lost 6 Battleships and a Golem in the early phase of the fight before teaming up with PL. Once teamed up, and in the main fight, PL and SHDWC lost 9 T3’s and a Zealot collectively.

A full BR of this fleet is impossible with Spectre Fleet being public and Shadow Cartel being involved twice. However, here is the Shadow Cartel KB, it does look like a bit of a one sided fight until you realise a lot of it is junk or part of the first fleet Shadow Cartel was involved in. Here is the Zkillboard