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PSA: Regarding Connection Issues.

September 23, 2014

For the past several weeks, Tranquility has been the target of a persistent series of DDOS attacks, which have been responsible for connection issues that our players have been experiencing.

Up until this point, for security reasons we have been referring to these attacks as “network issues” so as not to provide the attackers with increased visibility. However, we can see that these issues are at times proving to be frustrating for our players, and as such we would like to be more transparent about the issue to allow better understanding of the situation.

Our teams have been working tirelessly to address these attacks, but by their nature they are extremely difficult to predict. We will continue to counter these attacks as they occur, in our efforts to provide you as much uninterrupted internet spaceship fun as possible.

Thank you for your understanding, and apologies for any inconvenience the interruptions have been causing.


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