The following story is still in development! so far we managed to talk with some individuals but nothing is straight up confirmed.

Just moments ago a little bird enlightened me on the news that Vince Draken, Founder and CEO of Northern CoalitionDOT was going to be leaving (or forced to). At first this all sounded like a good troll that was getting ”confirmed” by Nalessi’s Archon being killed (Vince Draken’s known FC alt) by a SM3LL birthday roam…

An hour later, a N3 management team individual contacted me and told me that apparently Gorgra, leader of the N3 had transferred all of the N3 renter money to a safe location. He included the following ping send out by Travis Musgrat:

[email protected]/gateway:
There are some significant changes going on in alliance leadership in NCDOT. We ask for calm and patience during these next few days

This was a broadcast from travis_musgrat to all replies are not monitored.

The individual also added that leadership channels on IRC were down.

Rumours are that the whole incident started with Vince talking to Travis Mugrat (NCDOT FC) saying that he would no longer be part of the leadership. Current rumours from within NCDot suggest that Travis did not take this provocation well and began plotting with active D00M. directors to oust the inactive alliance head from CEO. Internal sources within NCdot cite a triumvirate being formed within NCDot between White Aero, Travis Musgrat, and LadyScarlet.



#5 As you can see below, travis is on Black Legion comms and is listed as an alliance blue, as he discusses the future of Dotbros without Pandemic Legion.

#4 As of right now, there are multiple move fleets going up and a cyno chain is in place.

(11:39:26) [email protected]: *** Broadcasted Message from raknor_bile *** : NC. ESCORT FLEET GOGOGOGO

As you can see, there are currently 6 cynos up (7 if you include the cyno gen)

Titans are also logged in, and are preparing to move out of FAT-6P

“D00M. – Vince Draken” was banned permanently from the server by “DICE. – LadyScarlet”

The following image shows the talks between LadyScarlet, Travis Musgrat, and White Aero before banned Vince Draken from the server.

The following image shows Travis Musgrat and White Aero with server admin roles on the NC. Teamspeak which they do not have, and was given to them by LadyScarlet.

#2 (4:12:09 PM) [email protected]/gateway:
NC guys be careful with caps, PL and NC standings are currently falling appart.

This was a broadcast from quesa to all replies are not monitored.

#1 = NCDOT now blue with Black Legion

Again this is a story still being in developments and we will try to give you more details once we receive them!

  • El_Kutachi

    Well this game is truly dead if people are making news of such shitty troll 😛

  • Ltd SpacePig

    I still can’t believe that it was possible to troll bobmon so far

    • Turd Burd

      I hear ya, Piggy.

  • Varesk

    that cant be elo on TS. he has way more tags than that.

  • Durrhurrbutt … nothing to see here, stop panic evaccing, continue funding Shrikes next titan lossmail

    • Billbo

      if that’s legit she did a shitty job at killing the “rumor”

  • Mercfromabove

    The trolling continues… haha

  • Gues

    I blame Dog0fwaRR

  • Dirk MacGirk

    Word is this is a ruse. But I’m really trying to understand who the target audience is supposed to be. A target audience that cares. Perhaps it is just aimed at EN24 in order to get them to print a troll. Big deal, EN24 will still go on. However, who else really cares? If it were real then I suppose those in NCdot or N2PL might care because it hits close to home. But outside of them, does it matter for anything other than a headline laugh getter? It’s not like it would start off a war. That’s how boring nullsec is right now. Even if Vince got booted and PL and N2 got all angsty on each other, it just wouldn’t matter in the grand scheme of people logging in. So again, who is the target audience for such a “who cares” event?

    • Billbo


    • Durrhurrbutt

      I would say this is awesome cover for a redeployment and a change in management. I would hope most PL members would see how toxic an alliance effectively lead by Molle (either directly or by proxy though Scarlett) would be in the long term. As the old saying goes, hide an unpalatable truth in a shitstorm of lies, no one will taste it when they eat it that way.

      • Chris

        Molle isn’t even active leadership in NCdot. Let alone leading it. lol.

        • again

          shhhh… these fables are the glue keeping the CFC donut together

      • aww

        lol ghost of molle still haunting eve haha

    • Durrhurrbutt

      And yes ultimatly having BoB Mk4 would spark a war. The line grunt in the CFC is itching for someone’s shit to cave in, the fact it is NC. AND Molle … that is the Forever War right there.

      • Chris

        Lets be honest. Wherever molle exists its a new version of BoB

    • Chris

      The target audience is a anyone who will watch. Its a bunch of people drunk on whiskey/other acholic beverages trolling.

      SM3LL Whiskey night shenanigans are the best.

    • Din mor

      wow… isent this whine about article relevancy getting a bit old?… i mean seriously… every article i read, at least 5 in comments are complaining that its boring and not relevant… why the fuck do you read it, if its so damn boring… doublestandard much lol…

      • Dirk MacGirk

        I’m…not…sure…what…you’re trying…to say. The article was relevant assuming it was not a troll by the source. Since it appears to be a troll, a ruse, my question was why anyone would go to the effort to create the ruse to begin with. Was it just to mislead EN24?

        • Billbo

          Misleading EN24 is like picking up a homeless guy off the ground with a hypodermic needle hanging out from his arm. Why fucking bother…..

          • Dirk MacGirk

            Things are pretty sleepy right now. Peeps gotta get their kicks somehow.
            Maybe the coalitions should leak battle reports and write about a war that didn’t really happen. Wag the Dog style. Who would really know.

    • Clearly Stupid

      If it’s a ruse it must of backfired, Reddit is awash with NC. pilots cheering on the change in leadership and direction of the alliance, if it is a joke, maybe the leadership should consider leaving their comfort zone and giving some content to the masses.

  • sadleric

    RMT drama.

    • Durrhurrbutt

      That may not be far off the mark, perchance a grand theft rental going on?

      • sadleric

        Or a huge fucking troll.

  • MEOW

    Lol, if NC. and PL would really split apart, Mittens would have a field day.

    • Bruda Sven – Bist und Warst

      PL guys seems to has pedophil tendencies , try to hotdrop low-sec kids and they think they are great , all old BOB Pilots waits for an War against Mittens but PL has suck his dick after BR-5 , and leadership from PL comes directly from that Idiot-Mass Goons if you dont know this Fakt. They are small boys in Big Ship nothing more with very very small eggs.

      I can’t say this from BL , because this Eggs are so BIG thats why they hunt PL or whatever is statistical stronger then they are and i hope this all will be true and thoose Kiddies get raped by Real [Men.]s. . I can tell u that noone like PL , noone like guys who only attack weaker dudes . U all know thoose guys in RL and u also know how poor they are in inside.

      • Ogast

        I am so confused.

      • Puchoco_Voluspa

        Those PL guys are the worst. They are a bunch of faggots who camp the ossogur gate, only drop their supers when they know they are safe and hotdrop cruisers with blopses!

        Rumor has it that they are bad people irl too, with the alliance being comprised of convicted pedophilles and wife/gay partner abusers! Their leader, some guy called Grrrrrrath is a ragey 15 year old that sounds like a little girl and if you want my two cents their best corps ( Dyson and Busa ) need to leave for a far better alliance like CO2 or SMA!

        • Turd Burd

          SMA?!? CO2?!? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…. ::GASP::… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… I’ll reply tomorrow when my ribs stop hurting so much…

        • Dr Alban

          This man speaks the truth. This is well known facts within my own alliance, part of CFC.

      • yoyo

        big fail. there are a few old BoB ppl left, they are in EVOL and DICE…..Finfleet is only a few ppl that are playing ESO and only come back for 2-3 weeks every 6 months (Hawk Firebird)…rest are new ppl that started playing this game even after IT died……Molle is hardly active, he is not a active FC, just another NC. ceo and currently a myth….

        The rest, RKK died long ago, they are only selling overpriced ships to PL, like they did in BoB in their dying years, nowhere to be found in fleets.
        BNC, split up & became EMO, few original members left, and good number of ex-BoB actually joined CFC & Goons.

        old Bob leadership is hardly active. only LadyScarlet is active….most only came back when high end moons were taken and ISK was to be divided. (Dianabolic)
        So even if BoB would reform, it would only be like 5% of the original members.

  • nc grunt

    Dark razer leaving to PL was the final straw. He was holding the alliance together with his carefree aussie mentality.

    Also remember to bet responsibly at

  • Jalopy

    So not just a little bit trolled but super trolled? Good job on the rush to give people ‘news’.

  • Gree

    -A- is recruiting come join an alliance that doesnt disband

    • Billbo

      “-A-” is not even -A- anymore without the old guard try again.

      • Gree

        Whos an oldguard according to you??? lol because all the old RAT are still here and even becoming active again

        • EX-A-

          Old Guard is all the ppl who joined NCdot and PL Bro

        • yoyo

          RAT is camping 2M sp ppl in GE- to boost their epeen and personally, the last RAT I have seen in a while was in that -A- black ops hotdrop in HP- which got counterdropped.

    • Levarris Hawk
    • yoyo

      -A- is the EVE version of Christopher Reeve, inbetween the horsy thing and his death.

      have fun camping newbs on the V-3 gate….

    • BL FTW !

      -a- always recruit, and it doesnt matter who or where, if its blues or enemies, all are welcome to fail again in the Gree Swat.
      The few RAT are the only reason -a- exists and they have little to do with -a- nowadays.
      At least Elazar joined the f-A-il swat now.
      Best Recruit Award ever ! ( when will vince join you and you all join BL ? )

      • Tauempire Avetus

        Ofcourse ! Now Vince doesnt pay him anymore and he can`t get hold on him suddenly, he has no reason to stay and screw up rus rus anymore.
        So he goes to his new AAA friends, while looking around who to sell them out to.
        Yes what comes around goes around ! GL Caesar Keon !
        Btw . BA I am not done with you yet !

  • NC. Grunt

    “D00M. – Vince Draken” was banned permanently from the server by “DICE. – LadyScarlet”

    That assumes Vince logged onto TS3 to create an opportunity to be banned (in other words, Vince is like a rare pokemon). You got trolled m8.

    • You don’t need to login to be banned. All you need is the client identity which can be found easily by looking through the roles he had on the server.

      For example on TS3 you simply go to:
      permissions/server groups then find a role he did ( likely an admin or had a leadership badge) then click that and bam a full list of everyone who has that role.

      • Fag

        Or you just type it out as it was a troll. No one can ban Vince anyways, ts is Vince is a communist setup is in effect

    • Billbo

      No confirmation on Zulu yet, If this was truly meant as a troll then the shit has gone over the top per the “Trolling Handbook version 1996”

  • BL Elite

    BL is on the verge of disbanding and has been for some time, so not really sure where all this will lead?

  • Dirk MacGirk

    September 11, 2014 – I wake up in a haze and read a text from my mother that there was an explosion at the Pentagon. I tweet it out, turn on the news and see September 11th remembrances.
    A) never believe mom now that she’s old.
    B) never rush to report a story without confirming major facts
    C) never rush to report a story in EVE without confirming the confirmation of facts

  • Moo-neyz

    Suggestion for EN24: watch The Newsroom

    • Jaiimez

      Good show, one of my favourites.

  • BL Elite

    BL is on the verge of disbanding and has been for some time, so not really sure where all this will lead???

  • NoTroll

    I was Travis speaking with Obama also.
    And Jesus, also.

  • Centrix

    If its true CFC will come in and tear N3 space apart, no way without PL can N3 defend themselves from the numbers that CFC can put together. Even if Black Legion do become blue again it wont be enough for the loss of PL

    Could be interesting if and when they do loose the space though they would probably go back to a nomadic life style of shooting whoever they want without worrying about upsetting 0.0 standings with other coalitions/alliances

    • dino

      haha… like PL wouldn’t blue up N3 again if CFC went for N3

    • hmm

      Lol PL will be there to help CFC do it. Pl have always go where their bread is buttered.

      I dono understand all this talk though just cos Vince might not be there he’s not for ages and NC. Managed without him.they are still the same and tbh. Be interesting though if bl, nc. And triumvirate band together go start a new cfc war

  • Young pilot

    Im a bit new, but i like to read about big alliance politics but much of the content in this article goes way over my head… .. can someone tell me why NC. ceo leaving, has anything to do with PL? wont they still be allies? … and what is so interesting about NC. being blue to black legion – who is black legion anyway? are they like enemies of PL or?

    • Bring the Pain

      Anyone in leadership could have set standings for the picture. o/ Good one SM3LL

    • Matterall

      @young pilot The stakes are high if true. The alliances NC. and PL are the power behind N3 (the rivals of CFC). NC.’s less popular 3 leaders unifying support and pushing out Vince, the main leader (largely absent), is a hostile coup which can spell trouble and instability – depending on how hard Vince fights back. All the maneuvers described are steps taken to secure the wealth (of rental empire NA.) and relationships with Nulli and PL. The larger problem is that if PL and NC. break up – the N3 will have a big problem holding off the numbers of pilots from the CFC.

      Long ago, the original N3 (called Dotbros = NC., BL. Nulli) broke up when Vince booted BL leader ELO KNIGHT and broke up the coalition. Immediately going to war against each other. The CFC promptly moved it and swept everyone out of tribute. SO this could happen all over again.

      • Young pilot

        Makes sense, thanks for good reply

      • Dracvlad

        Actually partially true, another factor was that all the timers were set to the Au TZ so that Dark Razor could undo the damage, and it worked, I had my Amarr combat toon in a lot of those fleets near the end with BL and Nulli pilots and a sprinkling of IRC pilots like myself. I was there when we took out that CSAA belonging to Razor, I enjoyed that…

        The issue was that the Au TZ could only sort out 3 systems a day, then the CFC made a massive effort and reinforced multiple systems which we could not undo. So back to Vale, then sensing that we were near the end, Vince and BL had their melt down. I was a bit gutted as I had actually brought my main to join in the fun just as the Falcon incident happened, though I did have the fun of getting him in three fleets, one of which was an AF fleet taking out a CFC attack BC fleet.

        I did enjoy it, was fun…

  • McScrubbington

    you guys can’t even spot an obvious troll when it hits you square in the face! #HappyBirthday

    • fucktards

      its not about the trolling, its about that maybe some large content was on its way

  • Bliss

    What goes around, comes back around. Vince did lot of shit, finally some of it gets poured over his head too :3

    • roflstomp


  • trollo

    EveNews 24 is the eve version of the german BILD newspaper

    • brathahn

      no, the german BILD newspaper has always some porn pictures, EN24 doesn’t.

  • lmao

    LMAO – bobmon trolled so hard

  • Shoda lollipop

    Endie sends his regards !

  • omgdutch2005

    (20-9-2014 08:31:06) [email protected]/gateway:

    Since some of you can’t spot an obvious troll and I wake up to 384 skype messages! No I’m not leaving and no I’m not stepping down as leader of NC. You were all trolled by a SM3LL birthday op! back to normal please gentlemen 🙂

    This was a broadcast from NC – Vince_Draken to all replies are not monitored.

    • Elo lollipop


  • AFK

    Another day, another big nothing happening in EVE.

  • SS83

    this was some proper false tabloid stuff then eh?

    next we’ll be getting paparazzi style photos of fleet commanders flying “civilian” ships.

    “xxxxxx, a popular coalition FC was seen today leaving jita in a frigate. Cargo scans indicate he was shopping for Basic attribute implants. In other activity we see coalition personnel managers dealing with allegations of misconduct, complaint citing abuse from higher echelon Leadership toward the general population of their organizations. Has your pod got you gaining weight? Try these 5 tips to reducing that capsule gain in time for the holidays, page 9”

  • EasyKill

    DBRB was just banned from EVE!

    • Parrforthecourse

      Really?? This should be on EN24…wait XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Retard

    Lol you know Vince doesn’t even own nalessi anymore? Hahaha

  • eveishilarious

    the author was breathless with breaking news… hahahaha

  • Provi Miner

    Dam that would be something Provi and Brave able to have fun without PL/NC derping around being biatch’s whoring in on other peoples fun. Maybe they can finally get the stick out of their asks and go do something useful. Well one can hope.

    • ncdot

      Some use it as a walking cane. And some as a coat hanger. Others to beat the drum battle. While yet again, a few rare leaders use it as a giant cotton bud. After many years of ‘sticking’ they, NC., have come to cherish and woudn’t part from it.

      Put simple the sticks deep in the asks IS in truth, something useful.

  • BL
  • fdg


  • trolol12

    Bobmon 1: Trolls 0

  • bittervetdotdot

    troll or not EvE dying and thats sad, nullsec its a waste, CCP just dont think is my guess , CFC and N3 are too big , and maybe they will fight just to show how has the bigger diick , Eve is not that fun anymore,

    • GrannyBasher

      If CFC disbands N3 disbands. CFC is the only reason why N3 exists. A alliance can’t fight A coalition. CFC is known for shit stacking numbers and that’s the only reason they can win fights. Make their alliances fight solo and EVE sov map would look completely different in a month.

      • Wake Up CCP

        Exactly. N3 exists because the CFC exists. So N3 has no choice to be of opposition to the CFC. The CFC only exists to guarantee readers for Mittens web site. This is why Mittens prevents the CFC from doing anything fun like fighting each other or fighting anyone without overwhelming numbers to guarantee a win despite incompetent play. Heaven forbid the CFC would loose any members and much more importantly Mitens would loose readers. Maybe if CCP revoked the permissions they have given to Mitens to put EvE content on his web site that would be the quickest and easiest way to fix EvE. This would be a very easy and legitimate way for CCP to fix EVE. Mittens can only run his web site as CCP allows him to.

        • AFK

          Man up and invade CFC then.

          inb4 “in this game of half a million subs we can’t find someone to FC a war”

        • bla

          Your tears are delicious

    • yoyo

      Eve dies, ppl leave the game, less ppl ingame, no more blobs…if CCP can run -and are willing to- this game with like 5k players like in the old days, it becoems a niche game again and enjoyable.

    • Pinky

      English… do you speak it?

    • Pinky

      English… do you speak it?

  • itsover

    they can remove this article now. everyone gets the joke. post some real news.

  • itsover

    they can remove this article now. everyone gets the joke. post some real news.

    • Jaiimez

      Real News
      EvE News 24

      Pick one and only one…

    • Nullsec Overlord

      stop trying to cover up your fuck ups

  • thatguy

    Even if this wasn’t a big troll, how can you believe it anyway? Screenshots of ships in space. People in channels. Whoop de fucking do?

  • Koo
  • Dick Hauser

    I only played EVE for 2 years… i don`t get this inside Joke..

  • MestariBation