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Interceptor tweaks coming to Oceanus.

September 18, 2014

Interceptors were possibly the ship class which benefited the most from the warp speed rebalance almost a year ago, making them a deadly threat to any unsuspecting capital pilot. Along with the POS cyno changes CCP Fozzie just announced how he will keep tweaking the stats for the Oceanus release, due this September 30th

Hey everyone! As CCP Seagull mentioned in her coming in Oceanus dev blog, we’re following up with Interceptors and Interdictors this release to apply some more polish.

The most significant bits in this set of Interceptor changes are the adjustments to the Crow and Malediction (which are a bit too good in their light missile configurations currently) and the Raptor (which has been struggling to meaningfully distinguish itself from the venerable Taranis).

One important module tweak that applies significantly to these ships (we’ll be discussing it in more detail in an upcoming module balance blog) is that in Oceanus Light Missile Launchers will have their Rate of Fire decreased by ~6%.


Replace the 10% per level kinetic damage bonus with a 5% per level missile explosion radius bonus.
-1 Lowslot
+1 Highslot
+1 Launcher
+5 CPU


Restrict the missile RoF bonus to only apply to Rocket Launchers
-0.1 Inertia


-1 Highslot
+1 Midslot
+5 CPU
+51000 Mass
+0.05 Inertia


Increase Small Hybrid tracking bonus from 7.5% to 10% per level
-40000 Mass
+0.1 Inertia
+40 Capacitor
+30s Capacitor Recharge Time


-10000 Mass


-10000 Mass

[ Original Dev Blog ]

One thing to note is that you will still likely see multiples of these fleets gracing the systems of New Eden for a while to come yet.