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Northern Coalition. downs Southern Federation Titan

September 9, 2014

Minutes before a Northern Coalition. (NC) r64 was set to come out of reinforce in Stain, and the Stainwagon – led by Southern Federation (STFU.) – was set to drop more than one hundred ishtars to contest the timer, NCDOt scored a stunning kill in G-ME2k – the Stainwagon staging system.

The Titan killmail can be found here

Infamous NCDot FC, Travis Musgrat, entered teamspeak and immediately ordered supers and Titans to login.

“Bridge titan, bridge all subcaps when I give the order. All titans jump when I say. Lighting cyno in 5…4…3…2…1 titans jump and DD, bridge titan bridge, all subs haze what’s on grid I want bubbles on that Titan as soon as possible.”

The Titan pilot, the same pilot that NCDot killed in June due to jumping to a station undock instead of bridging, is reported to have bridged instead of jumped whilst outside the POS shields – allowing NCdot dictors an easy capture of the Avatar. The STFUdot Titan was swiftly killed under the doomsdays of 16 NCdot titans as well as a Tengu fleet whilst Stainwagon Ishtars in station made no attempt to save their beleaguered comrade.

Local chatter suggests that the Stainwagon is mass petitioning the loss as an exploit per CCP’s stance on POS bowling. The catch in that argument may reside in that in order to bridge from an alliance only POS, a titan must make itself vulnerable be venturing outside of POS shields in order to bridge non-alliance members of the fleet, as the CFC’s Mister Vee learned when his Titan was killed by NCDot under similar circumstances.

The current resting argument is that NCDot jumped Titans close enough to the POS shield that one spawned inside the POS shield – bumping the STFUdot Titan out.

Travis Musgrat had this to say on reddit regarding the controversy surrounding the Titan kill:

Pro tip:

In order to prevent problems with ships being bumped out of a starbase force-field from inside, by accident or by intention by players with legitimate access, owners are advised to park them in Ship Maintenance Arrays. X-Large Ship Maintenance Arrays were made available without the need for sovereignty with the Odyssey expansion so this option should be available to everyone.

At this point in time it is too early to say whether or not foul play was involved and en24 extends our congratulations to NCDot for a kill well executed.