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Officer modules in LP stores

July 22, 2014

Officer modules in LP stores

Imagine the ability to trade LP (loyalty points) and a chunk of isk to get an officer module. Not only would this increase players heading to nullsec and promote conflict, it would also serve as a good isk sink and let players have direct access to getting modules that might otherwise be bought up and used by big nullsec groups for super/titan fleets. Officer modules in eve are notoriously hard to find, or at least some of them. For example at the time of writing this article, in Jita 4/4 station (the biggest and most extensive market with easiest access in Eve) there are :

  • Zero Estamel’s invulnerability fields.
  • Zero Draclira’s heatsinks.
  • Five Tobias gyrostabilizers.

As can be seen from these three randomly picked officer items, they are around but usually not in any quantity. Lets not even talk about officer drone modules as they are beyond hard to come by most of the time.

Why is this a problem?

Firstly, I think this should be changed because it makes it easier for the super rich and even the average mission runner to be able to get officer items and can generate content in varying ways. The super rich using it on supercarriers, titans and even Pimped out incursion ships. The average mission runner in trying to sell the item/transport it or even using it for his shiny new Navy Raven. And secondly when the aforementioned ships die the modules will have to be moved around (targets for gankers) and resold (isk sink from market taxes assuming sold on the eve market).

Lastly, why is the best shield tank module (for omni resistances) not available on the market despite having limited uses and a huge price willing to be paid (limited because up until recently armor capitals were the bread and butter of any capital fleet)?

How could the amount of people farming for these modules be limited so not every single person has them? They would be required to head out to NPC Nullsec and run missions at the limited pirate stations available, this leadings to station camping, more targets to hunt and a more profitable area to hold for those willing to try.

Now we have shown how LP grinding for the modules would have risk, what would be the reward for doing it despite the risks? The ability to put time, investment and risk in return for being able to directly grind lp for the module that you wanted instead of trying to hunt down officers and praying the random number gods are in your favour if you manage to kill it.
But how much would they cost in LP? The modules would be scaled based on category and meta level, for a meta 14 invulnerability field you would be looking at 5 million LP and 4 billion isk.
For a meta 14 torpedo launcher you would be looking at around 2 million LP and 600 million. The reasoning behind such a difference is what the module will do, for instance a torpedo launcher adds more damage but changes your ability to survive by close to nothing (you might beat someone who does not have the torpedo launcher if sitting still and no other factors are at play).

What LP store would have what modules? They would stay with the officer racial type, Estamel’s modules would be in the Guristas LP store. Would this increase to a large extent the amount of officer modules in circulation?

Yes and no. Here’s why:

Yes more modules would show up as you can “guarantee” a single module. No this would not be to a huge extent. The amount of LP and raw isk needed keeps a Estamels invuln at 3200 isk per loyalty point.(20 billion is how much they can sell for, take away the 4 billion and divided by the LP cost).

Where would you find Drone officer modules? In keeping with CCP’s change to the drone spawn loot table, you would find Drone modules in “The sanctuary” LP store (Sisters of Eve nullsec edition)

What is to stop everyone doing these missions besides travelling to nullsec? You would still have to grind the faction standing for the pirate corporation before being able to get in to the level 4 missions to start really making a dent in how many LP you get.

In closing,

I think this is a good idea because it will help put some more used modules on the market like officer drone damage amplifiers and will leave you with a choice of module instead of a chance at one. I also think that this would make an excellent isk sink and help with general inflation and create a bigger market for these modules, unlike the current market of some module types that are stagnant or simply have none for sale.
In my opinion Choice would be better than Chance in this.

What do you think? Click the poll below to cast your vote if this should happen.

If the > Poll < reaches 25 “Yes” votes it will be posted in the “features and ideas” section of the Eve forums.

– MR Benoit