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Black Legion Betrayal?

July 16, 2014

In EVE, not only do you have to watch your enemies, but occasionally you also have to watch your friends. It has been heard that Black Legion. did a sudden turn against Shadow Cartel – resulting in this:


Apparently, Black Legion contacted Shadow Cartel to ‘create some content’ and play bait. Black Legion readied a subcap and a super fleet to assist. Shadow headed off to shoot a Tower in Galnafsad owned by Easily Excited. Easily Excited formed a response fleet and a few kills were had, with Black Legion assisting with subcaps. Then something strange happened. With Shadow capitals on field, Black Legion asked for an Archon Cyno. It was provided, and BL jumped in supers. Black Legion players were told to drop fleet and turn and shoot the Shadow Cartel capitals. Planned set-up? Betrayal? Or did they know something was up and reacted? What happened here? All that is for certain is that Shadow got spanked and Black Legion got a new moon.

Comments on eve-kill give evidence that this was far from a normal fight:


Players from both sides were contacted but neither side would or could comment.

– TwilightsDawn