At E3 this week, CCP released a new game play video for EVE Valkyrie. I’ll embed the video so you can watch it.

There is nothing new in this video, at least from an overall game play perspective. There are a lot of graphical enhancements though. Overall the graphics are a lot crisper and elegantly refined. We are flying around an orbiting station now. It isn’t simply two squadrons flying at each other from carriers. The cockpit is beautifully rendered and I swear I can read the flight instruments. The action of the mass drivers (that’s what a machine gun in space is called BTW) is well done. Lock-on and missile flight has also gotten some love. They appear to have reduced lag across the board (thanks to Oculus VR’s awesome technology) and created an experience that looks very twitch. There has been a lot of work and love put into this version and it shows. One detractor, I’ve never seen that many asteroids around a station. I hope they will remove those in the game. That’s not what New Eden looks like. But overall, EVE Valkyrie is shaping up nicely and I still plan on playing the game.

As I was watching the video though, I couldn’t help but see the first comment on the YouTube page. It was from someone most EVE bloggers know. It was from Titus Balls and I’ll quote,

“OK so in probably around 1/2 budget, 1/2 time and gone through two engines – CCP have still made a better space game than Star Citizen. I feel sorry for all the backers who threw money at it, they better make something good.”

This is the part of Star Citizen Titus is talking about.

Have you had a stroke and lost the portion of your brain responsible for logical comparisons Titus? Seriously, how can you even say Star Citizen lags behind EVE Valkyrie? You seem to feel Arena Commander is what Star Citizen is all about. That is an incredible misconception. If you really want to make a valid comparison, you should imagine EVE Valkyrie integrated into EVE Online. That is a far better comparison, as such an integration is the goal of Star Citizen. What you see with EVE Valkyrie is what you get.

When I played EVE Valkyrie at EVE Vegas last year, there was a simple point system based on how much damage you did to the enemy. I am certain CCP will expand on that limited scoring, but that is about all you’re going to get from EVE Valkyrie. It is a space based first person shooter (FPS,) and there is only so much you can do with an FPS. CCP will wrap some achievement oriented game play elements around it, add Katee Sackhoff’s voice to it, and perhaps develop a tournament mode, but that’s likely all they’ll do. At best you’ll get the first Wing Commander updated to the 21st century and Internet multiplayer connectivity. EVE Valkyrie will still be an awesome game, but Star Citizen will be a full-fledged MMO with a persistent universe, and Arena Commander is just one element of that future game. The only thing persistent in EVE Valkyrie is your score.

Currently, no one gets to play EVE Valkyrie except at very tightly controlled conventions like E3, where CCP has direct control over the entire game system. You get exactly what they feed you. Arena Commander is at least in alpha testing where Roberts Space Industries (RSI) can identify and iron out the bugs, of which Scott Manley comments on not a few. Check out Scott Manley playing Arena Commander in his YouTube video (starts about the 2:30 mark.) That’s not even possible with EVE Valkyrie. EVE Valkyrie was assertively labeled PRE-ALPHA, and CCP is the only one play testing it. As we all know, developer only testing often results in released products full of bugs. And since EVE Valkyrie is a 3D only game, and playing it depends on the release of Oculus Rift as a consumer product, forget about any open beta testing to ensure that doesn’t happen. Oh, did you miss the announcement by CCP that EVE Valkyrie will be a 3D only game; playable only through Oculus Rift? You can hear that revelation starting around the 2 minute mark in this YouTube video. So I suppose you could claim that EVE Valkyrie is a better 3D space FPS than Star Citizen, but that’s as far as you can take it Titus, because EVE Valkyrie won’t be playable with a standard monitor – ever.

So please Titus, try to think before you start the fan-boy wave. There are many, many things that will be great about EVE Valkyrie. It will be an exciting and highly playable computer game for those who can afford the Oculus Rift, and who don’t get nauseous viewing 3D. Side note: that’s a lot of people BTW. Read this PLOS One article. It’s very interesting. I must quote the conclusion because it is so compelling from a 3D game development perspective.

“Viewers reporting some sickness (SSQ total score>15) were 54.8% of the total sample after the 3D movie compared to 14.1% of total sample after the 2D movie. Symptom intensity was 8.8 times higher than baseline after exposure to 3D movie (compared to the increase of 2 times the baseline after the 2D movie). Multivariate modeling of visually induced motion sickness as response variables pointed out the significant effects of exposure to 3D movie, history of car sickness and headache, after adjusting for gender, age, self reported anxiety level, attention to the movie and show time.”

In the study, over half the people reported some nausea and one in ten felt so sick they wanted to puke. That’s serious, and it’ll limit sales of EVE Valkyrie. Whether that’s substantial or not is anyone’s guess, but EVE Valkyrie will certainly sell fewer copies as a 3D only game than if it supported 3D and 2D. It is still on my must play list though. I am not one of those who suffer from vertigo, motion sickness or even sea sickness. I’m lucky that way, though I’m digressing a bit now. Here’s my tl;dr, people need to stop comparing EVE Valkyrie with Star Citizen. The games are in completely different genres, and I certainly do NOT regret contributing to Star Citizen – so stop feeling sorry for me. You cannot compare oranges to tennis balls. If you try, bloggers will write about your comments and question your mental capacity. πŸ˜› So let’s all wait to see what these two game developers come up with, and then let’s enjoy the hell out of their hard work! Kthanksbye.

– Mabrick

He’s been around the block a time or five. With over 15 years of MMO playing under his belt and a memory that reaches back to pencils and dice, he offers his insights into the not so virtual reality we call Eve Online.

  • Happy Man

    Eve Valkyrie looks to me like it’s going to be good for a couple of hours and then get boring. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Playos

    What kind of deliousal fantasy world are you living in? Right now, today… CCP has at minimum matched CIGs output in less time, with less money, and while managing retrofitting one of the oldest and most stable MMOs on earth.

    There are a whole lot of “space FPS” games that have had very nice sales and are canonical in hardcore gaming… with zero MMO elements. And which is easier, to add in an instanced interplay FPS to an already established MMO, or create an MMO around an FPS?

    CIG is failure in management, and that can’t be fixed since Roberts doesn’t have a boss to big foot him this time.

    • Homophobic John
      This is one guy. He had a fraction of CIG’s budget, and has done far far far far far more in a much shorter time. Also this game looks to be fucking amazing.

      • Playos

        completely agreed, but didn’t feel comparative… net code and multiplayer optimization is really a dark art, so while the dude at Limit Theory is immensely skilled and shows what talent and true passion can result in, I think it’s a bit of apples or oranges.

        Just to reiterate… I can safely say that guy has done more with less than any other game dev I can actually think of… but I think he might run into issues when/if he gets to multiplayer and balancing. Assuming he’s not some tweaker neckbeard who can’t play well with others, any dev team would be lucky to have him along.

        We’re in an awesome boom time for space sims of all stripes, same with survival games… I still hold out hope for Novus to be the show stopper of them all, since dog fighting is a cool way to blow off steam, lets be honest. We really all just want to run our little empires and order plebs to their deaths πŸ˜›

        • Homophobic John

          At least he’s making the game first, then worrying bout multiplayer integration. If I remember correctly, he wants to implement multiplayer for economy and trading, and maybe pvp if he can.

          • troll

            Nope, he has stated that LT will have zero online interaction nor does he plan to add it in the future. But should he make a sequel, Limit theory 2, he didn’t rule out online component to that one.

          • Homophobic John

            Maybe it was a player that said he wanted to make a mod for it, Im not sure. I just remember reading it on the forums. Would be pretty cool.

          • Playos

            If he hasn’t planned in Multiplayer… he shouldn’t add it. Bolting it on afterwards is pretty much a recipe for disaster.

  • abc123

    I hate to admit it but This TWAT MABRICK is right this time. Most of the time he’s just like Gev Goblin and spewing Bla Bla Bla. But I always give credit where credit is due.
    So Mabrick, you finally got one right this time. Hats off to your mate.

  • eve isnt dead right?

    so many words about products that arent even out yet….

    nobody cares mmmk

    -Mabrick now offering his insights into shit that has nothing to do with eve online.

  • EasyKill

    If you’re going to fanboygasm about a game competing with Valkyrie, might I suggest one that is actually making progress?

    • daniL

      You pay them 120 Euro to test there shity game :D…
      I do not understand how people fall for that…

      If they want my money they better show me something good. Free TRIAL?!?

  • X

    Both parties are right, SC is failing in being super slow in development and being EA in the crowdsourcing market while being more of a simulation game, while CCP is developing an awesome ArenaDogfightFPS which handles more arcade like. And you can play SC without VR but it dosn’t make sense on the long run ( the Horne has a sight controlled Turret, makes sense that one should be used with VR). After following SC for over 2 years I feel only regret thought.
    Would wish CCP could release a better Roadmap to the comunity so that we can judge it and scream into their face (forum) whats wong with it…

  • troll

    Oh boy, this post will attract so many EvE nerds who are subconsciously insecure of EvE’s future, SC possible impact of EvE’s PCU and generally CCP’s ability to deliver new products (and thus longevity of EvE).

    In any case, future will tell what will happen to EvE, Valkyrie and Star Citizen.

  • Homophobic John

    “Pre alpha”

    I hear this word floated around a lot now. Im here for your daily reminder that it is a made up term. There are four stages of development. Initial design, Alpha testing, beta testing, finished product.
    What you are doing with that word is the same thing the US has done with the word “assault weapon”. It is not an actual definition. It was made up in order to pass legislation. It was made up in order to make people happy, and scare others. Much in the same way “pre-alpha” is made up to try and make it look like a shitty game is something better.
    Now that thats out of the way, I sure am glad this was a non-based article….

    • lulz

      Pretty much derailing, but it jokes how politicians call any rifle that is black, and has a pistol grip an assault rifle.

  • edlol

    Elite Dangerous will shit all over both of these.

    • Chks


  • Joe Mettai

    ver 15 years of MMO playing under his belt
    Star Citizen doesn’t even look that good, and I find it comical that people “With over 15 years of MMO playing under their belt” still fall for the hype trains.

  • Dirk MacGirk

    I’m not willing to compare either one until they get much closer to release. The only reason anyone is even talking about SC is because they found a bunch of people willing to front the money for its development, thus they have to show some progress. That’s going to make managing expectations a real chore. A traditional developer wouldn’t have the need to pre-build support for a game still a long way off. Then again, they’d also be risking their own capital.

    Crowd sourcing is a great idea: get money from non-investors, hand out some non-monetary item(s) in return, and then develop the project without risking as much of your own capital or having to answer to investors. What’s really kind of funny is that free development money = more profits to the business. Given the distaste so many seem to have for businesses making profits, it’s pretty funny to see so many willing to hand over money so the company can earn a better profit margin. In the end, I’m quite sure RSI will be putting out a great game. If nothing else, it will be an economic success for RSI. Imagine if all business was run like this. Anyone want to kickstart a health insurance company? I’ll give you the right to buy a policy when we begin alpha testing the payment system.

    • gg

      Kickstarter games, and things like early access games is in reality one of the worst trends in the gaming industry’s history.

  • Victoria Sin

    Do not understand why you’re comparing Valkyrie to Shit Citizen when Elite Dangerous is in beta and looking far better than either.

  • seeing is beliefing

    “Seriously, how can you even say Star Citizen lags behind EVE Valkyrie? You seem to feel Arena Commander is what Star Citizen is all about. That is an incredible misconception.”

    Yeah .. true .. once SC is released in full glory with all the presitent worlds, a full galaxy to explore and so on it certainly can’t be compared to Valk. I just wonder if this is done before or after we see the long anounced campaning setting for Mech Warrior Online.
    Cashing in for half released games is nothing new and SC looks to be a very promising canidate in this regard. Hey .. they see new ships before you can even undock. You can just run aroudn in the Hangar and look at them. Thats how a scam feels like.

  • gg

    I feel sorry for Mabrik, he’s one of a long list of people that have invested in the vaporware that Star Citizen is.

    EVE Valkyrie is of course a completely different game then SC is supposed to be, and it seems that CCP has learned something from the VoD and Dust flops and is going fairly low key with Valkyrie. In any case SC will not be any competition to EVE for at least another 3-4 years, judging by the current development speed of SC, and in any case at the end SC will not compete fully with EVE. I doubt SC will be able to pull off the type strategic depth that EVE has. If SC does become a reality, I’m much more inclined to expect SC and EVE to be complementary.

    • troll

      Wait. Do please tell me how CCP has learned anything! With Dust they bound the game to dying platform. With Vakyrie they have made a bet to new mass-untested piece of hardware, similar hardware that in the past have failed spectacularly (sure, because technical difficulties but also because of human physical reactions to it). If Mabrick is right on VR sickness then Valkyrie will flop spectacularly because of it.

      To paraphrase CCP Seagull lets imagine headlines “Facebook VR plagued with motion sickness – up to 50% of users reported headaches after X hours of use”. Given how expensive 1 gen FB VR or Sony VR will be i guess that not many people will be ready to dish out money with that kind of odds. That means less Valkyrie players, less profit projected (if at all) and in the end possibly new write-downs and dev “optimizations” similar to what have happened this year and it will impact EvE development and sustainability. I’m sure that CCP will scramble to deliver non-VR version of Valkyrie should the hardware side fail but it would make Valkyrie just an average arcade space shooter and nothing more.

  • droljica

    Comparing 10+ y. old game, infested with old farts nad archaic ways of thinking, with the game that is still “to be criticised”… only ccp tard (and not to forget goontard) can do it.

  • Koz Katral

    This article can be pretty much be summed up as “Butthurt, butthurt, butthurt, butthurt” – Star Citizen ‘Investor’.

    • Jack Morrison

      yeah, pretty much this, thanks for the tldr version

  • Soldarius

    OP mad. Chillax, bro. I watched the AC video, and for the first 60 seconds, I was asking, “Where’s the gameplay footage?” It was like watching an Eve-O trailer. Whereas the Valkyrie trailer was all gameplay footage.

    I have no doubt Valkyrie will be out long before Star CItizen.

  • lossmail

    Cant wait for Valkyrie. I imagine they put those asteroids there to make the surrounding environment a bit more challenging. That scene comes to my mind from starwars episode 2 when boba fett was chasing obi wan in that asteroid field. That was amazing.
    What i liked about star citizen fights more, is that it had much more realistic-looking lights. Valkyrie was too bright. Space is not that bright. the lighting and shadows were way better in star citizen, i really hope they improve it in valkyrie. Also, the station was too glossy. But thats only my 2cents. I understand that its not a finished product yet, but star citizen looks prettier at this point.

    • Mike Larry

      Star citizen looks prettier?

      That SC trailer shows less then two seconds of actual gameplay, I would hope it looks prettier. Next you’ll say how good eve is based on their zero gameplay trailer.

  • Mike Larry

    That SC trailer has less then two seconds of actual gameplay footage, where as that E3 valkyrie trailer is all gameplay footage. Does anyone really have to explain why non-gameplay footage trailers are useless for the purposes of gauging the quality of gameplay? Literally could have shown a trailer to the latest star trek movie, and it would have been as informative on the quality of gameplay star citizen provides.

    • Nikolai Tsekov

      You can watch a lot of other trailers and many from actual AC. It looks just like that, so I do not agree on this being some pre-rendered stuff that doesn’t show anything as you imply.

  • roflmao

    Long live eve is what i would say here but in a toss up of eve valkyrie vs. Star citizen…. Star citizen walks awa y victoriously

  • hehe

    Can we bump ships in eve valkyrie too?

  • arch raptor

    the day games get so realistic that it makes me want to puke when I pull tight G-turns, well…. I’ll puke and come right back for more.

  • minerMaN

    forever EVE

  • minerMaN

    forever EVE

  • Fool me once….

    “EVE Valkyrie won’t be playable with a standard monitor – ever”

    If this is the case it will have the same effect that Dust on the PS3 had, it will alienate 90% of their excited playerbase and be another complete washout.

    • Leviathan84

      Sadly I think you are 100% correct in this statement =(

    • Leviathan84

      Sadly I think you are 100% correct in this statement =(

  • elnator

    EVE Valkyrie and Star Citizen aren’t even close to the same thing. Star Citizen is going to be a FPS Space Odyssey style game a-la Privateer/Freelancer but set in an MMORPG persistent universe.

    Trying to compare that to a gimmick game that’s Occulus Rift Only is silly.

  • elnator

    EVE Valkyrie and Star Citizen aren’t even close to the same thing. Star Citizen is going to be a FPS Space Odyssey style game a-la Privateer/Freelancer but set in an MMORPG persistent universe.

    Trying to compare that to a gimmick game that’s Occulus Rift Only is silly.

  • hmm

    Star citizen looks a whole lot better than EVR. I love these eve fan Bois they just look stupid

  • elnator

    Honestly… between Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen my days in EVE may be numbered.