So, I was chatting with the crew of the Podside Podcast the other night and after the show I had a few questions that I wanted to throw out to the EVE Null Sec community, if you have a moment to respond:

The Set up: The way it has been explained to me is that the CFC only exists because of the threat PL and NCDot pose to the GSF (GoonSwarm Federation). Because of this, GSF decided to surrounded themselves with a thick, insulating, layer of Alliances who have bought into the GSF narrative that PL/NCDot are Null Sec Bogeymen and that all these Alliances need GSF to survive. Meanwhile, GSF has been the real threat to their survival by slowly poaching these pet Alliances of their good pilots to keep them weak and reliant on GSF to survive.

The fallout has been half (if not more) of 0.0 is log jammed into a Coalition that’s told by The Mittani where, when, who, and most importantly “why” he is letting them enter into video game combat.

Question 1: If PL/NCDot did not pose a threat to the SOV/income safety of the GSF Coalition pet Alliances, would there be a need for this coalition?

Question 2: If PL/NCDot were to offer a one year NIP (Non-Invasion Pact) to all the pet GSF Coalition Alliances so these Alliances could extract themselves from the GSF “Services” crack pipe, would they accept it?

Question 3: Would it help if PL/NCDot were to agree that during the one year NIP they would apply pressure on GSF space so as to allow the recovering Alliances to shore up their borders, infrastructure, and space?

Question 4: Does GSF have their hooks (services and spies) so deep into all these pet Alliances that there is actually no way out for them?

Question 5: Will the CFC go down as one of EVE’s biggest and longest running scams?

Question 6: Are GSF Coalition Alliances more afraid of what GSF will do to them if they decide to leave the Coalition or of what GSF claims PL/NCDot will do to them if they leave?

I ask these questions because it sounds to me like PL/NCDot only pose a threat to GSF; and, not the other Alliances being used by GSF as a shield. That PL/NCDot are content with the space they control and wouldn’t want to expand beyond what they feel comfortable managing. That they would probably be happy spending the summer kicking in the “Fortress Deklein” door while the Alliances, currently held hostage by GSF, sort things out and become what they’ve always wanted to be, self-sufficient null sec Alliances.

The last GSF Alliance SOTA (State of the Alliance) tries to create some sort of elaborate illusion that there is some sort of “Cold War” going on. The piece is packed full of scary phrases like “Our foes despise us, and grimly work towards avenging their humiliations”, when in reality The Mittani has simply realized that his house of cards is getting too high and he needs this “Cold War” time to make the final preparations for when it falls – on top of GSF. He has already played the long-con pilot preparations by slowly poaching all of the adequate pvp talent from the Coalition’s pet Alliances and now needs to put what’s left of them (their industrialists) to work building the SC and Titans that GSF pilots will need to fly when the cards come tumbling down.

Anywhooo… I was going to stand a top my Hound at one of the western null sec gates, boom box over my head, belting out “what’s wrong with you people!!! Don’t you see what’s been going on?!…but alas, when they came for Li3 no one spoke up, and when they came for Gents no one spoke up…and when they come for you…

Fly it like you stole it!!

  • Andrew Hacker

    Classic EN24 – no research, no facts, nothing of substance. Just babblings of some grr goons scrub

    • Anon

      classic Goon Pet- Mittens cock in one hand and the keyboard in the other

  • Snargle

    Holy shit. I am by no means *progoon*, but why the hell was this babbling drivel given a spot on a supposed news website?

    1. Yes, there would be, because Coalitions are not just about defense, they’re also about offense. There a region you want that’s inhabited by an alliance not backed by a coalition? Easy pickings. Sure, you miss out on *gudfites* but no one lives in nullsec for those.

    2. I sure as fucking hell wouldn’t. Why would I trade my coalition that is permanent for a NIP that is temporary? The smarter offer would be to take them into the N3/PL coalition, but then you’re leaving behind something you’re familiar and comfortable with because…because? You still haven’t given a reason that CFC alliances would be better off outside the CFC apart from a blanket accusation of poaching pilots. Newsflash: welcome to every coalition with a strong leader alliance ever. Why is your membership leaving for PL any better than them leaving for Goons?

    3. Because at the end of that year, they are now fair game for not one but TWO coalitions. There isn’t whole lot that “fortifying” will do them. Imagine trying to recruit for THAT mess. “Hey, want to join an alliance where we’re going to get blobbed to shit with no support about a year from now?”

    4. Every nullsec alliance is spy infested. The trick is making sure that the guy who has access to the off-switch is someone you know and trust (preferably IRL), and that your logistics pilots are happy. So no, unless the guy in charge of the disband alliance button is a goon spy, there isn’t much all they can do about it via spies. And if that guy IS a goon spy, you deserve to be disbanded.

    5. This is so hilariously biased I don’t even. What, exactly, makes the CFC constitute a scam? Remember not everyone is mentally challenged, you need to clearly outline your thinking so we can see exactly where you jump the rails.

    6. Both? I mean, this would essentially be like Cold War Turkey leaving NATO, or Ukraine leaving the USSR. Sure, you may have bought some goodwill with your former enemies, but you are fucked if you think they’re going to exert a whole lot of effort to save your ass when your former allies come knocking. And if your former allies DON’T come knocking? Expect those past enemies to become present conquerors because why not? Free for the taking!

    TL;DR: this entire article is retarded and is based on the premise that GrrGoons is universally accepted rather than actually taking the time to research and elaborate on any legitimate concerns a CFC alliance may actually have.

  • Snargle

    Also, regarding the gem about PL/NCdot being happy with the space they control:

    “Hey guys, I think we have enough rental space, we don’t need any more billions of easy ISK.”
    -No one, ever.

  • Yes, No, No, Yes, No, PL. The idea of a self sufficient alliance is outdated, just except it. But once again quality anti-CFC article.

  • I’m a fag

    The one and only reason why we are now at two mega coalitions in null can be said in three letters:
    R. M. T.
    Which stands for: Reimburse My Truck

    • asd

      Make it more PSSSHHHHHH !!



  • I play with RL instead

    wot a load of bollocks, “CFC only exists because of the threat PL and NCDot pose to the GSF (GoonSwarm Federation).” Goon tactic has always been to out blob or to rob their enemies, IF my memory serves me correctly didnt goons form the cfc from the ashes of the old northern coalition so its always been there jus had a bigger dick ‘aka the mittani’ running the show aka ‘eve’. THIS GAME IS DEAD, It will never change untill ccp has some balls and stop the rmt,

  • shadoo

    you guys are fucking RETARDED writing shit like this. cfc existed long before n3 came around, and its already been seen what happens if n3/pl try to fight cfc, they gonna get their asses WHOOPED, again. start another war lose another 60 titans, gg retards! CFC knew if they kept ehadshotting n3/pl after b-r and ow that they wouldnt have any content left so they retreated in good manner. PL/N3 leadership only want space for the isk it puts in their wallets, that they then transfer to RL cash to pay for mortgages, car payments, etc etc. Get yer head out of your ass you worthless fucking turd snot shot, you obviously have no fucking clue whats going on in eve and no business trying to theorycraft “why people exist in a video game”. god you are a fucking faggot

    • I don’t think you are shadoo but that was pretty convincing. You need to say faggot a few more times.

    • I don’t think you are shadoo but that was pretty convincing. You need to say faggot a few more times.

    • Chris

      I hate to reuse the old meme but where the fuck did he touch you to make you so angry.

    • Chris

      I hate to reuse the old meme but where the fuck did he touch you to make you so angry.

    • 1337 PVP FTW

      Yes that evil N3 and all their RMT. You are blinded by your coalition stripe. Both sides run things the way they to because they RMT BOTH are killing this game. Wake the fuck up people.

  • Terrible Name

    The way it was explained to me (by people who are opposed to the CFC) is…

  • Concerned Capsuleer

    this is a very well written piece, which has a lot of points that need to be thought about em. null is stagnant in sov movement compared to the past, and it should be shaken up a lot

  • youfuckingretard

    Mittens is better at this game than you are, get over it.

  • Tinu Rhade

    There is no cold war at all, look what happened in the real world after the second war :
    the mother of the comunism shook hands with the mother of democracy, split and ruled the world between themselves using the good cop / bad cop strategy, they probably had the same father.
    There was a third party let’s call them radicals who tried to kill the mother of comunism and the babies of democracy, even the father himself, though there are rumors the father help the radicals in the first place.
    eve seems to be something like that, no wonder is losing players

  • N3 Grunt

    All I can read here is “GRRR Goons”

  • N3 Grunt

    All I can read here is “GRRR Goons”

  • MJO

    Put a limit on the number of standings slots: max 3 +10 and max 3 +5 to every alliance/corporation/single pilot.

    Let’s see what that does to the blue donut with everyone being NBSI.

    This would spicen up things.

  • MJO

    Put a limit on the number of standings slots: max 3 +10 and max 3 +5 to every alliance/corporation/single pilot.

    Let’s see what that does to the blue donut with everyone being NBSI.

    This would spicen up things.