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Report: CCP Lays Off Employees

June 5, 2014

Polygon reports on how CCP has just announced at a company meeting that is currently being held that 49 employees will be laid off in order to refocus on the EVE Online Universe. These employees are being offered severance packages and these layoffs we are told will not affect the development of EVE, Dust, Legion or Valkyrie.

This makes a total of 105 employees that have been let go by CCP this year; the other 56, being at their Atlanta Studio that was working on World of Darkness, a vampire MMO and has been since refocused to only work on the EVE: Online universe. It is speculated that these layoffs come from investor pressure.

This leaves an approximately 550 workers still at CCP who will hopefully continue to deliver immersive games and improve the EVE Universe.

[ Via Polygon ]