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PSA: Don’t try this at home!

May 19, 2014

Posted on the Official EVE-O forums.

Counterintuitively, we buy ISK. We do it to track, find and terminate RMT operations. Buying ISK for this purpose is in our budget as good return of investment in the fight against RMT.

Crafty as they are, they have a weakness. It’s money. They do anything to get it. Account hacking, credit card fraud, exploits and botting is all part of THEIR game. However, protecting our players from violations of the EULA and more serious offenses is OUR game, and we have the team to do it.

Sadly, some buyers may be affected when ISK originating from such sources is confiscated and bans issued. However, our EULA is also clear that players should not buy outside of EVE or CCP. We regret all damages caused by RMT and will never tire of telling people about PLEX and how it may be purchased on our website and through our official retail partners, listed here. Or that PLEX can then be sold via the in-game for ISK. Heaps of ISK!

Now, thar’s something ye might want to try at home.

This leaves only one question…

Who will WE be buying from this week?

– CCP Grimmi