As you read this article, Li3 and Gents are in the process of transferring corporations and assets to The Bastion [BASTN], the latest sov-null meta-alliance. The Bastion, which will cover sections of CFC sov in both Vale of the Silent and Fountain with outliers in Tribute, can be seen as an effort to consolidate coalition border alliances which have both have seen a decline in pilot and corporation membership in recent months. It is said that the Mittani will be the figurehead of the alliance, while prominent Li3 and ex-Gents leaders take up leadership positions.

With the recent transfer of Gents sov to GoonSwarm Federation following the announcement of the shuttering of the alliance, CFC leaders will be keen to speed the integration of former Gents corporations into the coalition to avoid leakage of pilots or corporations during what must be a period of uncertainty as to their role within the CFC.

There was rumour that Li3 was motivated to approve plans due to the inability of -FA- and the GSF to assist them in controlling the residents of the Phoenix constellation (Fountain NPC null)which bridges Li3 sov. A source from within Gents replied to the suggestion that Li3’s inability to control their NPC null neighbours motivated their entry to The Bastion with laughter.

“Li3 isn’t disbanding because fa and goons can’t defend them. They are disbanding because they see an opportunity to grow bigger by merging with gents.”

Either way, the move can be seen as positive for all involved. If Li3 and -FA- cannot control one constellation of NPC null pirates then prevention of sustained harassment in both Fountain and Delve by any one of the CFC’s many enemies would be an impossibility. The same plays true of any prolonged incoherence within ex-Gents at the northern border.

Coalition leadership will be hoping that the merger will bolster and co-ordinate both border regions under a CFC “border agency”. The east will be watching and waiting, hoping themselves that the Mittani’s latest project bites the dust, leaving valuable CFC border regions chaotic and vulnerable as the Summer wars draw near.

  • GrouchyOldGamer

    LI3 lived in the toughest space in the CFC without a moment of moaning, kudos to them.

    • Dumbledore

      Without a moment of moaning, but without many moments of undocking, too.

      • GrouchyOldGamer

        Oddly enough since we’ve decided deploy some folks there some of these elite PVP folks have choosen to take a ‘high sec vacation’ kindly leaving us all their assets.

        • Dumbledore

          All due respect, didn’t Gents just give up and die? I thought that there should be at least a proper burial before announcing their resurrection and the next self-proclaimed victory for gents?

          • sadleric


            In before Space Emperor finds a way to describe the Li3 Gents disbandings that does not give attribution to Fountain Core.

          • GrouchyOldGamer

            It’s cute to watch fountain core beg for relevance.

          • Revelance

            My my back to relevance topic again.

          • sadleric

            >Li3 lived in toughest space
            >Elite PvP

            For the love of Heaven, keep the posting coming.

          • GrouchyOldGamer

            We’ve taken all your assets, you didn’t fight. I’m not sure what victory you are claiming.

          • sadleric

            Okay, as an FYI, I am red to Fountain Core.

          • GrouchyOldGamer

            I guess made up victories matter to someone.

          • sadleric

            Allright, my mind is open. What, if not trouble with NPC residents, is causing Li3 to disband and consolidate with Gents under the Bastion alliance?

    • jadecougar

      Thanks for that. This is something we really worked hard to spin to the alliance…as a real opportunity to become more cohesive as a group and to experience that which we love…small and medium gang pvp. Adding the sov BS to ~create content~ sucked for us but was likely fun for the npc guys. We did what we could and enjoyed it.

      • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

        That is funny… We have been roaming all over Fountain, Delve and Aridia for the past week and all we see is everyone docked up. We have had to cruise all the way to Catch to get gud fights from Brave.
        You say you want small and medium gang PvP… Well undock the next time The Kadeshi come calling.
        Hell, we will even come in Caracals if you will fight us.

        • jadecougar

          It’s not my alliance anymore to undock with since I left in January. Instead of trolling the comments section, maybe you should read up on what’s actually going on. Oh, I forgot. You’re too busy telling us all how AWEsome the Kadeshi are. That made me laugh a little.

          • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

            Way better than LI3

          • jadecougar

            What a comeback.

          • sadleric

            Dude, in all seriousness, there are few alliances so capable of punching two weight classes above their size as The Kadeshi, and their successes in the Halloween War do nothing but back this up.

            In general, they post well, too.

          • Ming Tso

            You could always go back to scrubbing “Only alliance kicked out of the HBC for cultural reasons” out of your former alliance’s history.

          • jadecougar

            Awesome response! Haha! It is quite facetious that people like you actually believe li3 were ‘kicked out’ of the HBC. Long live the ~factual~ propaganda of TEST. 😀

  • Dumbledore

    And after a while, when everyone has taken a turn in bashing their fleets, the bashtion will finally earn its name.

  • xanderphoena

    ‘Notable podcaster, CSM member and Scotsman’ isn’t direct quotation for what it’s worth. I’d have happily have provided one had I been asked though. Zebra Corp will be joining The Bastion and I am very excited about the potential it shows for the future and the faith being showed by The Mittani, Sion, Endie, etc.

    • Gaius Toralen

      Apologies for the oversight xander, you can rest assured this author won’t include an indirect quotation again.

  • johnny bravo

    Have been in li3, and this can only be a good thing for them. Hopefully it has a leader with more drive and who is better adapted to leading than Carneros, as he was pretty terrible at it. If they leave their shit corps behind, which is arguably a large portion, the new alliance could do quite well, though i can’t see them doing that. Maybe they’ll pull their socks up, who knows, but i think they will just return to being jews.

    • jadecougar

      Carneros is a good guy. Lots to offer. He and mittani are a good one-two punch I am sure

  • Kin

    Li3 will be still dead and useless, no matter how you call them.

    Mittens could have added FA allso to Bastion [BASTN] they are the same bad as Li3.

    • fountain core

      i confirm, FA is shit and cant battle the ~30 fountain core pilots alone so they wait for the goons to come and help them even for a small pos

      • yes please keep crying about blobbing while we take back all our moons.

        • SpekDamage

          You mean while someone else is taking temporary those moons for you?
          You are welcome 😉

        • How did you lose all those moons in the first place ???

          • Well we went on vacation and forgot to lock the door. I guess the locals decided to mess up our house.

  • Marlona_Sky

    It will be interesting to see how mittens pet project works out.

    • Probably better than Northern Army, just saying 🙂

      • Bo Jangles

        Or Nulli Legio

        • Playos

          Has one of these projects ever worked out properly?

          • Waffles seems quite successful.

          • Playos

            Knew someone would bring up Waffles… But I think Bastion is going to be skewed much more towards the Northern Army style of these things.

            Actually, scratch that… it’ll be worse than Northern Army… at least they weren’t starting with the have-nots of mid-tier coalition alliances.

          • At least Northern Army seemed to take moons in low-sec and actually do PVP.

          • Playos

            Did they take moons? I thought they were just given moons

        • truth

          you mean an alt alliance for cyno alts and indy alts?

          • Bo Jangles

            Apart from when it was kind of a feeding alliance but also an alt alliance which served as a meat shield and whipping boy.

      • Marlona_Sky

        How DARE you good sir!

    • Ming Tso

      Haha I see what you did there

  • fist

    So 2 aweful alliances disband to create one bigger aweful alliance looool.

    • One moron who can’t spell, fails to spell the same word twice.

      • blah

        Native english blah. Show us your ability in a second language before you judge others.

      • Bo Jangles

        Maybe he’s just that full of awe.

    • sadleric

      Southern coalition alliances never tried that, nope, never, nada, look away.

  • fountain core

    nice, more targets for us , go go fountain core !!! 🙂

  • Deltaguy

    Does anyone remember the last time somthing like this happened? I do, and it turned into Tribe. Is this tribe 2.0?

  • BS

    Oh my the two pvp powerhouses merge, whole New Eden holds it’s breatch in horror

    • AFk commenter

      You can’t polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter.

      • jadecougar

        That is some deep stuff right there. 😉

  • Fountain core diplo

    Ahahaha. Since 2008 this will be 29th alliance which is disbanded because of us! I told you guys – find another space…fountain is only for us and it’s cursed 😀 . We always welcomes “invasions”

    • Fountain core diplo

      and this is perfect thanks God, we will not go anymore to 6VDT to looking for a fight!

    • Noisrevbus

      Out of interest: Please list those 29 alliances. I would like to know :).

      • sadleric

        Lazy 🙂

      • Fountain core diplo
        some of them..the other if you google it you can find it

        • lol

          you are retarded. really.
          living in NPC space does not make alliances disband. invasions and shitty leadership does. get a clue bulgarian scrublords.

          • sadleric

            Continuous structure saving ops in weird hours week after week combined with denial of passive income aggravates poor leadership issues and widens cracks.

          • Pinko

            and you are moron. whatever leadership you have can’t break us from 7 years noob!

    • well fountain is the best small gang warfare region in eve right now. We (FA) will be here for a long time. Until I disband the alliance.

  • -EH- Pilot

    HAHAHAHA, so the story finally comes out. Li3 are disbanding because us guys from Fountain Core have been shitting on them since they moved in. One thing I’ll miss is the small gang stuff they would actually throw at us from time to time. FA fucking shits their pants and runs every time, then complain when we hot drop about “never giving fair fights”! Pfffft, you run from every even numbered engagement you could get into, then run to daddy gewns “BOO HOO! -EH- AND THE BIG BAD BULGARIANS ARE HIDING UNDER OUR BED AGAIN. PLEASE GET RID OF THEM” (they never do). Get wrecked, nerds. Shout out to GBT and G0dfathers. Keep it up brohams, having fun ratting and plexing in CFC space and I’d like to keep it up.

    • Arcturus Zesperion

      Can some one else please bring some pilots over here to give us some shit to actually brawl against? FA and Li3 run from every gang/fleet battle we try to bring against them unless they have the rest of the CFC patting them on the ass and saying “Don’t worry, Junior, we got you’re back”. All that these guys have are numbers, no heart or willingness to fight on their own. Why so scared, FA/Li3? After are, we are just “NPC null pirates”, and you are members of the MIGHTY CLUSTERFUCK COALITION. Grow some balls and defend your own space, turbo nerds.

      • Arcturus Zesperion

        Your* lol

      • Fountain core diplo

        Their space? To put SBU, get a Sov it doesn’t mean that is their space! it’s their space only by map in Dotlan hahahah

      • defend our space? I have yet to see you guys actually take any of our space. They only time you actually try to take our space is when we are away on deployment.

        • “Guys, we’re totally fine, they didn’t take our space. Don’t mind the POCOs in our Staging, we didn’t want it anyway”

          • FA Grunt

            Oh my god no, not the pocos… quickly guys drop sov and cascade, they took poco’s while we were deployed.

          • If you can’t even defend pocos…

          • FA Grunt

            if you have to label poco’s as a victory…

          • Homophobic John

            This isnt lowsec, POCOs =/= sov here. Nobody does PI or cares about it.

          • lol?

            Because people in low think of POCOs as anything more than as appointment timers to bash each others faces in.

          • Homophobic John

            If you havent noticed, we do that with sov in nulsec. If you cant ref a system, you arent important enough for a fight.

          • Because Pocos are totally worth the time to grind.

          • Arcturus Zesperion

            I laugh my ass off every time we go into O-P and see the T-S-K POCO right on the same grid as the station.

          • cool story

            tell us more about how you can drop POCOS in SOV territory you don’t own. such tryhard fails

          • lol Poco? What is that lol

        • Buttmad nullbear detected

          Why would those guys try to take your space? It cracks me up that you think they have an agenda besides using you guys for target practice. They farm you for kills like you farm red crosses. Removing you from your space isn´t exactly in their interest. It´s okay to be buttmad because you suck at the game, but at least know your place.

          • buttmad nobody detected. lol, this comment, is just too bad for words. But what really cracks me up is how important NPC fountain thinks they are.

      • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

        You want a brawl? The Kadeshi have been in Baratar for the last week looking for brawls and we have been having to fly all the way to Catch and get gud fights with Brave. Where are you guys ?

        • Arcturus Zesperion

          In Fountain

          • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

            Give me a system and we’ll come knocking in a day or two. I’ll even bring a Caracal fleet with T1 logi.

          • Scrublord McGee

            Roam through Phoenix constellation, that’s where they live at. Area around Serpentis Prime and such

        • lmao

          yes please depoy to outer ring/syndicate again and get your titan pos bubbled like a few months ago. bring your finest doctrine and poke your head into 6vdt. just do it.

      • Emmy Mnemonic

        Well, Svea Rike, an all-swedish pvp-corp from up north (in-game and IRL) has moved in to Fountain and joined FA. We’ve only been in Fountain roughly a month so far, running small-gang corp-fleets in T1 cruisers initially to get to know the area and training some new FCs when not joining the FA/Li3 fleets and CFC-fleets. And we went on a deployment down in Delve with FA and had some fun fights with the Macaronis (Pasta). So far, small-scale gangfights with -EH- and GBG has been really fun! -EH- and GBG have some skilled pvp-ers, thats for sure (beeing honest here, nvm the propaganda), they seldomly back down from fights and we try to learn as much as we can by trying to kill them. They’re an extremely good sparring-partner for us. Also counter-dropping their hotdroppers was extremely fun, we’ll do that again for sure! Eldari0n – we love you! 😉 So pls stay in NPC null -EH- and GBG and do your lvl4 missions, and let’s have moar fun small-scale fights in Fountain! And who cares abot the Meta anyway. it’s all about the pew!

      • FA

        Yes we run from your majority frigate fleets of doom. Cool aid is strong with you.

    • jadecougar

      Mate, we had a lot of fun with you guys. Relentless presence and pressure and occasional good fights. Thanks for that. Seriously. Li3’s time in Fountain restored my faith in small and medium gang fights being actually possible in null. That was a big take home for me personally. The undocking comments are.. W/e. There’s a certain philosophy of fights within the CFC and that involves simply not undocking. The philosophy I always wanted with Li3 was “Let’s brawl” whenever possible. As the sov holding alliance fighting against you guys (npc dwellers with no sov BS to worry about), it isn’t always the best of decisions to go whelp a fleet in the name of ‘gud fights’ when whelps often have a larger effect on the sov holding party. Strategically choosing fights happens all over Null sec, Li3 were not the only ones to implement that policy. In future cases (should I give it a go again), I intend to bring the brawl, whatever the outcome as that was (and continues to be) a philosophy important to me that was a bit lost along the way. Sh*t happens but there was good sh*t thrown back and forth too. 😉

      • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

        Jade, tell that to someone who doesn’t know you. The closest you come to a small gang brawl is when your fleet of mining ships gets caught on a gate by neuts.

        I joined LI3 on the promise I could go shoot Space Monkeys. The next thing I know is you are joining us to the CFC and I couldn’t go on any more Monkey hunts. So I told you where you could shove your pink little carebears along with your dildo.

        • jadecougar

          Ah yes. I thought that was you. You’re welcome.

        • Ming Tso

          Join Sniggwaffe today!

          Honestly, you’ll get to shoot a lot more than just Spacemonkeys.

          Hit up “Join Sniggwaffe” channel ingame

    • na

      Big up. Fountain Core.

  • truth

    Oh look an official meat shield alliances i hope they realize mittens is using them for that

    • tell that to all the renters in eve.

      • .

        Tell that to anybody not being in NC./PL or Non-CFC members you wanted to say.

  • santaclown

    “The Bastion, which will cover sections of CFC sov in both Vale of the Silent and Fountain with outliers in Tribute”… HAHAHA!

  • FA

    Noone cares about the core residents, the only problem they cause is when they try to take one of our moons every now and then. The tower wars is something they never win. They are simply fountain rats and no problem for FA or CFC, we have bigger fish to keep our eyes on. They however seem to tell themselves they are big trouble for sov holders haha, total delusions of grandeur there. They seem angry all the time also, total losers.

    • core

      Yea KB always shows who is the loser! 😀
      Don’t you realize that we are taking moons only to provoke a fight. So that’s why we don’t care who will win or loose tower wars.

      • wut?

        If your definition of fight is sitting in a stealth bomber and watching our armada stomping in your shit every week then you are right.
        No wonder your KB can’t go red btw. you tend to bomb yourselves all the times, it’s like a win-win situation if you manage to hit some of our guys. But keep up the mystery of KB, N3 tries that shit after every war they lose, just to keep up the morale of their grunts. Way to go peeps. bwahahah

        • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

          You say we lost the war… Funny, we have more territory than at the beginning of the war.
          You can build more caps, supers, and titans. I can’t seem to find a BPO for a system…. Can you?

          • .

            Ye you got pretty much annihilated by the CFC (again). You can have 60k renters, it wont change that you lose every war against us after 3months, because your leadership will burn out and your pilots will stop showing up because you cant match the CFC in manpower.
            I don’t hate you guys though, you bring at least anything at the table instead of all those shittlers who prefer playing EVE in highsec and sitting in renterspace. Thats the cancer which is killing EVE in the end.

          • .

            It is also very sad to see that the RUS bloc completely fell apart, apparently SOLAR is the only reliable alliance out there. Would have enjoyed if a RUS coalition established in the south, had their little war thingie with Providence going on and we could thunderdome there a bit.
            HERO tries the same shit TEST did (no wonder) and is just a meatshield for N3 already which prolly will work out greatly like the HBC did.
            I already can see how 2014/15 will look like.

          • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

            “Ye you got pretty much annihilated by the CFC (again).”
            You say annihilated… Yet here we are with more territory than ever. you think we have BPO’s for star systems?
            I’d like to see them.

        • Random scrub

          Mate we are up 5 or 6 regions, +5k renters for n3. Pl and n3 have almost 17k renters. We lost b-r, we didn’t lose the war. Keep drinking that cool aid.

          • I will keep drinking my cool aid, only if you keep drinking yours, which I am sure you do.

      • So didn’t want those moons anyway, only here for good fights.

        People need to come up with new reasons for things. These current ones are getting old.

        • sadleric

          If the give and take of moons between NPC residents and the sov-holding alliance of the region isn’t a good reason for you to fight, don’t re-tower your moons.

    • You mad, bro?

      Tell that to your friends we just forced into disbanding

      • Well when you fill an alliance with carebears that can’t rat, these alliances tend to disband when they can’t rat.

        • SpekDamage

          True. The problem is that there is no such thing as “tower wars” in Fountain. The towers are taken just to provide opportunities for small-sized fleet fights. And where were those brave FA sov holders last 5 months? Docked. And now, when 300ppl CFC fleet came to clean the mess, the same FA allmighty warwords started to proclaim loudly what a big fish they (FA) are. So who is delusional?

          • Probably an FA Pilot

            Uhh I think we were out east for a while… wasnt there a big war going on there since Halloween… in fact the war might have been named after that, but I was too busy being docked up… Oh and then yeah delve was a thing…

            A heads up for everyone out there, alliances deploy, there is a difference between that, and not undocking.

          • asdf

            Except FA does about as much good when they deploy as they do when they don’t undock.

          • Goonberry

            They do more good when they stay docked, they don’t take up room in fleets that good pilots can fill, they don’t drag the killboard stats down with stupid losses and they don’t need to rescued from their own incompetence every other fight.

          • I stop reading your post after tower wars, because I never said that. I guess you don’t know how to read, or you are just bad at replying.

      • omgstfu

        If you think you had ANYTHING to do with the disbanding of any alliance, you are more retarded than what people originally thought you were to begin with. You are shitlord npc squatters who hunt ratters and miners. People in your own alliance refer to you as ‘pothead fat kids with no life’. Yeah…you’re elite alright….LOL

        • There is Kool-Aid on your Lips

          Your right we had nothing to do with Li3 constantly being station camped in there home system O-P and they (or FA) couldn’t even do anything about. (until goons were called in) Not sure what i enjoyed more. The numerous trolling named signs of mobile depots outside of O-P station or the hostile POCO outside Li3 station that they couldn’t even get rid of. Yep, your right, we had nothing to do with it.

    • na

      You lost 16 money moons. Big daddy goon had to assist you. Say no more.

      • lolnomadbro

        And took them all back, so again, what’s your point? The point of being in a coalition is to be able to offer help and give it when needed…you know…the same reason why you’re in an alliance. You arguments of ‘pets’ and ‘renters’ and ‘lolblobs’ is quite tired and laughable at this point. You suck, you lost the space….get over it and move on.

        If you were so ‘elite’ you wouldn’t jump to your high/low/renter clones every time we show up. If you actually held sov, you would have lost it 100 times over by now, but you don’t…cause you’re shit…and that’s why you live in space you can’t lose. Don’t be mad cause we have more friends than you do…bro

        • Ming Tso

          You’ll lose those 16 moons again. This time you lost your identity and are now forced into the “slush fund” alliance. You are now basically the new Tribal Band.

      • oh poor baby, please complain about blobbing because no one has ever done that before.

  • tara read

    lol Li3.

    • lolshdwc

      Wait, who is Shadow Cartel again?

      • tara read

        Aww…. I hurt your feelings didn’t I?

  • BS

    Other news, PL fights in Provi

    They really should do what they do best (camping Amamake and fighting in capital bloobs). Skirmish takes some skill, and if CVA beats you at it….

    • Seems like goodfights were had, considering they were fighting twice their number.

  • Well I am happy to see Li3 trying something different. I could see that their members were not very happy with the activity of their leadership. So best wishes to them.

    As for Fountain Core. I look forward to you guys trying to take your moons back. Fountain is indeed the small gang warfare capital of eve right now and I am loving it.

    However this article as kind of disappointing. I was hoping for an article that talked about what this new alliance would be doing as well as the new leadership structure, since the Mittani is directly leading this alliance, instead of being head spymaster.

    • !

      It’s never going to be “their” money moons as long as FA or any CFC alliance stays in Fountain. Those shitlords can’t even defend their Titan POS and yet smack talk about every small POS they manage to sneak in a system – WHO cares. we don’t, we love it, because we can helicopter dick over Fountain every few weeks and laugh at those retards bombing themselves and watching us in their cloaked ships, rendered useless as they are.
      Butthurt Ex-TEST Lvl4 mission runners – nothing more, nothing less.
      They scream alot about getting blobbed and their mission hubs being camped, they scream as loud as a incursion runner who gets suicide ganked. And not to mention their tryhard Leaders who welp capitals on a weekly basis. Those people living in NPC Fountain are literally the worst joke I’ve ever seen in any of Nullsec.

      • SpekDamage

        I am confused…,Did you dare to undock when CFC fleet came to prove your inability to defend those towers by yourself? Where were you hiding half year, you mighty warrior?

        • !

          Not sure what youre talking about, but the CFC is bored to hell and since there is at least something to do in Fountain they deployed Squads down here. It’s not like FA can’t handle shit on their own, it’s letting coalition members join the party and have a good time? Hard to understand for the rest of EVE I guess, since you only believe in pets and renters and lvl4 missions.

      • shut176

        Is HONOR still in serp prime or did they abandon it after HERO started.

        • -EH- Pilot

          HONOR left way before the HERO coalition thing and we were happy to at them after we unblued them. And to that guy who said we can’t defend the Titan/Super POS. If you look I think you’ll see it’s still alive and well. Been up for over a year now. Nice spin, though, man. Made me dizzy. When was the last time we hotdropped you? Must have been recently because you seem mad, bro.

  • Fontain

    I used to live in Fontain for about 8 months, and truly I cannot wait to move. Not because of Seprentis dudes are winning or something 🙂 that’s big lol guys. Btw maybe now you will be able to rat or setup some POSs finally lol, highly doubt it tho … 🙂

    I was so tired looking at the local full of 12yrs old idiots talking crap all the time. Its like playing WOW with this guys around. I don’t know if they are really young or just mentally behind majority of ppl on this planet.

    Plus it was so boring to kill the same idiots, sometimes same guys 7 times within 40 min.

    • I think those 12 year old idiots might of been in FA, more specifically more corp. Sorry for the confusion. If you were killing the same people over and over again it must of been D-Tron, they seem to ignore that cloaky neut in system for some reason.

    • dickstar

      Agree, these guys really stand out from most of the eve community. Many are ridiculously immature kids, always talking crap in local, always angry and taking the game too serious. Exactly like the WoW kids who they are pro.

  • Pasta Pizza Pie

    I can’t wait to see the spin the CFC leadership put on this. I’d be rather embarrased that about 35 folks from Pasta and some Fountain core residents cost the CFC hundreds of billions of isk. Not only that but the fail cascade of GENTS up north has been hilarious (got a new leader and within 24 hours he decided to shut everything down lol). Li3 is a joke, and i bet FA will fall apart next (because they are terrible).

    What’s up TMC? Where’s the “coverage of news” hmm?

    • everybody needs his own spin

      and dont lets talk about the fact that BL. got failcascaded and trapped most of their supers by the CFC.
      pizza is a joke

      • Pasta Pizza Pie

        A joke? 16 moons later… You ain’t got the noodles to even talk.

      • na

        Lets not talk about CFC standing down, when confronted by 200 trash up North.

      • Just a Ruse

        So is BL. Undead? Making traps beyond the grave. Nevermind 200% SRP for welping supers in low sec and already replaced I guess?

    • na

      Can’t wait till the summer of discontent, surely it’s going to kick off, alongside the World Cup?

  • Sold

    Because 1 alliance with no actual leadership is somehow better than 2 alliances with no actual leadership. This will fix nothing.

  • GFY


  • Another -Eh- Guy

    Comment section Checklist….

    * Reference to “WoW” — Check
    * Reference to “Owning Sov” — Check
    * Reference to “Ex-TEST” — Check

    * Reference to “Gud fights” — Check
    * Reference to “Helicopter dick” — Check
    * Reference to “-A- is Shit” — ????

    Damn, almost had a perfect comment section here.

    • Bo Jangles

      does your post count? Meta…

    • santaclown

      You missed:
      Reference to “God” – ???

      And everyone one knows that “-A- is Shit” can be replaced by “FA is Shit”… so checked!!

  • Guess
    • Staffo D

      The funny thing is…

      This was one of the better alliances to fight against in fountain. CFC should put bastion in fountain and give FA the boot.

      Our spies in FA always used to report of constant failures in FA leadership. Also always having to get bailed out by most of the other CFC. Members/pets.


      • sadleric

        Staff0 you smug son-of-a-gun, where do I have to go to kiss you?

        • Staffo D

          Where else?

          Fountain Core.

  • QU4D

    OMG Li3 ?? Bahahahahahaaa! How low have you fallen CFC? Take a few high sec solo noobie pvpers and combine them into a corp of 5 members and there you’ll have a force still able to pillage Li3 anyday!