The release of the CSM election data is always interesting, because it gives us a snapshot of EVE Online’s subscriber numbers on Tranquility (the server that hosts non-Chinese players). After nearly every CSM election, CCP has reported on two important values: the number of votes cast, and the percentage of the total accounts that cast a vote. Now, I say nearly every CSM election, because CCP stopped giving that all-important percentage with CSM9[1].

To see the numbers in an overall context, examine first the results from every CSM election, from the first to the ninth:

To determine the number of subscribers during the 2014 CSM9 election, we have to engage in some guesswork. We can safely assume that the percentage of total subscribers that voted did not increase from the previous year. I feel that most interested parties are assuming, across the board, that the percentage of total subscribers fell for the second straight year. The question is, how much did it fall?

My gut feeling is that the voter turnout fell to around 8.0% to 8.5%. Gut feelings, don’t count. So let’s just run a range of different numbers for CSM 9.

For EVE Online to have maintained even the same number of subscribers as the previous year would have required a voting turnout of 7.6%. Bear in mind that voting turnout for the CSM has never dipped below 7.36%, but in recent years has not gone below 12.12%. Also bear in mind that a CSM election has never experienced a single year decline of more than 4.5%. Which is why I feel that a 4.0% decline this year is a safe and reasonable target.

It’s certainly possible that the turnout was in the 7.5% to 6.5% range, and that total subscribers rose. I just don’t think that’s a reasonable guesstimate, especially when taking into account a number of other factors happening within CCP Games.

What are those other factors?

CCP Games has always been happy to let us know when their subscriber numbers have increased, thus the inclusion of the voter turnout percentages in their CSM election result devblogs. This year is the first time that CCP Games has chosen to eliminate those numbers from their reporting.

CCP Games’ sudden change in development strategy for EVE Online. CCP hasn’t made such a sudden about-face in development strategy since Incarna, when they were faced with mass unsubscriptions. That about-face enabled them to entice those unsubs to return and to post a modest increase in subscriber numbers.

Layoffs. CCP has seemed quite happy to shovel money into World of Darkness while subs were increasing. This year they decided to call it quits. It might be because the revenue forecast is not quite as rosy as it’s always been.

High profile departures of upper and middle management personalities. Granted, people will always move between jobs, but I don’t think we’ve seen so many high profile employees leave in such a short time span.

The peak concurrent user numbers fell off a cliff between February and April of this year (see image below). Whereas PCU count is not always reflective of total subscribers (since some people don’t play while continuing to pay for their account) a significant drop in PCU suggests a drop in subscriber numbers. Not everyone who stops playing is going to continue paying for a dormant account.

Is it possible that subscriber numbers remained as-is or even increased over the past year? Certainly. I don’t personally think the evidence points to that conclusion, but as long as CCP Games keeps their numbers out of the public eye, then anything is possible.

If CCP Games has in fact seen a dip in EVE Online subscribers, can they regain those lost players? They did it after Incarna. They changed development direction, released Crucible, and pulled a bad situation out of the fire. CCP Games is once again changing development direction, promising players that they will start to look at long languishing systems (sovereignty, player-owned starbases, corporate roles). Will that be enough? Hopefully. But only time will tell.

[1] The calculation of the CSM8 subscriber numbers was a different process than previous CSM elections, since they didn’t supply the voter turnout percentage directly, rather supplying regional election data. See the following links for more information: CSM8 Total Subscribers Calculation and CSM8 Election Results.

– Poetic Stanziel

Poetic Stanziel is Nerd Soliloquy. Basically a nerd and geek culture buff. Writing words on all of it. You can read more of his work make sure to visit his Nerd Soliloquy blog.

  • youleftpleasestaygone

    Poe, please go away. You gave up the game in a ridiculous, public display. You did it in the most rule breaking way you could. Your time in the sun is over. Crawl back under your rock.

    • Mike

      He quit to be an attention whore, and came back like two months later. The guys a joke, and what he writes is by and large to get as much attention as he can. This is like his tenth “EVE is dieing” post, sooner or later he will be right though.

      • Simon pieman

        Just put one out every months eventually he’ll be spot on and can say “i told you so”

        • Poetic Stanziel

          I’ve never explicitly made an “EVE is dying” statement. I just find their corporate culture, where successes and failures are concerned, interesting. Especially their failures, because they tend to react the same way each time.

          • Simon pieman

            Why do you even care? I thought you cashed out ages ago? Also why are you still posting under the name of a toon you sold?

            Are you so fame hungry that you see posting as a dickhead that RMT’d his isk away is going to get you noticed? Or are you so childish you think this is such a clever troll?

            Either way this shit post is nothing but guess work, and poorly done at that, bring back goblin this is terrible.

          • Poetic Stanziel

            Why do you care, angry man? I love it that my playing pisses you off so much. Keep caring, man. It’s not like there’s anything else in your life that’ll get you this worked up.

            EVE subs are down. Deal with it.

    • Ming Tso

      He can come back. He just has to make an “I was wrong about quitting EVE” post, and all that was said will be forgiven. And judging by the fact that he’s started up his blog again, I think this counts as that.

      Welcome back to the EVE community, Poetic Stanziel. Write whatever you want to about how EVE is dying.

      But you know it isn’t.

      • guest

        Until the time he does a new cash-out. Yes, it will inevitably happen.

        • Poetic Stanziel

          I’ve been doing lots of market stuff. Already up to 20B ISK on a sub-10M SP character.

          And yes, I will RMT again. Because I can. My virtual goods. I’ll do what I want with them. Ain’t breaking no laws. If CCP catches me, then they catch me. Big whoop.

          • GTFO

            Yep…definitely Goblin 2.0

          • Poetic Stanziel

            Fight Goons for me?

          • Correct-o-tron

            Not your virtual goods mate. I liked the article, but the virtual assets are owned by CCP.

          • Simon pieman

            Dude you’re pathetic.

          • Poetic Stanziel

            Says the man losing his shit over a blog post.

          • Simon pieman

            There is no shit lost, im merely typing what everyone thinks, read your comment above and try and not cringe.

      • Poetic Stanziel

        It’s not dying, but it is developing a bad cough.

    • mittens

      He has another character and plays again.

    • sadleric

      I love how buttmad people get when he continues to play the game.

      FYI, he plays EvE even now. Maybe even literally right now! How does this make you feel — knowing some dude you don’t know is playing a game right now? Are you frightened? Does your butt hurt?

  • Pick a name

    What I got from reading this is…… He has no idea how many subs there are, and is just guessing. By his own logic there are few subs the last two years, despite the number of subs CCP reported.

    I sometimes wonder if this guy is retarded.

    • draekas .

      Not exactly. Every fanfest, they’ve announced that subs have gone up and that they’re very proud of the fact that they’re the only MMO around to show constant growth. Hell, they even slap that fact on their investor presentations like last year’s, on page 4 of:

      This year.. no mention of it, and then they removed the sub numbers from the CSM 9 figures.

      So yeah, pretty sure subs are down, although by how much is up to interpretation.

      • fermaguel

        maybe because they KNEW shit was going to turn sour with their new direction (nerfing highsec) and they are holding off reintroducing the numbers until next year when shit cools over and people realize it was for the better.

        That or you know, the new EA Overlords decided releasing their super-secret voodoo numbers isnt something they think their loyal, paying-zombies deserve,

      • Poetic Stanziel

        Bear in mind that CCP Mimic announced 480K names (subscribers) on the monument, that includes China. Last year CCP announced 500+K subscribers, including China. So they are down at least 20+K subs between Tranquility and Serenity. Bear in mind too, that a large number of people resubbed accounts for a single month just to get on the monument, so before the entire monument thing, they were down more than 20+K.

        • Senex Legio 1

          “bear in mind too, that a large number of people resubbed accounts for a single month just to get on the monument,…”

          Source please? I sounds like a complete made up “fact” which is based on the classic “I know this guy….”. Speculation is fine, but this stuff is merit-less in the extreme.

          • Chris

            There may not be any specific numbers released, but I’m quite certain the amount of anecdotal evidence, and little to the contrary, validates the claim to some extent.

          • Senex Legio 1

            I guess I find it hard to believe that anyone who didn’t play the game would spend $15 to put their name on a monument that will likely be torn down within a decade. It is not like it is statue of Queen Victoria…it is monument to a video game, all of which come and go with time.

            Honestly, they put the thing in a dirt pile next to parking lot. Is it outside CCP HQ? I think grass grows in Iceland, or some green shrubs/moss somewhere. I thought it was an interesting idea, but then I saw it live and I couldn’t believe how rough and unfinished the area was they chose. Don’t get me started on the design….what the hell is that? A giant Drake would have been more fitting. I digress….

    • MathsRHard

      Its not that hard, reverse mathematics is 3rd grade stuff. The bigger and more relevant metric is STILL account lifetime. Without a proper breakdown of that noone can say if EVE is dying or not.

  • Dirk MacGirk

    The voting sucks, yeah we know. But why not just try and keep it simple: People don’t care about what they are voting for; they are too lazy to make the effort; or they just don’t think their vote matters. Nothing new here. It’s the same in the real world. You think people are more likely to vote for something they don’t understand or have evidence of its benefit in a video game compared to real life? If they aren’t inclined to do it in RL they sure as hell are going to do it in a game where the outcome is even less significant.

  • GFY

    Really… guys are taking articles from this retarded piece of shit? After how much of a bitch he was, when he quit.

    • Homophobic John

      They post Goblin articles. Do you even know what site you’re on?

      • tara read

        Fox News?

        • Patrick Kilroy

          Fox gets more stuff right than people want to admit. I’d say this is more MSNBC bullshit.

  • Guess

    Actualy this year TBT I frankly CBA actualy votingin the CSM, I had 2 active accounts at the time, but couldn’t be bothered to find the time to vote πŸ™‚

  • Emeos

    “To determine the number of subscribers during the 2014 CSM9 election, we have to engage in some guesswork.”

    Oh fuck off. Your whole article is based on ‘some guesswork’? What are you, 12?

  • hoodaticus

    We’re at an all-time high in player activity (discounting outliers), and from that you conclude we may have lost subscribers.
    No. In fact, people are less active right now because of Space Engineers, War Thunder, World of Tanks, and ESO. To me that means the subscriber count is the highest it’s ever been, since activity is at historic maximums and yet per-account activity is lower.

    • Foobles

      How are you defining player activity and in what way do you know that it is at an all-time high? PCU is down which is the only real metric that I’m aware of.

      • hoodaticus

        Press Page Up twice and look at the chart, ignore the spikes which don’t mean anything long-term.
        Besides, subscriptions doesn’t matter as much as PLEX sales for cash, and that has no doubt spiked like mad with multi-queues. This means more cash per subscriber in CCP’s pocket, which means the overall strength of the company should be improving. With their renewed focus on EVE and their increased income, this marketing cash cow could become a superstar again.

        • Foobles

          I checked Jita for PLEX sales, eyeballing the price history. A year ago the average plex sales volume was ~3,500+. Currently it’s hovering somewhere a bit under 3000.

          This suggests that fewer people are buying PLEX to sell on the market leading to rising prices and the rising prices are forcing people out of the buying market leading to fewer plexed characters and a lower PCU. Perhaps higher plex prices means that people are finding that they have to buy fewer plex to finance their adventures? Or perhaps there are fewer wales ready to throw their real life wallets at Eve because of the lower PCU?

        • Anon

          This nerd is wrong, the plex situation is awful because at least 80% of the plex in game are actually old plex bought years/months ago, I’m part of a big indy/market group (probably the biggest speculation and market manipulation in the game) and I can tell you that when most of us are using plex as collateral something is wrong.

          Hint : look at the subs numbers when plex was at 400m, and now look at the current situation.

          I agree with some you said and I hope eve don’t die because all this money and assets I have would be worthless, CCP is ruining my fun anyway by injecting plex into the market heh I hope I can still cashout plex at 1b.

          • Chris

            All of your money and assets are worthless already. If CCP goes under you get nothing back. If CCP stays afloat you continue to be entertained but gain nothing of value.

            As far as I know they only inject plex that already exists ie. confiscated RMT plex.

          • Poetic Stanziel

            > If CCP goes under you get nothing back.

            That’s why you convert everything to PLEX and sell the shit on eBay. RMT is not wrong. It’s against CCP’s rules, but other than that, there’s not a damned thing wrong with it.

          • lol

            “they only inject plex that already exist” I’m gonna guess you missed the half dozen announcements concerning the event where CCP gave almost 1000 plex away for free that they made up just for that event to help lower prices.

          • Poetic Stanziel

            Now you’re pulling stuff out of your ass.

    • Poetic Stanziel

      >We’re at an all-time high in player activity (discounting outliers), and from that you conclude we may have lost subscribers.

      Are you on crack? Player activity is defined by the PCU, and that’s at a three year low. It hasn’t been this low since the summer after Incarna.

  • derp

    Playing Xenonauts right now. Great fucking game. God, really the only actual good video game that has ever existed, counting its spiritual ancestor, XCOM:EU and its crude but effective little brother from Firaxis. Been looking for an excuse to try EVE and all I read is fags, gay fags, spergs, bullied nerds and of course fags. Maybe if they fix TiDi.

  • lol

    Started to read the article and then realized the entire thing is mathematical speculation based on numbers generated through pure fucking guessworkI would ask why you even bothered posting this but the obvious answer is, because Riv pays me for content it doesn’t matter if its all BS from start to finish as long as its 3 pages long.

    • Poetic Stanziel

      Riv paid me nothing, because I specifically asked for nothing.

      • True_Words

        “… because I knew it was worth nothing.”


        • lol

          you dick, you beat me to it.

    • Bo Jangles

      We do not pay for syndicated blogs.

      • Poetic Stanziel

        Must be a recent thing. Because Riverini always paid me. I think I earned somewhere in the neighbourhood of 6B ISK via syndication with EN24 back in the day.

      • Poetic Stanziel

        Sure you do. Riverini paid me for a couple years. All told, around 6B ISK. 75M ISK per article. But since my account is currently unknown to anyone but me, and I’d like to keep that way, I’m not interested in the ISK. Besides, market speculation has been good to me recently.

        • lol

          I wish I could use this post to call bo a liar, but it is posted by poe so that would be like using goblins logic to play eve, I guess i’ll just have to settle for a draw.

          • Bo Jangles

            Bo is not a liar, Bo is never a liar! Those years of payment are from a time when Poe made more of a contribution to EN24 and it’s content. Times have changed and there is not the want nor need to talk about things like that in the comment section.

  • Jakes

    This dude has written an ‘eve is dead’ blog post like 20 times in the last two, or three years.

    If nothing else he’s consistent.

  • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

    didnt you rmt ur toons and piss off?
    still cant get off the coatstrings of eve tho ey?

  • shudyourface

    the fuck is ‘PCU’?

    • Bo Jangles

      Power control unit durh? O.o

    • neon

      “Peak-Concurrent-Users” aka the number of players logged in.

  • Bo Jangles

    This all seems a bit too much like baseless speculation in the guise of meaningful extrapolation to me. Given the circumstances and the atmosphere around the CSM 9 election I don’t think 7.5% is that far fetched whereas now it feels as if you’ve gone “Hmm, 4% sounds like a nice number, I’ll surround it with charts, stats and buzzwords in an attempt to justify it”.

    • Bawk Bawkbagawk

      then why the FUCK did you publish the article?!?

      • Bo Jangles

        Because I’m not INCHARGE of syndicated blogs!?!?!?!!!??!!one!!!
        I deal with EN24 writers only.

        • xoiox

          Why not add some sort of separation between blogs and actual articles? List the blogs on the bar on the far left or right or something. Keep the speculative trash like this out of the main page. Instead, put it in the back pages where they post the escort ads….

  • tim melzar

    wait, CSM 9 election is over ? damn, forgot to sell my 15 votes to PGL.

  • lol

    > started to read
    > realised Poetic Stanziel wrote it.
    > stopped reading because he is a super-bitter vet x 10.

    • Bo Jangles

      starting to get the impression that Stanziel is Goblin 2.0

      • Methylated Spirit

        Dude you should seriously look into his background. He is a known RMT’er, he is banned from Eve, he has a new toon in BRAVe that he has to play with behind a hidden IP. He is a troll, and his information is way off.

        • Poetic Stanziel

          Only in EVE is selling virtual goods considered a crime the equal to genocide. πŸ™‚

          • Bo Jangles

            Scroll down about 2 inches.

        • Poetic Stanziel

          The information is dead-on. Ripard Teg did his own independent analysis and his numbers came out to the same as mine. I said 8.0% – 8.5%. Ripard settled on 8.2%.

      • Anon

        Stop shitting on gevlon because of the maddies goonies “peer pressure”, he is objectively a good addition to the site and when the hate comes from the same people that run an eve news website too…

        • Bo Jangles

          firstly Goblin is not a member of the EN24 team, he is a syndicated blogger and that is very different.
          and secondly I wasn’t “shitting on him” I was merely commenting on how both get a lot of hate comments.

          • Poetic Stanziel

            You don’t have to syndicate his stuff if you don’t want to. Nobody is forcing you to do so.

          • Bo Jangles

            Scroll down like 5 comments.

          • Poetic Stanziel

            The more hate comments, the more angry people are clicking through. I know my posts drive a bunch of click-rates for Riverini. I like River. I don’t mind giving him some revenue.

          • Anon

            Heh, my apologies then (but still, it was kinda ambiguous).

        • bad goblin, go sit in timeout

          goblin, we have been over this, how many times do we need to tell you? Posting to defend yourself with an anom name makes you look even more useless than you already are.

          • Anon

            That’s a lot of implications and projecting, friend. I post as anon, because I’m used to post as anon since I’m a longtime honorable /eog/ poster.
            I guess a SA shitter wouldn’t know about anonymity, don’t you have to pay like 10bux to post on a reddit-tier circlejerk?
            top kek, stay maddie goonie. :^)

    • Jevous Encule

      You should start writing articles. See if you can do better!

      • lol

        Posting a blank page with his name at the top would be better than a poe article so technically his comment itself is better.

      • lolwhat?

        Look itΒ΄s this argument again. He clearly should be a chef to give his opninion on food. And an author to give his opinion on a book. And a professional player to rate the play of a sports team.

        Are you a professional internet commentator that you are allowed to post here?

        Are you 12 or what?

        • Jevous Encule

          I’m 44 and well educated. When I see someone that sticks is neck out to post is opinion and I dont agree with it. If I wish to reply to it, I do it in a respectable and constructive manner. I dont just insult the guy or tell him he is irrelevant. Now who acts like a 12 year old? You or me?

    • zimbabwe

      > Le maymay arrows
      > Wrong website.

      Please stop.

  • Old Guy

    At this moment over 1000 Null Sec systems are renting space, yes .. eve is in good health

    • Jevous Encule

      Yep! And according to Dotlan, the two biggest alliance in EVE are both renting alliances. Northern Associates and BOT.
      Come play “Rent On-Line” in space! Its a great game!!

      • Jaja

        Welcome to three years ago, does nobody remember when shadow of death, and solar wing were the two biggest alliances?

      • Chris

        The only reason there are only two real entities is because the size of one forced the other to grow to a similar size.

  • Jevous Encule

    Despite what the fanboys will say, EVE is no longer growing. It is not dying. It is surviving…for now.

  • Steve from HR

    EVE is dying for the 11th consecutive year. What else is new?

    • 7yearswasenough

      Its not currently dying its languishing with pitiful growth and just maybe a dip right now.

  • lunchreader

    The only fact in this article is the PCU graphic, all the rest is pure speculation. And when you look at the PCU, you realize that it is not the first time that it happened in the last 4 years. Now is it true or not, it is possible for the least and I don’t really care at he moment because it does not put anything at risk. It will just put some pressure on CCP that will eventually give us some more content. As for the votes, honestly when I voted with one account, I had problems to vote with another one for the same people, so I stopped there because my will to cast a vote for a CSM candidate is not that important.
    Now all these taken apart, I could understand that some players from the big coalitions just wanted a break from the boredom they created (pos bashing, endless hours waiting in a fleet, bad management at alliance and corp level, drone assist, sov system…. all that is taking the fun away)

    • Poetic Stanziel

      All of the subscription numbers from CSM1 through CSM8 are fact. That’s some basic math shit right there dude. That’s like grade 6 or 7 math, actually.

      • lol

        so how about the part where you start pulling numbers out of you ass for server count based off vote count, where is the fact part in that skippy?

  • elnator

    This is a troll article, right?

  • Probably not DOOM

    I wonder why this Poetic Strangler guy thinks people actually believe anything he says. He seems to be something of a doom-sayer. “CCP is going to die! Doom is nigh!” This, albeit condensed, seems to be pretty much all he has to say. Considering he seems pretty much against CCP, EVE and the rest of the players it seems strange that he keeps commenting on it. Well, it would if it wasn’t obvious that he’s a narcissistic attention whore.

  • Lee

    So is EN24 now letting known RMT’ers post on their site now?

  • Methylated Spirit

    OH DEAR LORD you have sunken to new lows, letting this arrogant and ill informed buffoon write for you. At least we can all chuckle at Gevlon’s ramblings, this is just pathetic.

    • Bo Jangles

      We don’t poetic to write for us in the same way we don’t get goblin to write for us, neither are members of EN24, we simply feature their personal blogs.

      • Methylated Spirit

        Duly noted, however if I were you I would seriously think twice about publishing his work. As an Eve website, surely publishing “Eve is dying” blogs goes against the grain of what you are trying to achieve? Especially ones written by known rule breakers and quitters

  • Useless CSM

    Everyone I know in EVE didn’t vote this year. We all likened it to school elections. What’s the point? The CSM havent accomplished anything other than sucking money out of CCP in the forms of free trips etc… We will never get chocolate milk in the water fountains, get over it and keep playing.

    • Chris

      Tell me how you know about the contributions of the CSM given that basically everything is NDA.

      If you don’t vote, you’re not allowed to bitch when nothing gets done or things don’t go your way.

      • AntiChris

        You moron got it wrong! If you voted, then you have NO RIGHT to bitch about anything what they nerf!
        On the other side, who didnt voted, has EVERY right to point the fraking futility of CSM or the whole voting system cause they really have ZERO impact on EVE. God bless your stupidity.

        • Chris

          “Tell me how you know about the contributions of the CSM given that basically everything is NDA.”

  • bob

    the game is boring now anyway, hence my 6 accounts have gone and probably wont come back, add to that the other 8 people I personally know with a shared 28 accounts between them that have left. Although it’s a game I loved and still do it’s still constrained by it’s original design and limitations. Something eventually will arrive that it just can’t cope with.

    • Jevous Encule

      Funny…my brother just called me to tell me he is giving me all is stuff, unsubing and even biomassing is accounts. He is the one that innitiated me with this game 5 years ago.

    • Chris

      There will always be people quitting, just as there will always be people joining. Your awful attempt at adding credence to this article is futile.

      • Poetic Stanziel

        Apparently fewer people are joining than quitting. Thus 20-30K subs down this year.

  • Alpha

    this article proves that the number of growing subscriber accounts are just utility alts and some % of new players.
    Then when comparing the percentage of voters to the total number of rising alts of the voting count decreases, plus some other factors.
    Most alts only log in for some limited time… not really impressed by the daily average accounts active since most accounts are of utility usage only.

    Seriously… like why the fuck post this shit?

    TL:DR: EVE is not dying, so GTFO and HTFU

    • Yoda

      I sense fear in you!

      • Alpha

        As long as I hear CCP Leeloo’s voice in my ear from time to time, remembering me how color coated a disappointment can be disguised off, You might be right πŸ™

      • Trauma Council

        You’re not really Yoda! If you were you’d have said something like “Sense in you fear I do”.

        • Barkaway

          No he wold have said:) fear in you i sense:)

          • Trauma Council

            I guess that proves I’m not Yoda then πŸ˜‰

  • elnator

    Honestly this is a silly post. Would it surprise me that EVE dropped in total subscribers? Not at all. But all your speculations are based on pure guesswork there are no facts to back it up.

    • Barkaway

      Im pretty sure the sub lvl did drop, but thats got more to do with the 700m plexes imo:)

  • GoonsPropagander


  • N3 WarHQ

    Mr negative – When isn’t Poetic negative about EVE or CCP Games.The bitterness seems to have no end.. please point on the doll where CCP hurt you Poetic.

  • QUAD

    im starting to dislike how biased and inaccurate EN24 news can be! Maybe change your news page tag line to: All The Taste & The Bullshit!

    • lol

      Maybe, “Too many tastes all of them bullshit!” would better reflect a “writer” pool that includes talents like poe and gob

      • Bo Jangles

        Same goes to you.

        And for the bazillionth time (not that I’m blaming you because there is really no way to tell) neither gob or poe are EN24 writers! πŸ˜›

    • Bo Jangles

      If you have a genuine complaint rather that just venting on the comments I’d be more than happy to talk to you on either skype or in game.

  • tara read

    Basing Eve subscriptions off of CSM votes? How fucking retarded can you be Poe? Here’s a hint how shitty your article is. I didn’t vote this election cause none of the candidates caught my eye and I have 5 active accounts.

    Go huff some more paint thinner…

  • Reticent Toad

    A bitter vet posting a terrible and bitter article? Who would have thought such a thing…. With your logic, I can infer that when voting in America slides to all time lows, there are less Americans around. This is good stuff.

  • 0z0ned

    Player apathy is what will kill this game and voter turnout is usually a good indicator of where it’s at.

  • Tetsuo

    Didnt read because posted by some idiot who RMTed all of his stuff and quit EVE forever and therefore wouldn’t have anything worthwhile to share anyway.

    I see he’s back to writing about Eve and can only assume his non EVE. Direction on his blog didnt take off

  • droljica

    Let the 2014 N.Korea democratic elections begin.

  • got bored

    Decline in subs is very possible. I dropped most of my accounts and with me most of the pilots I ever have flown with dropped all or most of their accounts. The accounts we are still running are barely active so most likely will be closed by summer or something really interesting draws us back to EVE, which probably not going to happen seeing the plans for near “expansions”.

    • neon

      While i don’t see a dramatic “eve is dying”. I too noticed many veterans not logging in anymore or much at all. And i personally got a bit bored as well with just mainly iterations the last couple of expansions. While i wouldn’t want to miss any of these. I think EVE needs a big “Jesus”-feature really bad.

  • Disgusted

    Why is this RMTing scumbag being given a single pixel of space?

  • Zlorthishen

    ‘Dear’ Poetic Stanziel,

    Please go find another game to shit on constantly. We’re tired of hearing you complain about a game that you publically RMT’ed and vocally quit.

    Sincerely, everyone.

  • David Vance (British Ulster)

    I can’t wait until this terribe, terrible game has been replaced by more worthy offerings such as Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous.

    • Jaz

      Neither of those games really could be considered a replacement for Eve. This is coming from a Star Citizen backer and an Eve player. Eve is a mutual adventure in content creation. Elite: Dangerous is, as far as I can tell, an exploration-adventure game designed to be as boundless as possible. Star Citizen is an immersive, classic space game in the vein of Privateer and Wing Commander. They all truly fill different niches.

      It is true that there are some people right now who are playing Eve who would switch to one of these games. Most likely these are people who weren’t looking to play Eve in the first place. They were looking to play a spaceship game, and Eve was all there was. If these people leave and move on to a game they feel is more of what they were looking for in the first place, I think everyone will win. They’ll be happy because they can play the game they want to, and Eve players will be happy because there won’t be some severely grumpy people playing their game because its not what they were looking for.

  • Please Leave eve

    Sorry you are totally wrong in every dimension.
    Let me set this straight for you.




    • Please Leave eve

      But hey dont trust me.
      Ask Hilmar

    • Please watch your own videos

      You DO know that Hilmar is only talking about trial accounts not subscriptions, right?
      was a singular event and shortly afterwards, concurrent user numbers
      still were lower than in early 2011 and early 2013. And they declined
      very fast, so there’s no indication that anybody created an account from those trials.
      Problem is, if you say “EVE is dying” often enough, you will be right one time.

  • Nothing Butt

    I’d hardly describe a bunch of mouthy hired help recruited hap hazardly from all four corners of the globe “middle management personalities”. L2Incorporate. Sorry, I know you think Soundwave was some kind of Dev Jesus. Personally I found his hipster bi-curious one liners fairly cringeworthy and there was nothing he did that wasn’t already on the roadmap.