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Dev Post: [Kronos] Phoenix and Citadel Missiles

May 7, 2014

As mentioned in the recent fanfest, CCP Fozzie wish to give a proper boost to the Phoenix dreadnaught, today he just posted on the official EVE-O forums a follow up on this same matter – make sure to come by the official EVE-O forums to give him the proper feedback.


Hey guys, we have a pass on the Phoenix and Citadel Missiles for your feedback. The goals are to significantly improve the Phoenix for use against other caps (especially moving caps) and structures while avoiding turning it into some kind of subcap blapping monster.

First big change is to the skill bonuses on the Phoenix. We’d be swapping the kinetic damage bonus to a 4% per level shield resistances bonus. This lets the Phoenix choose any damage type, and gives it a great tank improvement.

The loss of the damage bonus is more than compensated by a change to Citadel launcher RoF. We’re improving the RoF of Citadel Cruise Launchers by 20% and Citadel Torp Launchers by 25%. This equals a 25 and 33% increase in dps respectively, more than making up for the loss of the kinetic bonus.

Although the Leviathan titan isn’t the focus of this change, we will be tweaking its kinetic damage bonus down to 100% instead of the previous 125% to keep it from becoming too powerful with the launcher RoF changes. This means that it still sees a reasonable dps increase from current values, 11% when using Cruise and 19% when using Torps. Its bonus will remain Kinetic only for now. I won’t rule out changing that in the future, but this a Phoenix pass not a Titan rebalance.

To get the missiles onto their target faster, we’re increasing the missile velocity of Citadel Cruises by 34% and Citadel Torps by 100%. Flight time is being reduced to keep overall range about the same.

Now onto damage application. I realized that we have a lot of room to make Citadel missiles better at hitting unwebbed moving capitals without making them much better for hitting webbed/painted subcaps by improving their explosion velocity significantly and then nerfing their explosion radius to a lesser degree.

We’re buffing the explosion velocity of Citadel Cruises by 38%, and nerfing their explosion radius by 14%.
We’re buffing the explosion velocity of Citadel Torps by 75%, and nerfing their explosion radius by 50%.

One side effect of such significant changes is that the Torps would start doing reduced damage to starbase modules and to small towers themselves. So we’re increasing the sig radius of all starbase structures that sit outside the shields from 2000 to 3000, small towers from 2000 to 4000 and medium towers from 4000 to 5000.

After these changes the Phoenix should have quite a strong role as a dread that can apply solid damage to caps and structures with a great tank, damage selection and capless weapons.

Let me know what you think.

– CCP Fozzie

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