As the Halloween War comes to a close, a number of events and milestones mark the winding down of the now six-month conflict between Russian and N3 forces.

HERO, a coalition consisting of BRAVE, TEST, and HONOR, have been besieging the region of Catch, a region historically held by Russian aligned AAA. The grind, which had originally been slow as HERO adjusted to nullsec war and sped as NCDOT supers began generating timers, has yielded sixteen of Catch’s fourty-one conquerable station systems and approximately thirty-seven of one-hundred and eight overall systems.

Recently, HERO made a bid for the strategically and historically important HED-GP. A system they took with a significant amount of help from PL and NCDOT. The battle for HED pitched HERO and NC/PL against SOLAR Tengus and associated RUS bombers. The NC/PL Foxcats were hounded throughout the battle by bombs- resulting in significant losses. Meanwhile, the HERO forces pinged on and off station grid in their attempts to steer clear of the deluge of bombs. Eventually, NCDot jumped in dreadnoughts to speed the grind of the station and anchored their foxcats on their triage at a range of 20km, effectively nullifying the massed effectiveness of bomber support. However, SOLAR began focusing on any foxcats unfortunate enough to drift out of range of triage reps.

Shortly after the battle of HED-GP, NCDOT embarked on the deployment mentioned by their alliance leader, Vince Draken, in his April 13th address to his alliance. The deployment, centered in the X-7 system in Esoteria, is slated to last two weeks and is aimed at the purging of C0VEN assets from the regions of Esoteria and Paragon Soul. The reason for the deployment is C0VEN and NCDOT’s failure to come to a comprehensive NIP, the unfruitful negotiations can be found here. A scan of the first NCDot moving fleet reveals the deployment to include supercapitals, marking the first time supercaps have been deployed to the deep south since the disbanding of DD several weeks ago.

All-in-all, the Halloween war appears to have largely quieted. HERO is on the offensive and gaining ground swiftly. SOLAR is the last remaining RUS alliance to have seriously attempted to defend Catch. NCDOT seems to have dropped the hammer in the deep south and C0VEN seems resigned to losing their assets. Where the denizens of the South shall go from here is anyone’s guess. But, it will certainly be interesting.

Until next time.

  • Nijam

    ~puck puck~ is the sound of blunt stabbing.

  • Cardinal “Dildonis” Simonis

    Everything is possible when you are PL/NC. pets

    • Simon pieman

      So who do you F1 for?

      • BS

        Typical f1 monkey answer. Thinks that all eve is about f1 pushing and who got bigger bloob.

        • Simon pieman

          Err I live in lowsec, always have and always will, but close one champ.

  • Ashesofempires

    No mention of N3/Pl retaking B-R and reclaiming their deadzoned station?

    • Yatesy189

      BR mostly had PL assets in it which they were able to pull out when Mittani got them to retreat back to the drone regions, Nulli has a few assets in there i believe but nothing big

      The dead-zoned system was 0-W778 and also the station where the week long hell camp happened and it is still under GSF control not sure why its still under GSF control though… maybe there afraid?

      • We fred keep welcome

        Maybe there just isn’t as much stuff in the station as goon kool-aid made it out to be.

        • Yatesy189

          Maybe but nothing has stopped N3 from taking useless empty stations in the middle of nowhere they just take them because they can, 0-W778 still hasn’t been touched though and its been over 2 months now

          • Midtown East

            N3 isn’t winning fast enough?

          • Butcherbr

            Doing nothing? look at the link and tell me if killing soverity isn´t the start?


          • n3

            other priorities atm

          • Nc. Scrub

            I think their point was we didn’t have shit there. So they are showing you they didn’t have nothing there by saying f that station.

            But then again what the hell do i know, I’m in nc. Nothing of ours got trapped there.

        • Random guy

          As far as my corp goes we only have one iteron mk V and a bunch of cyno rookie ships left in 0-W, for one good reason : we only brought the strict minimum of PvP assets there after the I-N evac. I mean, seriously, did Mittens thought we’re as stupid as the average little bee ?

        • or in reality N3 is afraid of the CFC deploying to the south, so that is why N3 does not try and take that station back.

          • anonymous

            Or it was not high on our priority list which is why we are letting EICO handle it while we burn Esotoria to the ground.

          • That sounds like an excuse to me.They are pretty much letting a monument to the Mittani stand in the middle of their territory. That should be one of the first things to take down. If N3 was so confident they would take the system and show the CFC that they have no power here but instead they are not and showing the influence that the CFC still has.

          • anonymous

            If that were true we would not have taken B-r or AF0 or GXK or I-N back all of which held significance in the war.

          • but none of those stations were deadzoned. (except for B-R but PL paid to get out of that one) keeping those stations is not important. The only one that needs to be kept is 0-W. Till then it is still a wonderful propaganda tool.

      • yoyo

        Ncdot wasnt even based there…ever.. so no assets from them locked…as far as Nulli goes…like 90% had their stuff out of the station even before the camp started….some hellcamp.

        • Nulii Bro

          Yeh this is the thing that made me laugh all the way through that camp. We had 1 move fleet, where everyone in fleet had a carrier – everyone – and did one jump only, just 1. So not sure how anyone thought that a carrier loaded with ships in station that could jump out any time they wanted, was a problem. I’m not exaggerating at all, but people really seemed to believe that assets were stuck in station. The funniest part is people logged on 24 hours a day for 2 weeks to camp carriers in station with zero non moveable assets. They were all jumped out in one jump after the camp. but I must be lying right? And the station is stacked with assets right? lol, I bet the CFC grunts really believed their leaders. It’s a real shame that we can’t show what is really in the station.

          • Lee Thrace

            Unfortunately, half of my stolen Russian moon goo is still there, but that’s my fault. I should have listened to Jean.

          • Dirk MacGirk

            Well, it was only 1 week and AFK at that. Maybe there are things there from some of your bros, maybe not. I’ll bet some individuals and/or corps had quite a bit. Nothing that is going to shatter your resolve to keep fighting. Well, fighting may be a leap, but you’re still allowed to hold space.

          • Trololol

            Trololol. And let me tell you about your mom.

          • Sigh

            The POINT IS that the CFC has taken a station in your space and you cant do anything about it.
            Do you understand the point?
            The CFC would never let N3/PL keep a station in CFC space.
            Get the point now?

      • anonymous

        As progod put it we are not taking it back as a matter of principle. We have been taking back station systems in Immensea that were CFC such as GXK and AF0 so I do not believe it to be out of fear of what they might do.

        • Foilclub

          Might be the funniest propaganda I’ve ever heard. “we won’t take our stuff back out of principle” lol what principle? Just proves to all of new Eden that n3 ain’t shit and are goon pets essentially. Fighting over Russian scraps with hero. Goons won this war. Russians taken down a peg, n3 embarrassed in from of everyone. PL now officially goon pets beaten into submission and forced diplomacy. N3 ate it’s own coalition, losing thousands of renters and real players to other groups. Best way to fight a war: let your two enemies go at it.

          • anonymous

            You need to fact check your bullshit. First off how is it embarrassing to lose a war vs the rest of nullsec – provi block? The fact that we held them back for months and were gaining ground prior to the sov drop that lost us that part of the war is an accomplishment in itself. As for losing the war we ended up with several more regions than we started the war with and several thousand more renters. Our renting alliance has more than 2000 more people in it than CFC’s and PL’s nearly doubles the CFC’s renting alliance in numbers.
            Edit: and several alliances that were our enemies fell apart due to the war so that is another good thing for us.

          • Foil club bonus round mit

            Hahahahaha stop it your killin me. “vs the rest of null” wtf are you taking about?! Take away goons and n3 pl is the rest of null. You guys have more sov and more vet members. More renters and more experience. You’re fucking bob FFS lol, you guys don’t need any help. Those t20 bpos will pay for losses I’m sure.

          • anonymous

            Only thing that matters in Eve is numbers and CFC + RUS more than doubled us in that regard. Should look in the mirror the CFC is rapidly turning into the BOB they always claimed to hate.

          • Ciaphas Cyne

            let me know when cfc starts to cheat and generate items from thin air. once that happens we can call them the new bob. until then, you can go silently masturbate in a corner.

          • anonymous

            How about we talk about manipulating ccp into nerfing ships by intentionally throwing ships that are terrible at fighting those ships at them over and over again and then complaining for 100 pages on the forums that they are broken. Aka using high sig drakes and shield battleships against titans over and over.

          • Ciaphas Cyne

            if you really think that you need to see a shrink

          • If it was not drakes what else would they send? Everything else would either get killed by the point and click dds or the ships would not do enough damage. Tracking titans was so broken. There was no counter to them at all. Low sig Tengus or ahacs. I guess you forgot about point and click dds. Yeah there were no ships in the game that could fight titans.

          • Chris

            Except you use literally the worst possible ship to fight them.

            Hey, lets make a drake with double LSE and permanently runs its MWD. Let’s make sure it has a huge sig so it can be easily blappable by titan guns.

            Granted, DDs were broken, but if you want to gank fit your titan, be my guest. Not our fault if you didn’t have the balls to drop the proper counter.

          • So like a thought you don’t have a real answer to my question. Like i said titans were broken and CCP made the right choice. Since the Titan blob had taken over more than half of null at that point.

          • Ha

            Cfc has surpassed BOB in every way. Everything they once preached they do now. Renters yada yada.
            They stand as thee most cancerous entity in eve, and there are a fair few cancerous entities out there.
            Cfc is held together by rmt/narrative and lack lustre capable alliances whom either flock to the cfc out of “the weak move with the masses” this seems to give them the attitude that they are winners or their membership simply doesn’t give a damn about improving them selves further than accumulating wealth.
            Cfc is like the kid whom wouldn’t say boo to a goose on his own, suddenly turned bully when him and his 4 mates hold down 1 kid. Sums cfc up really.

          • well what do you expect when a bunch of alliances (WN, Raiden, NCdot, PL) come crashing down on you with hundreds of tracking Titans. It just makes sense that alliances with weaker average members would team up. Those alliance listed above made the CFC what it is today.

          • Sigh

            At least the CFC fills most of their own space with the alliance members that OWN their space, 80% of the cfc sov is alliance owned and populated.
            N3/PL 80% of sov= renters/botters that get treated like second class members.
            Tell me again, witch is the cancer in eve?
            You just dont get what the CFC is, its run like a large alliance unlike N3/PL.
            Picture a hand with seperate fingers, that when at war becomes a closed fist.
            N3/PL will never win against the CFC war machine when its closes together, as has been proven over and over, in a CFC win verses N3/PL loss every war they fight against each other.

          • lol

            After reading your article I am literally dizzy from all the spin. I can’t even count all of the articles written about the N3 side of tha sov loss you mention, all I remember reading is ” so what we took it back” but here you are calling that part of the reason you lost, you may have been fighting half of null but you can’t fight “all” of null as you have half blued yourself, pot meet kettle.

            “and several alliances that were our enemies fell apart due to the war so that is another good thing for us.”

            You lost more supers in a day than have been lost since the game was made, but a few of your enemies failcascaded so its all cool… lol your awesome dude, plz post some more “content” for me to work with.

          • lol

            the super fleet is intact they lost titans im glad you dont think they are different. But titan fleet is rebuilt and just one more fact cfc has more peopel blue # wise than any one

          • you could of just said already replaced.

          • anonymous

            I know its hard but please try to organize your thoughts into something coherent instead of the paragraph long run-on nonsense that is your first paragraph. If you are trying to say we blue’d half of eve and that we are somehow being hypocritical you are literally dumb as shit. When we are talking about 3/4 of nullsec or 1/2 of nullsec we do not mean space owned we are talking numbers of players that are active in nullsec which throughout the war it could easily be seen that it was between 22-26k players on our side vs upwards of 50k on your side. Despite all that and despite the worst loss in Eve’s history we came out on top and Mittani’s vision of a southern Russian empire that would keep us in check was shattered less than 2 weeks after the CFC went back north. If we go by your logic that we determine the strength of the enemy based on how much sov they own then when we attacked Solar and their allies it was a massive feat because they owned the entire Drone Regions and we owned nothing.

          • lmao

            so we lost the war even though we came out with more regions than when we started and we lost renters even though we have 5000+ more renters than when we started… seems legit

        • that sounds like some MIttani level cool-aid to me.

          • anonymous

            Where am I wrong?

          • it just sounds like the same exact thing a CFC leader would say. We are joining the war as an honourable third party. (but really we want to strike a blow to our enemies) We don’t want to take o-w back (but really we are afraid of the CFC retaliating in full force) same exact propaganda used to keep the masses going.

        • Ciaphas Cyne

          holy shit! thats officially the silliest thing ive heard all day. “as a matter of principle”? come on, put all this trolling to rest and just retake the damn system. we know you want it.

          • anonymous

            For the third time EICO is already doing it. It was just a joke by progod when it just was not a high priority to take it back unlike immensea where we deployed to.

        • Chris

          As an NC. member.

          That’s horseshit. Pretty sure we just want to wait till were good and ready to poke the bear again.

          • So why not just say that. If my leadership said we are waiting a little bit before we poke the bear again I would be 100% behind that.

          • Chris

            Fuck if I know, I’m not leadership. I won’t pretend to know their purpose behind things.

            Hell I may be wrong, maybe N3 is going to start taking actions for the sake principle now. But then we have a narrative and I don’t like that. We don’t need one, we have slightly more intelligent sheep than the other side.

          • Sigh

            And dont you worry, the CFC is frothing at the mouth just waiting for you to grow some balls and poke

      • N3 logI bro

        Our corp sadly had billions in that station. We keep asking nulli leadership for help getting it back but they said they can’t touch that system anymore now That goons are watching it. I think they just wanna avoid another B-R so I can’t blame them. Would be nice to get our subcap fleet back though. PL I don’t think cares about nulli, they are just buds with ncdot boys. Fuckin stupid if you ask me. Nulli don’t need them especially when they keep lying about helping us get our fleet out of hell camp.

        • Trololol


        • anonymous

          Yea you are definitely not in N3. We (NC.) had over 330 pilots covering the station so that the rest of N3 could get out of the station safely just after the hell camp ended.

          • Dirk MacGirk

            yet the station still sits there. Empty or not, its still a station and a solar system owned by the enemy in your space. The longer it sits the more it becomes a monument to the fear of “what could happen if we try”. Why not take it back? You can do it. I have faith.

          • anonymous

            A monument of fear like “what happens if we try to take back b-r?” which we did or maybe “what happens if we take back AF0” wait we did that too. Right now it is a few mids away from us so it is not worth trying to take it back.

          • Dirk MacGirk

            I’m not sure they are quite the same thing. Your leaders know overwatch may (or may not) exist on 0-W where it did not on the others. Time will tell. I fully expect them to make a go of it when they are done with the rest. I mean, they can’t just let it sit there, right?

          • anonymous

            What could the CFC do to stop us short of fully deploying again and this time without the Russians to help them?

          • Dirk MacGirk

            Probably not much. So why not retake it? Reverse the propaganda of people saying you won’t.

          • anonymous

            Too many mids away to grind but looking at dotlan ( ) EICO is already working on taking it back while the rest of us are elsewhere so give it a week.

          • lol wut?

            The Russians went all the way to Catch to fuck with your timer fleets. Do you really think they won’t show up to a fight where they get to shoot PL and N3 in their backyard????

          • anonymous

            By Russians I meant the coalition of Russians that no longer exists. They lost all semblance of power when DD disbanded.

          • lol

            So basically you made this post and used all those words just to say, “Didn’t want that space anyway”

            Way to go bro.

          • anonymous

            Yea that is not what I said at all but good try. All I said is it is not a priority to take it back compared to the reclaiming of Immensea and now the purging of Estoria.

          • Yawn

            Because it is empty? You take it if you want it so much.

          • Dirk MacGirk

            Wait, it’s not our turn. We AFK camped it and then took it. Vee still owns it. It’s someone else’s turn, isn’t it?

          • Ha

            Cfc have their hands full with a reclusive BL & Tri/ Mordus and boys. Would worry about them before cfc thinks to start something with N3/pl.

          • Dirk’s iPhone

            If by hands full you mean they exist, sure. But not really a threat to sov or structure. Just sayin. The SOE missions must be pretty fun for them

          • Ciaphas Cyne

            we all wanna see n2 take that station back! come on guys! prove us wrong and get yer stuff back!

        • lmao

          not a n3 guy.we got most of our things out as people were told to only bring pvp ships to that station and the point is proven by refusing to take it back

    • lol

      Did you miss the 4-5 articles that were written about PL cutting a deal to get their stuff back the day after B-R????

    • you are confusing O-w with B-R. PL got all their stuff out of B-R by cutting a deal with the CFC.

  • Marlona_Sky

    CFC did more damage to Stain Waggon by abandoning them than they ever did to N3/PL. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

    • #nomadpls

      circle of N3:
      1.”all we do is win win win”
      2. get thrown under the erebus
      3. blame CFC for blobbing
      4. running for the hills
      5. losing 1000 renters to CFC
      5. crawling out of their cave when CFC leaves
      -> 6. CFC is bad, all we do is win win win

      this is gonna be gud again soon(tm)

      • When their titan heavy summer timezone logs in we are going to be sorry.

        • sadleric

          We aren’t staging all our supers in one system anymore.

      • N3 scrub

        Seems like your pretty upset.

        Your right about winning, and about us retreating after the defeat of b-r.

        What your wrong about is we are up 5 regions, and between n3 and pl up about 5k renters maybe more. Hell we have what 12 or 13k renters now. That is why your upset. Cause we lived though the stabbing of us over and over again in the heart until we die. Mitttani 2014. Guess the cycle can restart again.

      • truth

        gonna be good is right, you dont have the russians to hold your hand i love how mittens makes pubs thing b-r was a cfc win when it was carried by the huge amount of russians that were there.

        • do you even read what the mittani writes? all the articles praise the Russians for the amount of supers they brought.

          • anonymous

            He also adamantly proclaimed that they were strong enough to hold us back once you left and we all know how truthful that turned out to be.

          • Chris

            Don’t forget “Stab N3 in the heart until they die”

          • sadleric

            EvE RUS *did* have an incredible supercarrier turnout.

        • Greedy

          This just isn’t true.
          Sure stainwaggon helped with B-R but it was a CFC victory not Stainwaggon.
          I was there with n3 and we all said the same thing on comms CFC executed that really well.

          • Ha

            The point is cfc would not have grown balls if they didn’t have 3 quarters of nullsec blue to them in B-R aka Rus/cfc. Cfc fighting straight up n3/Pl it wouldn’t have been a compitition.
            As it was B-R was well played out. Cfc/Rus camped reinforcements from n3/PL which ment N3/PL were significantly outnumbered in the super fight, taking heavy losses. By the time reinforcements arrived critical mass of titans had already taken far too greater damage for n3/PL to turn the tide.
            That and the decision to primary dreads straight off the bat for n3/pl. If they had been able to rep/ sustain critical mass of titans then a prolonged fight where they she’d dread dps may have been affective. As it was Doomsdays were all that mattered (alpha) if and when a huge super fight happens again I’m sure that mistake will not be made again.

          • Sigh

            Well now the Rus have gone, grow some balls and invade the CFC?
            After all you just stated that without the Rus the CFC wont stand a chance against the mighty N3/PL.
            So put your money where your mouth is and fucking throw down.

          • Ha

            The point was that cfc would not have had the balls to engage n3/pl without Rus blue to them encompassing 3 quarters of null blue to cfc. That was the point.
            So put your money where your mouth is an invade without having to blue every one else.

          • that is absolutely not true. The CFC may of started the fight but it was our allies in Stainwagon that helped us win.

          • truth

            im sure you were there in your little frig or battleship and it makes you all warm and fuzzy inside went daddy mittens tells you these things the truth of the matter is without the 1500 russians that sat there in their prime you wouldnt of been slaughtered like the fucking sheep you are

          • Your posts make me laugh so hard. Please keep posting.

      • How it is

        Cfc only ever goes to war when they have 4:1 odds.
        Are able to overwhelm their enemies.
        The same tactic they have used for years.
        Cfc has always been a coalition that losses 95% of the battles, but wins the war from the minority of fights they manage to win.
        In every conflict over last few years, Dotbros a meager fraction of CFCs size managed to slaughter cfc fleets as well as fighting solar on a second front for 3 and a half months. Mittens had stated the war would last a couple of weeks. Few highlights several cfc titans and several cfc supers died to 0 Dotbros losses. Cfc lost CSAA and mittens even told his grunts they were no longer able to fly meals due to the unsustainable losses.
        Fountain war, cfc engaged Test believing they were vulnerable and on their own, n3 assisted test, cfc got hammered until the huge sov drop that n3 had to retake before yet again solar tried leaching sov in drone lands. This sov drop allowed cfc to move in and put huge pressure on a crumbling test.
        Halloween war cfc/Rus although hugely outnumbering n3/PL, in majority of fights upto B-R got hammered. This being the pivotal fight that swung CFCs way.
        In every conflict noticeable similarities have stood out.
        Cfc get hammered a lot, but the occasional fight they win tends to have a big impact.
        In every conflict cfc has only engaged believing they have overwhelming numerical advantage.
        In every war the measurement has been do you enjoy cfc/ mittens narrative enough to welp the majority of the time.
        Or do you enjoy Pvp/ fun and challenging your self fighting against the odds, adapting strategically as Dotbros N3/PL have done.
        My time is better spent killing cfc rather than believing the rediculious narrative spewed forth.

        • Sigh

          Your point is mute.
          The CFC wins every war they fight.
          Have never lost a single system they wish to keep.
          It does not matter what the tactic the CFC uses, the only thing that matters, is that the CFC wins every war they fight.
          Can N3 say the same?

          • Heh

            Well cfc didn’t win Halloween war. So your point is mute o.O
            Also so cfc wanted all those CSAAs that they have lost. With the so say iron rule of cfc would have thought their numerical advantage would have been able to defend those.

    • Marlona is a dumb name

      Logic. Reason. Rational Thinking. Whatever you call it, you are lacking

    • lol

      So the CFC taking half the enemy’s space, setting up a battle to destroy more titans from one corp than have ever died in one entire battle before, and hell camping and then dead zoning a system/station, all the while giving theirs “friends” time to take back and secure their space was abandoning Stain… The CFC did everything they could to help short of taking all the enemy space themselves and holding their “friends” hands through the complex processing of anchoring both the Ihub AND the sov claim unit.

      • truth

        yah i mean it wasnt like those titans were replaced within 2 weeks, the people you took space off of didnt lost half their space but did end up with MORE regions than they started with and just to prove a point they refuse to take the “dead zoned” station back. Good job man with allies like you who needs enemies.

        • or they are afraid of attacking the dead zoned station and having the cfc redeploy down to the south. Just a possibility.

          • anonymous

            EICO already started taking it back while we burn another region down.

          • Unknown

            lol right. Because they sure were afraid of taking b-r and the rest of the CFC’s immensea sov right? If they wanted it they would take it, the CFC wont bother to mobilize their whole coalation for one stupid station. And if they do react what happens then? If they win , then they do what……go to war officially? Because its probably not the best time for them to do something like that.

          • well why fight over b-r. PL already got all their stuff out anyways.

          • NC Titan Pilot

            confirming i dropped my titan into b-r to help grind the station…

          • Yawn

            Na the dead zoned station holds no significance. No assets remain there, and if it’s really needed to be captured. Can do so when have bollocks else to do. As it is now, n3 are busy helping in catch and hunting coven in Estoria.

          • didn’t want that station anyways.

          • Ming Tso

            If they wanted it, do you honestly believe the CFC would jump lime back to 1V-, board their Megathrons, and defend it on the final timer as Mittens said they would do? Better yet, do you think the CFC would move their super fleet, with all the effort that takes?

            Or do you think they would just shrug their shoulders, say ‘meh,’ and go back to doing whatever?

          • I am not saying the CFC would come to take the station because they won’t. I am just wondering why N3 has not taken the station back yet if it is such an importance piece of CFC propaganda.

          • anonymous

            To show you how little it means to us even after you spent a week hellcamping that system. Everyone got their stuff out and now one of the smallest alliances in our coalition is taking it back.

          • pff you think anyone in the CFC cares if there were assets in there? It was a symbol that said we can hell camp any of your systems and there is nothing you can do about it.

          • anonymous

            It was a symbol that you beat us in a battle and we were reeling from that defeat. Prior to that we sov screw up we were winning the war so yea.

          • yeah. I guess o-w was more insult to injury.

          • lmao

            all they had to do was cut deals with the russians who they let get fucking murdered just like we said they would and pay off black legion didnt take much did it? just 70,000 people to beat 25k? oh wait you ran away and let us have more than we started with..thanks

          • Do you know what a comma is? I hope English is not your native language.

          • Chris

            You’re still talking to this idiot?

            I’m pretty sure the russians hated us anyway. Oh well, we got a couple of their alliances now.

          • yeah, well i was being camped in by some locals in low sec so this was more entertaining lol

          • Ha

            A renter will probably grind it back from cfc tbh.

          • That i would find very funny.

          • Ming Tso

            If the CFC was going to redeploy down south, why did you let all your stations in Immensea get taken? And what would you hope to accomplish once you got there? Use your supers to re-grind all that sov and finally defeat N3?

          • if you think about it. If the CFC came down and was victorious at keeping o-w what would that say to N3? it would say “do what you want but we can crush you at any point.” that is more powerful message then having to grind a region.

          • Ming Tso

            That would be.. But a more powerful message would be sent if they did that and lost. Think about it. CFC no longer has any of their allies they had when they went to take B-R. Don’t you think it’s more likely that they would get shitstomped?

          • exactly! so this goes back to why have they not taken 0-w back yet?

          • anonymous

            Again for the fifth time because it is not a priority.

          • That is just some kool-aid that N3 leadership is giving their members in order to ignore the fact that the enemy still holds a station in their territory.

            Honestly if a sovereignty country had a little bit of territory right in the middle of it that was control in by their enemies that defeated them in a major battle and their leadership said it is not a priority not one would believe them.

          • anonymous

            In the beginning while we were still pushing back the remnants of the Russian coalition it may have been intentional to avoid the CFC while we secured our borders but now I do not think there is anyone that fears that the CFC will make some grand play to try to save a station on the other side of Eve when it gives them no strategic advantage to do so and only risks their morale if they were to lose it. If it falls now Mittani can just blame it on the Rusians falling apart. If he tries to save it and fails it will look terrible for the CFC. If it were not so far from where we were staging it would have already fallen like every other system CFC owned in Immensea. As it is now EICO is taking it back and will probably be friendly again by next week not that anyone really cares.

          • yeah. I said somewhere up here that there is no way the CFC would actually come to save that station too much effort to much risk to our propaganda army.

          • anonymous

            Yet you still are trying to argue that we are scared of something that if Mittani is thinking clearly we know he would never do?

          • which leads back to why have you not taken it yet? lol I think this article needs more comments on it.

          • anonymous

            Which leads me back to it is not a priority which is why some of our minor blues are working on it for the 6th or 7th time now. Shall we continue this loop?

          • part of me wants to just so I can get a little higher on the list of commentators on this site. but yeah blah blah kool aid blah blah.

          • truth

            how many stations did your side lose again? oh thats right all the way to esoteria damn i mean come on you really think 1 fucking station means jack shit? cfc ran off and their “allies” got fucking steam rolled YOU LOST

          • translation: didn’t want that station anyway.

          • truth

            kool-aid huh? then why did they no stop us from taking every other station of theirs + their “allies” that they left to just get rolled over. N3 has more stations now than when the war started and more renters. The stations are left as a “fuck you we dont need it”

          • At least anonymous was intelligent with his comments. This is just pathetic.

          • Ming Tso

            It’s being taken as we speak.

            By N3’s renters.

          • Lee Thrace

            Leaving hostile station systems around Immensea will never come back to bite us in the ass. Mark my words!

          • truth

            yet they let them have all the other stations + all of their “allies” stations that is some powerful message let me tell you. I mean to take that station all it took was the cfc who outnumbered them by more than 2:1 anyways is to pick up black legion AND all the other alliances in the game and in the end they STILL lost

          • Keep complaining that our practices are not fair. If i want to win I will stack everything in my favor. It is not my fault N3 did not do that same and was punished for it. Yes we started losing after all the CFC went home. Kind of sounds like a lack luster victory to me.

          • The Voice of Reason

            winning is winning does not matter how you won or why u won winning is winning

          • truth

            oh you sad little person it has been stated that it will stand as a point that no were near the assets are in the station as mittens tells his pubbies because everything but a carrier load of pvp ships was put in low sec long before they even moved to said station. But keep telling yourselves that to make you feel better about wasting a week of your time sitting on an undock doing nothing of importance

          • can you read? No where in that sentence do I say anything about assets in that station. Even if there is nothing in that station it is still deadzoned. Personally I don’t think there is anything in that station. But learn to read next time.

          • Kadeshi Grunt

            wouldnt say that. But would say that it appears leadership within n3 is waiting for all systems to be i-hubed and jump bridges to go up so they can effectively deploy anywhere. Basically when the time is right they will attack those systems,, with the infrastructure in place to stomp on CFC effectively should they come down here . Its annoying seeing those systems in CFC hands , but i understand the need to get you’re house in order after a long battle before potentially starting another one

          • this is the first reasonable answer I have gotten on this article! THANK YOU!!

        • Guy

          You do realise that the CFC builds titans and supers at the same time as you do, right? It’s fairly likely that they have a similar or bigger supercap fleet than n2 now, especially after the losses in BR-.

          I agree with you that the CFC has made a bunch of bad decisions lately, including letting their allies lose space and failing to very deal with pasta, tri/BL/mordus and Fountain core.

          • Bah

            Aye n3/pl titans/supers have grown. Major difference between cfc & n3/pl is in n3/pl you use your toys a lot, not the 1% of the time when mindless morons are able to jump and doomsday correct target. So if you want to fly big toys there’s still only one side to be on regardless to if cfc are able to match numerically n3/pl or not.
            N3/pl have always been able/willing to adapt with subcaps doctrines with slowcats to adapt to cfc/Rus huge numerical advantage, and wrecking ball fleets of supers/slows and titans. The most creative minds will always be with n3/pl.
            Cfc as has always been the case lack skill, but wish to use their only tactic of huge numerical odds.

          • Alpha

            Mittnes (Kerrigan) most be like:
            Tipical ZvP Matchup: Toss goes lategame with Deathball = gg.

          • truth

            cfc only won the fight because they had 60,000 blues man dont kid yourself they only reason they even stood a chance in b-r is because it started in russian prime time and n3&pl didnt even bring in the us tz because it was over by that time which is sad because that is were most their supers and titans are. Oh well losses replaced long ago and n3 have more space and more renters than they started with.

          • brathahn

            and we all know that the CFC is a AU TZ coalition and has not their majority of supers/titans in the EU/US TZ.

            you are so fucking biased LOL

          • na

            Plus alot of ex-BL have joined the ranks of PL adding more cap/super pilots.
            Looking forward to quitting eve tbfh.

          • wtf

            more space than the cfc and you bitch about the blue doughnut

          • Chris

            Here is where the blue doughnut argument is skewed.

            Yes we have more space, but under previous numbers because I haven’t bothered to check current ones (before the addition of russian alliances), CFC had far more warm bodies. When I think about amount of blueness of a coalition, I’m more concerned about how target rich the environment is. A cfc member would have less targets than an N3 member. The CFC may have less space, but the amount of power and force they can project means that they have the potential for much more, while I feel N3 is starting to overextend.

          • Chris

            What you saw in b-r was not the entirety of the super fleet.

      • Ming Tso

        Well, had you done that, maybe they would have rallied to defend their sov.

        The point is: the CFC war machine ran out of steam, and the RUS war machine ran out of steam long before that, while N3’s war machine didn’t run out of steam. They may have lost the biggest battle of the war, but they were the last to quit. And that’s how you determine who wins a sov war; which side quits last.

        It looks to me like CFC didn’t stab hard enough when they had the chance. Whether it was ~mercy~ or whether it was because -their membership was tired and was starting to complain- the CFC left the theater, and that cost them the war.

        • Sigh

          The cfc did not run out of steam.
          More like the enemies of the cfc ran away faster then the cfc could catch up.
          Pl begged for mercy and got it, and without PL well just n3 folded.

          • Chris


            The evening after b-r, we were still out and dicking around with supers.

            PL did take the biggest hit, I don’t blame them for taking the deal. If it comes to bite the CFC in the ass at some point that’s their problem.

            Also, N3 never folded, only part of is was camped into a station for a week.
            We’re still here aren’t we? And oh look, we have more regions and income than before!

          • Sigh

            Only because the CFC let you.
            The CFC is just as rich as N3.
            You just dont get it do you?
            To fight a sov war against the CFC its not just about isk.
            Its about numbers, logistics and cohesion.
            Untill N3 can match the CFC on those last three points, they will never defeat the CFC in any war.

          • Chris

            That’s right, you’re the masters of Eve. Nothing comes to pass without your say so.
            Never said they weren’t.
            I do get it.
            Never said it was only about isk.
            Never said it wasn’t.
            I’d say in this past war N3 has gained numbers, supers, and increased their cohesion.

            Also, please write things in paragraphs. Reading a post formatted like a fucking poem is annoying.

    • So the side that helped Stain Wagon fight did more damage than the alliances that were actively trying to kill them? Yeah that makes so much sense. You are so smart.

      It is not the fault of the CFC that -A- did not agree to a NIP when they were in a position of strength.

      • anonymous

        Come now do you really still believe that the Russians were ever on their own in the planning of the attack on our space? We did not want to kill them but they chose to side with Solar and the CFC so we retaliated.

        • it sounds more like an excuse to go to war than a real reason.

          • anonymous

            Right because we clearly wanted to get into another major war against the CFC after Fountain.

          • Who knows maybe you did. By killing off Stainwagon and Solar that would of secured N3 more than half of null and strengthened your position. Also it would of removed the only third party in null. It still sounds like N3 was just kind of waiting for this to happen.

          • anonymous

            Uh no it would have weakened our position by giving us more enemies than we already had and we had been actively trying to get DD and their allies on our side to counter the massive number advantage the CFC had. They chose to side with Solar and the CFC over us and I have no doubt in my mind that CFC was in on it from the beginning.

          • well maybe you should not of made enemies with the Solar in the first place. Should of let them had their massive renter empire and been their friend but nope. PL needed their space.

          • anonymous

            Are you just pulling arguments out of your ass at this point? First off Mactep has always been extremely friendly towards GSF and during the Tribute war continuously attacked our south eastern holdings in Geminate. How exactly did you expect us to be their friend? They helped take our space in the Tribute War so we took everything they owned.

          • Well if we are pulling long eve history out. Solar was always neutral is most conflicts. They mainly kept to their boarders. Then Old NC attacked the DRF and thus NCdot came into power (so you should thank them lol) but Solar stuck to just defending their own space. My guess is during the DFR civil war NCdot sided with Legion of death and thus made Mactep mad.

            Mainly i am just having too much fun at this point.

          • anonymous

            DRF was more Legion of Death than Solar when it came to who we dealt with. We got paid for a contract and Mactep held a grudge for years. Even after all this I still do not regret our decisions as our current income is the second highest behind PL and Solar is basking in its irrelevancy after another failed war against us.

          • Well we will see what null looks like a year from now.

          • Chris

            Probably pretty much the same. Unfortunately.

          • Sloppy

            You seem to not really know the history of EVE. Why are you talking about it?

          • oh please enlighten me, one with so much intelligence.

          • thegrammarnazi

            *would have

            Seriously, this hurts my eyes.

          • Youhurtmyeyes


          • itsme

            *would have

    • JIeoH Mocc

      Obviously no one, which is the reason neither CFC nor N3/PL will seek any enemies between the two of you. Keep the renting ISK dripping in, i guess.

  • Grip

    Go forth and conquor…. we have the CFC tied up north in thier “taking out the trash” campaign of futility … he he

  • Dirk MacGirk

    I feel a disturbance in the force as the potential for future content builds. Thank God I didn’t abandon my cyno chain and only mothballed it. All that work, all that grinding structures, installing new ones and hauling in upgrades. So that one day when it seems time to settle into a day to day existence, the wildlife sanctuary gets recategorized as a hunting preserve once again.

  • saywhaaa

    “effectively nullifying the massed effectiveness of bomber support” -this is simply not factual.
    sure, triage carriers kept the entire fleet from exploding all at the same time, but even so, the tengus where able to continue to kill napocs even with the carriers allready deployed and repping, and this manly due to the damage the bombs provided beforehand.
    so what are you trying to imply with your remark? that bombers should be able to kill any type/size of fleet?
    little sentences like this give the reader the feeling that you are trying to mix a battlereports with shipbalancing questions, and if that is the case you should be a bit clearer if it is your intention and where you are getting at.

  • 1337 PVP FTW

    I guess having our one station in a region we no longer live in is CFC’s claim to victory. Well good job at winning the Halloween war CFC. All of us in N3 humbly conceded out total and utter defeat. You win. Congratulations!

  • Sold

    Where will they go? Where all Russians go for the Summer… Stain.

    • Britanicus99


  • Theronth

    Fucking pollacks, they ruin Poland

    • hehe

      I fuck your mother

    • BS

      i see what you did there lol

  • I expect to see Coven have Esoteria back under their control in about 4 months. When are alliances going to learn it is impossible to remove the alliances of stain wagon.

    • Mohammad Ali

      it is impossible to remove any alliance from the game but it is easy to render them useless as happened to AAA and rusrus

      • well lets be honest here -A- is shit. The real stainwagon alliances that live in the deep south are awesome and hard to get rid of.

        • Seraph IX Basarab

          As ex Stainwagon, I hated how the entire south became known as “Stainwagon.” Coven, Stain Empire, Romanian Legion, and maybe a few others. That’s old school Stainwagon.

          • exactly! To me Stainwagon will also Coven, Stain Empire and Romanian Legion (are they still around) Do you remember when sys-k was considered part of Stainwagon…now that was a shit alliance. Oh Tek Enetheru, you will always be my favorite FC>

          • Blind Witness

            Tek Enetheru now is a leader of The Afterlife. alliance and he is very active ingame. He is train his new core force (instead of Stain Empire) to lead South into Ragnarok :))

          • dichzor

            nothing but love for Tek. I hope he wont burn out too fast. And also that there wont be any new tank games made.. cos then we’re fucked! As for the ragnarok, its way too early to even consider it. Our fleet numbers are fairly low. Gonna nibble on HERO and testies i suppose. For they are crunchy and high in protein!

          • JIeoH Mocc

            His alliance also declared that they are not going to partake in sov warfare.
            Moreover the entire alliance is composed from those who ditched the war when -DD- was disbanded.
            Wanna walk to Ragnarok with that? might be a lonely walk.

        • Britanicus99

          because it is npc space? ascn booted them with ease, bob booted them with ease, no one since has given a fuck about npc stain or the shittard russians that live there.

  • Yeah Right.

    And still no love for Provi.

  • lecorrecto

    cfc/rusrus released pl, allowed them to retreat. pushed nc back, locked up their assets, declared a win and went home. PL, noting cfc pulled out, rejoined the fight, “hero” riding off the coattails… now bragging that they’re winning the war that they lost.

    • Ming Tso

      If you didn’t finish off your enemy when you had the opportunity and they come back and beat you, that means you’ve lost the war.

    • Erm

      You get winning a single fight mixed up with winning a war I’m afraid.

      • Derp

        Well a single fight and camping a station for a week as daft as that sounds. That doesn’t indicate a victory, just a couple of successes.

        • Britanicus99

          What CFC suffer from is a lack of focus and stamina. Kinda like an ADHD child.


          I think not.

      • Chief Gumbo Speaker

        Winning a fight that breaks your opponent completely, sending them scurying into spider holes for 3 months while they wait for the coast to clear. Good nuff.

        • Mark

          Three months? I’ll admit it looked rough for about three weeks, but then rusrus was abandoned, then rusrus somehow lost everything gained in the four month long war in about two weeks. N3/PL have more space, moons, and renters then they had before the war, well rusrus learned the hard way that you never trust a goon, so tell use more about how N3/PL lost the war.

    • Deltaguy

      goons didnt lock up nc.’s assets tard

      • Green Medics

        someone does not know the difference between nulli and nc. stop posting about sov blocks if you have no clue plz or keep on posting and make me laugh.

        • Deltaguy

          Im pretty sure i know what im talking about kid as i was there every step of the way. I know it was nulli that had some assets trapped in o-w. NC. was no were nearby, 3/4 of the n3 wasnt even there, it was a goon victory vs nulli and no one else.

    • Chris

      They never even touched NC assets, and never followed up with the lockout. They never “stabbed N3 in the heart till they died”

      Drink more koolaid

    • Good game

      Clearly N3 won the war. They have more space, more moons, more renters, and a large portion of their enemies in the war have ether moved the NPC space, or disbanded.

  • please unban me TMC

    About 4 butthurt faggots posting two thousand threads in here. Goodjob

    • I am doing my part and you are welcome

  • yes

    FCK NC

    • Burr

      Fuck NC who all jumped ship RMTrs and all over to cfc yes, but viva la NCdot 😛

  • artuitus

    it is not the first time supers have been deployed.

  • sour

    pff the only useful thing in this thread is tha tek enetheru is back. that dude was one hell of a fc!

  • matt

    i feel like Hero is going to become the next CFC

  • rere

    Why can’t N3 just take back the station their assets were locked in while burn jita is going on? It’s not like the cfc can titan bridge out of high sec XD

    • koolaid man

      because there are no assets in that station and to take it back would further fuel the cfc propaganda machine that we did have all of n3’s assets (without NC) locked in some random station they fell back to after midding into curse to drop 90% of their assets. right now CFC own the station, and are paying for the sov.. its does nothing for us to take 2 systems that we never used tobegin with.. and renters are actually taking o-w back which is lol…

      • Lolling

        I don’t know how many times you have to explain the station is empty but some people really are too thick to get it.

        • N3 WarHQ

          I don’t think that no one has claimed that the station is “empty” because it wasn’t. I even remember Progod having some ts meeting about that where he clearly said that stuff will be lost and it would hurt.. also i’m sure that 0-w will be retaken at some point.. the plan was to remove all other CFC sov before doing that. But at the moment we are busy purging Esoteria so we can get more isk to build even more titans and get ready for the next B-R.

          Winter is coming!

          • mr nobody

            Its not empty, I know that I have a stabber left there, but the vast majority of assets were removed.

          • yo

            Well we had better go liberate it to get your stabber out…

          • N3

            Only the most unintelligent of n3 players have any assets in that station.

        • Britanicus99

          The station is not empty, I have 3 titans in there and I am just waiting for CFC to burn jita so I can ninja them out.

          Wait what?

    • Kadeshi Grunt

      i would say that it appears leadership within n3 is waiting for all
      systems to be i-hubed and jump bridges to go up so they can effectively
      deploy anywhere. Basically when the time is right they will attack
      those systems,, with the infrastructure in place to stomp on CFC
      effectively should they come down here . Its annoying seeing those
      systems in CFC hands , but i understand the need to get you’re house in
      order after a long battle before potentially starting another one

  • Milenka

    Blue Donut.. I don’t know why people still play this game nowdays tbh. There’s no challenge anymore

    • Chris

      I’d say there was a real challenge for N3 in the war only a couple months ago.

    • BS

      Why look for chalange in bloobs ? Small scale shit is still lots of fun. Not that much as before because of the noob friendly changes and “ship balances” but still. Big aliances are the same since always. And the NC is the worst tbh, even worse than CFC. The ceos , directors and maybe fcs gets the challange. You’re just nameless F1 monkey, who rides on hate rethoric vs other side. But you still useless talker(not talking personaly, just outlining general idea 🙂

      • Britanicus99

        I love the 180 in your comments. We have been saying that cfc are just f1 monkeys for years since they were actually GSF in omist in 07. But you have managed to revive a tired meme and spin it. Congrats.

  • lol

    BLUE DONUT everywhere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game dead !

  • Britanicus99

    Who da fuk are you?

  • Garandras

    Didn’t think a story about a war ended well ovewr a month ago was news worthy?