One of the pilots in in Sniggwaffe is leaving the game but before he does he wants to go out with a bang. He will fly his Aeon untill death and then wave goodbye.

Where: Kinakka
When: Saturday April 26th @ 23:00 eve time

If you want to stay updated then you should check out this forum post!

See you guys there!

  • Grath

    This is how men quit EVE, not with forum posts about their cancellation of 7 of their 8 accounts, not with the quiet mumblings of the old and feeble, but with a roar.

    • Spurty

      I shall nod sagely and make a mental note to follow in his foot steps one day

    • Ciaphas Cyne

      strange advice from an eve player who is most famous for his emo rage quits.

      ….still makes me chuckle

      <3 you grath. come to kinakka once in awhile!

      • Grath

        I’ve never quit, rage yes, but quit no.

      • GFY

        Poor Ciaphas, trying to be relevant like Goblin.

        • Ciaphas Cyne

          its “revenant”

          • Simon pieman

            This is funny because its original, its not even like you are borrowing from a dig that was funny a year ago.

            Well done you wooden spoon.

    • [RH-] BCPRO

      A Fuckin Men to that!!! Man up!!



    • uh

      Watched 13th Warrior yesterday and you can be his wife to go with him.

  • Alduin Shikkoken

    Soneone give this man a fucking medal

  • mrcrazy_monkey

    Truly the best way to leave the game. This way no poor fags can ask for your stuff.

  • Feday

    Obvious PL trap

  • observer

    this sounds more like a jita scam than a story how many mugs are gonna risk cynoing capitals to kill it only to get bounced by PL and friends troll troll troll story

  • LexArson

    We will be there o7

  • ciapek

    Friends no troll, Doa is a good bro and decided to go out with a bang its going to be epic!

  • 50%truth

    Don’t forget to not bring anything bigger then a t1 cruiser unless you want to getted rolled over by Napocs/T3 and triage.
    Shadoo will be sad to see a PL super die, therefore its good again.

  • hoodaticus

    So if we all go and logi him, does he have to keep playing eve until he dies irl?

    • ciapek

      He will die no other option

  • Ciaphas Cyne

    troll or not, should be great fun! oh until pl shows up…. every good story from black rise/placid ends with “and then pl showed up so we all went home”

    • Simon pieman

      You bears moaning about losing frigs, you should put more stabs on them.

      • Ciaphas Cyne

        did you join the ciaphas cyne fan club or something? been followin me around like a puppy lately.

  • In Your Backyard

    Holy shit. Look at all these whiners. So what if PL shows up? Can’t you faggots bring the fight too? If you’re too scared to commit, eve isn’t for you. Go back to WoW.

    • Simon pieman

      The originality in this comment section today is astounding.

  • Honest Enquirer

    OK, so for a little bit of originality in the comments section…

    Why is he leaving?

    • Grath

      Something about his wife telling him that sunlight won’t cause him to burst into flames and a new job. Basically the guy decided that its time to devote his time to his real family, though he’ll probably still dabble in other games with his eFamily.

  • asd

    The best way to bid this guy farewell would be to let him fly around in his Aeon until he quits Eve out of the boredom that all this stupid blobbing has inflicted upon the game.

  • Vincent Shanks

    trigger happy with the ‘N’ key and miss fired with the ‘K’ it’s Kinakka not Kinnaka. this better not be a troll. Cause my alt will be there.