Last week we posted an article about Against All Authorities announcing a meeting. We received the full write up, written by none other than Lahari, current CEO of AAA,` of this meeting.

You can read the post below!

The CEO meeting has come and gone. This is a Public Announcement for all as to what was discussed.


The move to curse has not produced the type of activity and fun that was hoped. Rather than carry on and festering in Curse I am giving the order to move to Stain. So all movements to Curse need to end now. I apologize for the sudden change in direction as I am aware this is a big burden on pilots and corps.


Over the last few days the Stain Markets have been seeded with the needed materials for activity. This includes ships, mods, fuels and other necessary supplies. A team of market seeders has been assembled and organized so there should be plenty of ships and supplies available to you.

Where to go in Stain:

-TG- is where corporations need to go in order to have offices as well as access to cloning facilities. A market will be seeded there. This is where people can set their death clones.
-LGK is where you base your Dreads and Carriers. There is no cloning facility in LGK which is why we also use TG-. A market will also be seeded in LGK.
-HM- is essentially PvE land. All carebear assets and should be moved here.
-IPREF is an empire station you may keep your death clones near the empire side of HED.
-Agil is an empire side market also near the empire side of HED.

Our Purpose in Stain:

Due to the recent war, the fall of our Coalition and many other factors the environment we play in now is not fun or engaging. We will go to stain with the purpose of doing the following:

-Return to a roaming doctrine. This will allow for smaller fleets to be used and is a great opportunity for FCs to get experience and gain popularity among the pilots.
-Improve communication and feedback between leadership and the common grunt.
-Stain will provide stability. The move will be the last move for at least 2-4 months. This will allow us to settle in and focus more on building fleets and less on constant moves.
-Stain is our traditional home and we have friends willing to fight fun fights alongside us.
-Allow corps to lick their wounds, deflate, relax a little and then work their way back to activity.
-As corps gain activity they can also begin to recruit and improve their active numbers.

Our Attitude:

One major thing I want to address is our attitude. Endless negativity, complaining and tears for all that was lost. Be it space, fleet size or some particular pilot. Lets not forget the constant trolling of Alliance chat by Metal. This is all toxic and does not help with the moral of this alliance’s pilots. Here are some of the changes to our attitude we are to expect.

-We need to stop getting angry every time we form a fleet it isn’t 100 dudes. It’s been a while since we’ve formed a 100 man fleet and bitching about one isn’t going to make one happen. We focus on who is here and we use that to build on. If its a 15 man fleet so be it. There is plenty of solid PvP to be had with 15 well shipped and hungry pilots.
-Trolling ourselves needs to come to an end. Having Metal in alliance chat constantly has been a huge toxin to this alliance. And with S0CO refusing to contain him, this has caused serious issues within the alliance. S0C0 will be leaving -A- soon to try and rekindle their lost activity levels, with them Metal follows. If Metal trolls alliance again during this time while we wait for S0C0’s agreed upon departure, copy some logs and post them in the forums then let me know. Metal and Vig are aware of what will happen if this toxic troll opens his mouth before then.
-FCs with shitty attitudes. If your an FC and your forming fleets, do your best to be positive and interesting for pilots. An FC that constantly bitches about everything that isn’t going right isn’t fun and will not draw more pilots. This doesn’t mean FCs can’t bitch at a pilot for not being in the right spot or for failing to follow FC commands. If you want people to fly with you. Be someone worth flying with.
-The rose glasses. I am not expecting anyone to put on the rose glasses and pretend everything is okay. Everything is not okay. In order to fix it we have to move past what is already done and move forward with what we have.
-CEO/Directors that have shitty attitudes, are barely active and are uninformed about what is going on, are not helpful. The attitude will leak all the way down to the grunt level leaving a lot of pilots in the dark. It is your responsibility as corporate leadership to be engaged in the command channels. To communicate with me, other corporate leaders and your pilots to keep them aware of their environment. Pilots that have no real info will simply resort to going on feelings, impressions and rumors. If the command channels are loaded with spam, ask if anything major was discussed. It can be recapped for you.

Our Strategy:

-Get all active pvp corps into TG- and LGK as described above.
-Use our Titans (yes we still have some) to extend our reach into Catch and other areas within bridge range.
-Add additional friends and allies to the cause such as P-A-T-R-I-O-T-S, and continue to fly with old allies such as Coven and other Stain based Allies.
-We will take fights in Catch and defend certain timers in order to get fights. We will do so until Catch has fallen.
-Our fleet doctrines will be tested and evolved as needed to maximize our effectiveness and numbers.
-We will recharge ourselves and find fun fights.
-Remain in Stain for a time to allow for everyone to recover from the big mess that was the Halloween War.
-Keep a Carrier full of front line PvP ships in LGK and be prepared to jump it into locations such as GE-. This is simply a way to allow us to more quickly move to a hot spot should a fight present itself that we can manage.

Our Doctrines:

Huginns, Muninns, Cepters, Scimi, Bombers, Rapiers.
Other roaming doctrines may emerge as pilots and FCs develop them for fun.

Other Tidbits:

-Due to the sudden change in locations, I will allocate a certain allowance to each corp to help recoup some if not all of the fuel costs for the relocation. Each corp will need to submit a request directly to me and we will go over it.
-While I have had some recent RL things come up requiring my attention, I am not quitting, giving up on -A-.
-There are rumors that we are selling out space. I have been approached by a hired ‘Diplomat’ from BNI to discuss various scenarios that would help ease the grind for them. I have also been approached by some wanting to simply buy space from us. I always talk to these fella’s and engage in whatever conversations I deem interesting. However, my heart is -A- and I will not sell us out. I am not looking for a way to make our enemies lives easier.
-In order to help get the best results in roams and fun fleets, I need more people to be on -A- comms as well as jabber. This allows us to flash form fleets should a tempting target present itself. Being able to form fast is key to maximizing our ability to strike fear into our enemies. They only fear us if we show up and kill them.
-There are plenty of opportunities for pilots to make ISK in stain. The missions for example provide a solid revenue stream for the typical pilot.
-Ideas. I hear many ideas from people as to how to improve things, add fun elements etc. Some of these ideas are awesome, others not so much. If you have an idea share it. There is a catch however that many seem to miss. If you have an idea to pitch to me, you need to have a detailed plan. If you have other supporters then get them on board and present me with details. Do not just come to me and list some idea you had then expect someone else to make it happen. You made it, own it. Find support, flesh out the details then present it. I am always open to discuss possible plans for feedback and consideration, even if your still fleshing out the details. But do not come to me and say ‘hey we should do this’ then walk away expecting it to magically happen.

This covers most of what was covered in the CEO/Directors meeting.
I need every corp to have an active representative or two in the command skypes. I want to form stronger bonds between the corp leaders and myself. I want -A- pilots to know we are not dead, we have a plan, goals as detailed in this post.

When do you move? This move should have started two days ago, if you haven’t started moving, do so now. Be smart with your midpoints and move times. If you need help moving stuff, ask and someone will assist you.

Sorry for the long post, but many claim to not know what’s going on. So here it is all spelled out for you and our viewing audience. You now know, the rest of Eve knows. Let’s get to it.

This means that AAA is back to what they do almost every year, go to stain until the owner of Catch dies. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Feel free to discuss in the comment section below!

  • enochia

    Staging your caps where you cant deathclone. Hello losing all your shit.

    • nulli grunt

      Its an NPC station. Just hop in a ceptor warp to a warp to zero bm and dock. Nothing scarry will happen.

  • Gorakhal

    -A- is shit

  • provi grunt

    hope they survive, i like this type of leadership, dont give up -A-

  • unknown

    why does the rest of the alliance keep taking this guys bullshit? He basically tells his pilots they are shit for not being active, and then goes on to say that he’s not going to be online because of RL. Just disband the god damn alliance and start with a new name and you wont have to deal with those inactive guys anymore.

    • Chris

      I’d rather the alliance leader tell me I’m shit and how things really are than sugarcoat the situation.

    • Alexandra Gianturco

      EVERY alliance leader is like that.

      They all talk shit to their members, who are nothing but sheer numbers to them.

      After a while the members go numb and are like “yeah yeah yeah, whatever, keep rambling mate”

    • Barkaway

      They are because they chose to be offline when things mattered, now its all over and they are moving back home i dont see any problem in him being a bit offline because of RL..

  • -A- is shit

    -A- is shit.

  • Wesley

    I love the “AAA is back to what they do almost every year, go to stain until the owner of Catch dies” Fucking lost it right there.

  • c0ven grunt

    c0ven is a biger shit than -A- – they just gave up their moons to N3 just to keep the sov and milk rentiers… for how long? bitches…

    • the voice of reason

      this is why coven should join N3… have some real allies

      • skrubolio

        Any source for that? This is big news.

        • Ganimoth

          he said “should” not “joined”.

      • Theronth

        C0ven strong Polan alliance, needs no allies, last Knights of Christ, protecting Euroteria from the N3 Khan.


  • Red Teufel

    Where is gypsyband when you need em.

  • Billbo


  • Feday

    I still can’t believe that N3/PL fought 3/4 of 0.0 as well as loosing 50+ Titans and yet somehow they won the Halloween war in the end

    What the hell lol

    • Jaime Gomes

      Ending with even more rent space and more allies 😀

    • Union

      gg wp cultural victory

    • NC Grunt

      ALL WE DO IS WIN WIN WIN NO MATTER WHAT… *insert airhorn”

    • Karma_Will_Get_You

      The CFC left as well as real life issues with the Russians. I personally don’t think they won but see it like a North & South Korea type of thing.

      • Barkaway

        The might have lost the battle and alot of space, but now they have taken it all back and a big part of the other side is falling apart, if thats not winning then i dont know what is.. maybe not a pretty win but its still a win:)

    • Marlona_Sky

      It’s called fortitude.

    • Midtown East

      Because Mittani didn’t actually keep stabbing them over and over until dead when he had the chance (and like he said he would). He didn’t follow up O-W by going straight after NC. and keeping the pressure on. Instead he declared victory and went home. We’ll see how that decision works out for him.

    • Around 90,000 totally people in nullsec alliances. Around 37,000 in the CFC + 8000 stain. So N3 fought about half of null. Not 3/4.

  • Chris


    Not like this is unexpected or anything.

  • theseconddavid

    I suspect BNI is more than happy to pay the iron price for those systems.

    • Provi Miner

      maybe, maybe not its not like they are running free and loose

  • Bawk Bawkbagawk

    Hmmmm… something, something “Shit Stain”. *rim-shot*

  • 2fast2furious

    You should have someone proof before you publish.

    • truth

      you mean the alliance mail isnt enough proof? wow dem standards

      • Methylated Spirit

        Jesus, he means proofread the article, you troglodyte

        • Bo Jangles

          What is it with pseudo intellectuals and the word “troglodyte”

          • Bawk Bawkbagawk

            what is it with Hipsters accusing people of being “pseudo intellectuals”?

          • Bo Jangles

            gg m8 gg

          • Ciaphas Cyne

            im not a pseudo intellectual. im an actual intellectual. come towards me, brother.

          • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

            ::sigh:: Wake up Ciaphus, you’re daydreaming again.

          • Michael

            What is it with pseudo intellectuals commenting on pseudo intellectuals?

          • Bo Jangles

            I’m sure you can see the irony here.

          • Barkaway

            Its a nice word <3

          • Methylated Spirit


    • Rcmst

      And get accused of editing a mail, again? No thank you.

    • Bo Jangles

      It’s unusual for us to alter a direct quote like an eve mail.

  • freedom


  • Methylated Spirit

    Stain. The land where old alliances go to die. I used to be in -A- and I hope that they continue to be relevant. Lahari seems to have his head screwed on so they certainly have a chance.

    • the voice of reason

      when was the last time -A- was actually relevant? i mean they were not relevant in the war with their 40 man fleets, and their 10 supers and 5 titans that cynoed in at max coward range (180km). -A- only holds catch because no one really wants to grind the sov. their allies held them upp and once their allies fell back/disbanded/joined N3 a could not do a thing against -n3- not even water board us. brave newbies and hero coalition will more then likely hold the space until they die cause -A- has to be kept space poor as they are not the -A- of the past which they seem to think they are…

      GG Lahari soon u can join N3 with your mains and not hide in private channels… and btw metal is one funny ass guy btw… ask him about how he used to whore himself out to old gay men.. 😉

      • delusional fag

        the voice of reason

        aaa is on top of killboards year after year

        top kek, you m8 are really stupid

  • Death To Mittens

    Just do the decent thing and hit the disband button ffs, They get worse every time them shit-turds come back..

  • the voice of reason

    God Forgives, -A- Retreats

    • Bawk Bawkbagawk

      coffee all over my keyboard, jerk. thanks.

      • Michael

        Stop reading what are sure to be hilarious comments while drinking coffee.

  • A is shit

    Time to give it up -A-. This is like the 24321th time you’ve moved to Stain.

    • a is not shit

      So? It kept them at top of ALL killboards ever since

  • Mohammad Ali

    eve history 301 !! History of -A- stain>catch>run>stain>catch>run> where is the disband button ?

  • Hardy Ha

    AAA All Abominably Awful.

  • Provi Miner

    oh old is this, swear I read it a week ago (sure there is some new stuff but….. isn’t the curse didn’t work about a week old).

    • asdf

      It’s not just deja vu, you have just been reading a new article about -A- running back to Stain every year.

  • derp

    after a bro throws up but keeps dry heaving two hours later cause of blood toxicity, that’s -A-

  • JIeoH Mocc

    P-A-T-R-I-O-T-S …. Wow… Right.

    And what kind of an alliance can’t troll one guy to tears, it’s beyond me.

  • Hmm

    Maka come back and save AAA

  • MeTaLRaVeNouS

    Stain, Metalravenous can’t get us there.

  • I just do not know

    Yest they have staging towers deeper in, personally I am surprised that they are basing in LGK-VP as they will get overwhelmed by BNI and Test, what bets on further moves away from there in a months time? I noticed some corps that were in -DD- have moved to Gorgon Empire and STFU is very weak. Coven is also weak and Stain Empire is made up of only a few people, will be fun that is for certain…

    • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

      N3 loves it… The are getting rofl-stomped by the noobies.

  • N-O-O-B-S

    P-A-T-R-I-O-T-S are terrible and you should feel terrible for associating with them.

  • Kiser

    Yet another -A- thread,Why waste your time posting it we all know how triple retreat alliance works year after year.

    • what

      outnumbered 10:1 on all fronts
      triple retreat alliance = insult

      Aham, you clearly seem smart

      • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

        N3 might have a few roams go through there, but we are busy grinding Hand of Despair’s sov.

  • TriMK4

    Not sure what one expects of AAA in their current situation.

    The alliance split in two with the better part going to DD.
    Black Legion and Solar come up with a plan, DD and AAA tag on board with CFC in tow.
    BL disappears, CFC goes home, DD disbands, Darkness switches sides, everyone cuts deals.

    Suddenly AAA is left standing without a chair against N3/PL/HERO etc because they…didn’t cut a deal.

    Under such circumstances, only a fully blown retard would advocate not moving to NPC stations. They may be shit, but at least they didn’t cut a deal.

  • chzy

    The most toxic creation in -A- is one guy that trolls alliance chat….not the guy that deploys an three times within a month?

    • aaa

      trust me, you don’t know metal. He’s a huge faggot that everyone hates

  • We da best

    -A- is the best alliance in the game.

    • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

      That is why you are getting you ass kicked by Brave Noobies and Test.

  • Just that Guy

    -Trolling ourselves needs to come to an end. Having Metal in alliance chat constantly has been a huge toxin to this alliance. And with S0CO refusing to contain him, this has caused serious issues within the alliance.
    Yes all your problems came from Metal trolling the alliance, not one stemmed from Commander Cryandscream and the other leadership that Lahari turned to for advice.

  • Mmm… Metal…

    Metal is Lord.


  • Dude

    All these people bitching about this alliance and that alliance, but at the same time if the dudes they are hating on wouldn’t be around, they would have no one to shoot at. You might wish for -A- to crumble but if they did, that would be one major entity in eve that no one would be able to shoot at again.

    • Dirty Rotten Sneaky Bastard

      It is not N3 they are running from. It is The Noobies! H.E.R.O. is running them out of Catch.

  • Makalu

    Kind of sad really that it has come to this, but given the corps that are now in -A- this was somewhat inevitable. Lahari gave it a good try, but honestly he was saving a sinking ship from day 1.
    Current corps in -A- are far more interested in their personal well being rather than the well being of the alliance as a whole, a far cry from the days of old. Deals are being made left right and center by corps and individuals for the personal gain. I won’t and can’t go into detail since I’m really not active enough at the moment but I have heard of at least 2 or 3 such deals.
    -A- seems to have gotten worse with each iteration of going back to Stain, this includes times when I was still there. Last one of those I thought was pretty bad (lots of it being my fault probably), and I thought that it couldn’t really get much worse. These guys however have got me beat by pretty far and wide. People have said that -A- won’t recover from going back to stain pretty much every year for the past 5 years now, so it’s rather difficult to say what will happen. However I think that this time it’s by far the worst and least loyal iteration of -A- that there has been, so it won’t surprise me if this is indeed the last time.

  • bigbonedbobby

    AAA has been in trouble for several years.
    its been a constant decline,i honestly dont know how they can still exist lahari seems like a nice leader so i feel sort of sorry for him.
    but honestly maybe it would be better to starts over?
    disband and start fresh without all that baggage…its a game after all your not supposed to be consumed by dark bitterness from playing.

    or maybe move to another region? the problem with AAA isnt fleet numbers or other stuff,its the poison culture inside it….anyone who has been in AAA knows what im talking about.