The Goal
The simple fact is there is no such thing as truly independent sov holder in todays null sec. Everyone, either by choice or by need, has a list of blues to help them. Looking at a map of alliance sov is outright impractical. Just like you can’t specifically target a corporation in an alliance and go to war; you can’t target just an alliance in a coalition. You take on the entire thing, or you do not. With that being the case a new level of map is needed to navigate the game. Therefore; a coalition map is born.

Those For and Against
The response to coalition mapping has generally been positive. It does make it easier to visually see what is actually happening as far as coalition control. There is of course, some who expressed a dislike of such a map. At first I was surprised, but after talking to them it became obvious why. There is a real loss of identity, especially for the smaller alliances. With an alliance level map they can point and proclaim, “Look! We are something. We matter. We are – relevant.”

This of course is meaningless on a coalition level. I don’t mean that spitefully, just truthfuly. This is the current state of the game. No alliance is holding any sovereignty in null sec without having blues or as an official term – a coalition to back them up. So for most players, they see null at this level. Nothing against those who are demanding their alliance be somehow shown as some independent entity, but until an alliance takes a sov system without belonging to a coalition, there is no point in singling them out as such. Maybe in the future the days of an alliance controlling sov without needing to join a coalition will return. Until then; the coalition map will stay.

And of course, there are those who flat out state having a coalition map is some form of evil propaganda. Information is power and some will do whatever it takes to maintain the status quo we now live in – to keep the masses in the dark. That is something I can not abide by.

Collecting Data
One of the biggest challenges of creating this kind of map is due to having to gather the information on who is aligned with who. Who are their feeder alliances, their renters, their pets; all of these things. This is done by checking recent standings via,, using spies from across the coalitions, talking to the powerhouse alliance leaders and even dredging through trash such like

After a while you start to put the pieces together. There is of course semi-official lists of who is in each coalition, but if you just map out those alliances you end up with half with sov unassigned. Some are easier to place due to them being advertised as renters such as Brothers of Tangra and Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Of course with all this data a few pie charts are easily made. Right now I am only tracking the breakdown of systems and member count for alliances that own sov. I may start including stations owned, but they don’t have an impact on coalition tracking. The map will be the main focus. In the meantime you can find the suitable tabs on the Google Doc to see the system and member count breakdown.

Effort to Update
With Verite Renditions coalition influence map now automated and updating daily and I will do my best to keep it current. It still needs to be updated from time to time as things change. At minimum it will be updated once a week up and every other day if time permits. If you see anything that is incorrect or otherwise, mail me in game to let me know. The most recent map and data can be found HERE on Failheap Challenge.

Live Coalition Map
Recently Matril, Pink Fuzz and SmallFatCat created a live version of a coalition map found HERE. Just press the Get Data at the top and give it a moment to process.

It is still in a beta testing phase, but it is already looking pretty great. It pulls data from the API when the page is loaded and is based off the assignments of the data I collect for placing alliances who have sov. If you have feedback or want to report a bug, send a mail to SmallFatCat. Not to be forgot, is a great battle report fixer that has been growing in popularity. You can find it HERE.

Terrible Sovereignty System
Looking at the different maps, on a coalition level, over time has a different feel than on an alliance level. This move much slower and of course far less colors. If anything it speaks loudly how terrible the sovereignty system is and the extremely high bar on what it takes to hold sovereignty. Over the last month of tracking the alliances, the only new face in null to take sovereignty that was not already part of an existing coalition or remnants of an alliance collapse has been the Brave Collective and Spaceship Samurai. Then again, they both along with Nexus Fleet (who has since consolidated to a single corp and joined Nulli Secunda) had formed their own coalition – H.E.R.O.

Like it or not, the fact is that coalitions are the minimum requirement to take and hold sovereignty in EVE.

Public Standings

Perhaps it would be revealing too much in a mostly secretless game to have standings be public knowledge. I would find it interesting if they were, not only to help me with tracking alliances for the coalition map, but in the drama and content it would create. Then again, it might have a negative effect causing more risk averse behavior as groups wouldn’t engage another group if they see one of their blues is nearby. Either way, I hope this map helps those who are not in the loop and of course those who are.

Feel free to discuss in the comment section below!
-Marlona Sky

  • Simon pieman

    This is quite cool but shows the real problem with this shitty game, nullsec is just a big mass of faggotry blue, as they improve server performance to allow more people in system the blobs are getting bigger and the blue list is getting longer, its a fucking shame this game has descended into 2 big coalitions of players with massive rental empires, making it impossible for new entities to come in to reckoning because numbers rule.

    Eve is dead.

    • Seraph IX Basarab

      I remember when I made this character in 2011 and was hearing the exact same thing. Old Northern Coalition up top, DRF in the east, Eve is dead…

      • Jevous Encule

        You forgot IT in the west. AAA, Atlas and others in the south. I do not think the sov map was as blue as today back in those days.

        But I agree with you, Eve is dead!

        All Time Weekly Average graph at 2014-03-27 shows around 5000 less connected accounts compared to the same date a year before. Does it have to do with the current null sec situation? If not, it sure must be one of the contributing factors.

        • Seraph IX Basarab

          People ignore that most eve players aren’t in 0.0, but in Empire.

      • Simon pieman

        Ok the eve is dead is a little tongue in cheek but eve is in a terrible state at the minute, nullsec is broken, the blob rules and whoever has the biggest blue list s king, any new alliance has to suck up to a existing power house to get in or they simply get gobbled up, it needs some major work, what needs to be changed i dont know but something needs changing.

        • Patton

          War isnt fair. If you want match making and even numbers join RvB or stfu and htfu. A gang of 5 will happily gank a solo player. That same gang will bitch and moan when they get dunked by a 20 man gate camp. That 20 man camp complains when they burn the wrong hauler and get dropped on by 100. Then that 100 man drop will whine in local when the fight escalates and a 500 man bloc fleet stomps over them. Who got blobbed? Nobody, it’s fucking simulated war, grow a pair.

        • Seraph IX Basarab

          Numbers has always been a factor in warfare, game or otherwise. It will continue to be a factor no matter what CCP does. Whatever 5 people can do, 500 can do better (or at least more of.) You can’t change that.

        • Ciaphas Cyne

          cry moar

      • don’t forget when the DRF took over most of the north and all the south. That is the closest eve has ever gotten to a blue null and all those alliances died out.

    • yoyoyoyoeastsidewestside

      unless they fix the numbers game and make it so that small entities can establish themselves in 0.0 without having to base in NPC stations or put their stuff in a 3k m3 depot each time/or blue up powerblocks to avoid encountering 100:1 advantages on their towers, this situation will not be solved.

      • Historicalreferenceinbound

        Why should small corps hold sov? In real life there are no small nations in existence that don’t directly ally themselves with bigger world powers. USA and western EU, plus the remnants of old imperialism in Africa and Asia would form one bloc. China and it’s faithful would form another. And just like in eve you’ve got Russia somewhat stuck in-between both worlds. The Muslim world can be provi cause they hold space but only cause the other blocs can’t be bothered to grind their sov away. USA bloc loves to roam there for gudfights tho.

    • whinewhine

      First of all, N3+PL should be the same colour, just another trick to make the CFC look too big. N3+PL owns almost 50% of all systems.
      Whine more please…

      • DD-Grunt

        Exactly. Marlona clearly wants to make N3 look as smaller and therefore better entity than Big Evil Blue Doughnut aka CFC.

        PL as an indepent alliance, Darkness. still being part of Stainwagon, etc. Pretty much like PL members writing about their “solo-war vs whole EVE”. Well, whatever helps them to feel better 🙂

        • anonymous

          Bigger space-wise yet less than half the numbers player-wise

        • Marlona_Sky

          Confirming I personally designed the regions CFC control by making them spread out and the ones N3 control super compact. Are you really that daft to not see the pie chart?

          • just another guest

            It wasn’t a target at the spread of the systems, more N3 and PL are allied and work together, they could be shown as the same entity, just like FA/Lawn and Razor are all part of the CFC.

            The map shows the CFC as one mega bloc, and the “opposing forces” as individual entities.

        • DD-Grunt

          Please try to read before replying. Let me repeat it:
          “PL as an independent alliance, Darkness. still being part of Stainwagon, etc.”

          I said nothing about how large those spots are on your map.

    • Fartolio

      Then stop playing it?

      • Simon pieman

        Although it would make the Mrs happy I’m a little bit of a addict.

        • sadleric

          Mmmmmm necrophilia.

  • Cheestoso

    Its all blue, even the parts that aren’t blue on this map are actually blue because of treaties of corruption that prevent war from taking place in CFC home space. its sick. they are just as bad and I dont care for any of those large nullsec sov holders at all fuck them

  • Red Orchestra

    Good post Marlona. I really liked it. Wonder what ppl in CCP think when they look at this map. Do they really wanted to have their game looking like this? The game where “each pilot matters” to become a game where “each pilot is just N+1”? Wonder if they will ever try to bring old days back, when actual alliance could do a lot in 0.0 on its own.

    • Ciaphas Cyne

      i really dont see anything wrong with that map. seems like a healthy system. players are organizing themselves into larger and larger social groups. so what?

      • Black N Blue

        Fucking right. Who needs all the fighting anyhow. If we all learn to get along we can rat and mine all day.

        • Simon pieman

          i really hope thats sarcasm 🙂

        • Grundlecake

          I’m in a 20 man Corp in low sec with no blues. How do null bears organizing themselves hurt my chances of getting fights? It doesn’t. If you’ve got issues with the amount of friends your alliance has, well reset standings and have it. No one is stopping you.

  • Feday

    Going to be worse soon when Hand Of Despair hand over sov to N3 (is that still happening btw?)

    • DD-Grunt

      Yes, yesterday they should have reseted each other and according to Dotlan they lost sov.

  • CFC Rise

    For all those complaining about the blues you have only the CFC to blame. It’s the CFC who has insisted on large coalitions and forced the rest of EvE to do the same. CCP can’t change this, only YOU can change it by bringing down the CFC. PL and N3 cannot change the CFC as they are not even close to evenly matched. It needs players inside the CFC to come out of the shadows and put themselves in EvE history. Or forever remain unimportant and anonymous.

    • GFY

      You should never go full retard.

    • Yes, you are so right. Because no one ever blues each other before the CFC was formed.

      • actually

        not nearly to such an extreme extent. Before th CFC, at the most a large portion of nullsec would gang up to destroy a mutual enemy (like BoB) but after the war they would return to neutrality and usually end up fighting one another in a relatively short amount of time. The CFC are the first to control such a vast and populous constant coalition, who’s vast numbers and wealth have forced the rest of eve to do the same or else be thrown around like a rag doll in a rottwieler’s maw.

        • Well the CFC formed up because it was the only way to fight titan heavy alliances. During the war were old NC died every alliance had to decide if they were going to the titan route or the numbers route. The only way for smaller alliances to live is if they team up on the numbers side since there is no way they can ever catch up in Titan numbers.

    • Myra

      You mention “EvE History,” yet seem completely oblivious to the acts of past alliances/coalitions. CFC where not the first, and they sure as shit won’t be the last. Charles Darwin said that it was not always the smartest, the fittest or the strongest gene that survives, but the most adaptable. Maybe you should wahwahwah less on EN24 and maybe evolve into a better player.

    • Actually I believe it was BOB that forced coalitions to happen. They made Goons, TCF, and Red alliance form up. Jump forward in history the only reason that the CFC was formed was because NCdot, PL, White Noise, Evoke, and Legion of Death all formed up to take all the tech moons. You can’t really blame any one person for it because one side does it and then the other escalates.

  • Heroic

    Recently Matril, Pink Fuzz and SmallFatCat created a live version of a coalition map found HERE. theres not a link

  • Mercenaryblue

    Coalitions are just a name for bigger alliances.

  • Jevous Encule

    Those who do not want change have made Eve their way of life. Those who do not mind change are playing what Eve was meant to be, a game.
    If the rules change, they change for everyone!

    • Chris

      Except sometimes the change is an awful change.

  • 2.4

    The SOV system is horrible, instead of, oh I don’t know, coming up with a way to fix it and make it better. We’re going to use the system to “Win” the game. That’ll show evil CCP its broken.

  • Not CFC

    N3+PL = Blue Donut

  • dodo

    EVE is one blue doughnut!
    The Minmatar and Gallente have a coalition going while the Amarr and Caldari are in a coalition too!
    And when a smaller entity tries to break the status quo like the Sansha did, they just team up on them!
    What chance does the little guy have?!

    • Lol haha poor sansha

      • Kamar Raimo

        Inb4 Sansha Kuvakei starts a tear filled thread about nerfing the empire blob and their capsuleer bluelists.

    • Low Sec Pirate

      Well faction warfare is set up to have gal/min and cal/amarr aligned. Its not a coalition its game mechanics idiot

      • DD-Grunt

        And this was a joke, silly

  • Jaime Gomes

    In all fairness N3 and PL space should have the same color.

  • For the little guy

    PL and N3 should be all the same color on this map…….. but then again, PL should be the same color to CFC as well since they always bow down to the CFC every time it matters.

  • person

    Fantastic article, it demonstrates the state of the game well too. The only gripe I would have is as others have said – PL should be included in N3. Despite all the spin and properganda they’re as much a part of N3 as someone like Razor is in the CFC.

    • Playos

      Since PL doesn’t share any infrastructure, moon income, rental income, doesn’t have it’s renters in the same intel channels, doesn’t maintain the same blue ists, and has non-sov aggression agreement with the one organization that N3 exists “to destroy”… The only step PL could take to be further distant is to actually start shooting N3.

      • BOT

        drone intel chanells are the same,NA and BOT are in the same intel chanells,living next to each other

        • Playos

          Wish it was so, but it isn’t. Still not entirely sure if that’s because BOT inherited a lot of renters and they still use older ones from other landlords or what.

      • Hey stupid

        You are pretty fucking stupid if you bought the whole N3 was made to destory CFC. Those word were only ever spoken buy Mittani, and for some reason retards like yourself bought it.

        • Playos

          Actually, they were spoken by PGL.

      • no

        Or not calling them every fight they might incur losses in???

        To suggest PL is an individual entity is laughable. If PL didn’t have its blues/coalition it wouldn’t hold the territory it does. PL are not there on their own merit, its space thats been defended by a long list of blues, just like space owned by every other alliance in sov 0.0.

        I don’t even have a dog in the fight and can see the ridiculous hypocracy involved.

        • Playos

          Ya, I’m not saying PL isn’t a sov holding alliance… I’m saying they’re a separate and distinct entity to N3. Yes, everyone has allies and blues lists, xXDeathXx is similarly placed have agreements with both CFC and N3

        • I would consider PL to be its own thing. PL and N3 are only together because their interest align, for now. As soon as they don’t you can expect PL to leave.

  • Milenka

    Now is a good moment to quit EVE for a few months if you are living in null space.. blue donut they said…

    • minik

      I said that 3 years ago… ;(

      • exe

        few months is not enough

  • asdf

    Why N3 and PL aren’t on the same coalition???

    • Marlona_Sky

      If I were to take it to that level, it would mean making CFC and Stain Wagon in the same super coalition as well. Then there comes agreements and stuff and things start to become a bit fuzzy as not every entity in one coalition is blue with another.

      • asdf

        There is no Stain Wagon on that map. There is Stain Waggon though.

        • 1337 PVP FTW

          Keep up the good work and go with god my son.

      • asdfsadf

        Fair enough

      • Andrew

        That will be a shame, I will so miss calling them NIPL… my bad, NEPL.
        Though N3 and PL have been working together for so long, hard to see them as separate entities. Time will tell.

    • Truthisabitch

      Because as soon as the Russians are gone and the war is over PL will just go straight to farming Nulli and other alliances in N3 that they consider inferior. Why would they try to attack the CFC? Besides they currently have active treaties, and always have had active treaties with the CFC. But just like with N3 I do believe CFC leaders in the Goonswarm alliance do allow PL to attack and farm “lesser” alliances in the CFC. And that is the truth behind null sec anything else is just propaganda.

  • # 1 JEFFRAIDER fan

    Uh.. guys… hey guys… N3 and PL should be the same colour and CFC + Rus (lol at Stain name, it doesn’t apply) should be the same as well. I’d include Legion in N3 as well. So you have 1. CFC+RUS 2. N3+PL+Legion 3. Provibloc

    Everything else is propaganda.

    • Terrible Name

      You’ve got it wrong. Everything TMC says is propoganda, anything on EN24 is gospel truth.

      Also nice touch on making the CFC blue for the whole blue donut thing

    • Chris

      RUS is basically defunct as a coalition right now though.

      • dichzor

        yup. those who aren’t in Afterlife are CFC pets and/or citizens. Darkness fellating N2… c0ven and their sattelites doing their own thing as always… No such coalition.

        • JIeoH Mocc

          Love to see how your narrative changed once you buggered off.

    • 7o

      H.E.R.O. is just propaganda
      — Confirmed by #1 JEFFRAIDER fan

    • JIeoH Mocc

      You meant N3/PL should be the same color as CFC, must have meant that, right? RIGHT?

  • exe

    All coalitions should be reset to corp level at every epoch(can be between 1 year to 3 years) and start all null policies from scratch.. New establishing corps, alliances, coalitions (who are fairly new to Eve Online) starts the game with disadvantage. They are draged into null policies unwillingly. Faced with huge fleets, unbalanced power. The fair & balanced ISK generation is impossible if you are not part of the big 3. We all know nobody wants to stay in high sec, you can start there grow your corp/alliance to some level but when the time comes you are nowhere near good enough to claim any sov in null sec. Yes you can go rent, but who wins again? the big 3. With the current (I think planned by CCP itself) policy mechanics is whats killing the growth rate of this game.

  • middlefinger

    So many wanna be’s here. Its only disgusting.

    When the ppl are to lazy to fight or conquer SOV they scream “Fix it CCP”.
    When the ppl are to stupid to counter a ship doctrine they scream ” Fix it CCP”

    You retards alone want to go the simple way go then to World of Warcraft or Guild Wars. In Eve there is only the hard way. You risk it or you should rethink if Eve the right game for you.

  • Javier Wilcox

    There is so much butthurt when one faces the reality

  • Well it only makes sense that alliances would form coalitions. If you look at it from the CFC side, they were formed because they could not match the titans that NCdot, Evoke, PL, and Raiden could muster. So how do you fight an enemy that has more firepower then you? You get more numbers. So what did Raiden and friends do in response? They made more titans, what did the CFC do in response? they got more numbers. This is going to keep going and going forever. Alliances are more interesting in staying alive than the “good fights” people seem to want.