What started off as a regular Saturday night roam quickly erupted into a nice brawl as the fleets of C0ven and Nulli Secunda met around a Nulli tower in the Esoteria system of A1-AUH. In the hopes of poking Nulli for a fight the forty strong C0ven fleet set about reinforcing Nulli towers until they eventually turned up to fight. It was the third tower that C0ven attacked that provoked Nulli into responding with a sizeable 66 man fleet.

Upon seeing the response from Nulli the C0ven fleet left the grid, leaving bait behind in the hope that Nulli would engage. An eyewitness within C0ven said “when they bubbled our bait and their fleet arrived we jumped back in on them and kicked ass’. C0ven played the home turf advantage by cyno jamming the system to ensure that it remained more within their control and more importantly, capital free. In addition to this, the effects of the fleet warping back in resulted in a widely spread formation that added yet another challenge for the Nulli fleet to overcome. The effects of all these various factors were exacerbated by the fairly early elimination of Nulli’s primary FC.

The clash ended with C0ven managing to secure a fairly clean victory having lost a mere 1.9 billion ISK worth of ships, versus a sizable 9.55 billion ISK loss on the part of Nulli Secunda. Sources within Nulli have blamed the defeat on a combination of an over eager Junior FC, with an itchy trigger finger, and a fleet comp that was not tuned for the opposing force. Reports indicate that the responding Nulli fleet was not formed as a direct response to C0ven reinforcing towers, as it was already out on a roam. When leaving the area C0ven also managed to grab themselves a bonus prize and executed a text-book doomsday drive-by on a slow-reacting carrier pilot repping a POS.

Sources in C0ven have asked to convey their gratitude to their FC LuKAS X for a job well done and more importantly to Nulli for responding and bringing with them a good fight.

In response ‘Sklickov’ of Nulli Secunda has said “Well played COVEN. Won’t happen next time ;)”

Kill Overview

-Nishan Umed

  • sean

    i was in triage for a slow reacting carrier.

  • Nulli make great pets


    Nulli got dunked, Blames JR. FC, Not right fleet comp, Says “wont happen again”


    Nulli sucks without NCdot/PL holding their hand.

    • Simon pieman

      Losing one fight doesn’t make them terrible, cut them a little slack everyone welps fleets, its part of learning to fc.

    • Sklickov

      COVEN was well prepared for the battle, their ishtars were specifically fitted for em/therm damage. Yes the JR FC did some mistakes, if he don’t learn from them he won’t FC anymore. Let’s wait for the next brawl, before using words like “Nulli sucks without NCdot/PL holding their hand”.

  • Jaime Gomes

    Been in Nulli. This is the full picture: besides Canaris and Progod the other fc’s are shit. Period. For an alliance like nulli the lack of fc’s ends in this shithole. Good dunk. Hope they learn.

    • Chris

      That’s why whenever a war goes on they all pile into ncdot fleets 😛

      • slipto

        haha what the hell you think is any different in the cfc a coalition where everybody of alliances in the coalition pile into the same fleets.

        • Chris

          I never said the CFC does not do the same.

          • slipto

            The point is alliances in a coalition usually during a war will go into the same fleets.

          • huh?

            The point is that Nulli FC’s are shit and loose lips sink ships.

          • slipto

            Except canaris and progod. And you have no point at all. So keep it shut.

          • Sklickov

            JR FCs learn from their mistakes, let’s wait before saying nulli FC’s are shit. Don’t generalize.

          • Slipto

            Please don’t put words in my moth I didn’t say.

          • Chris

            And my point was they have few competent FCs, so they have to pile into other alliance’s fleets.

          • slipto

            Nice try at lying.

          • Chris


    • Maru

      The fact that S2N even has two first-rate, strat-level FCs is better than 90% of the alliances in the game. There’s a few others who are quite talented as well – Zeroniss is excellent on the occasions they can be bothered to FC, Shonion has an excellent track record from his time in HUNS, and Rots Mijnwerker, another new(ish) arrival, is also highly competent. The others are mostly small-gang crews of varying degrees of capability, although I’m sure I managed to miss a person or two in there.

      Right now S2N is mostly running structure bashing, so they let all the newbie FCs handle things to minimize senior FC burnout. The last time they did that was the Scalding Pass mop-up after Fountain. Just like then, it’s a bad time for the SRP clerks.

      • Bannered Selde

        I have to agree, Rots has been a very good addition over here. He is already considered a strat level FC if I recall correctly. I remember quite fondly jumping into a fleet that was completely unorganized and on the brink of every fighting amongst one another, Rots jumped in, took charge and got us home safe, I can’t say many if any of the other Nulli fcs can come in and give you instant results anymore.

  • Arnold.S

    h0ly shit 10 billion in ISK lost ? I must say, what a battle that must have been

  • BS

    Summon NC capitals spell failed this time huh ?

  • S2N Grunt

    Wouldn’t have happened had Canaris, PGL, or Rots lead it, literally the only dudes worth a shit for leading fleets here, the rest are smug wishful thinkers.

    • lol

      This, a milion times THIS … I refuse to join those other faglords their fleets.

    • Bo Jangles


  • *** News Flash ***

    10b? Alliance crippling stuff!

    In other news, I saw a Velator die on the Perimeter gate today.

    More later.

    • Bob

      When the Alliance has no PvE Systems Set up at all. It. does Not help.

  • Trandoshan

    I was there for that one. Nulli had a pretty good fleet of Zealots while C0ven had a solid fleet of Ishtars and Navy Vexors. Nulli went out roaming looking for things to shoot at, and we got word that C0ven was around shooting at towers, so we decided that we were going to force the issue and fight. We felt confident enough.

    The battle went pretty much as described in this Battle Report, but here are a few missing details.

    1) When C0ven “ran,” we went from the POS C0ven were shooting at to a gate and had pings around the gate at range. For some reason, one of our dictors bubbled about 20k off the gate and left a portion of the fleet unable to warp when…
    2) …C0ven showed up in Ishtars about 200k or so from the gate. One of our inty’s was in good range of them, and the order was given to warp up to said inty and engage.

    2a) Half the fleet went up, and the other half did not due to the aforementioned bubble. The FC was among the half that didn’t.

    2b) Our fleet landed piecemeal in chaos, and anchors didn’t get organized because the FC wasn’t present.

    2c) C0ven sprung the trap with sudden reinforcements, probably another 20 ships or so.

    3) We had too few logi for what we were fighting. Logi got primaried off the field and weren’t able to hold reps.

    By the time things got organized enough for it to be considered a fleet again, the FC had been primaried and killed, most of the logi was dead, and the order to retreat had been given.

    It was a good fight and a trap well sprung! What ended up happening later is the next FC put together a fleet of Eagles to see if C0ven would have a round two, and we ended up putting together a fleet of about 80 dudes with loads more logi (lesson learned there) and went to C0ven’s staging. C0ven opted not to have a round 2 because it was late and we had the bigger fleet at that point.

    We were roaming, they wanted to fight, we fought, Nulli lost. We lost because we should have lost, to be honest. Learning experience for everyone involved. I had fun.

    • Washi_Meisei

      You seem to have left this out though.


      Along with the whining in local Coven did.

      • i though u were elite?

        Gee 135 dudes with T3 support Vs. 35 dudes I wonder why they were complaining? It’s funny I always hear Nulli complaining about how all people are able to beat them with are numbers and then when given a chance they immediately go for the numbers advantage. Pot meet my good friend kettle.

        • Washi_Meisei

          If you look at the times on the battle reports. The smacking we gave Coven is after the smacking they gave Nulli.
          As for the T3’s that’s what we fly. Swapped from HM Tengus to Legions after CCP killed the Tengu with their heavy missile nerf.

          • coven

            mate it was 45vs 100 and u took extra 50 guy when we were wining vs nulli. and we dont smack on local. we just siad gf:) cya for next round

          • Cerneus

            We engaged 45 v 100 (which grew to 150+) and were called cowards a few whiles later by R.Giles. Logic anyone?

          • Washi_Meisei

            When we jumped in, you guys fought to the end. +1 C0ven.

          • Michal Bartoszewicz

            +1 spacebro, <3 to fight with u

          • Washi_Meisei

            Actually 1 of your guys did smack talk in local.

            [ 2014.04.06 19:23:22 ] Kozula > momy why they want to smash us ??? = 10 vs 1 😀
            [ 2014.04.06 20:03:24 ] Boris Naeb > lol about 160 mans vs 50 WTF ? (Boris who kept undocking a sabre and launching a bubble then docking, all the while I sat there in my PHOBOS with the bubble up)

            [ 2014.04.06 20:03:52 ] Boris Naeb > u are guys fuking retards

            [ 2014.04.06 20:04:31 ] Boris Naeb > u are fuking retardes guys
            Boris Naeb is a C0ven member. Might want to have a word with him then.

          • Michal Bartoszewicz

            BU FU are not human, they’re like angry hungry crazy bloodthirst animals.

          • Cerneus

            This is Boris. Boris is an unique chap. This is not smack, this is his semi-normal talk. We all need to get used to it.

          • c0ven

            we will, and im sorry about it. didnt see.

          • nc.

            yeah please cry about that “smack talk” more lmao Suck it up or dont play the game jeez

      • Heross

        Funny, there were two fleets around and nuli decided to join them and attack 35ppl with theit 135 :P. I think there is no need to add comment on that.

      • Elazar Keon


      • BS

        Lol looks like another pro move from pro PvPers. It looks like being proud to win in retards olympics you know…

    • coven

      mate battel was on gate at 30 km from gate so i dunno what u talking about 🙂

      • Trandoshan

        Nah. I clearly recall running from that fight like a little girl by warping off the field back to the gate, from which I was still over 150k. So nah.

    • rossarii

      why would you even form an EAGLE fleet against gallente hacs.

      • Trandoshan

        At that point, C0ven had gone home and probably stood down their fleet. We took an obscene amount of time to form up the next fleet, mostly because the FC doing things at that point was doing the form up properly by making sure we had enough logi and support.

        We went to C0ven’s staging, knocked, found no one home, smacked up local a bit, and then went back to AZN. It was w/e.

  • lol

    As a Nulli grunt I can confirm what’s being said about this junior FC. Might I add that he’s just terrible when it comes down to combat. He should just FC structure bash fleets and nothing else. This spoken from a dude who’s spent enough time in his fleets to know at what he fails.

  • get good

    coven has dunked a couple of these fleets. nulli FCs need to brush up on fleet comps other than drone assist.

  • Sold

    “C0ven played
    the home turf advantage by cyno jamming the system to ensure that it
    remained more within their control and more importantly, capital free.”

    You are aware that this is not something you do on a whim, right? It requires sov 3, an upgraded IHUB, and the appropriate POS module.

    That being said, Zealots are terribad vs Ishtars. I have no idea what the nulli FC was thinking taking that engagement.

  • yes

    FCK N3

    • Chris

      I agree. Fuck N3 for being the only group who has the balls to stand up to the CFC.

      • BS

        Lol they are worse fagots than CFC. Pretending they are pro and bloobing everyone with archons.

        Protip: lots of SP and better/more ships =/= l33t PvP

        • lol

          well how would you do it when you are outnumbered 3 to 1

        • Chris

          What ever happened to “a boot in every hangar”

      • best_burek

        Technically there was Test that stood up and got knocked down. Then N3 stood up and got a bloody nose and went to lick their wounds.. I don’t care for both side but I call it like I see it.

        • Chris


          Its a shame Test was unstable and shit. That was a great time to make a meaningful push against the CFC.

          N3 kinda had to lick their wounds. Their main advantage was the ability to escalate and they lost that.

      • Idraigir

        Gotta give some points to HERO coalition for the whole Sendaya thing.

  • Nulli_is_totaly_sh_t

    Nulli sucks without NCdot/PL always true

  • Hobb3s

    I suppose not as terribad as CO2. You stand perfectly still, and because they are flying away from you, THEY think YOU are running.

    • best_burek

      Good one sir +1 for u

  • ^-^

    I am one of EvEs top end PvPers and am in Nulli. The problem is junior FCs have seen more experienced FCs undock and smash opposing fleets with what seems ease and lesser numbers for years and years. To the point that they have come accustomed to believing that it requires no skill, all it requires is the undock and attack command to be called. Little to no effort was made in checking or insisting on fleet composition before the fleet undocked resulting in not enough logi. Its a very simple mistake but one Nulli are making again and again and again at the moment…. FCs have now also become accustomed to blaming the fleet for their losses when really everything rides on the FC. If they cant pull the perfect fleet composition, the stand down command should be called, period. Tough if it’s boring, good composition is not optional. Its a shame to see this result from an alliance that is perhaps earned its place as one of EvEs biggest legends particularly for fighting against the odds and winning consistently. It’s just the newer FCs and newer players seem to believe that kind of victory is a given right and not earned, which is the problem. As many as half of the grunts in Nulli PvP as well as Pandemic Legion but this does not guarantee automatic victory and cannot be relied upon to win all fights without the FC doing his job responsibly.

    • Chris

      “I am one of EvEs top end PvPers”

      Your points are solid, but please don’t post anywhere claiming this. Especially when you never even bothered to give credentials, even though there really is no way of verifying that.

      • ^-^


      • Bo Jangles

        “I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills.”

    • Random CFC Grunt

      Saying you’re a liar in your first sentence doesn’t help your credibility.

      • ^-^


    • BS

      Since when farming kills on Brave nubies is considered top pvp 😛

    • BS

      “If they cant pull the perfect fleet composition, the stand down command should be called, period”
      Any good PvP guy know this is bullshit.If you are good you would know that even with inferior fleet comp you can pick on enemy errors and in worst case scenario just disengage without loss. That what makes people good in PvP. Not bringing archons vs battleships, or t3s vs tesco doctrine.

  • miner

    forever C0VEN 🙂