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Breaking News: -A- Joins N3 Coalition

April 1, 2014

After months of continued fighting between the forces of N3 and the Rus Rus Bus -A- has decided to stoop to an all time low. After countless hours of backroom Diplomacy -A- has struck a deal with the infamous N3 Coalition to become a full member and keep Catch. This news has threw -A- leadership channels into buzzing rooms of finger pointing ,smack talk , and full on monkey poo flinging.

The announcement shocked the entire leadership and members to the core as they had no Idea behind Lahari’s back channel talks due to him ignoring jabber and skype pings all day from leadership. At this time Commander Starscream has been spamming move fleets and spouting propaganda trying to take the last few “real pvpers” from the few remaining corps before he pulls Blackwater Swat out of -A-.

Starscream went further to say that “real pvpers” don’t need things like SRP, ratting space or an ability to make any money at all.

When S0uthern Comfort was informed that they had to become real PVPers their jabber went into a Frenzy. Here’s a portion of the conversation that took place:

-A- Corp Chat

When we asked JEFFRAIDER for comment all he had to say was “Word”.

As you can see the situation is very volatile, and we will be breaking in with more as the story develops.