Seven capitals down and 52billion isk lost in a non-effect C5. How? Why? Was this a site gank? No. And who are Lazerhawks?

Lazerhawks are a new pvp wormhole corporation living in a C5 pulsar. The founding members all flew with Kill it with Fire (before leadership fail cascade). They absorbed members from Lead Farmers and formed Lazerhawks. As Forget Myface (Director) says ‘we will literally fight anything, and are usually always drunk :p’.

Here’s how it went down. Lazerhawks were watching A.B.R. readying to close their two incoming wormholes. Multiple capitals had been sighted. Interestingly, A.B.R. had left an unanchored bubble on one of the wormholes. One would assume they had taken it down in preparation to close and were going to scoop it with the Orca once it arrived. Unfortunately for them, Lazerhawks seized the opportunity, took it for their own and re-anchored.

An Orca arrived at one hole, which was quickly tackled by subcaps and destroyed. At the other hole a Moros arrived onto, ironically, their ‘own’ bubble. Lazerhawks brought in a Naglfar to assist their subcaps. Soon after, an Archon arrived to try and save the Moros. It entered triage and became difficult to break.

A decision from the FC, Michael1995, was made to go ‘balls-deep’ and bring in another Naglfar and as many subcaps as the wormhole mass could handle. With the wormhole closed behind they were now committed with no ability to bring in more help.

The scout announced another two Moroses sighted in a POS. Serina Verenth, lone interdictor pilot, quickly started burning toward their POS, spamming bubbles as he went. With a perfect catch, the two Moroses landed 100km off the fight.

With one Archon dead, A.B.R. landed another Archon and two Moroses right onto the Lazerhawk Naglfars. According to Forget Myface, the two Moroses ‘died instantly’. They mopped up the remaining Archon and the two Moroses trapped 100km off the fight.



What about the subcaps in the mail? Well, apparently the tengu warped in to be dispatched quickly and the probe was ejected from one of the ships. The only survivor on the A.B.R. Side? A lone Revelation which chose to stay at the POS.

Good Job Lazerhawks. As Forget Myface happily comments, ‘overall super thanks to all our guys.. even the ones who didn’t make it to the fight 😀 they are all kickass’

Arnold Duncan, CEO of A.B.R. was contacted but was unable to comment at this time.

Lazerhawks are definitely one to keep an eye on.

  • A

    While good to see another group making cap kills in W-space, this isn’t exactly “newsworthy”. Ganks happen all the time.

    • sadfs

      That’s why it’s tagged as a battle report and not news.

    • haters gonna hate

      write a better article yourself?

  • gank? what?

    How is an outnumbered capital fight called a gank?

    • A

      Because Naglfars are stupid op and could tank most if not all the damage from every one of those Moroses. Hint, fit 3 shield boost amps.

      • lol

        Hint: fitting 3 shield rep boost mods on a cap when the third one gets you almost nothing instead of a dead space invul field is dumb.

      • ganks lulz

        So what requirements would it be to not be a gank then? You keep moving the goal posts to suit yourself by the looks. Are you just bad at this game?

  • I like hearing about these types of things. I don’t trawl killboards to see what ganks happen all the time. To put this into a story is nice for me to read. More please.

  • Peach Tea

    Glad to see some W-space reporting. Good job!

  • abc123

    BALLS DEEP! DREADS ON GRID! *Grabs daredevil* Mass respect to that pilot.

  • TML

    Nice battlereport and article!

  • Che Guevara

    This would have been more impressive/noteworthy if some of the members of Lazerhawks weren’t unbelievable c^nts and whiners.

    Come into OUR home, talk sh^t in local, lose a ship because they are being stupid, and then have the nerve to come onto our pub channel and cry. Certainly, we harvested quite a few buckets of tears and all, but crying because they had a dumb plan just makes them sound like B^itches.

    Not only that, Levi can’t even make up his mind about whether we had balls (Jumping a dread into their WH with them sitting on gate with a DIC) or were just involved in f^ggotry (Jumping said dread back out, thereby collapsing the WH in their face and killing said DIC)



    (New sig appears, scanned down leads to Lazerhawks, they have multiple caps on d-scan and a couple of cloakies jumped through to our hole)

    WhinyLazerhawk1 > so, you girls wanna pew?
    ProRoller2 > no my little pony just came on
    ProRoller2 > its afk time
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > that sounds about right
    WhinyLazerhawk3 > no fight?
    ProRoller2 > ProRoller2 > no my little pony just came on
    ProRoller2 > ProRoller2 > its afk time
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > na, thy just want to gank a poor little flycatcher.

    (At this time, no kill was made, one of our members shot at a DIC which jumped back through the hole. They also sent an Orca through to presumably start the collapse process.)
    Ghost Speed > c^nt humor is c^nty
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > guess their hymen is still intact
    WhinyLazerhawk3 > you have twice our number
    WhinyLazerhawk3 > s
    WhinyLazerhawk3 > no joke

    (We had like 6 people who could be arsed to even glance at the new WH, they had about 10-12 ships on d-scan in their home.)
    WhinyLazerhawk3 > f^ggy
    ProRoller2 > slow there magte
    ProRoller4 > fire in the hole!

    (At this time, we collapsed the hole and as the hole collapsed, NoobLazerhawk bubbles up to try to catch our Orca. He died quickly.)
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > good thing we have a few scouts in here aye
    ProRoller9 > gf
    ProRoller7 > gf
    ProRoller2 > gf
    ProRoller1 > bai bai
    NoobLazerhawk > lol

    (At this point, NoobLazerhawk finds it funny that we are gf’ing)
    ProRoller10 > gf
    ProRoller1 > gf
    ProRoller7 > Mad bcuz bad
    ProRoller11 > (pushes the self destruct button to you) Good fight guys ^__^
    ProRoller3 > bai bai

    (At this point, we’ve all whore’d on pod killmail, so we pop it)


    (A few minutes later someone mentions that Lazerhawks are ranting in pub chat, so a couple of us check it out.)

    WhinyLazerhawk1 > i dont recall any sh^t talking until you rolled the hole
    ProRoller1 > gf
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > then yes. i preceded to call you all a bunch of c^nts…….
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > cause thats what you are.
    WhinyLazerhawk2 > WhinyLazerhawk3 > no fight
    WhinyLazerhawk2 > ProRoller2 > no my little pony just came on
    WhinyLazerhawk2 > some f^ggy sh^t
    ProRoller3 > stay pleb :3
    ProRoller4 > stop cryin,
    WhinyLazerhawk2 > good style
    ProRoller5 > gf
    ProRoller2 > pro bait was pro
    ProRoller4 > makes you look bad
    ProRoller6 > so mad
    ProRoller2 > cannot fight the brony troll
    ProRoller3 > :3
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > no crying.. just letting you know that youre a bunch of f^cking p^ssies
    ProRoller1 > i still think lazer is cool
    ProRoller6 > even ivy league showed better style
    ProRoller3 > cant flim flam the zim zam’s 😀
    ProRoller6 > petitioned 🙂
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > youre all high and mighty in your twatty cloaky fleet
    ProRoller7 > WhinyLazerhawk1 > so, you girls wanna pew?
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > no, petitioned
    ProRoller7 > That was well before we rolled
    WhinyLazerhawk2 > haha
    ProRoller1 > and youre buddy is dead
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > ydz.
    WhinyLazerhawk2 > all this sh^t talking from you now that we’re no longer connected
    ProRoller7 > Seems like someone is mad bcuz bad.
    ProRoller4 > we had other plans g^yboy, you f^ck up our null op
    ProRoller1 > quit your crying
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > yes. so bad
    WhinyLazerhawk2 > rip you
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > so so bad
    WhinyLazerhawk2 > lol
    ProRoller1 > lol
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > we lost a fly catcher while trying to get a fight
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > so bad
    ProRoller2 >
    ProRoller1 > you got f^cked. welcome to eve
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > why do we even play this game
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > so bad
    WhinyLazerhawk2 > lol
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > thats all you have
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > so bad
    WhinyLazerhawk2 > karma sl^ts
    ProRoller1 > lol you guys are funny
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > bring a proper fight next time and we will see who is bad
    ProRoller1 > keep going. im almost done fapping
    ProRoller7 > Hold on, grabbing a new bucket, this one is already full of tears.
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > its a shame someone cant even jump a fleet into someones home these days for a fight
    WhinyLazerhawk2 > I love how good you’re trying to make yourselves feel
    ProRoller6 > they sms’d me to come laugh at the smack
    ProRoller5 > WhinyLazerhawk1 > bring a proper fight next time and we will see who is bad
    ProRoller2 >
    ProRoller6 > gimme a good bio quote
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > their balls are pretty big. they rolled a wormhole right in our face :/
    ProRoller8 > for future reference, when you see devils anywhere follow the directions in this link and save your ship… >>>>>
    ProRoller4 > we do it to everyone else. NOT HARD!
    WhinyLazerhawk2 > no, when we see you again, we’ll keep someone in there
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > its ok. im already in here.
    ProRoller1 > please do so
    ProRoller2 > you still have a cheetah here
    ProRoller8 > lmfao, you must not know devils
    ProRoller6 > lol
    WhinyLazerhawk2 > no one does?
    WhinyLazerhawk2 > lol?
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > youre right. hard to get to know someone when they close the door on you.
    ProRoller1 > godd^mn you guys are poor sports
    WhinyLazerhawk2 > hard to gf some f^ggotry
    ProRoller5 > They were just being polite and closing the hole to your destruction
    ProRoller7 > Look, it was like a 5mil loss, just shake your head and move on.
    ProRoller6 > we were trying to save you ships by rolling it
    ProRoller1 > f^ggotry or quick strategic play?
    ProRoller8 > next time you go into Devils hole this shall be your reaction
    ProRoller5 > They have altered the deal, pray they do not alter it further.
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > f^ggotry
    ProRoller6 > we knew if you lost more ships the rage would be even worse
    ProRoller3 > ^
    WhinyLazerhawk2 > ok, before I get a period
    WhinyLazerhawk2 > gl
    ProRoller1 > you guys should try fw. might be more your speed
    ProRoller2 > seriously, just think if we killed your t3’s
    ProRoller2 > you’d commit suicide
    ProRoller2 > and we cant have that happen now can we?
    ProRoller6 > then we would have to call 911
    ProRoller6 > and nobody wants that
    ProRoller2 > ^know how far my phone is from my chair
    ProRoller2 > then i have to talk to people
    ProRoller2 > UGHHHHHH too much work
    ProRoller2 > ProRoller8 but those links though
    ProRoller8 > XD
    ProRoller2 > saved like 2 of them
    ProRoller8 > i was a devil i had to make roams fun
    ProRoller8 > post that right before you scram them
    ProRoller2 > didnt have to scram him
    ProRoller2 > idiot bubbled himself
    ProRoller8 > lmfao
    ProRoller7 > They knew we were rolling the hole.
    ProRoller2 > bubbles up and tackles orca, hole closes
    ProRoller2 > Kill: NoobLazerhawk (Flycatcher) Kill: NoobLazerhawk (Capsule)



    WhinyLazerhawk1 > f^ggotry
    WhinyLazerhawk2 > hard to gf some f^ggotry
    WhinyLazerhawk1 > their balls are pretty big. they rolled a wormhole right in our face :/

    • Lan

      Gate ?!

    • lol

      You Sir are bad, and should feel bad..

      If you don’t like fighting, go back to HS and sit on a gate 😉