We got reports of a large battle between N3/PL and CFC/AAA forces in the HJ-BCH solar system of the Scalding Pass region. Almost Awesome had been repairing a final station timer when Syrian, an NCDot erebus pilot, attempted a driveby that netted him an archon. The titan was, as is the case so often with these things, tackled. NC. supers began supporting the titan. Then, as CFC forces consisting largely of RZR Maelstroms and a CONDI Tengu fleet N3/PL TFIs and Foxcats began bridging directly into the fray to help bail out the stranded supers.

As the TFI/Foxcat fleet began faltering under the combined fire of SW muninns and ishtars along with CFC Maelstroms, tengus, and Harpies an S2N slowcat fleet was cynoed in to reinforce the flagging N3/PL forces. Then the tide shifted. Shortly thereafter CFC/SW forces began streaming out with the harpy fleet pinned and eliminated.

Butcher’s Bill:


Counter point

Riverini’s note: Roweena Azur from Almost Awesome contested our first report of the fight, so he’s provided below an opportunity to show his point of view of the fight:

What really happened? NCDOT was lazy on last time and jumped in 15 dreads 5 archons and 3 supers with like maybe 10 subcaps, so we planned to kill it and had other forces prepared to bubble their support in their staging systems, so they couldn’t reach the field.

I put the Archon on station and triage green, within one min the enemy (NCDOT) cyno went up and we undocked our dictors for initial tackle, in came 14 supercapitals and a Erebus who started delivering doomsday blows. We committed, NCDOT committed and jumped in Archons, which several ended up dying, we planned to kill carriers with subcaps and we did.

The planning credit goes to the RAZOR FC, he organized everyone, my alliance held initial tackle for literally three or four minutes on the fourteen supers and the titan. In summary we baited, we escalated, CFC brought the numbers.

Everyone involved did their part exceptionally well, which in my eyes is the only reason it succeeded. We had never worked as a “group” before, but Qicia is the one who pulled everyone together for the timer. we played dumb and nc fell for it, again.


Mad Props to Faldal Dartan for sending us the following vid of the fight:

  • Daniel Lee

    It was my carrier that was killed, and it was bait 😉

    • asdf

      Only CFC pets are dumb enough to fit an active tank instead of buffer on a carrier that’s for baiting out a titan.

      • Daniel Lee

        Carrier was always gonna die, if you think it would have survived, then your as stupid as the Titan pilot that jumped in to do a drive by.

        • Slaytanic

          Seriously? All ships on a long enough timeline die. Stupid fits shorten that timeline considerably, as demonstrated by your “bait” loss. Oh, and according to that battle report, the Erebus lived. Why do you guys play the “didn’t want that carrier anyways” when you get busted with dumb fits.

        • anonymous

          Pro tip: Archons that are fit correctly for it can survive a doomsday.

  • Javier Wilcox

    yeah harpy fleet eliminated or a sloppy titan got nc capitals and tfis killed. pick the one you like.

    • Rcmst

      Harpy fleet died last. Chronologically speaking, it’d be what i mentioned last. Flagging TFI’s/Napocs coincides with dying triage.

  • nice

    haven’t seen that BR program before. Pretty sexy.

    • Slaytanic

      Right? This needs to be used from now on.

    • Rcmst

      I’ve taken to using it in all of my articles. In my opinion it’s a vastly superior BR doctor to the dognet one.

      • riverini

        You are spot on, pretty cool thing right there!

    • huh?

      It will never load for me, no idea.

  • BR

    bca is n3 pl/ but close enough

    • namesake

      Yeah some of the alliances are in the wrong spot. Bloodline, Spears of Destiny, BCA, Predictables supposed to be on N3 side of things but meh

  • Faldal Dartan

    video is rendering..will link soon 😉

  • Gho

    Still dislike me some tidi… but that was fun.

  • riverini

    Awesome, added!

  • Katherine Wolfisheim

    The formation executed by N3 was great.

  • Nulli Grunt

    Rots Mijnwerker could do it better…

  • Quakker

    I assume you realise saying “Peace” doesn’t close a thread. I also won’t argue with you over isk because let’s face it (you won!!!!).

    By the sounds of it you are very excited and proud of what you accomplished. Which was baiting, dieing and not killing anything of significance.

  • hyukhyukhyuk

    Did the TMC staff quit? There’s not even a blip on the radar about any of this.

    • Seraph IX Basarab

      Settle down you!

    • Love thy goon

      There playing goat simulator.

    • Hunter S. Thompson

      They are trying to figure out how to tread the fine line of reporting on Erotica1 (and the Erotica 2 troll CSM post) without impacting their stated goals (not here to ruin THE game, just here to ruin “YOUR” game).

      Don’t hold back TMC guys, we know you can do it!

      • Homophobic John

        Literally 0 people in the CFC liked him. We did enjoy turning every post he made into a shitposting contest on the forums though.

  • Razor grunt

    Well done Qicia, excellent planning and execution resulting in the ncdot 4 carrier loss to our 1, funny how ncdot has gone straight back to the ball of archon and supers as their only formation. Guess we need another B-R slap in the face for them. Will happen once the rest of the CFC join Razor down here…

    • truth

      another b-r wont happen they dont have 1500 russian caps to back them up anymore and mittens knows it

      • Razor grunt

        Pfff 1500, mitten metagames you fools every time, no reason why he wont again

        • truth

          dont kid yourself you were getting your shit pushed in and the russian’s were the only thing even keeping it interesting but they are now scattered and even some blue to n3 now so gl fighting that now.

        • Washi_Meisei

          So instead of fighting the only thing the CFC is capable of doing is meta gaming….. ROFLMAO

    • lmao

      hey cfc how does it feel to have all your hard work fucked up in less than 2 weeks + your allies you turned your back on lost all their space

    • lololololol

      I hope we do have another B-R fight, it will show how the CFC can only grind space alongside temp blues and ONLY turn the fight when something silly happens and hellcamp rather than beat the ipposing side prooerly. So bring on the next B-R, lets ruin the cfc image even more 😀

  • wow

    WTF did cfc and these no name idiots think they were gonna do with a bunch of frigs and tengu’s?

    • 420

      We did exactly what we planned to do; killed two Archons and a bunch of other stuff.

      • anonymous

        Right so you baited supers with no support so that you could kill a few archons.

      • truth

        the “plan” was to kill supers which you failed at then ran away while “winning”

  • random dude

    the counter point from almost awesome is brilliant, they claim op success lolololool

  • BahhDa

    It was a good fight, so I think all diffrent corps/allainces enjoyed it.

  • cunts post

    i love how people think n3 won when clearly they lost over 20 bil to cfc combined forces losses of roughly 12 bil. n3/pl got forced into a fight and they lost, plain and simple.

    • Fair and Balanced

      Nobody’s arguing that N3 didn’t take a serious licking. Many of us in the fight were seriously concerned we were about to wipe the entire subcap fleet and that the CFC would escalate and kill the supers shortly thereafter.

      However, remember that N3 did win a strategic victory. Not only did they not lose a single super, they also took down the station and TCU.

      • Daniel Lee

        A shitty station/TCU lol

        • CFC wins? dont think so

          if the station/tcu is soooo shitty why u even bother to defend it? and now dont tell me u wanted to fight.. cause thats impossible.

          • erratic1212

            ^^ This

        • Jaime Gomes

          For you Mr Idiot: that system was a jb system not long ago and was fundamental to N3/PL taking wicked creek when dark got disbanded since its a highway to it. Took me less then 10 minutes to burn i-n to the middle of the region and lit a cyno to the subcap fleet come in.

          • n3

            gates and jb’s are for poors we use titans

        • Pick a name

          Didn’t want that space anyways!

      • Chris

        Losing 20bil isn’t a “serious licking”. Its a drop in the bucket and we field at least that much in most fights.

      • truth

        no one from n3 was thinking that we had 300 more subcaps ready to bridge but cfc had already ran away let alone the slowcat fleet that was ready to jump

    • dumbass

      Because archons dont have great insurance… oh wait

    • yoyoyoyoeastsidewestside

      so when you took NCdot sov in the north yet took ridiculous amount of ISK losses while providing us with your tears and burnouts while we were in it for the pvp made you somehow winners, now the other way around makes N3 losers?

      At least you could admit you managed to bait a hungry titan, and you failed closing the deal.

      Damn you’re dumb, I hope you stay down on the career ladder scooping poo, because no way you have a IQ>50.

    • Barkaway

      how about the fact that they got a system with a station it it, thats worth a bit aswell..

      • Britanicus

        it is worth about 6B per month. So in 4 months it will show a profit. lol.

  • youre retarded

    LMFAO clearly n3 got their asses handed to them by cfc and the “no named ‘idiots'”. Aside from goons deciding to welp the harpy fleet, look at the battle report and watch the video. for every bs they killed they lost 1-2 for the 1 carrier they killed they lost 4 how does anyone see that as a win.

    • random dude

      eve ppl are stupid when they claim victory based on who destroyed more isk, “isk war” is for idiots

      the winner of a battle is the side that holds the field or claims a desired strategic victory

      “isk war” winners are usually the losers damage control

      • hmm


      • Provi Miner

        Well yes in sov war fare I agree. However for ordinary fights not always: I have been in fights were we had to run at the end because we were a long way from home and unable to reinforce we killed more ships, won the isk disparity. I would call that a win.

      • -_-

        And people who underestimate the importance of the isk war are even more stupid. money funds wars always has always will, the greatest empires on earth rarely fell to invading legions they fell from rot for lack of money. If NC. held BR5 but took that isk loss and repeated the process about 4 times NC. would be fielding frigates, and dont go saying im a supporter for goons, my history of posts leans hard in favor of NC. and PL

        • heh

          You are a supporter of goons… There. I said it.

        • heh

          Of course isk matters to a degree… but you also have to keep in mind SRP and budget. If they can afford to lose 20 billion isk securing a system… then its not really a loss. Goons really just wanted a fight, and killed 2 carriers… for them its not a loss. So it looks like both sides got what they wanted.

    • Scott L

      Wasn’t the point of the trap to kill Supers? Don’t understand engrish?

    • Barkaway

      How about the fact that they got the system and the station?

    • truth

      only because they run away, i mean think about it if they were do so great why run away? oh that is right because of the 300 n3 pilots getting ready to jump in and they wanted to save face

    • Bring the Pain

      Some of them escaped so its a win for them!!

  • slipto

    Don’t know why razor saying it succeed when nc. supers are still alive.

  • Britanicus99

    tldr: We lost an Aeon earlier in the day so we thought we would follow that up with loosing a station and a TCU.

  • anonymous

    I would like to congratulate Roweena on their first isk war victory in months. Congratulations on successfully baiting our supers and a titan and killing the vast majority of none of them. Also congratulations on holding the supers for 3-4 minutes. If you can push that number up to 10-15 minutes while we are in our own bubbles then you may be officially accepted into the CFC waterboarding program. Meanwhile I would like to graciously thank you for allowing us to take back the station and system lessening your sov bills.

    • [RH-] BCPRO

      i dont know man. how much is a station flip worth??

  • anonymous

    How will we ever survive losing an isk war by 9 billion isk. Please show us the elite ways of Red Alliance.

  • Northern Vet

    Nah we did get beat to be honest but it was a fun large scale fight which have been missing somewhat the past few months since we whelped those Titans, unplanned fights are the best still it seems

  • You did bait, but what people are pointing out is that the Archon has the capability of surviving a doomsday. This may be old information, but I recall it being the only carrier that can obtain the ehp needed to survive a doomsday.

    But look at what you’re stating. 12B to their 21B loss. What you’re not understanding here my friend is how the loss is relative tho those who lost. Did the 21bil loss hit N3/PL harder than the 12bil loss to you and the other forces?

    I’d guess that the damage to each side is roughly the same altho that’s pretty conservative. 21bil to N3 is not a lot. Their capital and Supercapital SRP program is almost instant. So if the “ISK War” in terms of relation to those who lost is not a determinable solution to the skirmish then what is? Strategic Victory in this count.

    In Sov warfare, it’s all about space. You lost space and N3/PL obtained space. Therefore, the strategic victory goes to N3/PL.

    Each side can spin the end game. If you had inflicted more isk damage and saved the strategic objective, then you could state you beat N3/PL. The only thing you can successfully state at this time is that you successfully baited a Titan into showing up on field which later jumped out.

  • Scott L

    I’m confused, the post makes it sound like they killed something shiney….

  • Scott L

    Have to love the scrubs, They been getting their teeth kicked in for months, one victory and it’s a HUGE one…lol

  • [RH-] BCPRO

    god damn row, how long was that titan on grid to be delivering dooms day blows??

  • Tauron Torres

    N0FUX were given about the sov, basically we was using it to generate fights and we got one. A-8 in scalding pass was being hit by SQUEE, which btw are terribad take a look at the KB what we did to them with our lil no name alliance. Not bragging by no means just making it clear we are in it for the fights and the LUL’s so GF to all and Have Fun. Relax

    • Rcmst

      Seriously nomad guys but we don’t care about sov that’s why we took it.

  • NC Dot
  • DarthChris00

    i wasn’t even there but i’d have to say that counter point was complete bullshit. there is no way supers came in with that titan and he was throwing doomsday blows lol the archon killmail supports the “drive by” claim then from there everything escalated one after another. No way there was a grand plan to catch NC. otherwise that titan and those supers would be dead or the battle would still be going and looking like B-R or HED right now.

    You just dont bait titan’s and/or supers without at least large amounts of dreads or your own titan’s and/or supers ready to secure the kill. You also dont hold tackle on 14 supers if your a scrub alliance for 3-4 minutes while the guys that you had on stand by to kill these guys you “baited” stick their thumbs up there ass and figure out where the jump button is. I like to think the cfc and razor are stupid but i know that they are not which makes the counter point even less realistic. At the most there might have been some half assed attempted to bait something but i doubt it was planned that much ahead of time and i doubt it was a REAL FC planning it.

    I mean really even if “15 dreads 5 archons and 3 supers with like maybe 10 subcaps” exactly jumped in again like they claimed to have seen the other day i doubt what they had ready would have anywhere near close enough dps to gank much of anything before reinforcements were brought in and if their FC didn’t expect at least that much then he was an idiot. And as for “had other forces prepared to bubble their support in their staging systems, so they couldn’t reach the field.” Ok why didn’t you use that then? Obviously it never happened or if it did it was not effective at all which would point to again a last second scramble! So please dont try to spin the truth like the great mittens or any other real alliance leader cause you suck at it so bad that instead of making your alliance look better you actually make both yourself and the CFC look like complete shit.

    • Katherine Wolfisheim

      Very throughout reply.