Travis Musgrat and a member of Echoes of Nowhere were scouting around with their alts and noticed a CFC Avatar sitting barely outside of his pos. Finding this strange he quickly logged in a cyno character and started preparing. Weighing the odds, he decided that it was time to go balls to the wall and pinged for titans. Titans pilots quickly logged in and got ready.

Whilst the avatar was still sitting outside, Travis came to a shocking realisation. This was no standard titan. This titan belonged to Mister Vee, one of the main CFC Fleet commanders. Now the game was on. The cyno was lit and NCDOT’s Titans jumped in and DD’d right away. The Titan was Cap fitted so died rapidly after the first few hits:


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  • Alex Jabez


    • Bobmon

      #NOMAD #BadAtStarcraft

    • sameyaa

      mr bronze league

  • Nyx for Avatar = Fine Trade

    We trade a Nyx for an Avatar anyday!

  • Kirk Otsito

    I don’t always let my titan drift out of a pos but when I do i make sure its cap fit and next to enemy territory.

    • Spurty

      Fortunately, I finished off my last sip of coffee moments before reading this.

    • lollz
      • kirk Otsito

        Lmao saved to desktop =]

        • lollz

          Yeap your comment was meme worthy! +1

  • Kirk Otsito

    Wait why are there heavy pulse lasers in the highs? I hope thats a kb glitch or a troll lol.

  • hmmm

    well i guess NCdot still has Titans

    • MITTENS IS A C**t

      just a few^^

      • hoodaticus

        Yes the severe beating NCDot took in B- only left them with a pathetic 120 titans /snark

        • Tony Abbott

          Didn’t PL replace 25 of the lost titans within 2 weeks?

          I think the main problem for these massive coalitions in time and logistics rather than money or resources.

          I wish I could roll around in 25 titans worth of ISK like a spacey Scrouge McDuck.

  • hmmm

    hmm this loss hasn’t been posted on TMC. anyone know what the problem there is? looking for the ‘real goon story’… please link when available.

  • Lol

    And as we all are fully aware. Goons didn’t want that Titan anyway.

  • Petition?

    “He added, however, that he will petition the loss” lolz

    • Kirk Otsito

      Proving that goons will even petition their own stupidity amazing and sad.

    • If he was bumped outside of the Pos by NCdot than that would of been en exploit. It seems like this is unlikely but since he was afk but if that is the case it totally would be worth petitioning if it is just a shot in the dark.

  • JoveBishop

    Gewnz already on PETITION mode ON.

  • Aonus_the_blaster_maniac

    i dont always drift out of poses with my titans but when i do, i make sure when i die that i Petition because its obviously CCPs fault.

  • Lol

    Haha, I like how the titles on the mittani site and EVE24 site on this are very different.
    There its “CFC titan down by NCdot, foul play suspected”
    Note how if its any other CFC alliance, their alliance name gets pointed out, but when its a goon titan suddenly its a CFC loss.

    Here its actually to the point “Goon titan down.”

    • Noob spawn

      Yeh noticed that straight away. Goons trying to make the cfc feel bad for goons lose.

    • mr nobody

      Of course its foul play, if you kill a goon its an exploit or OP

      Basically what happened is that vee was afk, he was bumped out (was lockable), a cyno was lit close to him, one of the incoming titan bumped him through the pos and out the other side where he was locked and doomsdayed. Vee came back to find himself dead so he has no idea how he died, hes petitioning to waste CCP’s time and muddy a legit kill

      • well there was a patch a while ago that said you can’t bump a ship outside of a pos without the password. So as much as I don’t like it, he really should get his titan back because as far as I know NCdot did not have the password.

        If you believe the Goon article about this that he was Awoxed than he should not get his Titan back since that blue did have access to the pos and he was bumped out that way

        • anonymous

          As far as we know that announcement was only in regards to people that were using 100mn ships to burn into a forcefield between server ticks which would then result in the ship being flung out of the pos when the server caught up bumping anything between it and open space. It has nothing to do with bumping ships that are sticking out.

          • I was trying to look for the patch notes about this but they were really vague. I am just going off of this post

          • anonymous

            Yes it is vague but

            “Bumping ships, that are located within password protected starbase force-fields, out of the force-field from outside without having the correct password or corporation/alliance permissions as configured in the tower settings, is considered an exploit.”

            If it is sticking out of the forcefield it is not within the forcefield. That is the current interpretation at least.

            Edit: The within should have been bolded but apparently it did not stay when I edited it.

          • I guess the part that confuses me is the word sticking out of the pos. Does that mean he was lockable or just part of his ship was out. If he was lockable well yeah i am fine with him getting killed. If he was sticking out without being lockable, I guess that is a gray zone in my mind.

            I was not there so I am just speculating.

          • anonymous

            As someone who was only able to listen while our titans were jumping in all I can tell you is that it sounded like he was lockable from the second our titans jumped in.

          • ah if that is the case than that petition should be rejected.

          • anonymous

            I guess we will find out whenever CCP decides to make a ruling on it.

          • I am expecting an answer like, “our logs don’t show anything” lol

          • NC dude

            it got bumped out by a friendly , then cyno lit, then it flew off to other side and died to DD’s

            how hard is that for people to get.. ?

            funniest thing is that awoxing alt didnt get caught 😛

    • Kimsemus

      You do realize I wrote the TMC article, and Bobmon and I are both in NCdot? :tinfoil hat:

      • Quakker

        I used to go along with the tinfoil hat idea. Until a few comments were deleted recently for no reason.

        • Quakker

          Does everyone think I was out of line and wearing a tinfoil hat?

          The article on TMC initially had the title Black Core Alliance Nyx Destroyed by GSF.

          See image:

          Someone made a smartass comment pointing out that when a goon dies, it’s CFC and when CFC kills, it’s goons. Pointing to the fact that TMC was feeding the narrative. (Was quite a funny comment).

          That comment was deleted without reason, as well as mine stating that they had changed it. So I wrote another comment regarding the matter:

          Which also got deleted for no reason. Funny there seems to be a smartass comment for everything, but not in this case.

          (The formatting and editing in this is atrocious. However, I am driving atm)

          • Wonder

            So you’re saying this is a plot to take over the world, forcing us to watch cat videos till we finally all become zombies? I mean what are you saying these diabolical villains were trying to bend our minds with here?

          • Quakker

            No “diabolical villains”. I play by the rules, I was bored, I noticed it and my phone browser doesn’t refresh when you close it.

          • HendrickSSSSSS

            I hope Hendrick is reading this, he finally has his scream shot proof.

          • Quakker

            He’s to busy frothing damage control over on TMC.

          • cfc bot down

            we need an article to bring this to light

    • lol

      You mean just like that time the goons killed an NC. super who then petitioned the loss and got it back? Where the TMC article read NC. nyx down, an the EN24 article read NC nyx lost to gltich? sounds like pot meat kettle….

      • Quakker

        I guess time will tell if it’s the same circumstance.

      • get rekt son

        because it was a glitch and ccp even confirmed it this is a moron who was out of a pos and got rekt

      • nc.

        do you think people take super losses seriously now days? lmao

  • Ncdot

    Sorry mittens, stupidity isn’t an exploit

  • lol

    *looks at killmail, notices highslots list 17 mods equiped and 100 random scan probes loaded without a launcher equppied and wonders how a legit kill generated a mail this fucked.

    • Provi Miner

      lol I can tell you I have some messed up kill mails that I know happend one way but on the kb it looks very different.

  • Javier Wilcox

    what a fuck up

  • Catch me if you can

    Damn, mittens is overheating that Damage Control II on TMC…

    • neon

      With the strategic placement of the Nyx kill report 2 posts after the titan loss on TMC.
      So the Nyx looks like some payback instead of being overshadowed by the more expensive titan loss. 😀

    • lulz

      Yeah, any question that the site was a propaganda site has gone away since the 15 paragraph story was written about how CFC(perhaps the strongest coalition), RvB(perhaps the strongest highsec alliance), and No Holes Barred(perhaps one of the strongest W-space alliance) teamed up to kick Goblin out of his C1 wormhole lol?

      As un-newsworthy as this may sound, what makes it funny is the timing of the story He was kicked out three or more weeks ago, and they write the story now lol?. Somehow GSF was losing POCO’s to goblin, so that story comes out to try and save face. If it was newsworthy it would have been written about the next day.

  • Biggest Discussion Topic: Was it an exploit?

    “Bumping ships that are located within password protected starbase force-fields, OUT OF THE FORCE-FIELD FROM OUTSIDE without having the correct password or corp/alliance permissions as configured in the tower settings, is considered an exploit.”

    What this means is if at any point you were able to push a ship that was completely enveloped by the force-field, out into space without having the mechanic based permissions to do so, then it is an exploit.

    Titans are enormous ships and barely fit into the tower force-fields as is. Even if a pilot came along and a piece of the Titan was outside of the force-field and the pilot was able to “bump” it, he is not exploiting anything because the mechanic was intact. He did not gain entry into the tower force-field. He did not bump the Titan by gaining access to the inside of the force-field.

    The only way this can be proven as an exploit is if the Titan was completely enveloped inside of the force-field and the pilot was able to push the Titan out without having any sort of pw or standings permissions with the tower itself.

    As long as the tower force-field mechanic is intact “Cannot move past the force-field if you do not have standings or the password” then no exploit has occurred. Spin it all you want, it’s only an exploit if a mechanic is broken. Titans getting bumped cause they are hanging outside is not an exploit.

    • read again

      It doesn’t matter if parts of the titan are outside or not. If it’s not far enough out so that it can be locked, bumping it is an exploit if you don’t have access to the pos.

      • wow

        you should read it again it is only exploit if they are inside the tower and they have no form of access password or other wise.. the titan was bumped out by someone in the enemy fleet you damn cfc retard. im so glad the russians arnt there to save you the next time around.

        • double wow

          CCP declared it an exploit, because of tactic that esp PL tried using:
          If a titan is on the edge of the FF (but still in it and not lockable)
          It WILL get bumped if you cyno in close with a minimum of 7 titans.

          This bumping is considered an exploit, I know some ppl might wanna call it “valid use of in game mechanics” but CCP made even an announcement that this kind of bumping is considered an exploit.

        • Chief gumbo speaker

          Wait what? Have you even been playing eve for the last year? Way to discredit your own point by tossing out a falsehood that no one even remotely believes.

    • Because a mechanic is broken and you exploit it, its not an exploit? you really don’t make alot of sense. If you charge a fast ship into a PoS forcefield it does not stop when it hits the shield, you go 2-3k inside before your ejected, if you cyno at zero on a shield, both hostile and friendly ships can appear inside the shield before being forcefully ejected, this is especially true in tidi. We are aware this game is fucked and hence why CCP put up posts like they did and then are ever so helpful by not explaining what they really ment. I personally perfer you version of if its hit box is bumpable, then go ahead and bump, unless your ship ever “slips inside” due to :CCP: magic then its totally legit. But I think this they work off logs alone, they will claim if you can’t lock the titan then bumping it is an exploit.

      We don’t know the exact details regarding the loss as Vee was busy watching porn rather than his titan, but theres a few fishy holes in the story that are at least worth asking CCP to look at.

      The story in TMC makes some sense, that the titan was bounced out towards the NC. cyno spot by an AWOK and then launched accross the tower and out the other side by the incoming cyno ships. But to suggest an awoker bumped him out in that direction doesn’t make any sense and this was the original tale told by NC. members, a tale that has changed a few times and hence the suspious eyebrow being raised.

      • CBJL

        You can’t open a cyno directly on the forcefield. It forces you to open it 5km from the forcefield regardless. Even then, any capital jumping in will always spawn 5km away from the forcefield regardless of the position of cyno.

        Tried it, seen the results myself…

      • null_bear

        I am wondering why the NC pilots who frapsed this kill did not post their videos. It should be posted for veryone to see their victory. The second suspicious fact is that they cyno-ed right at the edge of the POS. Why they do that and not at a distance from POS?

  • homeless peasant

    N3/PL suffer the biggest Titan loss in the games history and NC. still have to balls to drop Titans on Goons.
    I <3 NC.

  • Burn Titan burn

    I smell butthurt. Title should be changed to petition the loss it’s a goon titan.

  • Jack

    Seriously,no video ?

  • Hue


  • Dickey
  • lol

    Get wrecked Mister Vee.

  • Brian

    Did anyone stop to consider that “foul play” in TMC title might refer to the act of AWOX-ing a titan and not exploit?
    But then again, it is goons, so, if all else fails, petition.

  • Sigh

    N3 should stop pussy footing arround and attack the CFC outright.
    But they just wanna be cowards and nibble.
    Come on folks go all out and lets see who has the biggest penis.
    But N3 will use every excurse as to why they dont have the balls to attack the CFC, but the CFC has shown to all that they can attack, invade and rape N3 without fear of a responce except the odd gank every now and then.
    N3 stop pussing arround and throw down your metal.
    After all are you not THE SPARTANS, and the CFC bad at eve? after all thats what you tell all of eve.
    Well put your big words into action and throw down.

    • Random scrub.

      Looks like someone is mad they lost a Titan. We lost many more and you don’t see us bitching like a girl with a sandy vigina.

      • Sigh

        Yep another excuse
        Except you folks quit the war and ran and hid till the big bad at eve CFC left.

        • anonymous

          Yea it is almost like we were at war with the CFC and lost and then as we predicted once the CFC was gone their smug allies that constantly said they were better than us and even had Mittani believing that they could easily hold us back got their shit pushed in. Weren’t you one of those smug allies?

    • Why would they attack the CFC? NC. is on a four war losing spree against the CFC its not exactly an insentive to go for five.

      • Sigh

        Yep another excuse

        • Johnno

          And you are hiding behind a wall of numbers.
          Yep another CFC excuse.

    • Lee Thrace

      My penis is huge.

  • Ncdot

    Sometimes all you need is the tip

  • B

    Like a suggestion to keep it neutral, it will be a great idea to put the name of the corp and in brackets the name of the alliance. This also allow to follow easily the way of the corps along the time for the future readers.

  • Aonus_the_blaster_maniac

    **Looks at all the crying CFC members about petitioning** guess when something doesnt go your way its obviously an exploit/ingame error/petitionable offense/etc; HTFU, this is EVE scrubs.

    • Major Butthurt

      I hope that you understand why the petition was made. The titan pilot was alt-tabbed out so he didn’t have any clue how he got killed. Then there were several different stories about how things went. One with the spy typhoon bumbing, one with the titan sitting out of forcefield, one with titans cynoing in and bumbing him out from the forcefield, one with the titan drifting out, one with machariel bumbing him outside the forcefield.

      As far as I know, there were two titan pilots who frapsed this event, but those videos never got published.

      So it really makes sense to petition this and confirm the events from the CCP

      • Aonus_the_blaster_maniac

        with all that said, could it be that he just drifted out and was bumped OUTSIDE of the pos to ensure he couldnt slowboat back in? but there really isnt harm in petitioning to verify the claims.

  • Katherine Wolfisheim

    I am having a hard time to believe he simply “wasn’t paying” attention while his 100,000,000,000.00 ISK piece of hardware was torn apart. However, perhaps that means that GoonsWarm is becoming incompetent over time. (Might as well hand over all their NullSec territories to more competent alliances at this point)

    • Major Butthurt

      Well there wouldn’t been any titan kill if he would have been paying attention. There wasn’t any tackle on field, so it would have been just matter of jumping to safety. Goons always have and will be incompetent. That is their nature.

    • MindRanger

      Vee is competent enough, more so than most. Its more a matter of feeling safe, a certain degree of complacency and a few ingenious content creators taking advantage of knowing (or presuming) he’d be AFK for a bit…

      • Katherine Wolfisheim

        Well content creators can say whatever they want (me as well) the issue is mostly to be addressed internally by GoonWaffe and they will figure out what happened on their own.

  • Bo Jangles
  • guest

    dead goon is best goon. If he is not paying attention then losing an avatar should be a fitting exit for this fool. Unless he wishes to lose another.