Let’s delve into a simple story of EVE players behaving badly.

I’m not usually the type to call out individual EVE players on this blog. This time I’m going to. Erotica 1 is an EVE player. He is also a despicable, vile, evil human being. I am ashamed to share a video game community with him. I’m not going to tell this man’s full story because that wouldn’t be a blog post. That would be a novel. This blog post will be quite long enough. Feel free to Google him and look at the appropriate threads in Crime and Punishment on the EVE-O forums and elsewhere. No, I’m going to limit myself to a short introduction and then a single link to a simple recording.

It starts with ISK doubling. Now ISK doubling is a pretty standard scam in EVE and quite profitable for those that engage in it. You create a set of rules, and then you exploit the fact that most humans have a difficult time following a specific rule set. It’s not nice behavior, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s relatively harmless. People lose a few billion ISK and emerge from the experience sadder but wiser, and then they keep playing, or they become ISK doublers themselves, or they quit.

Erotica 1 has taken the practice to a new level. Every once in a while, he finds a victim and escorts that victim into what he calls a “bonus round.” The purpose to the bonus round, supposedly, is to quintuple the amount of ISK put into the pot by the victim. The real purpose to the bonus round is to inflict as much humiliation on the victim as possible with the intent of making the victim snap. The entire thing is recorded and the recordings listened to by this slime and his buddies for their enjoyment, and very occasionally shared with the EVE community at large.

I encourage everyone reading this to listen to this bonus round in part or in full. I have listened to it in full. I owed it to the victim to understand his story. He lived through it. The least you can do is understand what he was put through… for more than two hours.

The bonus round proceeds in three “phases.” In phase one, the victim is instructed that he must have “faith in the process” and must volunteer to follow all instructions given to him. The victim is then pulled into an out-of-EVE Teamspeak session (to attempt to avoid EULA or TOS issues that might result). The victim is then instructed to create a full API to which Erotica 1 and his team of instigators will have access. The victim is then instructed to:

  • contract all of his assets to the instigators;
  • send all of his ISK to Erotica 1;
  • turn over any items in the redeeming system;
  • turn over any PI materials;
  • cancel any in-work science and industry jobs and turn over those blueprints;
  • turn over all in-game clothing;
  • convert any sizable balances of LP into items and contract them over as well;
  • turn over all balances in any EVE-related gambling sites such as EVE Online Hold-em, SomerBLINK, et cetera.

By now, most of you are saying that anyone who would agree to these terms is not thinking clearly and I would tend to agree with you. Except we’ve established for a long, long time that there is a subset of EVE players who are (a) ignorant about the nature of the game, and (b) greedy. I have no doubt that Erotica 1 gets his share of victims by simply dangling the prize of a quintuple payout. Who knows, perhaps from time to time he does even pay out for the sheer entertainment value.

In this recording, the victim follows all instructions (or as the instigators put it, “he shows faith in the process”). Things then proceed to phase two, the “educational component.” The educational section involves the victim reading the most boring, pointless tripe imaginable for long stretches. Early in the proceedings, the victim admits to having a minor speech impediment that quickly becomes apparent. One of the instigators pounces on this and suggests that any word the victim cannot pronounce properly, he be made to look up the definition for and read that definition as well. Another of the instigators decides that the best possible “education” will be for this person with an admitted speech impediment to read a Wikipedia entry about Russian history(!).

By forty minutes in, the victim is understandably a little bit upset. How long is this going to go on? He wants to know. It’s quite late at night for him. He has to go to sleep and go to work in the morning. “Have faith in the process” he’s told each time he gets frustrated, bored, or impatient. “Think about what you’re going to do with your winnings!” he’s reminded. And the process continues, and continues, and continues, increasing the pressure on the victim. This phase goes on for more than an hour and a half!

Then phase three begins: the “social component.” This starts with the victim singing songs and generally acting out childish behavior at the urging of the instigators. By an hour and 44 minutes in, the bonus room instigators are obviously having a very difficult time holding in their laughter and from time to time they mute the channel so that they can laugh at the bonus room victim. At these times, they alternate speaking. This gives one instigator the chance to get his laughter under control while other instigators continue to prod the victim. This alternating of torturers allows one to deliver a masterstroke. The victim finally asks in exasperation how many songs the victim he have to sing. The torturer casually says “We usually do ten or twenty songs.”

Needless to say, at this point the victim snaps and goes into a
profanity-laden rant to the very great amusement of the torturers.

I do not use the word torture lightly. Look at any list of psychological torture methods you like. You will invariably find on that list:

  • Sleep deprivation. Check.
  • Creating a state of learned helplessness. Check.
  • Subjecting the victim to interrogation for long periods. Check.
  • Isolating or surrounding the victim psychologically. Check.
  • Inflicting pressure through greed or blackmail. Check.
  • Exploitation of phobias, such as — say — making a man with an admitted speech impediment perform long periods of public speaking. Check.

I remind you again that this is happening in the game that you play.

EVE is real. And I assure you, what is being done to this man is also real. If you — for even a single moment! — would think to defend what is happening here or if you think it is “funny”, I invite you to share this recording with your mother or your aunt or your grandmother or your sister. Tell them that this is something that happens in the video game that you play. Tell them the “funny” tale of a few friends in EVE Online having a few laughs. Play her the recording. Let her judge this recording from outside the bubble that you’re living in.

I assure you this female relative will look at you in a whole new light thereafter.

I do not know the mental state of the victim and frankly, it doesn’t matter. It is quite clear by this point that the purpose to the “bonus round” is to inflict psychological torture on the victim for a long enough period of time until the proper pressure point is found and the victim snaps. Given the increasingly volatile nature of the EVE player base — something I’ll talk about later in the week — I can’t imagine this is too uncommon.

So here’s the victim, having snapped. He’s shrieking, he’s ranting, he’s screaming obscenities. His wife has to intervene and try to calm him down… unsuccessfully. She retires from the proceedings, apparently having a panic attack. At this point, any human being with any conscience at all… anyone with even the smallest drop of human mercy in them would put a stop to the proceedings.

Erotica 1 and his fellow torturers do not. They continue to exploit the victim’s fear of losing all of his in-game assets and his greed and his rage for their own jollies for a further half hour, continuing to increase the pressure all the while! “Perhaps you could get your wife a paper bag to breathe into,” one of the torturers says, trying not to laugh, “I hear that helps.” Eventually, the torture ends.

And once it’s over, Erotica 1 publishes the recording to the world. In the process, he can no doubt piously claim that the victim threatened him, screamed at him, swore at him. I suppose that allows this vile human being to look at himself in a mirror. More likely, he sleeps like a baby. I assure you, Dear Reader, that there is evil in this world.

“The bonus round isn’t intended to be fun for everyone,” the victim is told by his torturers. No doubt.

So, how does CCP respond to this vile human being? I can tell you that if I were in the position to make a decision about this person, I would seize his assets, permanently ban his accounts, and I would then go to work on his buddies with asset seizures, negative ISK balances, and temporary bans. I personally believe there is absolutely no place in EVE Online for this level of depravity and evil. To date, CCP has chosen not to do that. Sooner or later, they’re going to have to decide, though: is this the sort of thing they want going on in their EVE?

“Isn’t that the game where…?”

What’s changing about EVE player culture? The intensity level, that’s what’s changing. Welcome to the bonus round, everyone.

– Ripard Teg

If you would like to read more we invite you to visit his blog here.

  • Hudson

    People still play Eve Online?

  • roshan

    Regardless if it’s a game or not, it really is all about perception. Sokhar’s experience IS real, even if it’s only to him. It may not look like mental torture to others, you can dismiss it as just part of Eve if you like, but to that person, the damage was done and it could have some lasting consequences.

    What E1’s group did could be as good as inflicting PTSD on somebody. With the right factors in place, you can alter a person’s perception of his experience, crank it up a notch and turn it on him. In this case, E1 intentionally caused severe grief to Sokhar and his wife through a video game in the guise of scam (yes, i called it “guise” because scamming wasn’t the point they could’ve ran away with his assets in the first few minutes they got it but no, they had to go on to intentionally push this guy’s buttons), which may have altered their mental state someway or another leading to some lasting consequences. They may not notice it now but it will affect their relationships in the future.

    So yeah, dismiss it all you like, but if this happens to you, you won’t see it coming as they come in all sorts of approach. Like I said, it’s all about perception. The only way you can avoid it is to steer clear from this people. Sadly, it’s hard to tell them apart.

    Even if this is just for laughs, this is still a very dangerous ability and can be considered just like any other firearm that can potentially harm people if used carelessly. CCP should really do something about this type of antisocial manipulative behavior that seems to be encouraged in the game.

  • lol

    The guy lacks common sense. Some people are mean. Two plus two?

  • Aeon

    Ripard Teg, I hope you ate ashamed of this article. Way to use your position as an informant for the community to your own personal gain. Yes erotica1 was going a little to far, but that does not mean you need to write a blog about it and push for ccp to ban them. Are you going to do the same for all the ISK doubles or contract spammers in eve? Of course your not. So why erotica? What is it about this one person that you decided to write a whole article about them? Why not attack isoboxing gankes, who clearly cause way more grief to many more people than erotica ever did?

    For clarification, I am not condoning what erotica did. I am merely trying to also shame Ripard for abusing his position and using it for personal gains. Maybe you should be banned too Ripard. If that is the eve that you want to play? That anyone can be banned for anything as long as someone thinks it was in bad form. Well I think that you writing an article about someone and using their experience without permission is a violation of what eve should be about. Should I demand that ccp ban you? Should I threaten the idea of going public and shaming all of the eve community because we allow behavior like yours to go unpunished in our little game? Ripard you should be ashamed. As a leader in the community how do you sleep at night knowing that you are no better than erotica? Manipulating people to fit your own cause. Your no better than anyone that facilitated the ” bonus room”. Your whole intent was to essentially “bonus room” erotica. You called for his ban, and tried to turn all of eve against him. How is that any different from what the “bonus room” does to it’s victims. So by any account you have done the same things your condemning erotica for doing, and should therefore pay the same price.

    • Kadeshi Grunt

      Stupid comment ac usual. CCP. Have already stated that the meta game is fine. Just use common sense when dealing with people . All things in moderation . So to clarify YOU CAN ŚCAM, THEIF , SPY, ALL YOU WANT , just don’t take it FAR. Common fucking sense when dealing with people

  • meh

    Honestly though the guy was scammed in game; as we know scamming is found to be acceptable by CCP. Then he was trolled out of the game. the guy was not forced to stick around, it wasn’t as if he was taped to his chair and being water-boarded, he could have clicked at any point “disconnect from current server”.

    I don’t see how its an EvE problem more than just a common case of cyber bullying.

  • nigger hanger

    I hear the miner bumpers are pretty much gonna have their little game thwarted as well.
    LULZ. ccp going the carebear route

  • BrokenBC

    So so awesome.

  • the founderx

    People are dumb.

    People are a Flock – of sheep. They believe. They have Faith – in Lies.


    Sheeple are bred for slaughter and manipulation.

    Dont be dumb. Is it too late? It happened already.

    Thanks for being you.

  • Royalkin

    I stopped playing Eve a couple of years ago after playing for nearly 7 years, stuff like this was one of the reasons. No one really wants to be on the receiving end of this, and eventually only the griefers will remain. Then, the real tears will flow.

  • bcccp

    Lol, this is not even that bad. i have seen just the same, if not worse in other games.
    not just MMO’s but all types of games.

    The victim has nothing but himself to blame, he can walk away from the computer at any time.

    This is just showing that some people really need to know when to go outside and not get so emotional over a COMPUTER GAME!

  • j js

    Ripard teg is such a fucking pansy. Go back to wow faggot.

    • Lolz u mad about Rip being mad

      Link yo killboards brah

  • Achul

    I’m sorry. You can’t just make up your own definition of torture.

  • Achul

    Sleep deprivation. Check. – Nobody is depriving anybody. It’s self-deprivation
    Creating a state of learned helplessness. Check. – Possibly
    Subjecting the victim to interrogation for long periods. Check. – Nobody is subjecting anyone
    Isolating or surrounding the victim psychologically. Check. – Possibly, it’s a bit unfair to bring in your friends and isolate the person socially but I doubt it can be called torture.
    Inflicting pressure through greed or blackmail. Check. – So now the greedy are the victims? Hah
    Exploitation of phobias, such as — say — making a man with an admitted speech impediment perform long periods of public speaking. Check. – If mixed with point two then yes, it’s a bit horrid. Again bullying. But why do people subject themselves to this?

  • msoltyspl

    You’re insulting people that actually were tortured in real life. Wake up from your EvE paranoia. It’s not real.

  • Starshadow

    Don’t see a think wrong with this,

    That guy they are “torturing” deserves it for his stupidity.

    • Starshadow

      Having just skimmed through the actual recording,

      Im more offended by the victim and his slurs..

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