The battle of Caldari Prime happened almost a year ago, it was an in-game event without precedents in which culminated with the wrecking of a Leviathan class NPC titan in Caldari Prime.

In commemoration of this event, youtuber SpaceJunkys made this amazing video rendition/homage of Rohks to the tune of Johann Strauss 2.0

– R

  • The Nutcracker

    Wth is this??? Internet space ships ballet?

    Nice video 🙂

    • riverini

      ROFL, Internet Spaceships Ballet should be a thing… 😀

    • Nulli grunt

      I have to say i really liked it!

    • Pon Teyuen

      Yes, nice video. I agree 🙂 You know the music along with the ships is a direct reference to the spaceship porn in 2001: A Space Odyssey right?

  • djm

    Nice Idea, but next time, please turn off your camera shake!

  • phuhq2

    I was FC for the Caldari fleet… good times

  • The Raging Turtle

    I don’t know but watching this just made me think we should have an eve olympics, watch this space.

  • truth

    the battle was scripted and was awful 🙁 would of been better if sandbox